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 12/6/2011 12:28 AM

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From: Robert Kennedy []
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Robert Kennedy speaks for himself here to set right a very distorted propaganda about him.  He does indeed understand much about common law and other laws and legislations and much ‘protocol’ surrounding them.  He has much downloaded and reads it in conjunction with clients facts - viz uses ‘due process’..  He has run successful ‘prosecutions’ of Government and assists others to prepare their cases and has been a family law and child support community representative for more than the past decade.  He is recognized by solicitors who refer some folk to him based on his knowledge of the law and government administration and the insurgent feminist ways of ‘derailing cases’.  Robert is familiar with many ‘strategies’ played upon naive folk - even solicitors - by feminists and their male ‘white knights’ working in The Administration’.

ROBERT KENNEDY IS WHOLLY COMMITTED TO ENDING THE GENDER DISCRIMINATION AGAINST FATHERES IN FAMILY LAW AND CHILD SUPPORT AND FAMILY VIOLENCE AND CHILD ABUSE OCCURRING DURING THEIR CASE ‘ADMINISTRATION   Mainly out of Government.. A ‘CORRUTION’ HAT IS OCCURRING  IN THE ‘DUE PROCESS’ OF THE ‘CONFIDENTIALITY’ OF THEIR CASE IN THE DELIVERY AS A SERVICE TO THE COMMUNITY AND INDIVIDUAL CITIZENS where only because of their gender fathers are treated ‘unequally’ TO LESS than mothers or wives ect. By case officers and staff ‘substituting’ their own ‘personal’ decision to ‘break the law’ so that ‘women win’ leaves them ‘liable’ to prosecution by the aggrieved father - under another law.  So  many dill fathers instead simply pay solicitous more money to go back again and again under ‘family law’ instead of ‘administrative law.

Robert Kennedy has the ‘professional’ intelligence lacking in most other ‘separated’  males to comprehend the difference between ‘gender neutral’ legislation and ‘gender biased’ service deliveries and that difference is THE UNLAWFUL CONDUCT OF THE SERVICE DLELIVEY STAFF AND THE MOTIVATION TO PURSUE THE ‘WRONGFUL DEED OFFICERS’ as legislation allows citizens to ‘protect’ themselves and even collect ‘compensation’.  How these cowboys and cowgirls must rejoice when fools want to change the constitution or legislation to something else for them to ignore and keep on ‘dispensing feminists ideology’ conning folk that ‘it is the law’.

The difference with Robert Kennedy to most others on this and other forums is that he knows laws do not slip off the page but passes via ‘person’s’ like public servants and solicitors and courts - even common law courts AS A SERVICE DELIVERY OR ‘DUE PROCESS’ where ‘persons’ do not deliver what is in The Act and clients ‘case facts’ as a ‘due process.  Mainly in heterosexual family law and child support matters ‘the staff’ are dishonest to the point of ‘behaving unlawfully.  UNDER OTHER ‘INTELOCUTORY’ LAWS THE LIKES OF RAY ESCOBAR EITHER IGNORES OR DOES NOT KNOW ABOUT.  Laws designed to ‘protect’ aggrieved citizens but are seldom used that has allowed rampant corruption until laws are no longer recognizable - each officer makes one up to suit themselves. A constitution and Legislature that made these laws that decree STAFF  cannot as in family law and child support etc make a determination on GENDER.

How may times have blokes told me that and missed the point and say the {first} law or Constitution needs changing - still cannot seed it is ‘people’ even when they say it is ‘someone’ made it up - wow that is where Robert Kennedy gets going after the cheats - but that is where bloke victims turn into barbers cats and ‘surrender’ and won’t do anything]. Administrative Law is there for us all to use when a Government Officer fails to make a proper ‘service delivery’.  Includes prosecuting solicitors and report writers and police and public servants and very rarely even magistrates and judges.

While the likes of Ray Escobar ‘jawbone’ endlessly and ‘democratically’ about ‘alternative law etc it is diversionary to the real problem to the great joy of the perpetrators not being ‘exposed’.  Robert Kennedy keeps on keeping on pursuing the wayward officers who are the ‘cause’ of the ‘failures’ of laws.  Like the attached going to all federal politicians and a very wide community audience who hopefully will join me in recovering our democracy.  Realizing the even Common Law is rendered null if ‘people’ are dishonest or ‘off track’ making decisions. Then Ray where to for you  if or when Common Law Courts go the same corrupt human way.

As an ex-serviceman you may ponder Military Tribunals thought to be infallible as you consider Common Law Courts?  Ray how would you deal with a cheating decision make in a Common Law Court.  They easily exist as one had only to see what happens with Local Councils and other ‘committees’.

Only intellectually and morally marshmallow men and barbers cats cannot aspire or achieve what Robert Kennedy does.  But I live with that as the price of leadership and ‘ahead’ of the times.


Robert E Kennedy

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ForumForumNews from Freed...News from Freed...News Parent ForumNews Parent ForumNews From Rober...News From Rober...01 September 2011 02:18  ONE AUSTRALIA.01 September 2011 02:18 ONE AUSTRALIA.