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 7/16/2012 2:47 AM

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From: lfant []
Sent: 19 May 2012 19:20
Subject: RE: A couple of IgnorManuses that need to be made public

Peter thank you for recognizing me as an intrepid proactive worker for the equal rights of men and fathers in particular in Australia. They are EQUAL in the law but feminists in the system DELIVER differently by  UNLAWFULLY TAMPERING WITH CASE MATERIAL.  In which I am continually proactive in representing blokes in child support, family law, family violence, and child protection across all levels of the spectrum.  Form case preparation for self represented to Mackenzies Friend in court and lobbying continually at states and federal levels of ALL politicians – not just my local.  Also taking opportunities to write up submissions to family law and family violence etc government inquiries.   I have been doing it for almost two decades and out of hundreds of fathers the genuine blokes who have HELPED ME TO HELP OTHERS while I have been helping them at times in all of the matters above, leaves in total spare fingers on one hand.


I find blokes the syndrome of the dog pissing on car wheels and chasing them down the street barking and biting at the turning wheels oblivious to everything else , thinking it is the greatest and ONLY thing in the world and being  GOOD DOGIE.  By being dumb dog their strenuous efforts were absolutely MISDIRECTED in self gratifyingly wasted energy.


I have had a case of preparing a fathers court documents and he was too gutless to file and serve them an go into court and sit on his hands and let his documents do the talking for him.  He like so most other fathers simply SURRENDERED TO HER AND HE FEMINIST ONTERAGE.  That is exactly what the dim wits of this email list mean in being ‘polite’. Just SURRENDER and then do the GOOD DOGIE bit and run around “barking and chasing turning wheels” saying how fathers are denied their RIGHTS or the law is against them.


Make no mistake I am polite but shove the TRUE case facts up to them and quote the legislation too PROFESSIONALLY.  Too blokes pay a lifetime of savings to similarly gutless {?? polite??} Solicitors as their expensive executioners when blokes would probably do no worse or even better to have the guts to do or get help to do their own cases.  The law is without gender it is only feminist employees who have put gender into THE ADMINISTATION OF THE LAW claiming for themselves ‘women’s rights’ to which there are none in the law.  It is just bullying women and feminist and gutless weak men who surrender to them THAT SUBSTITUTES AS LAW.  If one agrees with another on a matter you have just made the law –by agreement.  That is not a law against men or ‘women’s rights’ just weak men who SURRENDER to avoid facing up to bullying and bluffing women.  No wonder they got ‘kicked out’.  I soon find they were simply asked or hassled to leave their home to which they were just as entitled as her but left as GOOD DOGIE with their tails between their legs saying fathers have not rights.  Too bloody right ‘no rights’ when it was he who preferred to be GOOD DOGIE that ‘take charge’ and draw up parenting plans and property etc BEFORE and as a CONDITION OF SEPERATING.


Whoever calls me a liar etc have they ever like me had conversation with such as A/G Philip Ruddock or P/M John Howard or taken their own State Government to court several times and had wins as I have?  Until you catch up to me and start doing what I do for fathers Nationally and States and Territories or want to join me in what I have been doing for over a decade, then be more open and joint the feminist organization of EMILY’s List in open warfare against fathers.  See the snake head leaders attached above.  I am sure this “hermaphrodite syndrome” type of identity crisis male would be welcome and be more ‘emotionally’ at home with these feminists full on at war with and hating men ESPECIALLY HETEROSEXUAL FATHERS..  Leastwise it might appease your identity crisis.


Whereas Peter sees it too he is one eyed about an ALTERNTIVE system remedy and I am as one eyed that our current system is worlds best IF WE CAN WREST CONTROL OF IT BACK FROM THE FEMINISTS AND RESTORE WHAT THE LEGISLAURE DECRED EAUALLY TO ALL CIIZENS,


I don’t see how any of this makes me a liar.  But I do know such fathers as GOOD DOGIES chasing cars and barking at turning wheel and totally ignoring the laws that apply to him and his children he should be learning and using to be a GOOD FATHER.


As to fathers groups so called.  Unlike mothers groups who get $M’s of Government funding whilst all father groups are unfunded volunteers which don’t work as well as they should because overwhelmingly fathers would prefer the GOOD DOGIE syndrome of running around {barking at nothing} playing the ‘injured soul’ and putting down the likes of me and fathers organizations.  Instead of discovering the laws and protocols FREELY AVAILABLE TO THEM and networking on that valuable forefront.  Too many blokes on these matters set their ‘glass ceilings’ at ankle high and delight themselves thereafter playing good doggie and avoiding to facing up to their LEGAL RESPONSIBILITIES AS FATHERS.

Regards Robert E Kennedy


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