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 7/16/2012 3:33 AM

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Subject: RE: Mark Rowney update

Peter here is the sad position of Mark Rowney and Blokes like him.  Although the failure is that almost all blokes do nothing about Government Administration corruption as in family law and child support and family violence and child protection – and too as Mark pursues like police who are into crimes of drugs and prostitution etc. – there are some Blokes who do a lot.  But they are dills and make asses of themselves by doing it all alone and get isolated and conquerored as Mark and Others reported on this email forum and other forums.   By them not networking nationally with other blokes – LIKE THE FEMINIST DO ALL OF THE TIME IN THEIR RELENTLESS GENDER WAR AGAINST MEN – the best example any man campaigning for restoration of our democracy can turn to and see demonstrated – (a) how women have successfully simply NETWORKED and ‘claimed’ and arrogantly ‘taken’ it from under our noses (b) the methodology of NETWORKING how well it works for women to ‘take’ and continually ‘male blame’ (c) NETWORKING works equally well for men to ‘restore’ all that has been taken – including the pursuits of Mark on those corruptions too..


BUT IT WORKS ONLY WHEN BLOKES LEARN THE TECHNIQUE OF NETWORKING – ON FAR MORE THAN KEYBOARDING EACH OTHER – BY COLLECTIVELY CONFRONTING THESE INSURGENTS IN OUR DEMOCRACY WITH THE ISSUES.  By all of the democratic means best of which is networking and turning one into thousands like the feminists have.  It has to be directly to THEM as the likes of websites is ‘democratic’ debate and not a ‘compliant’ nor is it to such as police or Ombudsman or Politician who are those we ‘formally’ complain to.


Blokes get caught out by the male ‘leadership’ characteristic isolated and brought down alone and one by one.  I Know in my pursuits of family law etc {as above} I get no support from blokes who  I defend and I am treated as one by politicians and departments and Ombudsman because males will not unite even behind me.   Female weakness leads females into networking and en masse they like a Piharana school bring down anyone they choose – including politicians who now ‘kow tow’ to them instead of complying with The Legislature.  Because blokes remain doing nothing and leaving to a vulnerable few to survive campaigning.  Blokes too in numbers can make politicians ‘kow tow’ too if they NETWORK too on the issues.  We who remain doing it alone are dills for keeping at it while the bludgers doing nothing get the benefits of our unpaid hard work.


The gender ratio for Australia is 48% males more than enough if blokes NETWORK ON THE SAME ISSUES no matter how many issues there are ALL OF THEM.  Across the spectrum all blokes are interested in something to support the others and each other on campaigning.  By emailing and writing complaints and making visits to politicians and police with material which can be placed in their hands.  There are heaps and heaps on the net to copy and use.  It would be all over in a short time if only blokes NETWORKED as much on THE ISSUES directly with the scoundrels as they are beginning to network by keyboarding only each other.


For example attached is the work already done by Professor Patrick Parkinson on the continual issue BY POLICE MAINLY of baseless restraining orders. DON’T WASTE IT AND BLUDGE ON PROFESSOR PARKINSON. Every Aussie Bloke should copy his report and attach it to and email every State and Federal politician in Australia and multiply out what Professor Parkinson has done.  Politicians want the ‘numbers’ but blokes will not NETWORK and giver them the numbers BUT THE FEMINISTS DO AND SO ‘GOVERN BY PROXY’ over males.


Blokes just have to get over the egocentric ‘dill’ factor of macho alone and begin to network more than on keyboards bleating that the loss of their ‘rights’ they surrendered were ‘taken’.  Start making ‘administrative’ complaints to Ombudsman and Departments and lobbying by attendance and mail State and Federal Politicians by NETWEORKING will achieve the best results.  A few have done much to raise the awareness of the plight of Blokes with politicians etc they are now only waiting for the NUMBERS.  Are blokes going to miss this opportunity by still doing nothing or ‘going it alone’ and not NETWORKING?


I am amazed and disgusted with feminist dominated young men who while being victimised by feminists and feminism are duped by them into believing their retaliation and self defiance is ‘attacking women’.  What an incipit Hermaphrodite Syndrome or Meterosexual species of female dominated young male have the feminist moulded as the fathers of sons?  Already this generation of males ‘doing nothing’ are morphing into drones for feminists as precursors for their sons and grandsons to gradually morph  into zombie drones for feminists.


Already feminist are at the top of the Australian nation in GG Bryce an ex family lawyer and PM Gillard and others on the lists I have mailed you – all running their gender war against men out of their Government positions.  Want to be an Australian Republican? Skip it.  Too late.  The Feminist via EMILY’s List have got there and beyond are using the GG and PM and a host of other positions as a Trojan House in their gender war against men.  GG Bryce ex family lawyer doing in blokes in their gender war against men attends Anzac Cove and now as GGA reviews military parades speaking SADLY about the loss men’s lives in wars.  But does not include the 1,800 male suicides annually mainly men out of the feminist gender war raging in family law and child support etc stripping men of their citizenship status who then suicide.


Have you not noticed the formality of our democracy diminishing with handshakes and salutes being replaced by Gillard and Co hugs and kisses of ‘sisterhood’ successes?


??????? WHEN WHEN WHEN WHEN is all of this loss of ??????? YOUR YOUR YOUR YOUR democracy going to become disgusting enough for ????????????? YOU YOU YOU YOU and YOU to begin lobbying in earnest those who must be lobbied we have ‘elected’ and pay to uphold the ‘impartiality’ of our Australian Democracy.  Who are as every bit as corrupt as the Middle Eastern Countries but only that here there has been no uprising against it.  Only because Aussie Blokes are as scared shirtless of feminists and feminism as Iraquies were afraid of Sadam and Egyptians afraid of that Régime and so on.  EMILY’s List and the Sisterhood have had save for the thousands of CONSEQUENTIAL male suicides have had a bloodless coup in Australia so successfully few even know it.  And I am disgusted with the blokes who simply do not want to know.  May they also rot with the feminists.


I have been a decade in the campaign almost alone so when will YOU ? do WHAT ? for Aussie Blokes to recover what the feminists have simply take and been allowed by their sheer arrogance have taken from under the noses of ‘feminist dominated’ Australian males?  YOUR grandsons – if they are capable of independent mind – will curse you for their drone status you condoned a generation or so before.  As I now curse the incipit surrenders for all of our WW1 and WW2 war dead who died only for the incipit surrenders at home to ‘gift’ our democracy to a blatant arrogant and disgusting insurgent – WHO RESIDES AMONGST US – now in control from at community level to GG level or Presidential level if we were a Republic - it is still feminism ‘governing by proxy’. They are there, they are everywhere and they use their employers position – ESPECIALLY UNDER TAXPAYERS EMPLOYMENT - as a Trojan Horse to dispense their own sole gender ideology over our Constitutional race and religion and gender impartiality set in their Government employment.


Feminism is democratic in free society however it is as unlawful and unconstitutional and unacceptable as if we had been invaded by foreign army in ANYTHIG Government.  So when will YOU do what democracy give YOU as it gives all of us to use to rid Australia of this insurgent ‘governing on gender’ and  ‘governing by proxy’.



Robert E Kennedy
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