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 3/23/2011 9:01 PM
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From: Robert Kennedy
Sent: 03 March 2011 21:21
To: xxxxxxx

Subject: Feministss Wooden Horse of Troy

Folks for your information and use on the ways and places the sisterhood ‘governs by proxy’ out of The Administration.  Multl level as here Commonwealth via States and Territories cooperation and programmes     Regards Robert

Sent to CSA Phillipa Godwin (; ''; ''; ''

Greetings All

At the CSA stakeholders meeting yesterday it was the introduction into CSA {via FaHSCIA and Attorney General} discussion on the administrative issues of family violence as they may apply to CSA administration.  It was as my experience  had prepared me for the ‘feminist view’ undercurrent that would try to prevail in the meeting over ‘social science research’ and community facts.

The same trickle down ‘advocacy’ this current CSA Minister was informed of whence she was abusing her office by releasing false information of the ‘feminist’s advocacy’ something like 90% of violence to women is by men.  Concurrently omitting violence by women (see ABS attachment) to other women and to men falsely purporting all family violence was solely by men solely upon women and purporting it to be formal Government statistics.  When Commonwealth Governments own Statistician had in the past two national surveys on “Personal Safety” found 1996 28% of violence to women was by other women and in 2006 it had risen to 38% being nearly half of all violence to women was by other women.  And to note when women attack men 77% of the time it occurs in the home – viz ‘domestic violence’ or ‘family violence’ or ‘intimate partner violence’ or ‘interpersonal violence’ as variously described.

Whereby this is a dismal and deliberate failure by a Government Minister a member of EMILY’s List feminist wing of the Australian Labor Party to not govern “equally’ for all but only her own private loyalties to her own gender at the expense of government Constitutional and Legislative  ‘impartiality’ she should govern ‘equally’ for all citizens.  Becomes governance by proxy.

This falsehood was sent on to FaHSCIA under EMILY’s List Minister Macklin and not corrected but simply turned into funding and programmes to States and Territories to run ‘ideological’ agendas falsely portraying women as only victims of men and not also victims  of other women and nothing about female victimization of males.  After more than a decade of ‘governance by gender’ from ‘governance by  proxy’ the community is rallying against an insurgent force ‘governing’ and took the issue to the South Australian Ombudsman who found for the citizens and against the Government.  Brazen women holding high office abusing office so that EMILY’s List (who lobbied them into parliament) governs by proxy in their international ‘gender war against men’ out of ‘Government Agencies’.  This insurgent resident must be removed and our democracy restored as decreed by our Constitution and Legislature.

The same ‘feminist’ audible moans and squirming body language was observable in the CSA stakeholders meeting when I made a few factual revelations why CSA must be very cautious how far it believed FaHSCIA and AG data because the AG has adopted the ‘Canadian Model’ of administering ‘family violence. Again I am abreast of such matters and hold and supplied to AG the Canadian Model is flawed and in the same way as aforementioned Australian Ministers manipulates the truth of our Australian society to appease their electoral and ‘ideological’ angry and feminist supporters who want to see heterosexual families only in family separation.  Except their own families.  With fathers and male spouses (and sons} relegated to second class citizens as only financial providers. This is a democratic citizen’s choice for both of these ministers and their EMILY’s List cohorts it becomes a highly unlawful conduct when they use their ‘Government Office’ to deliver it via our Government Service Deliveries in substitution or corruptively of what the legislature decreed.  Viz riding their personal and insurgent ‘ideologies’ piggy back on our Government Service Deliveries.

The Canadian Model is flawed by the same feminist insurgent interventions.  Straus and Gelies both social scientists in 1977 developed the ‘ascending scale of violence’ now adopted world wide – except by feminists – interviews dating and permanent heterosexual couples.  Only one of each couple on a gender alternating basis is interviewed asking ascending in the last 12 months form and frequency they were victimised and recorded as a numerical value.  They are then asked ‘self reporting’ exactly the same what they did to their partner.  It transpired female self reporting wert 52% the perpetrators.  In the early 1990’s the feminist cried biased so Strauss and Geles reviewed all of their work on the ‘self reporting’ feature and found it was correct that women are slightly higher perpetrates in intimate relationships..

When the Canadian Model was being developed Murray Straus submitted and was later approached by women from the Government Administration for permission to make a minor change to his submission which he approved as irrelevant.  When the finished model was published the change made to his submissions were beyond his belief in that female perpetrators had been removed and so too in the Canadian Model.  Is quite apparent why for society similarities and feminist similarities Australia also feminist over represented in Australia has adopted the already ‘feminist’ altered Canadian Model.

With CSA increasingly being incorporated into FaHSCIA for good legislative and administrative reasons it being instead under the domination of the insurgent feminist forces saves them equally or better as a Wooden Horse of Troy on family violence as an extension of their gender war against men via Government heterosexual service deliveries now two pronged into CSA.  Yet more of ‘governance by proxy’ at the expense of Australian families and children.  Please fix

CSA is currently in enough trouble of its own making out of allowing feminist to infiltrated its ‘financial’ administration without being over welcoming of this feminists Wooden Horse of Troy   CSA will not be and investigator of family violence and will only rely upon ‘probability’ so therefore the ‘balance of probabilities’ must be as saturate as possible.  A much more difficult task than their own they are not upholding very well.

At the meeting the most visibly protesting group were Legal Aid women the same Legal Aid who are ‘training’ solicitors in CSA matters.  Whilst we are working on the many ‘legal wrongs’ by CSA in this environment one can reasonably assume these solicitors are also being trained in support of these ‘wrongs’ to support the insurgent feminist ideology and not ‘protect’ the citizens as the legislature decreed.

It should be further noted the at least doubling or trebling of the cost of administration of CSA and Others where this insurgent resides causing multiplication of ‘appeals’ as citizens try to get what they instinctively know is their entitlement and being thwarted at every stage by and insurgent ideology.

Be kindly advised similarly to the Middle East there is a slow uprising is well advanced here in Australia against this similar ‘dictatorship’ on these matters.  It is only political conceit and ignorance that it has not been earlier an election issue.  Really it is only a managerial issue so please fix.

Let us restore full democracy to these service deliveries and make budgetary savings in a time when these savings are essential and to stop also the unwanted destruction of heterosexual family cohesion.  The cost of the feminist gender war against men out of government service deliveries has been (a) financially horrendous to The Treasury and Taxpayers – funding someone else’s ‘ideology (b) an horrendous blight upon our politicians for allowing it to occur (c) cause untold family separations and improperly parented children (d) consequently caused society breakdown in families and youth vandalism and improper behaviours and attitudes.  So let us continue in these reporting and considerations to achieve a full return to democratic control and governance via Government Service Deliveries as soon as possible.

Please read the attachment of Professor Linda Kelly a specialist in violence and her most academic explanation to what I report herein and elsewhere how too in Australia feminism has come to ‘govern by proxy’ out of the government ‘administration’ and government ‘service deliveries’.  Thus overriding democracy with dictatorship out of administrations without CSA becoming overly involved further in even more feminist advocacy.  Please fix.


Robert E Kennedy          NT Office Status of Family, PO Box 988, Palmerston, NT 0831      Phone 08 8932 3339

s of this insurgent force at work.  Regards Robert

 Feminisation of the administration of Domestic Violence .pdf
 Asaaults by women on spouses or male partners.pdf
 ABS personal safety 2006.pdf
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