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 7/16/2012 2:00 AM

-----Original Message-----
From: Robert Kennedy []
Sent: 16 December 2011 03:12
Cc: Sotirios Sarantakos
Subject: RE: Michael Flood the fraudster. Article by Greg Canning

Greg is the only one except Greg Anderson (Western Sydney University} and Sotiros Sarantakos (Wagga University)  I have met in over a decade and half  set out so comprehensively but better written what I have been doing for over a decade.  About five years ago I wrote the Chancellor of Monash University where then Michael Flood was putting out the same propaganda.  This traitor in my opinion should be dealt with similarly to how WW2 partisans dealt with traitors in their own ranks.


Greg has identified all points of the increasing misandry scourge including taking over universities as they took over a decade ago the Police with the Duluth Model of solely male blame and a police undertaking to behave unlawfully and not charge female offenders.  And so this as with all other false reports etc have bloated the ‘Advocacy’ stats against men who are mainly fathers in family separation.  According to Australian Institute of Family Studies formed under the Family Law Act to research Australian Families and provide ‘data’ to the Family Court 73% of separations are initiated by women – and get this – only 3% based on violence.  And most of you will know how The Juicer and Magistracy on family law matters goes completely 180 degrees to this Taxpayer funded research advice to them to instead follow the propaganda of Woods and Feminism in all of their ‘gender war’ against men.


Driven by feminism and feminist solicitors and family report cheats The Bench ignores the advice of its own ‘enacted’ advice institute.


I am not at all a radical.  I am an Elder with an inquisitorial mind upholding fact and democracy.  It is only that I am years ahead of my contemporizes and younger men also over sensitized by feminisms to afraid to speak out or even stifled thinking to say the ‘actions’ of feminism are anti male and anti family with out feeling unjustly guilty of “putting women down” .


In Greg’s so well written article I could take many points and expand them into the same form of explanation as Greg that would leave most decent folk dumbstruck at the degree we have in heterosexual matter our democracy to ‘governance by proxy’ to feminists and the feminists within.


Take for example recent events culminating in the Labor reshuffle.  Abbott our hope is doing us no good running around blaming ‘faceless men’.  The feminist use the principle the best way to keep a secret is not to have one.  As all of EMILY’s List Members did outing good Labor men and prompting EMILY’s List Members including GG Bryce and kissing and hugging each other and openly praising and promoting ‘feminism’.


There you have it straight from the Trojan Horses mouth but dill blokes will not believe the truth about feminists no mater when they ‘fess up’ themselves


The likes of Arbib and Flood get their support and hugs as rewards for being pro feminist and traitors to men.  That reshuffle was most important to EMILY’s List even more so then than better governance for Australia.  At last they have completed and broadened the links of  the ‘sisterhood’ chain right from the feminists and ‘floods’  in police, the legal and counseling system and court to Heterosexual Portfolio Minister and Prime Minister and Governor General.  I include the Queen only to the extent of myself that it is good to have some women in the hierarchal chain because I think underneath ‘officialdom’ she as much as I abhor the loss of our democract to an insurgents residing in EMILY’s List and Feminism


Unless we get more examples of Greg Canning I’m off to a higher intellectual level of achievement in sheep and goat counseling.  WAKE UP blokes your Titanic is already at least three quarters submerged and all you do is to bleat to each other in ‘democratic opium’.  So each do something useful and proactive by simply copying Greg article and mailing it l to every politicians in your state and federal parliament including all Emily list member to show them each one of us know who the snake head is.  Males elect these women as representatives who then as Woods lobbies against them and note this please it is important  then on family law and family violence and child support and child abuse contrary to the rules of parliament do not declare by their EMILY’s List membership sole gender advocacy this conflict of interest and withdraw from this ‘heterosexual’ Government Business.  But remain and vote ‘women and children’ or ‘anti father’ etc.


Thus using firstly their party then parliament as a Trojan Horse feminism gets to govern ‘secretly’ and ‘deceptively’ by proxy.  This list is only the Labor Party


I have finally realized I have never dealt with such dills as blokes who find themselves standing a bucket of wet concrete and screaming likes stuck pigs about their looming predicament telling the world about it  too stupid to simply step out of it.  What set out as a gender war against men is a greater surrender than some of the unwilling enemy in WW2 when marching prisoners were guarded by an allied soldier every few hundred yards with a prisoner carrying his rifle.


If anyone is offended then too bad.  I have stopped wasting my time with wet bags of sand blokes and you being offended just may start you mind working in a different and more self help direction.  Wake up and stop ranting law when law no longer matters to this insurgent replacing it with their own ‘ideology’.  I you remain doing nothing about then ‘cop it sweet’ as your ‘approval’ and disloyalty to our democracy and fellow men and YOUR CHILDREN.


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ForumForumNews from Freed...News from Freed...News Parent ForumNews Parent ForumNews From Rober...News From Rober...16 December 2011 03:12 FW: Michael Flood the fraudster. Article by Greg Canning16 December 2011 03:12 FW: Michael Flood the fraudster. Article by Greg Canning