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 7/16/2012 2:22 AM

Hi All


You are all familiar with those lies against fathers by mothers and family report writers and solicitors and police etc in your family law or child abuse or child support or family violence etc heterosexual family matters.  And that for a very long time I have been informing you that fathers are far too forgiving all of this unlawful bias against them by doing nothing about these unlawful perpetrators who by falseness IN CASE ADMINISTRATION skew their cases against them.  These perpetrators make themselves very vulnerable to legal consequences in a legally sensitive environment when they step this way out of line by lying or ‘tampering’ with the evidences of a legal case..


Giving fathers a multitude of opportunities to FORMALLY ‘complain’ or ‘prosecute’ THE PERSON (the officer) arising from their case but taken outside of their case for these ‘legal’ wrongs being committed against them.  But blokes being blokes and unlike the feminist do nothing expecting judges and magistrates of an ‘adversarial’ system to become ‘inquisitorial’ prosecutors of such as perjury that is your own responsibility. To pause your case on the grounds of unlawful conduct and interference or even go retrospective to your past proceedings and prosecute the ‘legal’ wrongs done against you and then get a retrial.


Blokes just have to get wise and be normal citizens and use the democratic tools available to them to ‘protect’ themselves from such as this form of unlawfulness for which there are plenty of tools to use.  Further to others supplied to you here is more of a vast library available to you to use and regain our democracy in the Government ‘administration’ of heterosexual family matters.


I am not a solicitor to do it for you because anyone with a case has a legal right to self representation to take these issues into court. Our remaining democracy is simply that good you do not need a solicitor – but be warned you still have to do it as well. It frustrates me greatly that fathers just do nothing and allow the feminist tsunami to roll over them without a proper fight back IN THE AREAS IN WHICH THE FEMIISTS ARE USING OUR DEMOCRACY AS THEIR TROJAN HORSE to substitute their own ideology.


While ever blokes fail to address their victimization this way they should not complain they are doing all they can for themselves and their children.  Far from it they are not even tyre kicking.


I have for nearing two decades tried to help hundreds of blokes but I am being forced to the conclusion that the overwhelming majority are loudmouthed moral cowards because when it comes to facing up to using our democratic tools to fight back the immoral and unlawful feminists and ideological sympathizers bloke with the responsibility of their own case simply become deserters and runners.  Unwilling to do anything that identifies them as a father or citizen who is prepared to fight back ‘lawfully’ and ‘democratically’ for the recovery of our democracy and family administration from the clutches of the insurgent feminism.


As an ex-serviceman prepared to give my life protecting the democracy of this country I am feeling disappointed and quite disgusted with the modern day cowardice of blokes who simply curl up and surrender to the undemocratic feminist gender war against men.  Predominately coming out of our Government Service Deliveries and NGO’s providing ‘support’ or ‘sabotage’ to heterosexual families.




Robert E Kennedy
 Crimes Act in part Perjury.doc
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ForumForumNews from Freed...News from Freed...News Parent ForumNews Parent ForumNews From Rober...News From Rober...08 February 2012 09:15 08 February 2012 09:15