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 3/18/2013 11:46 PM

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From: []
Sent: 06 October 2012 12:04
To: Abbott Tony
Cc: Natasha Griggs; Senator Scullion
Subject: Tony getting targeted? Well what a change for urban fatherhood?

From Robert E Kennedy Coordinator


Tony it had to come to you and maybe God willed it upon you to ‘wake up’ because as a Politician you have not yet done anything on the occasions you could have denounced the spirit of Jezebel out of the church of our Government.  Now it has well and truly got you now into its destructive clutches that the lower echelon of Australian men have been suffering for the past two decades out of Government Service Deliveries.  About which you have been informed frequently and have yet done nothing to defend these victims of feminism unlawfully residing in Government Service deliveries conducting a ‘gender war’ against men – who are your constituents.  Such conducts of Public Servants being of such a serious nature as to come under the Crimes Act as ‘abuse of office’ and offences of prosecutable nature under the Public Service Code of Conduct.  About which you could have raised ‘ministerial’ letters but have chosen to do nothing allegedly as not being possible in Opposition.  Tony you now have blokes hating upon you as much or even more that EMILY’s List and raving other feminists.  Being oneself a good man is not enough being the representative of others in a role where proactive representation is the requirement upon a ‘good man’.


I know you are losing many fathers and paternal grandparent votes because (a) you did not defend them when you could have (b) you cannot defend yourself either and rely upon your own female family members to defend you personally with not a zot (b) about your political responsibilities you have in the same way to your male and fatherhood constituents being victimized throughout the administration on heterosexual matters (c) when ‘the administration’  go to as far as ‘criminal’ and ‘prosecutable’ means pursuing the ‘spirit of Jezebel’ or modern-day feminism in ‘personal’ preference to the Commonwealth Officer duties they undertook and are being paid to do.  Please fix.


For when you were Family and CSA Minister you accepted without question EMILY’s List and Feminism infiltrating our Government Service Deliveries and disregarded the pleas of fathers being massively ‘overcharged’ that you gleefully pursued only as ‘due debt’.  Where the spirit of Jezebel pervaded ‘the administration’ in similar ways to your present bombardment of false allegations and guilt by association mostly gender based. That CSA and the entire Family Law Industry in less public cases than the Italian Girls ‘the bench’ is now serially ‘ideologically’ simply making orders increasingly not only denying fathers contact but to the extent of ‘banning’ them from meeting at all with their children.  Overwhelmingly upon the false allegations of mother used absurdly as ‘evidences’ against fathers.


 But no matter how grotesque the conduct of mothers regarding their children the court is putting more and more children with the statistically most harmful parent in the most dangerous home.  43% of child abuse occurs in single mothers homes.  A fact out of the Australian Institute of Family Studies {Tominson} formed under the Family Law Act 1975 to advise the family court but which under the spell of Jezebel the family court ignores to on ‘feminist ideology’ place children in the most dangerous circumstances and home.


It seems neither Stalin nor Hitler and Cohorts are dead but are migrants and advisers to EMILY’s List on how to achieve similar outcomes ‘gender based’ in Australia specializing via ‘infiltrating’ Government heterosexual relationships and families Service Deliveries.


There are no longer ‘faceless men’ of the Australian Labor Party but the feminist wing of EMILY’s List of  ‘brazen faced’ women who are a semi secret voting block the spirit of Jezebel who are uncaring about issues not ‘gender’ and operate as a ‘wolf pack’ when gender arises or can be substituted.  They had a big part much at taxpayers expensed protesting the Italian Girls contrary to law should not be returned to their father and are ‘wolf pack’ rebounding off Allan Jones and  attacking Tony who is not yet awake who it is attacking him and his family.  Such it is no bridge is never too far for a feminist wolf pack in their gender war against men.


Tony you just have to show much better leadership for the men of families if you want to be our next Prime Minister because you still rate as a ‘tag along’ to the feminist movement mostly dictated by those in the Labor Party.  Tony it is a pity your weakness caused bloke’s to switch to Labor because of such weak fatherhood representation out of the Coalition.  In your absenteeism EMILY’s List has unpicked virtually all of Shared Parenting even further the courts are making ‘banning’ orders against fathers.  How about is one was imposed upon you Tony and your family and it need be no more than out of the feminists agenda now confronting as being an ‘unfit’ man.


Do something of clear noteworthiness for fathers’ protection from feminism unlawfully residing in Government Administration of heterosexual cases if you do not want to still lose yet more and more fathers and paternal family  support.


Robert E Kennedy          Coordinator   NT Office Status of Family, PO Box 988, Palmerston, NT 0832          phone 08 8932 3339
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ForumForumNews from Freed...News from Freed...News Parent ForumNews Parent ForumNews From Rober...News From Rober...Tony getting targeted?  Well what a change for urban fatherhood?Tony getting targeted? Well what a change for urban fatherhood?