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 7/16/2012 1:52 AM



-----Original Message-----
From: Robert Kennedy []
Sent: 05 December 2011 17:32
Subject: RE: On the topic of men asking for "help" when they come to CAF.

Peter knowing the law is one thing knowing how to work with it yet another.  But above all then to know at every point one will encounter a feminist ‘blocking’ fathers their entitlements.  And how distressing it is to have fathers trying to tell me and others what they are delivered is the LAW and that I do not know what I am talking about because they assume once on approaches these officers they will be honest.  Pigs might fly the are feminist insurgents {criminals} plying the sole gender ideology ‘favoring’ mothers.  This below says it best.  Regards


Peter I am about to give it up and start working at a higher intellectual level with sheep and goats and concentrate more on taking some of these criminals into court.  Maybe not the Common Law Courts but the regular courts that they accept and there is a chance of success too on these matters. Robert











From: Peter Nolan []
Sent: Monday, 5 December 2011 11:07 PM
Subject: On the topic of men asking for "help" when they come to CAF.


There are a lot of men here now who are seeking “help” with their family law case.


This post is a detailed explanation for these men who are in the middle of some sort of family law dispute.


You have a number of options and possibilities open to you.


However, the first thing to remember is that LOTS of men come along to all sorts of groups and ask for “help”. They almost NEVER offer to pay for this help. And they almost NEVER ask “how can I help someone who is in the queue in front of me?”


Men like Robert Kennedy, who has been at this 15 years now, can attest to the fact that men ask for help and almost NEVER offer help and almost NEVER offer money as compensation.


This has to stop.


Men not offering to help others and not willing to pay for the assistance they are given will not be tolerated by me.  The men who are selfish can get their “free help” from someone else.


Mostly the “free help” that is available is subverted and run by the Illuminati. So men looking for “free help” deserve the results they get.


I have put in over 3,500 hours over 4 years at a cost of over AUD500,000. ONE man offered me a AUD20 paypal donation. I politely declined his offer as I didn’t need AUD20. But that’s what its like. The recent call for donations for Mark Flowers shows us all how little money men will donate to a worthy and needy man. Pretty much nothing. ONE man is trying to contact Mark and help him out. I have loaned Mark more money to help him out but I need to be a bit careful about conserving money now.  One man on  this list (whose name will not be mentioned as this is going on the forums) has been at this 20 years and he can attest to the fact that its nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get men to PAY for the assistance he has given so many people.


Since I have put my money where my mouth is and put my hours in I feel quite well justified in saying I expect other men to do their bit too. Just look what Michael has done with When I asked Michael what he needed in support he told me that he had concerns about the site going down so I donated over USD1,000 to have the site moved and maintained by some professional colleagues of mine. NO ONE ELSE chipped in as far as I know.


So. Now I have made my statement very clear about men needing to PAY for the time and effort of other men? Let me share with you what is currently available.



Option 1. Operate within the system of family law.


Many men coming to CAF are also saying they want to try and settle matters inside the current legal system. Personally, I disagree on the basis that all politicians and all members of the legal fraternity are criminals. And I would NEVER beg a criminal for anything let along my property or my children. But MANY men seem quite willing to beg from criminals and if that is your choice then you are welcome to do so.


The most experienced man we have in the area of family law is Robert Kennedy.  Robert has been at this 15 years. The second most experienced, Mark Flowers, is not available to do this work for others at the current point in time. He may be one day.


Robert can assist any father needing assistance with the preparation of court documents and advice and guidance. He is well known to those in the courts.


It must be remembered at all times that the members of the courts are criminals and so there is no guarantee that anything Robert does will be accepted by the courts. But the likelihood is that because so few men are using his skills that those who use his skills might well get a better deal in the courts because all the other men in there are willing to get fleeced due to their ignorance.


One man who came here used Roberts skills but started to tell Robert how to do his job. I cut in and pointed out to the man that he was lucky as hell to have Robert help him and he should take the good advice offered and PAY for that advice at a reasonable rate. Family law lawyers ask for 300-400 per hour. Robert is an old aged Pensioner. Any man asking his assistance can AT LEAST give him a decent fee for his time. You can agree it with Robert.


My suggestion? If Roberts time is not worth 40 or 50 dollars per hour to you? How about you don’t bother him, eh?


For anyone who wants to know the sort of work Robert does they can review that work here.


As I said. He is EASILY the most qualified member here in the matter of family law.


Ray Escobar is also very well versed on the family law.





Option 2. Take the criminals on like I did


By March 2008 I realised that that the courts and the lawyers were nothing but a bunch of criminal scumbags. This left me with the problem of how to fix this problem for the benefit of my fellow Australians. It did not really matter to me as I was able to walk away and start again. Indeed. I would be a wealthy man now if I did not stop to assist my fellow fathers unasked.


I am disappointed so few of my fellow Australian fathers have bothered to help me these last 4 years. I sincerely hope all those who were asked and refused will burn in hell for all eternity. I will have no sympathy for any man I asked to help me who refused to.


In May 2008 I decided to take the criminals on at their own game and win that game to get fair laws re-introduced back into Australia. At first I thought I had to change the legislation but only later realised that the legislation can be easily ignored.


Any man reading this should be WELL INFORMED that if you take the criminals on head on like I did that they will do ALL THEY CAN to destroy your income and to slander you and to discredit you.


So this is only for the brave and persistent men like me. Whimps and cowards should not try this.


If you take this option you have a number of choices.


  1. Just declare sovereignty and not recapture your strawman.
  2. Declare sovereignty and recapture your strawman as per the book.


If you want to get a case run in the new courts you are going to have to get in the queue.


We already have 400+ cases that we will need to run so its going to take a while to get through them all.


There are already 80 or so men registered in Australia and most of them have cases to be heard in the new courts. So the next people to sign up will be in the queue. The registration date is stored in the database for the site.


So the first decision you need to make is whether you are going to do 1 or 2 above.


The next decision you need to make is whether you are going to learn how to do this work for yourself or whether you are going to pay “Fred01” to do your paperwork for you.


We have set the fee for his time at USD150 which is as cheap as it can be.


After you have performed your declaration of sovereignty or otherwise you will have to decide how you are going to approach your case.


  1. Are you going to learn how to do all the work and run your case yourself?
  2. Are you going to pay me to run your case for you as I see best?


I have put into the public all the information that I can so that men can educate themselves as to how to run their own cases.


Remember, before I started NONE of this material was available. Now that I am out in my own name and many of my documents are made public? Men have MUCH more information to go on than I did.


If you ask me to run your case I will pass as much work as possible to “Fred01” who is learning all this stuff so as to minimise the costs. However, men pay plenty to those thieves called family law lawyers. Its time for them to pay for the time of someone who actually knows what is happening. I tried helping men for free. “Free” turned out to be very expensive for me. I had hoped that I would be able to train some men in Australia to do what I know how to do and that they would start small businesses based on these techniques. No men stepped forward. So I am going to run this business for myself. The business will pay its way or not.  


So yes. After 4 years and AUD500,000 I am no longer willing to keep spending MY MONEY and time trying to help men for “free”. They do not want “free help”.   


I do not understand men who are in the family courts. They don’t expect lawyers to work for free. They don’t expect mechanics or plumbers to work for free. But for some reason they expect to get expert help on the courts for free.


And then they wander into the courts like lambs to the slaughter not even knowing that they are a criminal cartel.


I will set my fees on a case by case basis based on the money the man has available.


Men who have plenty of money will be charged more. That will let me charge less for men who are truly not able to pay a decent fee.


I am sorry it has come to this. But since men will NOT donate money to men in need and will NOT assist to any significant extent when asked in the VAST majority those who have money who need something done and will not educate themselves will have to pony up. It is as simple as that.


Best to not pay lawyers and direct that lawyer money to someone who is actually on your side.



Thanks for listening.


Your brother Peter.





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ForumForumNews from Freed...News from Freed...News Parent ForumNews Parent ForumNews From Rober...News From Rober...05 December 2011 17:32  On the topic of men asking for "help" when they come to CAF.05 December 2011 17:32 On the topic of men asking for "help" when they come to CAF.