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 4/8/2011 10:56 PM

-----Original Message-----
From: Robert Kennedy []
Sent: 25 March 2011 01:35
Subject: The opportunity every CSA payer wants

Hi All

I have sent you material complaints I have made to Government Watchdog Agencies and Others on the legal wrongs of both CSA and SSAT following each other outside of ‘legal due process’ to which I have (a) prevailed upon these agencies to fix the problem (b) copies of same  sent to all Federal Politicians to instigate a Government Inquiry into both hand in hand CSA and SSAT (c) for a Government inquiry that allows confidential access to confidential case files of both agencies (c) because that is where the recorded evidences are to these agencies not complying with ‘legal due process’.  It is not in the legislation but how officers ‘behave’ making case determinations.

I have invited you all to use this material in a number of ‘lobbying’ ways for you too to create pressure to make these officers do their job.  I have sent you an emailing list of all Federal Politicians for you to send them each and all the same material and request to ‘please fix’.  That’s the closes I can go to providing you with a ‘campaigning kit’.  The rest is you make it ‘yours’ and forwarded both on.  Surely that is not much in the context of the magnitude of an individual father’s problem?

I find blokes ever so prepared to yak yak to each other and avoiding fearfully like the plague saying anything to politicians and Department Heads and Ombudsman who they should really be talking most directly to because they are the legislated ‘fixers’ and who the law entitles anyone to speak with and make complaints of this type.  Blokes who are unwilling to exercise their democratic rights this way in these matters vote twice against themselves. (a) If the complaint is not made and therefore not heard it is construed that blokes are completely satisfied with it as is (b) so therefore what the ‘proactive’ feminist say must be true because the blokes have not responded in sufficient numbers and those who have are so small they must be only trouble makers.  Is the truth fathers must face out of  their prolonged absenteeism and lack of networking and presenting the fathers case forcefully in an intelligent way.

The truth is that blokes should not have to ‘lobby’ to be treated equally but that is the way it had become by the feminists lobbying endlessly mostly on government funding and blokes doing nothing.  When I pointed this out to our Chief Minster his reaction was “Well bloke’s just have to get off their arses and lobby”.  So there you have the message right from the top that unless you lobby a bloke is a second class citizen.  Thus blokes who will not lobby relegate themselves and the brotherhood into second class citizens.  This is self regulation of the ‘perfect victims’ handed unwilling to raise a voice against their victimization..

 I urge you again to follow me in this campaign in the greatest possible numbers like the feminists do to get back our democracy from them.  A very rare chance made by me for all of you to follow and utilize it. How can I help you if you will not help yourself by not being as proactive as this?

I will continue writing a series of complaints on different issues out of CSA and SSAT on Child Support targeted right on the salient points they are everyday familiar with and maybe you are not so familiar with for you to join in the campaign and make up the numbers.  This is the real test if you are genuine in wanting these changes.

As you know I have achieved the miraculouos and CSA has appointed me an officer to investigate and lay out the problems being complained aboru.  I have invited you all to contact me and add your bit to incorporate but as yet only one or two have out of at least one million child support payers.   Blokes seem to be the proverbial “All piss and wind’ when it comes to being genuine in achieving the fix.  They want someone else who legally cannot do what is their own democratic right and self protection.  Seemingly so many are fathers who still want their daddy to fix their parenting for them.  I’m the closes to that in my offer and what I do - but seemingly that is not daddy enough either for most blokes.

Come on blokes and do not kill a willing horse.  I am no better off than you.  I do not even have a family law or child support problem but I will take your case right to the top and I only want your support in this simple way.  Where is that ‘people power’ out of blokes on their family matters?

Come on and do your bit too while I have the inertia running for you.  Regards Robert

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ForumForumNews from Freed...News from Freed...News Parent ForumNews Parent ForumNews From Rober...News From Rober...25 March 2011 01:35 FW: The opportunity every CSA payer wants25 March 2011 01:35 FW: The opportunity every CSA payer wants