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 12/6/2011 12:00 AM

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From: Robert Kennedy []
Sent: 29 September 2011 05:17
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Subject: Family Law Bills

Honourable Members

BEWARE - BEWARE - BEWARE of the Trojan House and Trojan Foals being rolled up to Parliament by EMILY’s List and feminists.

Family Violence inclusion in the Family Law Act.

·        Family Violence is a States and Territories Jurisdictional Matter it should not be on the Federal agenda

·        Violence Restraining Orders once in the family law act were removed for these jurisdictional reasons and left to States and Territories administration.

·        Similarly variants of restraining orders and family violence ‘administration’ should not be returned to the Federal Jurisdiction family law act.  Or any other Federal Department.

·        The Commonwealth only supplies funding on these matters to States and Territories.

Beware of EMILY’s List and Feminist (sole gender) Trojan Horse and Trojan Foals {to disempower men who are male victims’ and empower and conceal women perpetrators}.

·        EMILY’s List are the primary lobbyists ‘bluffing’ for the return of this non jurisdictional feature to the Federal family law act.  {the ‘feminization’ of everything}

·        Beware especially of the inclusion of the ‘non prosecution’ feature of ‘false reporters’ of family violence.  {False reports made overwhelmingly by women to humbug and stigmatize in family law cases is UNLAWFUL and PROSECUTABLE in all states and territories.  Because it is ‘false’ and a waste of police and Taxpayers resources attending to it and is thus ‘criminal’ to discourage it}.

·        Beware further that if ‘non prosecution’  of false reporting become a federal law then via section 109 of The Constitution it could ‘automatically’ disempower all States and Territories from prosecuting  ‘false reporting’{The Trojan Foal}.   Note in extract of s109 below this ‘inclusion’ in the Federal family law act of the ‘exclusion’ of prosecuting ‘false reporting’ as a prosecutable act can be argued as being constitutionally a ‘superior’ law.  And encourage false reporting to an intolerable and uncontrollable degree.  Not only a burden on the taxpayer but a curse on society especially manhood and fatherhood as it is already being massively abused by feminism and now being copycat by children. Note attachment.

·        Children are copycatting false ‘child abuse’ and ‘violence’ report mothers is a further expansion of the social disease EMILY’s List and Feminist promote and foster in their gender war against men OUT OF GOVERNENT SERVICE DELIVERIES.

These amendments are substantially constitutionally out of jurisdiction and will harm the efficient operation of States and Territories to prosecute perpetrators and protect victims in family violence matters.  Being the complete inverse to what ‘appears’ to being argued so that the foal of the Federal Trojan Horse has its way in States and Territories.  Where the feminist solely male blame Duluth Model of policing has been effective fo over the past decade. PLEASE BE WISE NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.

Further Parliamentary Grounds to consider and protect ‘transparency’ in this matter

Members of EMILY’s List are duty bound on these HETEROSEXUAL AND FAMILY matters to declare their ‘sole gender” membership and conflict of interested and step down form committees and working parties and voting on these ‘Family Law’ bills.

Please ensure EMILY’s List Members do declare their parliamentary conflict of interest and step down from working or voting on these bills


Inconsistency of laws

109.  Where a law of a State is inconsistent with a law of the Commonwealth the latter shall prevail, and the former shall to the inconsistency be invalid.


That is to say stating specifically in the family law act that ‘false reporting’ IF NON PROSECUTABLE flows under s109 as being ‘superior’ and nulls states and territories ‘responsibilities’ and ‘duties’ to protect The Government and Citizen victims by  no longer being able to  prosecute perpetrators of false reports.  Imagine the mayhem and rorting of taxpayers?  Recognize the Trojan Horse and its Foal?  Cunning and self centered are they not?  If they can get away with it.? That is up to YOU ON OUR BEHALF.  You were elected to represent all constituents not EMILY’s List and sole gender feminists ‘ideology’. Please fix.

Behind the Carbon Tax distraction this Trojan Horse and foal are being prepared and rolled up the corridors of Parliament by Labors EMILY’s List who want  it all done before they are outted and much of this kind needing no legislation is occurring post haste within the Administration. With a Minister for Women why do we need a Women and Girls Ambassador when Aussie Blokes are in such deep emotional and suicidal troubles out of ‘unequal’ administration?  Why do we not instead have an Office for Family Cohesion?

Be aware and protect us and our families from this ‘sole gender’ insurgent bent on destroying families’ especially heterosexual families and spilling children out of the family unity.  Feminists do not want them once they have served their ‘chattel’ purpose for {many} ‘single mothers’ and false reporters.  This most perverse misnomer of ‘empowering’ women by destroying families and children has to stop NOW.

In accordance with parliamentary requirements of ‘disclosure’ MAKE EMILY’s LIST MEMBERS AND SYMPATHISERS STEP DOWN ON THESE FAMILY LAW BILLS.  Better still simply vote against them and destroy the Pregnant Trojan Mare bearing its tragic consequences.

Note to certain conceited male politicians who when elected think their male constituents become second class citizens in heterosexual matters for them join EMILY’s List and Feminist to govern by proxy against males in their family matters.  Be kindly reminded in Australia voting is compulsory and these blokes voted for you increasingly seeing another male as more trustworthy than females.  Their consequential disappointment and second class treatment drives them into depression and suicide when you as weak and gutless and ‘hermaphrodite syndrome’ males vote them down and ‘sell them out’ to the EMILY’s Lists and the feminist sisterhood.  To be victimised for being male.  Such weak Politicians who are preyed upon politically by feminist are simultaneously detested by them for being so weak.  As so too male voters are seeing male politicians as yet another Trojan Horse of feminism.

Please return to your own undertaken Constitutional and Legislative responsibility of ‘impartiality’ to not favour one person over another or one class over another.  Most especially on heterosexual family mattes that irrespective of gender BY THE CONSTITUTION AND YOUR OWN LEGISLATION spouses and partners and parents are legally equal.  So stop favoring one gender over another and unlawfully selling out fathers and children to the dictates of sole gender feminists.


Robert E Kennedy    Coordinator               NT Office Status of Family, PO Box 988, Palmerston,     NT  Phone 08 8932 3339

 Police fake reports NT News.pdf
 Emilys List Politicians.pdf
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