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 7/16/2012 3:22 AM


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Subject: People Smugglers and CSA cash smugglers.

Honorable Members and Senators


And Community Members


The ineptitude of Politicians is frequently disgusting in the extreme and now is typically true. Whilst Government and Opposition is the public equivalent to a Board of Directors a similar private or public company Board of Directors would be closed down and its directors facing gaol under politicians own creation of the ACCC legal and fair play watchdog. From this unnecessary inaptitude we Citizens have lost swathes of our democracy to opportunistic insurgents who fill the voids and ‘govern by proxy’.


The best examples of such losses to insurgents now governing by proxy are

  • People Smugglers under politician’s border security ineptitude allows people smugglers to fill the void and govern by proxy over The Legislature and the constituents of Rip Van Winkle politicians who ignore their undertaking to Electorates to uphold the laws they and predecessors legislated.
  • Family law and Child Support Agency and Child Protection heterosexual administration ineptitude allows the secret voting block of EMILY’s List and feminism to fill the void and govern by proxy over the constituents of Rip Van Winkle politicians undertaking to Electorates to uphold the laws they and their predecessors enacted.
  • EMILY’s List a formal ‘wing’ of Labor and its ‘sisterhood’ of feminists and associated companies and organizations is relentless as a ‘secret voting block’ within Parliament.  Exaggerating and ‘stigmatizing’ the male role in family violence and all it can and is against shared parenting so as the greater finances flow to the mother with no more concern for the best interests of children than a mothers ‘bargaining’ chattel for more money.  EMILY’s List is a formal ‘lobbying organization’ having Politicians as formal members {who ‘owe’ EMILY’s List for election to Parliament} who do not declare to Parliament their ‘lobbying membership’ loyalty status when on Parliamentary Committees or Voting on heterosexual and family matters.
  • Weak and uncaring male politician’s trade ‘blokes’ lives’ for votes with EMILY’s List and Feminists and fail to vote and govern for their male and father constituents or uphold the integrity of The Legislature eg CSA.  EMILY”s List Politicians are ‘unlawful insurgents’ when they do not ‘declare’ and ‘step down’ on heterosexual parliamentary business.  This failure becomes the equivalent of BOTH ‘weak males’ and EMILY’s List as governance by proxy and creates a double ‘whammy’ loss of representation of blokes and fathers and fatherhood. Out of being contrary to the rules of Parliament to ‘declare’ self interest memberships.


All Members and Senators have been advised many times in the previous and current ‘parliaments’ that within our Government and Public Service that  EMILY’s List and feminist Cohorts utter arrogance AS POLITICIANS AND ‘ADMINISRATIVE’ STAFF  substitute and deliver in the unsupervised voids their own ideologies.  Out a number of emails to over the 250 plus Federal Politicians there has been only four acknowledgements and no mention of Child Support Agency who has been left unhindered for a decade to gradually substitute the template of The Legislature with the feminists sole gender female template.  Whereby especially ‘self employed’ payers are so massively and unlawfully overcharged the overcharge renders them bankrupt in about three years.  This was never the intentions of The Legislature who designed ‘worlds best’.  The current Human Services Minister has CSA in his portfolio but in a letter to me he denies he has and the portfolio is of his senior Minister.  Is it no wonder CSA simply do as they please and please EMILY’s Lists more that The Legislature and its Citizens by ‘overcharging’ payers.  Great kudos for mothers but a gulag existence for fathers before they suicide.   And isn’t this meant to be all about the ‘best interests of children’?


I saw the crocodile tears of the role players in Parliament over ‘boat people’ deaths.  How disgusting when it is known and equally reported Child Support Agency has the highest suicide rate of any Australian organization – clearly because of the unlawful ‘overcharge’ they have no hope of ever paying and suicide is their only escape from a relentless CSA – ie The Commonwealth Government.  Misled by CSA but then just as ruthless as any Iraq, or Taliban, or Pol Pot dictatorship the ‘overcharge’ is ‘enforced’  via the orthodox collection system causing the bankruptcy of perfectly law compliant payers.  Just as arrogant and persistent as People Smugglers and no tears from Politicians for a far greater number of Australian Fathers Deaths in every Australian Federal Politicians domain of direct responsibility – to ensure ‘lawfulness’.  Every one of you should feel very ashamed that you do not rate CSA staff victimised ‘separated’ Australian fathers with as much concern as at sea drowning or indeed how cattle are slaughtered overseas.


It has been know for the last decade that the – highly government vilified Australian male – suicides at a greater rate than the national road toll of about 1,800 annually.  Numerically this is well in excess of the total of Australians Soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan etc and Asylum Seekers lost at sea.  Yet not a single Federal Political seeks or cares about the cause and resolution – certainly no tears.  While EMILY’s List relentless lobbies for more legislative changes that enhances their ‘sisterhood’ control within the Government Service Deliveries like family law, child protection and child support administrations ‘delivering’ to the ‘feminist template Governing by Proxy in their relentless Gender War against Men – out of Government service deliveries AT THE INTERFACE OF GOVERNMENT WITH ITS CITIZENS AND COMMUNITY.


These suicides occur in your own electorates from you own Rip Van Winkle neglect of your own constituents UNDER YOUR OWN DIRECT CONTROL OVER OUR COMMONWEALTH PUBLIC SERVANTS who you ignore and allow to substitute and deliver and behave just as arrogantly and persistently and unlawfully and inhumanely and fatally as People Smugglers.  HERE IN OUR OWN COUNTRY ON OUR OWN SOIL that is the ‘responsibility’ YOU EACH undertook at your ‘swearing in’ to uphold the integrity of our laws – it seems although at the back of your own minds ‘except for men and fathers’ to keep the feminist vote on side – you sell out Australian males and fathers in particular.  Well biased minds – men vote too and remain ‘citizens’ also between elections and their paternal families are also rousing against The Governments gender bias against Australian males and fathers in particular.  Feminism is a democratic association but not lawfully any more when attached to Government any more than religion or race.  Please eradicate it from the ranks of Government Administration.


It is unlawful and intolerable that YOU both collectively and individually ignore what has been legislated and YOU collectively and individually undertook for your Electorates and The Nation and are handsomely paid to carry out but are totally ignoring – leaving insurgents to fill the void and “Govern by Proxy’.                    PLEASE FIX.


Robert E Kennedy          Coordinator        NT Office Status of Family

 SSRN-id1128023 Future of Child Support.pdf
 Emily's List Politicians 2011.pdf
 Emilys List control of Gov 08.pdf
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ForumForumNews from Freed...News from Freed...News Parent ForumNews Parent ForumNews From Rober...News From Rober...03 July 2012 07:54 People Smugglers and CSA cash smugglers.03 July 2012 07:54 People Smugglers and CSA cash smugglers.