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 7/16/2012 1:58 AM


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From: Robert Kennedy []
Sent: 08 December 2011 02:12
Subject: RE: Another little missive from our friends at ASIO. Comments from members

Peter an All

As soon as spouses or parents or partners disagree enough to split they can easily resolve the ending and division between themselves and in law whatever they agree to is ‘lawful’ unless it harms the kids.  If they don’t agree sufficiently to ‘walk away’ then the ‘silent’ law under which they have lived becomes ‘effective’ and it is no use fighting between each other and with extended families.  There are two levels to ‘the law’.  Part one is as the ‘act’ is written’ and part two is ‘the administration’ of the act which includes all of the ‘protocols’ of what must be followed step by step.  Many folk ‘big mouth’ about the act but keep themselves ignorant of anything in the ‘administration’  or ‘due process’  but this is where both must now focus and learn step by step how they can do it between themselves, or leave it to ‘others’ working in the system to do it for them.


It is in this latter stage that blokes get duped by being big mouthed about ‘the law’ and absolutely ignorant about the ‘due process’ where feminist officers and solicitors etc are ‘gender biased’ and fake ‘determination’s’ to favour ‘her’ in the steps by steps.  I deal with many blokes and ‘audit’ this for them and there is a democratic administrative process ‘built in’ to make complaints or appeals about ‘wrongs’ or ‘dishonesty’ but blokes instead begin a diversionary fight with me saying that I am going too far.  Radical they then call me when it is ‘radical’ women in the system ‘unlawfully’ cheating them who are really radical and unlawful.  Just how do these weak males expect such a powerful unlawfulness to be handled?  When it is the law that prescribes OUR RIGHTS and measures to use in such instances of unlawful acts against us mostly by Government paid staffs .


Blokes just do not want to exercise all of their RIGHTS as they keep saying they want THEIR RIGHTS but instead surrender to the cheats and liars who can be dealt with by such as my guidance and help in their own best interest.  No not on you Nelly will they exercise their RIGHTS they instead accept  the ‘feminist’ bluff and do not want to ‘upset’ them because they might get less and so do nothing and won’t allow me to help them.  Some think ‘help’ is to escalate ‘the gender war’ and take sides with them against the ex which only takes folk to the types of personal abuses too often flowing across this forum instead of ‘information’ and how to used it to end the gender war against men. Blokes instead ‘promote’ it between themselves instead of taking on the feminists.


While blokes will not learn about ‘due process’ and monitor the course of their ‘responsibilities’ then the brazen feminists will keep pushing unlawfully and blokes will keep surrendering so it increasingly gets worse and worse as each ‘surrender’ as a strengthening precedent from the next to the next.  Blokes thus do themselves and the brotherhood and fatherhood only more and more harm.  I am disgusted with blokes who surrender their property and children to think they are going to ‘buy’ peace with the POLITE AND BULLYING feminist.  All surrendering blokes achieve is a coup for the feminists without a fight.


No the fight is not paying more money to solicitors in court but getting wiser and off their ignorant seats and following how each ‘officer’ did or failed to do the job they get paid for.  Then using the democratic ‘due processes’ to go after THE OFFICERS as employees of the system.  Sure blokes should not have to do this but the fact of life is that the feminist insurgent has secretly entrenched itself unlawfully in these position and if blokes want ‘the law’ and their ‘rights’ then they have to ‘take them on’ during their case to get what The Legislature decreed and not what the snide feminists ‘unlawfully’ deliver.  Most blokes cases are lost before they come before a magistrate or judge because of the feminists involved in the case preparation and false or ambiguous family reports – for example.


Most begin with a false report of violence to police and a restraining order that blokes simply accept but it haunts and is built on as their case progresses.  A false report to police is a chargeable offence and this is where blokes MUST begin their ‘family law’ battle to not be ‘stigmatized’ and ‘cocooned’ for the rest of their own and children’s lives.  Blokes with restraining orders can begin with FOI of police files and see how police recorded it.


I have unearthed police taking a father to court to get a violence order against  when on the files officers were reporting her a ‘false reporter’. For which she could be charged but police would not.  This dill father had to pay a solicitor to get it quashed in court but would not do anything about the police ‘protecting’ both ‘her’ law breaking without charge nor ‘police’ failures of duty to (a) protect him (b) uphold their police duties impartially.  So blokes dig their own graves and resist good ‘legal’ help for them and that will help other fathers too.  Big - Big mouthed about courage and fatherhood but really are childish wimps when it comes to being a CITIZEN holding out for their RIGHTS.  Surrendering contact with the kids they find is far easier currency than ‘networking’ with fathers and knocking out the feminist control of OUR system.


In another case – I get to know because I am ‘proactive’ as a paralegal – a father with a restraining order against ‘her’ was approached by her with a stick and neighbour call the police for him.  The police attended and took no notice and went to ‘her’.  When ‘he’ called into police to check he was handed a restraining order from his 13 yro daughter who had attacked him.  We got the police file FOI and found the attending female office had signed a statutory declaration with falsified information.  A crime worth $5,000 or one years jail.  We took it up ‘adminstratively with police and she was ‘charged’ but nothing of course happened to the feminist police officer and her weak male colleague who has a police duty to report other officers in breach of ‘discipline’.  I is not that nothing happened it is that the complaint was run to the top and if every similar bloke had a bit guts to similarly defend himself and kids this ‘unlawfulness’ would soon cease.  Public Servants  have jobs and careers and superannuation and demotion to lose in such cases.  Victimised father and children


I detect and suspect most of these blokes are female dominated masochists is the first cause of their family breakdown by surrendering to UNREASONABLE ‘women’ and then to ‘feminism’ in full frontal insurgents running the system.  It is THEY the feminists who have jobs and superannuation to loose if blokes have anything male or father in them to not stay ‘individual’ and surrender but network with other fathers and focus not on ‘law’ as pseudo QC’s but on ‘due processes’ where they are not being delivered the law as they should be.


I have been active and helped ever so many blokes.  Only one or two have ever done anything in return or to help other blokes or to restore the system.  I am sick to the teeth with blokes mimicking dogs chasing cars and barking and biting at the turning wheels expecting it will turn off the ignition.  More likely they will be run over by a wheel.  As too blokes get ‘piss bowled’ by the feminist. Blokes are not even ‘defending’ our democracy they are ‘surrendering’ simply on the appearance before them of a female face to ‘prove’ they are ‘good blokes’  The Balkan partisan women in WW2 executed their own who were this much of a traitor so consider yourself an equal traitor to your own gender and our ‘egalitarians’ democracy.


Stop simply enjoying being masochistice males in the democracy I actively uphold so now you too do things that will rid us of the feminist control by their bullying and deceit and restore our gender equity out of government heterosexual service deliveries. I did not spend my time in the Royal Australian Navy signing my life to protect our democracy while the bullying feminists and weak males now trade it away from within.

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ForumForumNews from Freed...News from Freed...News Parent ForumNews Parent ForumNews From Rober...News From Rober...08 December 2011 02:12 Another little missive from our friends at ASIO. Comments from members08 December 2011 02:12 Another little missive from our friends at ASIO. Comments from members