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 7/16/2012 2:26 AM



-----Original Message-----
From: lfant []
Sent: 04 March 2012 05:26
Subject: Peter for the site


Feminism is today’s half bred misandary sole gender Nazism.  They are as heartless ideologues using all heterosexual platforms of society as Trojan Horses and Trojan Foals in their gender war against men.  Blokes just have to wake up to what Venus Fly Traps are hiding behind Gods little acre {Kitty cat} and smiling faces.  Especially when they encounter them as solicitors and police and officers of Government and politicians in family law and child support and family violence and child protection matters.


In these areas is the big battlefield of harm to husbands and partners and fathers by denying blokes their lawful ‘rights’ out of these offices.  What amazes me most in helping blokes through these issues their observations that one or the other has as an Officer deliberately denied them their ‘rights’.  But then  the blokes continues to bash his head against the same closed door say of ‘family law act’ instead of prosecuting the Officer under Administrative Law by such as ‘formal complaint’ against  failing the duty to citizens they undertook.


I just cannot understand how cowardly – our modern males ‘kowtow’ – and just surrender to anyone female confronting them.  Especially when in most cases they can identify the person – not the x – administering their case.  Even when I can do the formal bits for them they are too gutless to simply walk the walk.  Because they are intimidated she is female and may work for The Government.  There is now no gender war but a mass surrender by metro sexual males growing up under the domination of females.


It is disgusting in the extreme Military Members give their commitment and lives to protect our Australian democracy and the weak metro sexual blokes at home simply surrender it to the insurgent feminist’s gender war at home.  By the likes of feminist snake head organization out of the Labor Party, EMILY’s List a solid parliamentary and Caucus voting block powerful enough to get Julia Gillard in and keep her in as a female prime minister. And to relegate much more capable blokes to the back benches and bury thermo there just as feminists in the family law industry to  with less than the snap of fingers to fathers.


It disgusts me in the extreme to see hypocritical GG Quentin Bryce a former family lawyer and EMILY’s List member officiating at Military Ceremonies.  Like Gillard and all EMILY’s List politicians running a gender war at home out of their Government offices by stealth with more war dead by suicide than in modern wars.  Using our Military Ceremonies as a decoy and Trojan Horse while they unpick our democracy.


Any bloke especially with a family who votes Labor is no better than the feminists his voting supports who will one day destroy him and his family at the first opportunity the X decides to be X to become one of Labors and Emily’s List feminist version of a family as ‘women and children’ and fathers then ‘unlawfully’ and ‘administratively’ banished in the ‘banished tribesman’ syndrome from his children.


Blokes must wake up and stop waiting on wishful thinking some one else will do their responsibility for them and everyone instead must become proactive to stop this feminist tsunami gender war against men and especially fathers.  As feminists copycat Nazi Lebensborn [love child} children growing up not knowing their fathers and to Kindergarten the Nazi invention of ‘institutionalizing’ children under the Nazi ideology now ‘feminist’ misandary ideology.


Blokes spend too much time metro sexual male imaging themselves in the feminist mould instead of being real men protecting their family and children


Start by Googleing EMILY’s List and finding their gatekeeper in your electorate and simply don’t vote for her or Labor as a start.   Then bother to learn how to deal lawfully with case officers not delivering you what they are employed to deliver.  Wake up most family law cases re ‘lost’ before they go into court by the solicitors and case workers ‘administering’ them.  AND BLOKES KNOWING WHO AND DOING NOTHING ON TIME – OR EVER.


Wake up blokes for the want of a nail the ship was lost.  For the want of your help Aussie blokes are being relegated into second class citizens and banished tribesmen.  And your children ex mum are next on the street as The British Government now realizes ‘fatherless’  was a major factor behind the juvenile street riots and looting.


Stop blaming others and get going doing your own necessary part in recovering our democracy.


Regards Robert E Kennedy

NT Office Status of Family


From: Peter Nolan []
Sent: Sunday, March 04, 2012 5:25 AM
Subject: Killing babies is ok according to "ethicists"

Just in case anyone here has any questions as to what your masters have in store for your children and grandchildren.


Right to life is going away if you do not defend it.


This is what I have been warning of for three years. First it is in utero, then babies, then adults.


The Nazis did the same by the way.


A part of what spending a lot of time in Germany brings you is a better education as to what happened in Germany in the 30s.

��adminG�ai8�_��`lings viz ‘managerial’ and not ‘legislative’ failings.  They are prosecutable offences under the laws previous politicians made in The Legislature to ensure democracy is delivered by The Public Service.  Emily’s List and feminist take up Government Employment and simply substitute their ‘ideology’ as the government service delivery. PLEASE FIX.


You do not have to have a case of your own to lobby for the return of our lawful administration of males in heterosexual matters.  It is a free citizens right AND THE DUTY OF POLITICANS TO KEEP GOVERNMENT AND THE PUBLIC SERVICE LAW COMPLIEANT AND ETHICAL so any citizen can raise the issue and expect the law to be restored.  Add the “please fix” because they will otherwise say it is only ‘comment’’ and if any politician sends it on to The Minister it gains a higher status in that it becomes a ‘ministerial’ and the minister has to answer the politician.  It is up to you to keep up the pressure – just as Emily’s List do – and if you do nothing that counts as a vote you agree with Emily’s List and feminist and what they are in our Government doing ‘unlawfully’ to blokes and fathers in particular.


To use the email list

·         Copy the word doc lists to your document file

·         Pull down a new email

·         Open a list and use select all and copy paste on to the ‘To’ line

·         Split them into smaller mailings as some servers will not allow through large numbers defining them as ‘spam’


To use this prepared material


  • Use ‘select all’ and ‘copy’ the dot point area of this email
  • Paste it onto the body area of your email.
  • Add your own comments as you wish and your name and address
  • Send
  • Don’t do it only once but periodically and add in new or repeat issues to keep it on the top of the list.
  • {The feminist are all the time doing this and blokes won’t is why blokes lose].  Blokes who won’t do anything are not only their own worst enemy but of other blokes too and especially the few like me always almost alone and trying to get a fix for everyone.


To use post mail it is more costly but cannot be clicked off

  • Make photocopies of the original times the number in Federal Parliament
  • Put just their name on each envelope
  • Bundle them and take them to your nearest Federal Members office and get them to take or mail in bulk to the Parliament House mail room for distribution.
  • I prefer hard mail because it sits on someone’s desk and has to be handled.


You can take down from the web all states and territories parliamentary email list and lobby whatever state or territory government.  On such as domestic violence and how police defy their ‘oaths’ and ‘legislation’ to enforce the feminist ‘Duluth Model’ of solely male blame and states and territories Constitutional jurisdiction of Child Abuse.


All Citizens can lawfully do this but it is in my over a decade of experience that the most victimised as fathers will keep doing nothing and keep complaining and keep doing nothing, leastwise by this proper democratic way of complaining.  Apsailing bridges and throwing children and jumping achieve absolutely nothing except more male blame and scorn against fathers.  Making it harder for all and especially the liked of me always trying to do something other blokes more in need than me will still not do anything.  I have taken your hand and shown you here the most elementary and proper way to get heard.  Don’t waste it and get going Now.


The simple actions of sending this material as email or post mail is direct and specific and the proper legal and democratic way of protest and complain and when enough numbers do it this way they cannot be avoided and will be listened to and action eventuate.  Although only one wronged citizen should be enough politicians will not do their duty until things collapse so don’t wait any longer and start you lobbying of them right now.  So much depends on you.


Those who say it won’t work and do nothing guarantee nothing works except the feminist template are fools in the extreme prepared to guarantee a loss against them and all others simply for the perverse pleasure of being ‘right’ even though they are the greatest losers.  Reverse that trend here and now and mail off this material as a start to greater things and better outcomes for fathers and their children.



Robert E Kennedy          Coordinator        NT Office Status of Family, PO Box 988, Palmerston, NT 0831.   Phone 08 8932 3339

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