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 7/16/2012 3:37 AM

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From: lfant []
Sent: 14 July 2012 09:45
To:; Abbott Tony;;; Joe Hockey
Cc: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: LNP Brisbane Conference 14th July 2012

From     Robert Kennedy

(Family Services Consumer Representative - McKenzies Friend – child support representative – lobbyist for males to be administered BY GOVERNMENT SERVICE DELIVERIES according to law and ending female GENDER PREFERENCE}.


And      Family men of Australia victimised by their UNLAWFULLY (Government Service Deliveries) enforced second class (less preferred GENDER) citizen. Who should lobby and lobby and lobby politicians to return the Public Service to Gender Impartial service deliveries.


To         Julie Bishop   (and her parliamentary colleagues)   An excellent speech at LNP Brisbane conference with which I substantially concur.  A revealing speech also insofar as men and especially fathers are concerned is no different under Tony Abbott than the Queen of feminist EMILY’s List Julia Gillard.  Women will continue unlawfully to be ‘administered’ UNLAWFULLY by Government preferentially over men.


In your speech you enunciated emphasizing the number of women around Tony Abbott and in his employ and said “Tony knows what women want” punctuated by the renowned Julie Bishop stare accompanied by silence and emphasizing head nodding.  Well we too know what women want behind that reference code.


It is that women want AND DO ACHIEVE having men – in Government Heterosexual Service Deliveries being ‘administratively’ – (UNLAWFULLY treated unequally to women) – relegated into second class citizens,  Renowned most particularly in family law, child support, family violence and child protection where there is nothing wrong with these Acts.  The trouble comes under the Public Service Employment Act where blatantly dishonest Public Servants are not being dealt with.  Are the very persons Politicians take their ‘preferred’ advice from in preference to their ‘payer’ constituents!  Stop protecting wayward public servants and properly represent your constituents.


You also praised the self motivated and self employed of this nation some of whom under ‘what women want’ as you implied are exceptions who self employed child support payer fathers being OVERCHARGED under the ‘feminist template’ prevailing over the legislated ‘fact and law’ template of The Legislature.  Financially ruining them and creating Australia’s highest suicide group – the equivalent to the national road toll and exceeding all recent military deaths and boat people drowning all combined..  The CAUSE OF and under DIRECT CONTROL of Commonwealth Government and Opposition and Independents – all regularly informed..


Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey as Family Services Ministers (Child Support) were informed and since then and in Opposition – as too has been Labor Government – all have been continually informed.  Thus by politicians doing nothing to make CSA and SSAT ‘law compliant’ allows ‘’Women get what women want’ or ‘women take what women want’ and unlawfully men (as fathers) are by Government Service Deliveries being ‘administratively’ denied their ‘equality’ of citizenship and become INTENTIONALLY relegated into second class and IRRELEVENT citizenship status by Government and Opposition..


We not only know what ‘women want’ and by what unlawful means they ‘get what they want’ albeit it destroys their ‘nominated’ males ‘capacity to earn’ and his family reduced family relationships – is also the spiteful object of ‘what women want’.  Thus remiss politicians by unconstitutionally favoring female constituents fail their Male Constituents but Politicians still irrespective get pay rises.  Simultaneously as they oversee ‘blind eye’ many of their father constituents being unlawfully asset stripped by “overcharge’ by CSA and SSAT.  What an uncaring and callous lot of politicians we have when it comes to self employed separated father constituents?


When so much is taken from these committed workers – only because – (a) 73% of separations were by mothers (a) they are self employed (c) CSA ‘overcharge’ (d) it rewards false reporting mothers (e) it leaves little reason to continue living and suicide comes easily.  Please Fix.


Parlimentary crocodile tears for ‘self nominated’ people smuggler drowning but nothing – even correction – for our Aussie Fathers who are self employed and being overcharged and victimised by what is directly under control of our Politicians and indeed legally their responsibility to (a) to not allow it to occur (b) to eradicate it if it does (c) have done noting to stop CSA and SSAT in a decade.  So when?  PLEASE FIX.


Stop conning the victims by saying if “we” get reelect it will be fixed – is a complete con..  Because while you were in Government you still did nothing TO FIX WAYWARD CSA STAFF in spite of strong community representation. Coalition Ministers Newman did something against the sole representation of ‘women’ Vanstone did nothing, Anthony did a great lot, Abbott and Hockey only blamed the CSA ‘overcharged’ payers. Since Labor we have had Ministers Ludwig, Emerson, Bowen, Plibersek and Carr only blame the payer for outstanding ‘overcharges”.  Feminist Emily’s List Plibersek is the only Labor Minster who did something about CSA Staff misbehaviors – just ever so little – before she became Health Minister where boys too now are getting an anti cancer drug.


Really for father child support payers there is no difference between Labor or Coalition or Independents.


Who in the Liberal Coalition will be up to the standard of Larry Anthony as reason for SEPERATED FATHERS to vote for a Liberal Coalition?  How many Coalition Politicians like Labor Minister Carr will learn about CSA by ‘from the fox in charge of the henhouse’ by asking and believing ‘non compliant’  CSA over the complainant overcharged constituents? PLEASE FIX.


Please develop and announce a proactive policy to RESTRORE GENDER IMPATIAL GOVERNMENT ADMINISTRATION in family law, child support, child protection and family violence.  There are now millions of ‘gender’ victimised fathers waiting to hear of a ‘party’ or Opposition or Government who will ‘restore’ their ‘legal equality’ {a} in the minds of politicians (b) out of Government and NGO heterosexual family administration service deliveries (c) who until then will continue to ‘govern by pixy’ on ‘gender’ women preferred.



Robert E Kennedy          Coordinator        NT Office Status of Family, PO Box 988, Palmerston, NT 0831.  Ph 08 8932 3339


 Professor Patrick Parkinson profile pdf.pdf
 Pakinson Report on False Allegations of Abuse.doc
 NT News one in a million.pdf
 Minister K Carr reply 170412.pdf
 Minister K Carr our reply 070612.pdf
 CSA Minister K Carr our compl 230412.doc
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ForumForumNews from Freed...News from Freed...News Parent ForumNews Parent ForumNews From Rober...News From Rober...14 July 2012 09:45  LNP Brisbane Conference 14th July 201214 July 2012 09:45 LNP Brisbane Conference 14th July 2012