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 7/16/2012 2:10 AM



-----Original Message-----
From: Robert Kennedy []
Sent: 31 December 2011 04:20
Cc: Simon Hunt; 'Richard Partington'; 'Senator Sue Boyce'; Mens Rights Agency; Carol
Subject: RE: The effects of emasculation on men

Peter this is one of your best emails.  This has been from my own matured and proactive experience I have come to recognize the backlash which began simultaneously with feminism as it bore down on blokes who reacted thoughtlessly and fall immediately into the trap of the category set up by the feminists a ‘abusive men’.  That has now deteriorated to such an extent that in America blokes who delete their wife, or ex wife or girlfriend from their phone are now categorized as ‘abuse’ although it may be protecting them from being abused.


In America and Canada and Australia and other countries EMILY’s List is the main mover behind these ridiculous things and the recent family law amendment here.  EMILY’s List is the snakehead organization that lobbies and has politicians and solicitors  - professional women – and Public Servants and ‘sympathizers’  in all walks of live who network and disregard the laws – including those they work with – to substitute their own ‘feminist’ ideology as the service delivery we blokes get instead of the one we should ‘impartially’ get.


Just realize – not imagine because it is real – the number of EMILY’s List members and sympathizers throughout our government and public service and NGO’s ‘doing their own thing’ on our pay and laws.  There is enough linkages between them and their jobs that they ‘GOVERN BY PROXY’ .  Tony Abbot and his outdated crap about Labors faceless men is still the misandry ‘male blame’ crap when the answer is looking him sneeringly on the face.  The recent Labor Cabinet Shuffle was firstly to elevate more EMILY’s List member up line and across, secondly it was to reward the White Knights {Abbib etc} who cooperated, thirdly it was to conceal the two former and fourthly it mighty have been some smoke screening to have us think some of it was for the benefit of the country.


Things are going to change for blokes only when good women do things and go against their own gender extremist megalomaniacs.   Peter realize again just how unresponsive blokes are to this horrid victimization yet will not network in any greater numbers that two and run off at tangents falsely blaming the law and wanting new laws when we only need new and ‘honest’ staffs.


I have included cc three women.  Sue Price who has worked tireless for decades for the plight of these victimized men who will not help themselves let alone help others.  Sue Boyce who has the decency to reply and keep in contact and is the ‘opposition’ not a Labor stooge.  Carol Duggan who only because she is a grandmother wanting contact with her grand children has been treated the same as horribly a father by Legal Aid and Family Court.  The lies these feminist in the public service and Government tell is so bad it is almost unimaginable but folks it is absolutely true that they do.  The watchdog agencies meant to protect us like the Ombudsman have been both invaded by feminism are converted on ‘family’ mattes to the ideology of feminism and EMILY’s List.


A special word to Sue Boyce.  For a while forget the broad band etc and focus on what the insurgent feminist have already achieved by polarizing the nation on gender – women everything ‘victim’ of everything and under paid for working less hours in a life time etc utter crap.  When will it stop?  There is now a complete EMILY’s List chain form GG Quentin Bryce – ex Qld family law solicitor - down to the community and into many bedrooms and kitchens and laterally across the commonwealth.  Passive and inactive blokes have simply been walked over and condoned by our politicians.  Annually across the parliamentary floor behind the scenes ‘blokes’ are sold out by male politicians too who will connive with such as EMILY’s List – allegedly family – to get their vote on whatever and vote against blokes on pseudo ‘family’ even more pseudo Emily’s List ‘women and children’ mostly lies and false hypotheses of ‘violent males’.


I hope Sue Boyce is demonstrating to us some hope in the Liberals more than the dill leader Abbott taking the party into the same ‘blind opposition’ of everything as Labor did and now has to as with offshore processing eat its own stupid words after causing us so much irreparable harm.  As EMILY’s List and feminists gender war against men out of government has silently cause in the background at ‘family’ level or our country.   I frequently wonder fi blokes would go through so much to get to this country if they knew what fate awaits them as ‘males’ in Australia?  Frankly what some blokes I have met and suffered – including me – in the family court and the feminists surrounding it Afghanistan and the like have more to offer blokes


Sue {Boyce} again while pie in the sky is being pursued as political ‘tactics’ the ‘arse’ is being daily and by the hour torn out of everyday families and our society is rapidly imploding backwards out of its rear and soon there will nothing of families.  Except family courts and child supprt and police and family violence and IVF homosexual parents and families and finally nothing even for EMILY’s List after they have achieved  the turmoil of a nations breakdown like other countries under dictatorships   Here by EMILY’s List and cohorts in their gender war against men riding the crest secretly by the hourly control out of our Governments.


What a celebration the ‘swearing in’ was?  All were there purring and cooing and smiling and on the less official occasions hugging and self congratulating.  Instead I saw the likeness of Hitler and Co.  And Abbott cannot see it?  Male surrender at the highest level.


Every time I see GG Quentin Bryce at any military ceremony I cannot help see her still a lying and cheating family law solicitors and self confessed feminist and as an ex-serviceman it turn my guts.  These hypocrites are causing their own backlash as any dictators eventually do. Blokes just have to be careful of the switch back they use of ‘solely male blame’ and learn to be as manly as servicemen and stand up for their families and country.


Sue you now have a chance to put your case to an audience of males unlawfully relegated to second class citizens because they went innocently and well intentioned onto a heterosexual family relationship. I have deal directly as a child support representative and have followed the law and legislation since long before Larry Anthony and I can demonstrate to you or anyone (a) CSA are not following the law and case facts (b) are ‘making it up’ (c) and are massively overcharging what was ‘legislated’.  Dill Abbot , Hockey and Ludwig {Lab} did nothing except use Government resources – on behalf of EMILY’s List – to falsely use ‘tactics’ and Federal Court in ‘vexatious’ proceeding to collect the ‘overcharges’ as ‘overdoes’ and wipe out many fathers financially and eventually by suicide.  While Gillard and Co hug and kiss each other for their successes.


Labor has failed because it set out driven solely by gender and did not concentrate soon enough on its real job.  Sue are you going to let Libs go the same way by letting feminism suck the guts out of families via the back door while some other diversion goes on in the foreground?  In spite of blokes weaknesses to muster there is Summer Event coming to Australia and that will then be the outpouring of the aggrieved silent.


You are invited to use this forum to be supported in restoring out democracy in heterosexual relationship matters.


How about you  move an independent motion that all EMILY’s List Members declare to the parliament their membership to a sole gender ideology and not work or vote on ‘family’ business before the parliament.  Although they were elected by a constituency it is their undertaking with Emily’s List to represent only the feminist ideology of such as ‘women and children’ in heterosexual family matters – exclude fathers as much ad they can.  They are in parliament ‘falsely’ representing only a smaller part of their constituency and ‘networking’ similarly with other EMILY’s List politician achieving snide and unlawful ‘governance’ by proxy’.  The pivotal point is that they ‘belong’ to and ‘entity’ with sole gender ideology and ‘objectives’ is a contradiction of the definition of democracy and the rules of parliament.


Belonging to EMILY’s List and voting on say ‘family violence’ and ‘family law’ and ‘child support’ is no different to having shares in Gunns Mill and voting on Tasmanian Forestay.  Parliamentary rules do not allow it but EMILY’s List are getting away with it and dictating to Australian Families and succeeding in the gender war against men out of government and blind eying the same in the public service at the service deliveries.



Robert E Kennedy          Coordinator        NT Office Status of Family, PO Box 988, Palmerston, NT 0831.     phone 08 8932 3339



From: Peter Nolan []
Sent: Friday, 30 December 2011 10:34 PM
Subject: The effects of emasculation on men


If you want to see the effects of feminism on boys and young men, take a look are these two videos.


This is the world men are bequeathing to their sons.


The boys are not going to thank men for doing so. The backlash is starting and it is about 3% under way in my estimation.


By the way, the biggest losers of feminism and the hatred spewed at men by women today will be the girls of today, the women of tomorrow.


We are already seeing the hatred spewed at men being returned by something much more devastating. Indifference to women by these emasculated men who have grown up their whole lives being HATED ON by women.


I can tell you that after only four years of being CONSTANTLY HATED ON by western women I am very indifferent to their fate. I can only imagine the level of indifference that these young men must feel when they find out they have been betrayed by their elders.


We are going to see a rapid increase in violence by men against men AND women because more and more men are getting FED UP with being criminally abused with impunity.


We are going to see many more bashings and many more murders by men of both men and women.


Every man who treats women as “superior” and who refused to hold women accountable before the law on an equal before the law basis to men will have that blood on his hands.


Best Regards


Your Brother Peter .




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ForumForumNews from Freed...News from Freed...News Parent ForumNews Parent ForumNews From Rober...News From Rober...31 December 2011 04:20 The effects of emasculation on men31 December 2011 04:20 The effects of emasculation on men