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 12/5/2011 11:48 PM

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From: Robert Kennedy []
Sent: 19 September 2011 05:33
To:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; senator.O’;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; '.au';;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Yvette.D’;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Brendan.O’; ken.o’;; deborah.o’;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 'Kelly';
Subject: Trojan Horse got Rudd

Honourable Senators and Members.

So you think the faceless men of Sussex Street sacked PM Rudd?

Julian Asange said the best way to keep a secret is to have none.  Here is the open secret.

Here listed and attached for you are the faceless women of EMILY’s List and supporters and sympathizers that it is no real secret are cross jurisdictionally and cross party are collectively stronger than any party or Government in Australia.

It was this snake head organisation and its readily available sympathizers (voters) that decided they finally had the accumulated power to out Rudd and install ‘one of ther own’ Gillard and go to Mumason Feminist Governor General Quentin Bryce to sanction it - NOW FEMINISTS fill all of the top positions  So obvious that it is not recognized as a secretive insurgent.  The ‘secretive’ faceless Sussex St men hypothesis is only a decoy to the EMILY’s Lists ‘secretive’ faceless women who did the deed on PM Rudd.

EMILY’s List  served its insurgent apprenticeship of same stealth being elected by family constituents but when on ‘government’ heterosexual business SECRETELY lobby and vote ‘women and children’ on heterosexual matters of family law and child support and family violence is an open secret so obvious it looks like regular and lawful daily business.  EMILY’s List did the same to out Rudd using Government Office as their Trojan Horse.

The really big open secret is EMILY’s List and feminism OPENLY govern by proxy out of Government by not declaring an organizational and membership  ‘conflict of interest’ to Government business on ‘families’ on which the should step down and not remain to ‘lobby’ and vote ‘women and children’ on heterosexual family matters - and successfully IDEOLOGICALLY exclude ‘male’ husbands and fathers family members.  Some EMILY’s List members are FAMILY Portfolio Ministers of the old criteria ‘women know best about families’ gets the ‘family’ portfolio puts the fox in charge of the henhouse.  To then  openly substituted ‘women and children’ a for ‘heterosexual families’ secretly stereotyping ‘solely male blame’ with such as ‘government’ false anti violence advertising of ‘solely male’ and ostracizing and alienating husbands and fathers at government level from their legally equal joint family responsibilities.  Using Government as a Trojan Horse to deliver their membership and organizational substitute SOLE GENDER IDEOLOGY.

The secret has never been a secret but has for the past decade been open warfare against males out of Government by feminism.  The real secret has only been those EMILY’s List Members who do declare a ‘conflict’ of interest’ whilst engaged in Government Business’.  Especially as Family Services Minster and past Attorney General Is a parliamentary offence but is the devious ways of this snakehead organisation to achieve ‘governance by proxy’.

Please restore our democracy by ensuring EMILY’s List sole gender ideologues declare their conflict of interest and step down from ‘heterosexual’ Government Business and none anymore hold ‘family’ component portfolios.  Make them face up to where they have placed their loyalties - “To control our Government” on ideological ‘women preferred’ criteria. - just the same as any other politician say holding shares in a company of an industry on the Government Business agenda is required to declare an interest and step down.  Declaring a conflict of interest and not voting is a parliamentary requirement as too it is being a Public Servant member of EMILY’s List on ‘family matters’.  PLEASE FIX.

Please restore our democracy by making EMILY’s List members on family business declare their ‘conflict of interest’ and stop using parliament as a Trojan Horse’ to ‘govern by proxy’


Robert E Kennedy          Coordinator        NT Office Status of Family, PO Box 988, Palmerston, NT 0831      Phone 08 8932 3339 

 Emilys List Politicians.pdf
 Emilys List control of Gov 08.pdf
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ForumForumNews from Freed...News from Freed...News Parent ForumNews Parent ForumNews From Rober...News From Rober...19 September 2011 05:33 Trojan Horse got Rudd19 September 2011 05:33 Trojan Horse got Rudd