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 7/16/2012 2:22 AM



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From: lfant []
Sent: 19 February 2012 03:23
Subject: RE: Please dont forget to click on this every few days

Peter it hurts and is embarrassing to me  to agree with you only because  one can too easily be falsely accused of condoning murder.  But I have for some years been able to extrapolate the ways of human nature and predict that female ostracized and alienated and stigmatized and stereotyped boys will end up taking their naïve and fatal revenges against females per se as well as their direct female perpetrators.


I have for years been continually confronting the Northern Territory Police for adopting and enforcing the feminists solely male blame Dultuth Model of policing heterosexual interpersonal violence.  Where contrary to legislation and police oaths of ‘without fear or Favour’ they will enforce the law individual officers on superior offices instructions enforce the feminists solely male blame template.  So blokes victimised by girlfriends and partners call the police for their lawful protection and instead get ‘government’ revitalization of the female victimizer being the protected one and he only on his gender being also bullied by police – The Government.


I sympathize with blokes but cannot agree with their often unlawful and stupidly misdirected ways they behave but I can see and have predicted they will eventually from being denied the law will take the law into their own hands.  Unfortunately unlawfully and make it worse for themselves and all other men.  Just as the feminists also designed and predicted it to show how stupid and violent males as a species are.  Wake up Blokes and get your learning and focus right.  The laws are gender neutral but the women in the system are not and deliver for feminists.  Wake up there is no trouble in ‘laws’ only by the staff and officers delivering them.


Bloke just have to start learning about our great democracy and that the feminist insurgents have infiltrated it and stolen it and govern unlawfully by proxy to their own female sole gender ideology.  Blokes stop making fools of yourselves by blaming the law – it remains as it was written and has to be ‘delivered’ by some officer – and ‘twis the lip and cup a slip’ to it is between the legislation and you is at least one other person who ‘delivers’ it to you – is the ‘confidential’ slip.


It is in this area I have spent over a decade volunteering trying to get blokes to become sensible and focus on the means of eradicating this insurgent {Emily’s List] from our Government and out of hundreds and maybe thousands only about two blokes have.  So without the mass cooperation of blokes the feminists rule by proxy and I cannot do anything to change it for bloke who will not do anything themselves.  Blokes live in a democracy and enjoy its benefits but are not willing to do anything to protect it from the feminist enemy within conducting a gender war against men.


As an ex-service veteran doing this volunteering for over a decade I am greatly disgusted at the cowardly surrender by younger feminist dominated males who will not protect themselves and especially not our democracy being overrun by sole gender feminists ideologues.  That we taxpayers employ and pay but who work unlawfully instead for the likes of secretive and below the horizon Emily’s List.


Google Emily’s List in Australia and see all of those female politicians who on family law and family violence etc vote as one for feminists and ‘women and children’ in heterosexual family matters – deliberately ostracizing fathers from their family ‘administration’ .  Blokes must write letters or emails to ALL Federal Politicians telling them it is both unconstitutional and unlawful to exclude fathers from their ‘legal entity’ of marriage or parenting.  If blokes will not do such simple things as this then stop complaining around where it does not count and ‘shut up’ because you are only condoning what is happening against men and fathers in particular.  I conclude that apparently its has not yet got bad enough – victimizing men – for men rise up in sensible forums and challenge our feminist dominated governments to return Government Service Deliveries back to constitutional and lawful gender impartial criteria.


I seek those who want our lawfulness recovered and will be regularly proactive in doing so – please contact me.  Those with notions of other constitutions or laws etc don’t bother because (a) it is not necessary (b) you obviously have not yet woken up to the cause of the loss of our current laws (b) you too have not for the same reason do not realize the same insurgent will be lurking in the service deliveries and do exactly the same to whatever you propose – Don’t bother me with your shadowboxing hypothesis and attic hermits unwilling to be proactive.


Don’t get me wrong.  No one could be more aware and compassionate for these victimised blokes than me but in over a decade of trying to help them I have equal disgust with their cowardice.  When (a) it comes to using our democratic tools – even for residency or contact with their children [the fight is outside of their case with ‘liars’ in ‘perjury’  etc] (b) them not being proactive politically and otherwise to recover our democracy so that in their family law case they get the fair deal The Constitution and The Legislature decreed for us all.


They have become female dominated self surrendering marshmallow men – with big aggressive and misdirected mouths shadow boxing instead of learning and doing something restitution for our flagging democracy in which their family law or other case resides.


How many for example has called upon their state local member complaining about police enforcing unlawfully the Duluth model {solely male blame} or Federal Member on child support STAFF CHEATING to ‘overcharge’ or family law etc?  Learn to become a true bloke and citizen of the democracy that still allows you to be a loudmouth doing nothing.


Robert E Kennedy          Coordinator        NT Office Status of Family, PO Box 988


From: Peter Nolan []
Sent: Sunday, February 19, 2012 6:42 AM
Subject: Please dont forget to click on this every few days


The rate at which men are killing women is going up steadily and quite dramatically.


So far this year there has been a VERY marked uptick in the number of dead women and children littering the landscape.

Well? I told you so. And I told women so FOUR YEARS ago.


Feel free also to pass this link to as many women as you know.


I really like the last one. A couple of crack heads got wacked off their faces and were taken by the urge to kidnap and kill a woman. And the woman? She happened to be a school teacher.


Since school teachers are overwhelmingly female and they have been overwhelmingly responsible to the destruction of the opportunities of boys…who sometimes then become…well…CRACK HEADS THAT KILL WOMEN???


I can’t have too much sympathy for this woman.


She was a willing collaborator in creating the very men who murdered her. I hope SHE is happy with her handiwork where ever she is.


If these men were given a decent opportunity, the likelihood they would have been crack heads would be vastly less.


What women do not wish to listen to is this. When women do not have broad educational and vocational opportunities they can always become wifes.


When MEN are deprived of educational and vocational opportunities they VERY OFTEN become criminals because there is nothing else for them to do.


Like I said. Keep an eye on this forum.


We are collecting stories about angry men killing women so that people might think it’s a good idea to stop criminally abusing men. Because if you criminally abuse men for long enough? They WILL return the favour.


Women did not give a shit about all the dead men from the abuse of women. I have FOUR YEARS worth of evidence of that.


Well? Maybe they might think twice when they start seeing the number of DEAD WOMEN explode.


It’s going to get MUCH WORSE by the way. I see that even if we start TODAY with courts and stop the criminal abuse of men that we will see a large rise in men killing women for 10-20 years before we see that start to drop off again. This is because the lads who have been so criminally abused are still coming through the system. There is no way to stop them from turning on women like the two crack heads in the most recent story.


It is a shame women did not listen to me a little harder FOUR YEARS AGO.


But hey, it is WOMEN these men will kill…they wont kill men nearly so often. Men have a nasty habit of being able to fight back if threatened.


FOUR YEARS AGO I was very surprised women HATED ON ME when it was VERY clear to me I was working in THEIR best interests as well. I guess they just didn’t believe me. I wonder if they will believe these news stories.


Please pass around.


Best Regards


Your brother peter.


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