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 7/16/2012 2:28 AM
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-----Original Message-----
From: lfant []
Sent: 04 May 2012 00:26
To:; 'Bettina Arndt'
Subject: RE: Follow up to Bettina Arndt. Man hater and false friend of men

Peter and Betina

Probably your 90% is true but Australian Institute of Family Studies formed under the Family Law Act to research and advise The Family Court found

  • 73% of family separations were initiated by the women.  In an era when ‘domestic violence’ was in its hysterical era as only by men and the cause of ‘everything’ and the ‘only’ thing wrong in families. The false notion was ‘escaping violence’.  But in the same era the AIoFS found
  • Only 3% were based on ‘violence’.  Thus a bloke is more likely to suicide than beat up the wife.
  • 46% of child abuse occurs in single mothers homes
  • The highest male child abuser is mothers new boyfriend or partner – giving perspective to highly ‘violent’ biological fathers is a feminist male stigmatizing  myth in family court matters that the father is the most dangerous creature to children on earth


Now out of ABS

·         38% of violence to women is by other women

·         When women attack men 77% of the time it is in the home – viz commonly called ‘domestic violence’ again giving perspective to the feminist male stigmatizing myth that 98% of violence to women is by men – highly slanted towards fathers and husbands in family court matters –WHERE Australian Institute of Family Studies finds only 3% of ‘marriages’ are ended because of ‘violence’ and 3% allegedly only by males.



  • Betina’s own article
  • Deakin University – Baume Cantor McTaggart 1999 – males in family separation 74% of male suicides – mostly between 24 and 34 years of age – 50% were child support payers.  Would mean as ‘payers’ were also ‘employed’ and ‘working’ as payers on the dole would be unlikely to suicide over $5 a week.
  • My own experiences as a Child Support Representative handling cases is because CSA (a) target ‘self employed’s (b) unlawfully truncate ‘due process’ and massively OVECHARGE self employed fathers and send them bankrupt.  This ‘wipeout’ begets suicides.  Probably simultaneously being by the ex being denied contact with the children in great doses of ‘parental alienation’.


The family court giving ‘primary care’ to mothers indulging in these is developing a future era of ‘hatred of mothers’ by children who eventually realize they were victims of being duped.  I have been in this long enough to meet up as I did this week with cases I helped some years ago and have taken up again with their fathers and as soon as they are 18 they are out on their own detesting the mother.


There was recent media comment that daughters are abandoning their ageing mothers.  I saw this connection and wonder how many others did.



Robert E Kennedy



From: Peter Nolan []
Sent: Friday, May 04, 2012 2:35 AM
To: 'Bettina Arndt';
Subject: RE: Follow up to Bettina Arndt. Man hater and false friend of men


The fact that you have written many articles is not questioned. I have read MANY of your articles.


What I am pointing out is that you are not writing the content that would expose the criminality of women and the criminality of the family law courts.


You are staying SILENT on the fact that the only way men get criminally abused in the family law courts is for WOMEN to BREAK THEIR MARRIAGE VOWS and very frequently to commit the crime of PERJURY to get the man involved in the dispute in the first place.


You have written LOTS of article. No question.


Please show me ONE article you have written denouncing WOMEN for causing 90%+ of divorces thereby BREAKING THEIR VOWS.


Please show me ONE article you have written denouncing WOMEN who commit the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse.


Please show me ONE article that denounces the Family Law Courts as the criminal enterprise they are.


Here is ALL THE EVIDENCE YOU NEED to write ONE such story. My case with my ex.



I have published the VIDEO of the court meeting in the Australian Federal Magistrates Court PROVING David Dunkley committed the crime of impersonating an public officer.

I have published the COURT ORDER that CRIMINALLY STOLE 95% of my assets.


I have PROVEN that the family law courts are a criminal enterprise.


I have PROVEN that the guvment is a criminal enterprise by passing ALL this evidence to ALL members of federal and NSW state parliaments.

Guess what?

Not one sitting member has got the GUTS to reply to this MOUNTAIN OF EVIDENCE Tina.



So we are moving to put ALL federal and NSW state members on trial. They will ALL be removed from their public offices.


I have PROVEN that 99.9% of western women, such as women in Australia, condone and support the criminal acts such as perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse when performed by the woman against the man.


I have PROVEN that even if a man asks THOUSANDS of women to live up to their claims of “equality” that almost NONE will.


I have PROVEN that western women are liars and hypocrites in the VAST majority, 99.9%+.

Guess what? Having asked women to assist me for FOUR YEARS there is only ONE woman doing so. This is what she has to say about me. She is a grand mother who is refused contact with her grand child by her own daughter. She has also been up in front of David Dunkley and calls him a deeply evil man. She is copied on this email.


Guess what?

None of the media want to touch this story with a barge pole. Not even WIKILEAKS will touch this story. ALL federal and NSW state politicians facing trial and facing being removed from their officers? And it is a NON-STARTER in the media which shows us that everything we see in the media is controlled by the guvment and that includes wikileaks.

I have put this story in front of LOTS of journalists Tina.


There is not an honest journalist in Australia as far as I can tell. Certainly there is not an honest editor.


That ASIO are blocking my video of my court meeting into Australia and have been running slander sites about me for 18 months tells us that at the VERY HIGHEST LEVEL people are spending taxpayer money slandering me and harassing my colleagues.

By that I mean the scumbag criminals Rudd, Gillard and McClelland and co.  


Certainly the scumbag criminals Sam Brett and Sam deBritto do not want to touch this story.


Now. Are you going to write articles and publish the TRUTH?


Or are you going to try and get away with the LIE of being a “friend of men”?


Because I can assure you Tina.

Those of us who understand what is REALLY going on know you for the man-hater you really are.


Those of us who REALLY know what is going on know you to be a false friend of men.

There is nothing you can say and nothing you can do to change the fact that we know what you really are.


It is time for you to decide whether you wish to continue to be denounced as a MAN-HATER who OPENLY CONDONES crimes by women against men by your SILENCE or whether you wish to speak out and tell the TRUTH of what is going on.


You will be judged by the standards you demanded to be judged by.

The standards of MEN.

And lastly?

If you do not like being called a MAN-HATER? Then how about you deal with you and your WOMEN PEERS who like to go about calling every truthful comment about women HATRED.

Let me refer you to YOUR OWN WORDS.

“That's when some men start behaving very badly - as the manosphere clearly shows. These internet sites are not for the faint-hearted. The voices are often crude and misogynist. But they tell it as they see it. ”

So, according to YOU men giving their opinions, telling it as they see it, is HATRED.



I have NEWS for you Tina.

Openly condoning criminal actions IS HATRED.



We know HATRED when we see it.


And we see it EVERY DAY from our women.


How would YOU feel if men openly LAUGHED about women being GANG RAPED?


How would YOU feel if men stayed silent about women who committed suicide as the result of GANG RAPE.


How would YOU feel if men said of GANG RAPED women “woman up, get over it, its not big deal, no those men should not be brought to justice”.


Well the criminal victimization of men in the family courts is MUCH WORSE THAN THE WORST GANG RAPE OF A WOMAN.

And you women simply expect us to PUT UP WITH IT.


It STINKS to high heaven when compared to GANG RAPE doesn’t it Tina.


But you women LAUGH AT US MEN when our children are kidnapped, our houses are stolen, our companies destroyed, our assets plundered, our futures destroyed.





How would you feel if us men LAUGHED at women who kill themselves as a result of the emotional trauma of a GANG RAPE.


Would you call such a man a “woman-hater”? I think so because you call men “woman-haters” for doing no more than expressing their opinion.


What HYPOCRITES you western women are Tina.




Especially you women who write newspaper articles who avoid mentioning THE TRUTH.


You can tell your man-hating friend Miranda Devine she will be similarly exposed as a MAN-HATER.

And as far as your total bullshit article goes? Perhaps the problem of women not being able to find men is tied to the FACT that women have condoned and supported the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse by women against men. Perhaps it has something to do with the FACT that when a mans children are KIDNAPPED women LAUGH at him rather than give him a path to justice. Perhaps it has to do with the FACT that when a criminal women receives 95% of assets women LAUGH at him and call him a WOMAN-HATER if he points out the CRIME that took place.

You women have been DISGUSTING for a LONG TIME.

I will not rest until EVERY MAN who wishes his day in court and his remedy for crimes committed against him GETS HIS REMEDY.

I will denounce MAN-HATERS and FALSE FRIENDS like you and Miranda Devine and Sam Brett from the TOP OF THE HIGHEST YARDARM with ALL MY STRENGTH and ALL the breath I can muster. And I will invite other men to do the same.

Equality before the law Tina. It’s coming. And it’s going to be a real BITCH to you women.

Peter-Andrew: Nolan©


-----Original Message-----
From: Bettina Arndt []
Sent: 02 May 2012 03:57
Subject: RE: Follow up to Bettina Arndt. Man hater and false friend of men


Peter , I have probably written more articles defending the rights of fathers than anyone else in Australian journalism. I have been on government committees fighting for men’s rights in the Family Court and child support.


I am no longer working  full-time time as a journalist, as I explained to you, which means I have far less control over the content and can only write about issues that the editors are interested in.


How dare you accuse me of being a man-hater! I am sure most of the men you circulated with your hateful email would laugh at you because they know how hard I have worked to defend them. Tina




 Men behaving sadly.doc
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ForumForumNews from Freed...News from Freed...News Parent ForumNews Parent ForumNews From Rober...News From Rober...04 May 2012 00:26 Follow up to Bettina Arndt. Man hater and false friend of men04 May 2012 00:26 Follow up to Bettina Arndt. Man hater and false friend of men