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 7/16/2012 2:14 AM



-----Original Message-----
From: Robert Kennedy []
Sent: 11 January 2012 16:05
To:; 'Shepherd, Tory'
Cc: Michael Borusiewiz (Luke's Dad) ]
Subject: RE: Tory Shepherd of Adelaide Now. Man hater and slanderer of men

Peter your observations and predictions are correct about male hate coming back against female male haters.  But I think you could describe it more simply that Feminism has entrenched itself in all walks of live including the Military as a Trojan Horse to bully and lie and cheat in whatever ways to ‘Govern by Proxy”.


I wonder why Shepherd engages too in the gender war against men when only a precious few blokes simply speak up for the return to governance by gender impartiality and equality of citizen.


There is a worldwide movement of feminism without any such equal or even partial representation of males.   I wonder why Shepherd is so sensitive to oppose the desire of a miniscule representation of poorly organized blokes to be simply wanting to be treated equally to females?


At 76 and an ex-serviceman I signed my life to protect our Australian democracy.  Get my absolute disgust when I have to live amongst jack booting feminists from within who can simply ‘take it over’ without any resistance from gender ‘turncoat’ and ‘gutless’ males.  And of course with deceitful and misleading help of misandry Shepherd.


I have worked for over 15 years with the victims of feminism that Shepherd falsely portrays do not exist.  The statistics are well known for example that Child Support Agency has the highest suicide clientele of any Australian Organization simply because instead of fact and law administration ‘the staff’ have substituted the ‘feminist template’ that causes ‘overcharges often in the tens of thousands of dollars per year on true amounts of around only one thousand dollars.


About as many Australian blokes suicide as all person who are killed in motor accidents – annually about 1,650 – are our ‘at home’ war dead from the gender war against men.


Misandry Shepherd may care to note this ‘black spot’ relative to the consequences of feminism out of control.


Robert E Kennedy          Coordinator        NT Office Status of Family, PO Box 988, Palmerston, NT 0831      Ph 08 8932 3339


From: Peter Nolan []
Sent: Wednesday, 11 January 2012 11:28 PM
To: 'Shepherd, Tory'
Subject: RE: Tory Shepherd of Adelaide Now. Man hater and slanderer of men

Hello Tory,

What you are seeing from young men like John Rambo is the natural result of women hating on men and criminally abusing them for a long time.


Take my case as one example. My wife committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse. She destroyed my company. Had my bank accounts frozen and I was cast into poverty. She did this for no reason at all other than being a complete bitch and being greedy. The criminals in the legal fraternity were only too happy to oblige her and give her 95% of assets that took 25 years of my labour to accumulate.  Women REJOICE at the crime of taking my property and giving it to my ex. And the young men see you women REJOICE at this crime and they “get it”.


Indeed, I was such  a great husband that just a few months before divorce Jennifer was BEGGING me to take her back but I was no longer willing to tolerate her stealing money from the family finances. She had to be stopped or we would have no money to retire on. Even our divorce lawyers were shocked at how little money had been saved up over the years despite my very considerable income.


And how do Australian women respond to these criminal women? They support then 110%. There is not ONE woman in Australia who was willing to actually denounce my ex as a criminal.




This is what you women mean by “equality”. You mean that you wish the RIGHT to commit crimes with impunity.


I challenged the 300 or so women on the Irish Free Man site to put my ex on trial. Three agreed this was the right thing to do and one of them was attacked by the other women.


I have, painstakingly, collected the evidence of the lies and hypocrisy of western women over the last 4 years. I am putting it on show for the lads to see.


I am putting on show the MAN-HATRED that is so pervasive in Australian society that even when men KILL THEMSELVES as the end result of the criminal abuse and the betrayal of their family that they suffer the man is STILL HATED ON. As a man who was suicidal for a month I know exactly how many of those men who kill themselves feel right before they do that.


That I have been HATED ON by THOUSANDS of Australian women for doing no more than trying to SAVE MENS LIVES and to re-introduce the rule of law into Australia is very clear evidence to the young men how much you women HATE MEN now.


Many OLDER MEN are also very HATEFUL of young men as they live in the delusion that younger men should accept criminal acts against them. My father is one of those hateful men. It saddened me greatly to see how little he cared for what I was going through. Apparently, according to my father and my brothers, having my children kidnapped and abused was something that I should just “get over”. This came as a surprise to me because I had previously thought that the role of a father was to protect his children from ALL that would do them harm. But, apparently, when the criminal child abuser is the MOTHER then the children are just supposed to suffer that abuse and the father is supposed to just walk away.


What do you think that tells those children, eh? Especially the BOYS.


My step son told me that given what he had seen he would never marry as he might get a wife like his mother. When a womans OWN SON looks at her actions and is turned off the idea of having such a woman in his life that women has failed miserably to be “all she could be”.


This is the face of feminism. This is the face of your “equality”. And there is nothing you can say and nothing you can do to convince young men of your lies in the face of FACTS AND EVIDENCE we are presenting them.


We have a PERVASIVE HATRED of men permeating society in Australia. The young men are waking up to it.


By the way?


I challenged women in Australia to put women accused of crimes on trial. You women wouldn’t do it. I have created a womens CAF site and so far very few women have signed up.


That our women will NOT sign up and put women accused of crimes on trial tells the young men exactly what you women are all about.


Further? I have PROVEN that the federal government and the legal fraternity are a CRIMINAL CARTEL and I have asked women to assist us stop these criminals. In return women LAUGH at me and HATE ON ME and rejoice in the idea they can get the criminals in the legal fraternity to steal from men. The hypocrisy is NOT lost on the young men.


And just to rebut your inevitable “woman hater” slander? Here is what a Ukrainian woman has to say about me and about women like you.


You have made your bed Tory. And now you and your daughters and grand daughters are going to have to lay in it.


In the Ukraine the women complain bitterly about how the men refuse to labour hard for their families. Stalin repealed the “no fault divorce laws” in 1936. But the men in the Ukraine and Russia have not forgotten how their women betrayed them between 1917-36. And they have NEVER gone back to being willing slaves for women.


I have seen your future. It is the Ukraine.


Maybe you should learn some history about what no fault divorce did to Russia and the Ukraine and write about that, eh?


No fault divorce with high child support payments was introduced into Russia in 1917 by Lenin. We have Bolshevik Family Law in Australia. You might wonder why.


The result was tens of millions of people starved to death, mostly women and children because they are 80% of the population in the first place, due to the famines that occurred because large numbers of men refused to labour in the fields and grow food because they were being robbed by the government.


The same is happening today. Because men are seeing cases like mine, where 95% of assets were handed to the woman after 25 years labour, and ALL THE WOMEN REJOICE IN THIS CRIME, the men are starting to realize there is no point accumulating wealth or working hard as the women claim they can just steal it via the government. Men can live in relative modest circumstances and be quite happy, as is evidenced by the Ukraine and Russia. But women can’t.


In the US 20% of men of working age are NOT employed full time any more and the US economy is collapsing, in part, because so many men are not working.


Things are about to get very, very bad.


And still you write your hateful articles about men while refusing to acknowledge that you condone the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse. Because silence is consent. Silence is agreement. And our women are staying silent about these crimes.


Hate bounces Tory.


It comes back as male indifference to the outcomes for women.


Talk to any Russian or Ukrainian women as to how hard it is to get men to do anything over there.


Peter-Andrew: Nolan©









 The Horrible Truth.pdf
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ForumForumNews from Freed...News from Freed...News Parent ForumNews Parent ForumNews From Rober...News From Rober...11 January 2012 16:05 Tory Shepherd of Adelaide Now. Man hater and slanderer of men11 January 2012 16:05 Tory Shepherd of Adelaide Now. Man hater and slanderer of men