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 3/19/2013 12:04 AM

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Sent: 13 January 2013 05:59
To: Natasha Griggs
Cc: Senator Scullion; CLP Headquaters; Bettina Arndt; Braedon Early; Brian Tucker; Bruce Bell; Childrens Commissioner; CSA Ciriaco Albanese; Fairfax Bris; Fairfax WA; Jenny Macklin; Mackay Teleggraaph; NT News Conor Byrne; SMH; Age; A C Affair
Subject: Your CSA and family law Constituents

Natasha and Nigel and Others


And Community members Bcc


Natasha whilst remaining the remote and unavailable Member for Solomon what have you done about Commonwealth Government Officers employed in Child Support Agency and Social Security Appeals Tribunal not complying with the law and their Public Service Code of Conduct?  Firstly by them devising unlawful means of overcharging fathers by not making independent investigations of mother’s false claims?  But instead using the mothers’ false claims allegedly as their own independent finding.  Secondly they are not responding to our complaints against them for indulging in such unlawful conduct.


Do you not realize that such officers are unlawfully overcharging to what The Legislature decreed and using the legitimate Government system to transfer the overcharge to another citizen not entitled to it is a most serious fraud by The Government?  Yes you do well and truly know because I have been keeping you regularly informed that such fraudulence is not only against the fathers but simultaneously is against The Federal Government too.  Where including the Australian Federal Police and Ombudsman refused to acknowledge such complaints.  In this the correct amount of child support is not challenged but the unlawful over change to the legislated process and the overcharged amount and its unlawful transfer is.


This situation is typically of what is the lawful duty of politicians to ensure the lawful administration of legislation by the Public Service. Please fix.


I got excellent service from David Tollner and better from Labor than from you.  Albeit the Labor Member for Solomon was suffering these same unlawful effects himself and was interested in me only for his own purposes he also did nothing at the higher levels like he should have been by such as making complaint to AFP.  No one seems interested in their politicians’ lawful responsibilities to their constituents and parliament on the unlawful activities that causes some 1,600 father suicides a year from CSA and SSAT overcharging.  Because these fathers are never in any position earn or afford the overcharges their Government Pension has no hope of covering.  And by law their self support pensions were never legislated to afford.  It is also the harassment by CSA and SSAT because they cannot afford the overcharge that is driving them into unbearable poverty and consequent suicide.


Australian Government Officers behind these suicides cause multiple more times Australian male deaths than do the Taliban.  Now isn’t that a proud statistic – for the feminists insurgency?


All politicians are more interested in Peter Slipper for solely political spites and a few thousand dollars of misappropriation of Taxpayers Resources with the same politicians seemingly for only misandary reasons refuse to do anything about this multi million dollar a year fraud by Government Officers explained to you here yet once again.  Whereby such Government Officers (a) behave unlawfully in office to create an overcharge (b) unlawfully use Taxpayers Resources to transfer the overcharge to and (c) pay the overcharge to a person not lawfully entitle to it (d) leaving the overcharged victim on less than the Government decreed ‘survival’ or ‘self support’ pension financially destitute and desperate enough that some 1,600 suicide annually.


By laws of the Constitution, The Government cannot take anything out of the decreed minimal support amount or Commonwealth Pensions however somehow CSA started deducting $5 per week that was tolerated is $380 per year maximum.  But in the typical way of CSA there is ‘administrative creep’ to higher amounts.  I have as their representative two such current pensioner clients on New Start and Disability Pension.  You will be aware of the current out crying that New Start of $34 per day is inadequate to live on and disability pension is about $38 - $40 per day.


Now you must realize the full reality this unlawful impact of CSA and SSAT fraudulence upon individual victims.


The Disability Pensioner since 2009 has notwithstanding complaint had many thousands of dollars deducted from his disability pension of about $20,000 per year or $54 per day.  Given there is no legislation or authority or case facts reasons for CSA to do so they are for 2013 ‘setting his’ income in their misleading ‘administrative’ speak  at $45,000 per year on which to ‘overcharge’ him.  He has no other income than the disability pension.  There are also other unlawful hypotheticals CSA impose on him but we will skip that for clarity of this pathway.


This fellow is deprived of his legislated self support disability pension unlawfully reduced to below New Start of $34 per day.


The next fellow has been on New Start since family separation 2009 and is on the $35 dollars a day self support on which he should be charged a maximum of $380 per year child support.  Instead he is being charged $5,000 a year child support that reduces his new start by $13 per day leaving him only $22.74 a day balance.  Further he drives 908 klm per month for his children’s contact for which the CSA officer allows him $186 a month for fuel only.  But if the same CSA officer were to use his private vehicle the Taxpayer would reimburse him $307.72 is the true cost this father should be allowed as ‘Cost of Contact’.


Thus contact with his children consequently reduces his $22.74 per day by a further $8.60 per day and a daily balance of $14.14 a day or $98.98 per week.


If women successfully complain they cannot survive on $34 per day how can it be lawful The Government who sets self support (minimum to survive) pensions at $57.50 per day can lawfully expect proactive fathers to survive on $14.14 per day?  Notwithstanding the most minimum amount of $34 per day is reduced to $14.14 unlawfully within Government Administration by Commonwealth Government Officers.  NOT BY ANY LEGISLATION BUT INDIVIDUAL “CLERKS” MAKING IT UP IRRESPECTIVE OF CASE FACTS OR LEGISLATION.


When a father is asset stripped by the family court and left on his moral and financial arse to be supported by generous Taxpayers and The Government then allows the feminist element of The Public Service to take that support away and also give it to so frequently dishonest mothers.  Then the “banished tribesman syndrome” and depression kicks in and suicide is the only way relief.


Natasha and Nigel could you if left with nothing including most cases no home apart from your family live on $14.14 a day?  What would YOU do if you were unlawfully put into that position?  Well the job you have undertaken is to ensure for yours and all other constituents the Public Service runs Government Departments and Agencies according to the laws of The Legislature.  Please Fix


We have world’s best family law and child support legislation and service delivery system but it is being run on the feminist misandary ideology by the feminist insurgency lurking in Government and its Administration dispensing its own sole gender ideology instead of being gender impartial as The Legislature decreed.  CSA and SSAT must be returned to compliance to the decree of the legislature that will return The Legislature’s safety net to this class of unfortunate male citizen.  Seldom in such a predicament because of his own decision making but beginning when it is 73% women who end relationships and police simply ‘male blame’ in heterosexual relationships with restraining orders makes most fathers immediately homeless without any domestic support.  For the family court to then give ‘her’ 70% of the assets and he as on new start has to live on $14.14 and sometimes less per day.  In a society laden with misandary attitudes truly makes an environment of the ‘banished tribesman’ depression and suicides.


An appointment with you soon please.


Robert E Kennedy     Coordinator    NT Office Status of Family, PO Box 988, Palmerston, NT 0831.  Phone 08 8932 3339



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