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 7/16/2012 2:02 AM

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From: Robert Kennedy []
Sent: 21 December 2011 21:07
Cc: Michael Borusiewiz (Luke's Dad) ]
Subject: RE: A number of topic just before christmas

Peter let me put it more clearly for myself.


I am not a woman hater or hater of any kind. My intellect and integrity avoids that.  I am an astute observer and inquisitorial and diagnostician who interacts with people and democracy.  From this in the field of family separation I have over 15 years experience being from community to legislation and down to courts back to the community is a chain of PEOPLE of both genders.  The family has at least one of each gender ‘administered’ predominately by female staff and substantially and a few weak ‘metrosexual’ men mostly unlawfully delivering ‘law’ unconstitutionally on the basis of gender.


There are counter measures to this for fathers sent to me for help often by ‘good’ workers in the system because of my legal and practical knowledge of ‘walking’ father through the mine field.  However fathers (a) they have sour mindsets and think I am to help them versus ‘her’ in ‘their way’ of a personal shit fight (b) when I have to struggle and persuade them that the ‘fight’ is to understand the ‘processes’ and how to position oneself for the journey ahead they don’t take it very well (c) when I get them to start the correct process they have learnt so much they mix it with their personal fight with ‘her’ they start to tell  me I don know enough and start fighting with me (d) then rush ignorantly headlong into the chain of feminist Piranah and get shredded and have the audacity to say I did not help them.  This is the pattern of most blokes not even born losers but surrender’s along the way to the feminists until they cut back their parenting to only two days a fortnight.  Not a product of legislation but of the feminist working in and controlling the system ‘administratively’ and weak fathers ‘giving in’.  A few who stay with me and do all I assist them with do much better.


Now Peter here is the analysis you missed on with me.


I do not hate but am deeply disgusted with the cheating and lying women working in the system I hate their ‘actions’ and not ‘them’.  I am similarly disgusted with how some mothers lie and ‘work; with the feminist in the system against fathers.  I am similarly disgusted with politicians who overwhelmingly side with the feiminists destroying families just as much as did the Nazi machine to get their votes.  No hate just great disgust that people can be so dishonest and ‘take sides’ who we pay in trusted roles to be ‘impartial’.  The mothers would not be as bad if they were not supported by the feminist ‘twicers’ in the system.


As to fathers similarly I do not hate but have a deep compassion for them and their situation and children.  However I have been forced to become about equally disgusted with them too for as set out above ‘falling on their sword’ for the feminists instead of being guided on these occasion by me through a proper legal battle – more strongly and often better done than by expensive solicitors.  I have runs on the board to prove it.  I lobby the government and use the ‘administrative’ complaints systems that solicitors won’t use for them.  Dill fathers who know nothing and have never been there where I have been hundreds times before ignorantly think it is too ‘radical’ to legally and administratively fight the feminist solicitors so they end up in the school of feminist Piranhas.


Meanwhile they all have mobiles at 50 cents a minute to me and give me nothing towards it as an aged pensioner so they waste my time and good knowledge and precious money and still finish up in the same big shit.  So why should I continue sharing their distress and frustration while costing me at aged 76?  F**k off I can do without it and it is not hate of any kind.  Just saving myself from Piranhas of a brainless male kind who will not upkeep the democracy and other blokes upkeepingthem.


It’s a bad situation, very bad, and underpinning the highest male suicide group but it seems not bad enough yet for enough blokes to wake up and become motivated as networkers.  Not unlike history of the Jews victimized and killed for over a decade by the Nazis who did no fight back until the last years in the Warsaw uprising and joined in the real fight with the allies who had been fighting for them and others all the years before.


No hate by me Peter just disgust with dishonesty and weak people doing nothing about it.  Especially as an ex-serviceman who has been prepared to die to protect the very democracy deceitful feminists and weak complacent and ungrateful younger metrosexual men are destroying from within on the basis of gender polarization and feminist control over families.  This ‘at home war’ I have been fighting against the feminist for over a decade with less than about ten other blokes and a few ‘good’ women up front and behind too.  While fathers who need it so much do nothing to save it.


Who would not be disgusted when such a justification is underpinning the case for disgust – not hate..

Please publish this to the site

Regards Robert K


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ForumForumNews from Freed...News from Freed...News Parent ForumNews Parent ForumNews From Rober...News From Rober...21 December 2011 21:07 A number of topic just before christmas21 December 2011 21:07 A number of topic just before christmas