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 7/16/2012 2:24 AM
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From: lfant []
Sent: 23 February 2012 05:04
Cc: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Male hate our of Govrenmenst and Oppositions condoning female victimisation of males.

Honorable Members of The Legislative Assembly of The Northern Territory

Dear Sirs and a Madams.


And Voters as attached take particular note of the condoning conduct of your elected parliamentary representatives condoning the female victimization of other women and men and children contrary to the Australian Constitution.


As you already know I have challenged the Northern Territory Government via the Anti Discrimination Commission for their solely male blame family violence advertising that is both ethically and statistically untrue and therefore unlawful.  Anyhow on every NT male’s behalf on Wednesday 22nd I lost in court and was awarded costs.


Not that I was not absolutely correct that Labor Family Services Minister Kon Vatskalis did indulge in male vilification and the Magistrate would have handed me a win except the Anti Discrimination Act devised by the Country Liberals s framed so inceptively that the willing Magistrate could find no attachment of such an obvious and substantial act of ‘false advertising’ and ‘sex discrimination’ could be accommodated and dealt with by the court.  I am disappointed but have to agree with the magistrate and bear the court costs for it.  Who out there will chip in some dollars and help me for including every male in The Northern Territory in my representation of them too?


Loopholes like this combined with police defying their oath of ‘without fear of favour’ and ‘legislation’ by instead enforcing the feminist solely male blame Duluth Model of policing is in defiance of the Australian Constitution and Legislated Laws.  It is now no more than an unlawful slippery slide vortex for any male for any female partner to make a completely false report and have police ‘unlawfully’ remove a completely innocent and often female victimised male from his home.  That is politicians are condoning police apply the inverse of the law only because of his male gender.  Yes and I have known of such cases I did get to raise in the court but it did not fit into the Anti Discrimination Act as CLP had it written at the time.  ‘Tis time now for a change to any of these legislations to make them work and to ensure staff then deliver them ‘gender impartially’.


I and my activism for recovery or our gender neutral democracy has been long known to Minister Vatskalis first when he was in Opposition he whole heartedly and apparently concerned agreed how males are unequally {unlawfully} dealt with in heterosexual matters by Government Service Deliveries including police and restraining orders.  Kon is of direct Greek ethnicity and in other ways a good bloke and knows in Mediterranean and Other families the importance of fathers so when in government he replaced a feminist EMILY’s List Family Services Minister there seemed real hope of gender impartial governance in heterosexual family matters.


But once more it is to be seen how once in power how weak politicians are against rampant feminism within and ‘sell out’ all of their male voters and their children as voting ‘chattel’ to the feminist within to get their support on other issues.


Thus irrespective of law feminist get via the dim wit consent of Trojan Horse Politicians to govern by proxy and extend their gender war against men out of GOVERNMENT and what could be more overpowering than the use of Government facilities? A microcosm in Australia of Egypt and Syria but ‘men only’   More Australian men die in this gender war by suicide than are killed at the military war front.


I am an ex-serviceman and I cannot be more disgusted than to see hypocritical Quentin Bryce officiating at Military ceremonies while she an ex family lawyer is top star General of EMILY’s List in the Gender War against Australian men at home.  An insurgent running the democracy our military men died to save only to be take deceitfully from within by weak politicians condoning it and unconstitutionally and unlawfully favoring women over men and allowing it to occur on their watch on their bridge.  Will you please wake up and return us these basics of our democracy.


I have recently had my application for membership of a political party refused.  It seems because it is controlled by feminist and they do not like my widely known proactive return to gender neutral Government Administration.


By the time of our next elections all NT men should make regular contacts with their political representative requesting them to remove this unlawfulness and have police comply with their oath and the legislation and that such as the ‘community protection’ acts of Anti Discrimination and Family and Domestic Violence Acts are amended and impartially delivered by public servants and police to protect all citizens irrespective of religion, race or class or gender..


Politicians equally on the other hand should have the decency by then to have made remedy to these outstanding and cruel crimes against men.


Be further advised I belong to a much wider mailing list where worldwide in western countries feminism  has similarly entrenched itself that female victimised males who cannot get their ‘legal government protections’ are increasingly taking their protection into their own hands and ensure it ends by killing their female perpetrators.  Politicians do not that is a logical but unsatisfactory consequence of your gender bias and lethargy not to uphold our democracy.


Blokes just have to get out of their political lethargy and engage with their politicians on these gender bias mattes and have politicians ensure them if they get their vote that the politician will do the first undertaking of election to uphold all legal and financial and due processes of Government and Public Services and Police  And blokes do  not be misled that Opposition Members cannot do anything until they become Government.  OPPOSITION IS GOVERNMENT – it is the other half paid by us to ensure the ‘active’ government is upholding all that The Legislature and Electors requires of them.


Elections are far from Saturday football games of picking a winner and having a bet or a beer.


Who you elect is for a three year undertaking is to be wholly honest and lawful running all of the Territory Government and its business – in all States too.  That in this case is (a) stop feminists using Government and its Service Delivies a warfront and war chest in a gender war against men (b) amend ‘community protection acts’ like Anti Discrimination to be watertight so as not to be abused for other unlawful purposes – as they are - and to protect the community and in cases of ‘complaint’ as by me that the ‘wrongs’ against individuals and the community are truly punishable offences – even and especially when by Government – note the Family Services Minister 


On efficiency and taxpayer costs grounds The Anti Discrimination Commission could be effectively abolished for its powerlessness and infrequent use except for the occasional breast feeding matter.  Usually occurring in pubs by young mothers seemingly more intent on other political and non clinical matters than actual breastfeeding more like using The Commission as another feminists advocate and war chest at Taxpayers costs.


Otherwise they would not be asking for costs against me in a genuine ‘community’ case and attempt that should have seen Minister Vatscalis resign for gender discrimination against every male in The Northern Territory portrayed falsely as the only violence perpetrators in families and role model to similarly already ‘set up’ sons ready for the next generation of feminists.  To simply point a finger at and ‘he’ whoever be removed by police from his family and homes on ‘prosecutable’ false reports that police are complicit with feminist and will not prosecute false reporting females wasting taxpayers resources.  Yes I know of cases of male victims of females calling police for their ‘government’ protection only to be ‘hit’ with a restraining order to leave their family home and the children with the perpetrator.


Politicians must do more of what they undertook legally to do and less of gender ‘favors’ and bidding for the nest elections and the restatement of their Party – not unlike barracking for a football team.



Robert E Kennedy          Coordinator        NT Office Status of Family, PO Box 988, Palmerston, NT 0831.     Phone 08 8932 3339

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ForumForumNews from Freed...News from Freed...News Parent ForumNews Parent ForumNews From Rober...News From Rober...23 February 2012 05:04 Male hate our of Govrenmenst and Oppositions 23 February 2012 05:04 Male hate our of Govrenmenst and Oppositions