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 12/6/2011 12:53 AM

7th November 2011


To         Human Services Minister

Minister Plibersek                      In person please


From     NT Office Status of Family

Coordinator Robert E Kennedy


Dear Minister 

Further to recent mail to you and Others on the matter of ‘governance by proxy’..

At the recent CSA Stakeholders meeting in Darwin I was relieved and enthused to hear via presenter CSA Judy Young of changes to be occurring in CSA with specific mention of ‘quality control’ which I took to be obliquely referring to the issues of staff failures I have been reporting.  In fact I detected in her presentation {or was I kidding myself}  the template of my complaint was being referred to by Judy as real and essential changes coming to CSA that I had credited this Minister with the will and ability to do. 

But alas soon after this elation I received correspondence from Human Resources Director of CSA Programmes Quality the consequence of This Ministers directive to The Director to investigate and report on procedural compliances {due process}  used by CSA Officers in the case of a named client.  To my great disappointment when Director Kleinschmidt wrote to us supporting the ‘feminists template’ of the former officers of the case can you imagine my shock – and so too should you Minister.  When I already had to hand the statements of two month previously that CSA had after much ‘obstructionism’ and unnecessary internal and external and overseas pursuit in this case had abandoned the feminist template and returned to legality.  Was by CSA adjusting the child support amount to ‘case facts’ and ‘legislation’ and by using correct due process  then did inform the client but still not me as his formal representative, are the sneaky ways of administrative ‘obstructionism’ by the feminist template to  bypassing well informed representative.  As is the case with some of my other CSA clients my status as representative in these matters parallels solicitor.  Please fix Minister. 

Further for this Ministers better understanding, the same complaint was sent to the Commonwealth Ombudsman whose officer ‘erroneously’ held out that it is a New Zealand case.  Until I sent them too the Australian CSA change of assessment ‘documents’ of the correct ‘pensioner’ amount.  They too now have them see the error of their ways and have apologized.  This ‘gender’ base ‘unlawful’ administration coincides as ‘networking’ with the feminist template syndrome across the spectrum of Government heterosexual administrations.  In which the ‘default’ determination is ‘against the father’ irrespective of the case facts. 

This demonstrates the most unnecessary pumping and pumping ‘blokes’ as ‘fathers’ have to do to only ‘sometimes’ get delivered to them as a person by such as  CSA {and SSAT} as their client and an Australian Citizen what The Legislature long ago decreed they should be impartially and freely ‘administered’.  Has become why in CSA matters, most ‘ordinary’ blokes are incapable of beginning and sustaining such an intense and prolonged intellectual ‘legally based’ and ‘administratively obstructed’ battle with the staff and department. Many fathers then justly refuse to pay the false arrears (as they should) or in protest sometimes pay nothing at all or suicide. Notwithstanding on the other hand mother defaulters are not pursued by CSA for their defaulting of The Commonwealth exacerbates the victimized male suicides.  Reveals the ‘gender war against men’ out of Government Service Deliveries. 

This news and these situations may be taken ambiguously by this Minister because of

·         Being elected into Parliament and a Minister of the Australian Government as a consequence of being a Member of EMILY’s List an ‘ideological’ misandry sole gender feminist organization.  On being elected then ‘owes the Sisterhood’ their expected ‘dues’  “To control our Government”  as it is now so mostly the case in heterosexual matters by staff  in the administration ‘making it up’ and demeaning the male into second class citizen status in as  CSA and SSAT and other heterosexual Government Administrations.

·         Or  [And while]

·         Being a democratic Minister of The Crown as a Legislator and ‘regulator’ of laws via The Legislative Houses of Parliament of the Australian Government according to the Australian Constitution “Not favoring one citizen over another or one class over another”.  A role of immense personal and Ministerial integrity to ensure the impartial interface of Legislation with each Individual Citizen.

·         NOTA BENE.  This Minister may legitimately claim for example in the matter of Director Kleinschmidt by the formal ‘Separation of Powers of the Executive {Government}” such as The Director made {makes} an independent determination of The Minister.  However EMILY’s List members and other forms of membership to the Feminist Sisterhood hold no such respect for such Constructional or Legislative or Legal or Moral boundaries.  To simply ‘fabricate’ a ‘false’ determination by ‘cutting and pasting’ according to the ‘feminist template’ in lieu of legislated lawful due process.  Criminal under the Commonwealth Crimes Act.   

This Minister may not be professionally shocked be secretly ‘ideologically’ very pleased with and ‘blind eye’  condoning of this sequential and serial failing of her portfolio departmental staff in this direction as her ‘rewards’ to EMILY’s List and The Sisterhood.  Is why (sole gender ideologues) EMILY’s List Members of Parliament are by parliamentary rules  ‘duty bound’ but fail to  ‘declare a conflict of interest’ when ‘heterosexual’ or ‘family’ matters are ‘on the table’,  Let alone be a Commonwealth  Ministers of heterosexual ‘family’ administration of Human Resources. 

“Conflict of Interest” – legal definition – (from Conflicts of Interest Legal Perspective)

“A real or seeming incompatibility between one’s private interests and one’s public or fiduciary duties”. 

So therefore will This Minister clearly in this ambiguous situation therefore please clarify and put on the record with me and my colleagues listed cc here and with the public in general that she will relinquish The Ministry according to Parliamentary Rules “conflict of interest” or otherwise

·         Relinquish her membership to EMILY’s LIst

·         Abide wholly being a democratic Commonwealth Minister discharging her public and fiduciary duties according to law and  the Australian Constitution and the Commonwealth Legislature

·         Disband the ‘feminist insurgent’ within her portfolios and assist the same remedy of recovering our democracy in other Australian Government Administrations.

·         That henceforth all EMILY’s List Members who are Politicians hereafter declare according to parliamentary rules their ‘conflict of interest’ and not participate in ‘heterosexual’ matters of Government business.  And accordingly for transparency ‘refrain’ wholly from indulging in and ‘tampering’ with any such Government business. 

Minister with great respect it is noted you may have been born in Europe leastwise your parents were and will well know of a government and its public servants there at war being run on ideological grounds.  With many at all tiers of Government and Military who did their daily ideological work destroying families and hypocoristically went home loving to their own loving families. 

There is a clear correlation between the sole gender ideology of EMILY’s List and feminism and certain Politicians and Bureaucrats in Government here and now in Australia indulging ‘secretly’ out of Government Office in family destruction as the daytime ‘enforcers’ then going home to their own loving families.  Note outside of Government and its Bureaucracy  is albeit selfish self centered and family destructive is a democratic organization and goal for some.  But not as a part of government or as an insurgent that it is operating as. 

Please note the current family violence amendments to the family law act superficially sound fair but will be another Trojan Foal for EMILY’s List politicians to lobby and vote affirmatively and then as in CSA and SSAT ‘blind eye’ their sisterhood who instead follow the ‘feminist template’ and relegate males into ‘banished tribesmen’. 

Recalling this Minister knowingly out of Commonwealth Ministerial Office circulated nationally false solely male blame family violence statistics.  Contrary to Governments own Official Statistician finding 38% of violence to women is by other women and when women attack men it is 77% of the time in the home.  Noting further another EMILY’s List Commonwealth Minister of heterosexual funding and programmes, delivered to states and territories Commonwealth funding and programmes modeled upon solely male blame ( a feminist ‘war chest’) and  in one state the Ombudsman found the statistical basis was false and misleading albeit discriminatory.  If only more citizens would similarly stand up and rebuff this Trojan Horse syndrome of service deliveries? 

I reiterate I have told This Minister previously I for one am uncaring if it is a feminist or EMILY’s List member who fixes the gender biased administration of CSA and SSAT and Others.  So long as our excellent democratic family administrative systems are recovered and restored to as The Legislature decreed. 

I / we await your prompt clear return to this listed cc community of your undertaking of either way.  Or otherwise I / we must from the record take it that This Minister is unlawfully using her portfolio as a Trojan Horse to delude The Legislature and The Citizens of The Commonwealth.  To be instead an insurgent General of much wider ‘class’ or ‘gender’ discrimination’ war out of her Government heterosexual portfolios.

Notwithstanding other EMILY’s List Members also hold heterosexual Commonwealth and States and Territories  Ministerial Portfolio’s are recognized in a similar situation of divided loyalties.  Their turn is coming if you cannot persuade them to abide and comply with the position of democracy they undertook and not deliver out of Government Office  the secret agenda they carried into Parliament or ‘blind eye’ their sisterhood ‘carrying it out’ in The Public Service administration.



Robert E Kennedy          Coordinators      NT Office Status of Family, PO Box 988 Palmerston, NT 0831.      Phone 08 8932 3339           

 Emilys List Politicians.pdf
 Emilys List control of Gov 08.pdf
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ForumForumNews from Freed...News from Freed...News Parent ForumNews Parent ForumNews From Rober...News From Rober...10 November 2011 01:58  Human Services Minister  Minister Plibersek                      10 November 2011 01:58 Human Services Minister Minister Plibersek