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 12/5/2011 11:51 PM
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From: Robert Kennedy []
Sent: 24 September 2011 04:06
Subject: RE: Male teacher numbers falling over abuse and pay concerns |

Hi All

All around the world women are into the real stuff and many male perpetrators are assisted by a woman facilitator.  Women teachers in Australia have been caught out and jailed yet the public are so brainwashed misandry that they cannot include women. This if you do not already know is one front of the gender war against men by feminism who are the greatest hypocrites ever and cover for their own gender and transfer blame.  I have seen it for years in the family law industry and child protection agencies are every bit part of the ‘cover up’ of women perpetrators.

The examples Peter has given only work because the ‘authorities’ are full of ‘feminist’ gate keepers and blokes do not get their ‘due process’ treatment that would (a) exonerate them (b) charge the false reporter (c) stop the ‘false reporting’.  Lying and cheating feminists in the system have stolen our democracy and ‘government’ and EMILY’s List is in the ‘gender war against men’.  What the bloody hell has this got to do with ‘changing the law” when the law is being ‘ignored’ by the ‘enforcers of the law’?  It is a staff or ‘management’ problem and not a legislative problem.

Guys when you can finally come to the realization most women and their white knight males working as staff in these places cannot be trusted to be honest on gender matters the sooner you will realise that the ‘law’ and ‘constitution’ have nothing to do with why fathers end up being falsely blamed and ostracized as ‘banished tribesmen’ from their families and our society.  Wake up Sons our Government family systems have been stolen by EMILY’s List and ‘grass roots’ feminism out of which to wage their gender war against men.  Nothing at all to do with the Queen.  This is an insurgent working from the ground up.  Piggy backing feminists from bottom up the system from the community as ‘community members’ or voters and as ‘professional’ women and ‘politicians and yes up to the Queens Representative the Governor General Quentin Bryce’s.  The Queen would be horrified to realise her reign has been infiltrated and her control undermined by this insurgent.  Guys get with the reality of your real enemy.  Many are those often ‘desirable’ pretty blinking eyed female staff you have been dealing with on your family law and child support matters - doing you in while you thought you had ‘won’ a friend.  I am now totally dispassionate about the ‘person’ but instead observe every ‘professional’ action and have a determination to ‘prosecute’ them on their failure of ‘compliance’ to case facts and law determinations. Are the only changes to be make BY BLOKES to start ‘winning’.

Their Government and Department Heads and Superior Officers will not do their duty and stop them so it has to be up to us - as we democratically and legally can.  That is why I am continually calling upon you  to support me in assembling a ‘prosecution team’ of barristers  and donating to a ‘fighting fund’ to pluck these deceitful officers out and prosecute them ourselves - when with your help we bring this plan into fruition.  I am half way there on my own so your help would make it successful.

But unfortunately blokes love complaining above doing something  proactive and I suspect most do not want it resolved because they would lose their victim status and have nothing to complain about.  Yes I am disgusted with weak men who surrender their own and their children’s rights to bullying feminists.  Yes I am qualified to criticize blokes for over a decade and currently have about four such blokes running family law cases who will not do what they are legally entitled and required to do to win - at least more - because they are too afraid.

After helping blokes for over a decade this surrender by blokes is the real reason bullying women and feminist win an blokes increasingly and collectively are ‘banished family men and tribesmen’.  No war is more of a push over that when the otherside ‘on sight’ simply surrenders or runs to the sideline to only shout obscenities and abuses.

An old navy saying “I was in the Navy when they had wooden ships and iron men now we have iron ships and wooden men”.  Similarly out of feminism “We have tough titties women and marshmallow ‘Metrosexual’ men”.   What blokes have surrendered in the last decade beyond gender and legal equality is going to if fixed now take at least sixty years to be restored to equilibrium.

Yes I am heartily sick and tired of gutless blokes prepared to lie and deceive and even suicide to avoid doing what their forefathers protected as an ‘equal rights’ only for it to be surrenders to EMILY Come Lately bullying feminists by piss weak modern day Metrosexual males.  I do not care what you say I judge you by your failures to belong to manhood or voluntarily disqualify yourself from it.  All time losers because even the feminists do no like weak men.


Robert E Kennedy

Coordinator        NT Office Status of Family, PO Box 988, Palmerston. NT 0831.  Phone 08 8932 3339

From: Peter Nolan []
Sent: Saturday, 24 September 2011 12:19 AM
Subject: FW: Male teacher numbers falling over abuse and pay concerns |


In Scotland not that long ago a three year old girl drowned in a pond. A man came forward later and noted that he had seen the girl and refused to assist for fear of being branded a paedophile.


In Melbourne on the Melbourne age blogs a man reported seeing a boy about 5 pushing a stroller with a child of about 2 in it. There was no attending adult. He refused to help as he was fearful of being called a paedophile.


On that same blog entry a man blogged that he was  counselor for kids of divorce. He was counseling a teenage girl, my impression she was about 16, and the mother told the girl to stop the counseling. She did not do as instructed and the girl went to counseling anyway. When the mother found out the girl claimed the counselor raped her. He spent 4 months in jail on the false allegation. He blogged that he quit the job. If someone wants to counsel girls of divorce, someone else can do it.


In Papua New Guinea a man was accused by his ex wife and her friend of molesting his daughter in an acrimonious divorce. The man was FLYING A PASSENGER PLANE at the time the alleged offense took place so you would imagine with an alibi like THAT he would be fine, right? Nope. The evidence of WHERE HE WAS at the time of the alleged assault was deemed NOT ADMISSABLE and he spent 7 months in jail before the retrial. On release what did the newspapers say?


The SMH screamed “Paedophile escapes justice”. It did NOT read “Innocent man jailed on testimony of perjurous women”.


Who would want a job around girls and their lying criminal mothers whom OTHER WOMEN will support in their lies and their crimes?


Only a man who is a COMPLETE IDOT would have a job around children nowadays. And that is VERY bad for the kids.


I talk to a LOT of men in their late teens and early 20s. They are very damaged young men.


That MEN of MY generation are staying silent on the issues of FALSE ALLEGATIONS is a disgrace.


I am prepared to say so too.


So have a read of this article Greg was kind enough to send out. And ask yourselves if you really want boys raise by people who are telling them they are worthless and will not amount to anything and how all men are rapists and abusers. Because if you tell a boy he is a criminal often enough? You know how that lad is going to turn out, don’t you.


Best Regards





---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: 22 September 2011 21:04
Subject: Male teacher numbers falling over abuse and pay concerns |

Male teacher numbers falling over abuse and pay concerns

FEAR of being accused of child sex crimes and higher pay in non-government schools are being blamed for a 4 per cent fall in the number of men teaching in NSW public schools.

While the number of male teachers in private schools has risen 20 per cent, government schools are suffering a lack of men.The "alarming" figures contained in a Social Trends report released yesterday by the Australian Bureau of Statistics were damned by the NSW Federation of Parents and Citizens Associations.

The report found that since 2000, the number of men teaching in government schools had fallen from about 50,000 to less than 48,000. Non-government schools, including independent and Catholic schools, enjoyed a rise from less than 24,000 to more than 29,000.

"The lack of male teachers tends to be in the primary sector, and our concern is that it's not an accurate reflection of society," federation president Helen Walton said.

"We have a primarily female system introduced to children at early age, and for many students their first contact with male teachers is at high schools."

Ms Walton said that attracting men to primary teaching was very difficult. She cited a fear among would-be teachers of being branded a child sex offender as one of the main hurdles.

"There have been concerns about allegations made against male teachers which have made them wary of having anything to do with young primary children," Ms Walton said.

"Our other concern is that in single-parent families, the parent in the home tends to be the mother so some boys miss out on that vital male contact.

"It's good to have male role models in schools."

Association of Independent Schools executive director Geoff Newcombe said private schools were able to attract men with higher salaries.

"An obvious explanation is that there are many boys' schools in the independent sector, and male teachers are often more comfortable in this environment.

"There also may be an attraction to higher salaries in the independent schools which is particularly important if a male teacher is the sole income-earner in a household," Dr Newcombe said.

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 NT News one in a million.pdf
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