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 7/16/2012 3:40 AM

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From: lfant []
Sent: 08 May 2012 02:58
To: Jxxxxxxxxxxx
Cc: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: RE: Comments on Bettina Arndt and Sue Price

Men too do not give a shit when men suicide.  I have been campaigning for years and blokes will not campaign and politicians too will not listen to why males suicide.

1999 by Cantor Baueme and McTaggart of suicide prevention department of Deakin University.  42 males a week suicide, ages between 24 – 34 years, 32 in family separation and 21 child support payers.


John I agree greatly with you and Peter but I do positive things to change it.  In family law and child support and family violence and child protections cases where feminism decrees gender hypocrisy and silence I do something everyone can do – but wont.  I pluck them out one by one and use the ‘administrative’ complaints system and expose them to a range of ‘watch dog’ places.  It is only that blokes wont ‘retaliate’ in intelligent and professional ways that this ‘unlawful’ gender war against men is winning.  By male surrender as much as female rat cunning.


Men by doing nothing as they seem to prefer is ‘voluntarily’ assisting women to ‘win’ (eg 99.9%}.  Blokes give them no resistance so what is to stop them becoming 100%?  From my now approaching two decades of experience while blokes want someone else to do their bidding, and other blokes wont then blokes are simply ‘surrendering’ and  have the temerity to complain of how they are being done in.


The trouble is until blokes realize and unite against feminism in the Government administration where feminism has entrenched itself as an insurgent denying the law and substituting their own ‘ideology’ then blokes are doomed to continue getting shafted.  Recall “its the blokes idiot, Its the blokes” {by doing nothing}.       


I was recently given a family law case dropped by Legal Aid and Solicitors.  A father in another state for 2 years with their teen son and the mother paid child support was abducted by the mother to another state while early family law was on foot.  I got it back into court, and a subsequent appeal so we won over the feminist Federal Magistrate who simply dismissed a parenting case she should have heard and made orders.  I got complaints against the two past solicitors to their law societies for their many misdemeanors against their profession and child and court.  I got complaint against the family report writer because he simply cut and pasted a fiction against the good father instead of trying to get a ‘mediated’ outcome.  I got complaint against Qld Police for ignoring a report of child abduction.  I use the mothers ‘sworn’ affidavit as ‘evidences’ to lodge a ‘prosecution’ brief with Qld DPP – that police should have but didn’t.


A court case has all of these ‘tangents’ to be latch points to bring down the dishonest and cheating officers but blokes get glazed eyed and  obsessed with The X and miss all of this ‘powerful’ material – that UNLAWFULLY causes them to lose their cases. Solicitors and Officers are cheating wildly everywhere as in child support, family violence, child protection etc – any ‘heterosexual’ administration. AND ONE DOES NOT NEED A SOLICITOR TO DO ANY OF THESE RETALIATORY THNGS.  In fact I prefer to do it alone and have control all of the way.  Anyhow I do not know any solicitors who will run ADMINISTRATIVE CASES they too are like Peter are tunnel vision that only courts and their fees is the only way to go.  Missing a much larger area of Administrative Law COVERING CASE ADMINISTRTION WHERE THE REAL CHEATING GOES ON – and is prosecutable too (a) by he administrative complaints system (b) by political lobbying (c) by court eventually if necessary .


It is like turning a searchlight directly onto the ‘offenders’ but blokes won’t and expect others to do it for them in our nation’s biggest surrender.  Why won’t blokes learn like the feminist did about our democracy AND TURN IT BACK ON THEM?


 Robert K


From: John Rambo []
Sent: Tuesday, May 08, 2012 5:12 AM
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cc: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: re: Comments on Bettina Arndt and Sue Price

Women don't give a shit when men commit suicide. But oh God, if a woman commits suicide, it is national news and makes the top news stories.

Want proof that western women don't give a shit if men kill themselves?

I've personally asked thousands of western women to help me speak out against feminism in the past year, and one of the points I stressed was, tens of thousands of men are killing themselves every year because of the criminal abuse they receive from women and the Family Courts.

Only two women agreed to help me. Guess what the response of the other thousands of women were?

They laughed and mocked what I was saying.

In short, western women are so full of hatred towards men that they DO NOT CARE IF MEN KILL THEMSELVES.

Western women, in the 99.9 percent majority, are evil monsters.

Would any western women care to prove me wrong and actually DO SOMETHING? Actually start speaking out against feminism? Actually create an anti-feminist campaign that will save thousands of men's lives?

So far, no western woman has taken me up on my challenge.

John Rambo, Anti-Feminist Soldier

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ForumForumNews from Freed...News from Freed...News Parent ForumNews Parent ForumNews From Rober...News From Rober...08 May 2012 02:58 Comments on Bettina Arndt and Sue Price08 May 2012 02:58 Comments on Bettina Arndt and Sue Price