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 3/19/2013 12:06 AM

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Sent: 01 February 2013 03:14
To: Abbott Tony
Cc: George Brandis; Ruddock Philip;;;; Australian Government Solocitor (Business Fax); Australian National Audit Office; CLP Headquaters; Fairfax Bris; Fairfax WA; Mackay Teleggraaph; NT News Conor Byrne; Ombudsama CW; Parkinson; Sen B Joyce; Senator Scullion; SMH; Age
Subject: Brazen faced women versu the law


and CC Other Politicians and community Bcc


Tony when are you going to stop embarrassing yourself and the party and ever so much of the informed national constituency by referring still to the ‘faceless men’ of the Labor Party?  When it is now clear to most constituents long ago that powerbase passed to the arrogant faced women of the feminist wing of the Labor Party of EMILY’s List.  While the Public Service simultaneously became feminist ideologically corrupted too in its heterosexual service deliveries that we are now being governed by proxy on gender under a feminist insurgency to their ideology irrespective of whatever the law is.  Continuously reported to all politicians and just as continually ignored by them as the wider community becomes frustrated and harmed by the loss of governance to sole gender feminism.


To the extent in child support Government Officers are unlawfully ‘making it up’ according to the feminist template to overcharge father payers to the extent of leaving them with only enough ($14.14) per day to by two pies and a coke when The Legislature decreed the minimum of minimums is $34.00 per day.  Is it no wonder CSA is the institution with the highest suicide rate of between 900 and 1,600 per year?


The changed powerbase has long been apparent with endless parliamentary talk about women raised by members of EMILY’s List and presented in isolation when constitutionally gender is not a parliamentary differentiating criterion because constitutionally and factually the same also applies to men.  A recent showing of their ideology and confidence in their “control’ of Government was when Gillard introduced cross bench abuse of Abbott calling him misogamy.  When she is one of the Field Marshals of the misandary gender war against men arrogant enough to call such unlawful snatching of unlawfulness as ‘women’s rights’ when constitutionally and legally there can be no such law.  Feminists just ‘make it up’ and arrogantly demand and enforce its acceptance and intimidated fools surrender and follow the ideology afraid to ‘upset’ such unlawful and arrogant women.


The epitome of EMILY’s List and feminist domination of Parliament is now apparent when Gillard chose Perris for the Northern Territory candidate over Labors own constitution when she demanded ‘captains choice’ a version of ‘women’s rights’..  Because no political experienced Perris was not even a constitutional member of the Labor party to be preselected and ‘chosen’ by the Field Marshall over other legally ensconced and serving parliamentary members.


Their sheer arrogance is only equaled by such as the leader of Syria and Godaffi in Libya and that ilk upon only the male population of Australia with victimised deaths by suicide just as effective but not necessitating the open warfare of arms.


It is the ideal time in the run up to the elections to reveal EMILY’s List governance on gender by proxy of the pseudo ‘family’ Labor Party who only see families as some one to vote for them and then encourage provoke the ‘family’ women to become ‘single mothers’ and be ‘empowered’ as ‘women’s rights’ funded by taxpayers for ever while child support paying father are overcharged into poverty and suicide.


Why do you condone Australian males being unlawfully being relegated into second and third class citizens?


Wake up Tony and the rest of you.  These unlawful matters need not wait for an election for you to inherit and be dominated by.  They are at this moment matters unlawful conducts you should be reporting to Australian Federal Police as a politicians normal duty. 

Robert E Kennedy   Coordinator

NT Office Status of Family          08 8923 3339



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