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 12/5/2011 11:43 PM
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From: Robert Kennedy []
Sent: 05 September 2011 01:53
To:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; senator.O’;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; '.au';;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Yvette.D’;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Brendan.O’; ken.o’;; deborah.o’;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 'Kelly';

Subject: Whistleblower family law amendments

Dear Senators and MHR’s

If David Cameron the British Prime Minister can see enough to specifically mention fatherless families and family legislation being factors in the UK riots why cannot our Australian politicians also see the effect of EMILY’s List  “Lebensborn” {unknown fathers}  in Australia is the same here?  Our Australian situation too is highly ‘gender’ pressurized and only pending a catalyst to start a massive society breakdown  Out of thirty or more years of Government enforced feminism upon good Australian families has accumulative adverse consequences.  Most particularly the stereotyping and vilification and ostracisation of fatherhood upon families in separation made 73% on the call of the mother under the enticements of feminism.  Because allegedly it ‘empowers’ her to do so.  But is only another feminist self serving Trojan Horse destroying families to appease feminism.

EMILY’s LIST is a treacherous snakehead insurgent electing feminists politicians (see attachments) with sole gender family values of ‘women and children’ underpins Lebensborn. EMILY’s List do not declare a ‘conflict of interest’ on Government family business and do not ‘step down’ so ‘vote’ to the detriment of fatherhood.  The ‘feminists’ influenced mothers use children while they are young and manipulative to her call to reject or be the basis of falsely reporting them and their fathers as chattel of ‘empowerment’.  EMILY’s LIST is the snakehead driving Lebensborn values via the feminist movement out of parliament and government ‘family’ service deliveries  Destroy heterosexual families into ‘women and children’ and relegating fathers into second class citizenship.  Causing fathers to become the banished tribesman syndrome that consequently often suicide like banished tribesmen do.

EMILY’s LIST snakehead is a conflict of interest using legitimate ‘government business’ as a Trojan Horse to ply its ideology driving feminist preference of female citizens over male citizens.  Also with its professional women members links the ‘sisterhood’ into government service deliveries and government funded non government organisations ‘gate keeping’ and finally linking with community level ‘ordinary’ feminism and sympathizers of both genders and donor organisations.  [See the EMILY’s LIST site for donor organisations and companies].

The most concentrated areas of their disastrous ‘gender war against men’ congregates in Trojan Horses around family law and family violence and child support and child abuse where fathers are arbitrarily treated as offenders and offending mothers fated as being angelic.  All are in contradiction of the Australian Constitution and the laws of The Legislature of being  inversely treated as guilty simply on FALSE ‘allegation’s’ under the auspices of a snakehead insurgent undermining our democracy in a complete cycle from Legislature to Service Delivery and to Community.  And well ventilated and urged on by the sisterhood media stereotyping fathers as abusers and women as victims in contradiction to better know government held facts of female perpetrators being almost as frequent as males.  Notwithstanding the law is to protect not only the predominant but the individual equally.  like fathers in particular who under feminism are denied their ‘government’ legislated protections by service providers such as police.

EMILY’s List are linked in a sisterhood ‘governing by proxy out of ‘The Administration’ under the ‘blind eye’ auspices of snakehead EMILY’s LIST politicians who failed to declare a ‘conflict of interest’ on ‘sole gender’ alliances when forming both gender legislation and voting on heterosexual family and other matters.  Ensures the feminist ‘ideology’ prevails over the Australian Constitution requiring not favoring one person or class over another.

Please remove this insurgent snakehead and restore our democracy and protect and strengthen our families to include fathers parenting their children.

As Prime Minister Cameron said ever piece of legislation must be looked at to see if it will strengthen families and if not then it should not be passed.

Australian Labor Party obviously will not want to because (a) EMILY’s LIST is a ‘wing’ of their party (b) are only in government because of the EMILY’s List feminist vote (c) obviously so because it has so many EMILY’s List elected feminist politicians (d) using parliament as their Trojan Horse.  [See attachments for their agenda etc.]  For example when The Coalition Government put forward the “Shared Parenting Bill” which arose out of feminism ‘tampering’ with cases in ‘the administration’ and it was imminent to pass  in The Legislature, Shadow Attorney General Nichola Roxon (ALP) and (EMILY’s LIST) {fox in charge of the henhouse} spent at least two days of parliamentary time - using parliament as a Trojan Horse - challenging anything that ‘administratively’ ensured the ‘legal equality’ of fathers.  The Legislature is being used as a Trojan Horse by Emily’s LIST to ‘tamper’ with legislation’ for their ideology of ‘women and children’ to the exclusion of fathers.

HOWEVER THEIR ELECTED ‘LAWFUL’ DUTY SAYS THEY MUST AT LEAST DECLARE A CONFLICT OF INTEREST AND NOT VOTE ON OR HOLD PORTFOLIOS ON HETEROSEXUAL AND FAMILY MATTERS.  But guess who usually gets family responsibilities.  Yep, the fox is put in charge of the henhouse ‘women’ because it is falsely assumed they all support ‘motherhood’ and ‘families”.  But instead it is where false ‘gender’ statistics and daring ’ideological’ falsehood substitutes for family facts and needs.  Like solely male blame advertising being contrary to Australian Bureau of Statistics Governments own Statistician that 38% of violence to women is by other women and when females attack men 77% is in the home. [See ABS and Mens Health attachments].

All Emily’s List Members and donors and sympathizers within Government Employment or Parliament (note attached list of politicians) should be disallowed from any participation in the formation of Family Violence Legislation or similar heterosexual relationship matters on foot.  Because of EMILY’s List ‘sole gender’ female - women and children organizational ‘ideology’ (to the exclusion of fathers and husbands) who EMILY’s List organisation fundraised for their election for this Trojan Horse purpose.  In which ‘family violence’ is their greatest ‘advocacy’ and ‘propaganda’ and Trojan Horse entry.  

Please end this unconstitutional PARLIAMENTARY ‘governance by gender’.  I have done my part of restoring our parliamentary democracy by complaint to ASIO and to YOU as our Legislators so please now do your DUTY too.

Also take notice of your own statistician and not EMILY’s List propaganda on current attempts to incorporated States and Territories jurisdictional matters in the (Commonwealth) Family Law Act.  Restraining orders were once in it and removed for the reasons of state and territories jurisdiction.  Don’t be tricked by the Trojan Horse leaving it Trojan Foal for Labor and EMILY’s List to be ‘feminizing everything’.  The current ‘recommendation’ for amendments to the Family Law Act came from Canada suffering the same insurgent’s successful influence there.  EMILY’s List Australia have already got it ‘up’ and then ‘past’ the  Family Law Reform Commission as a ‘recommendation’ to Labor Attorney General Robert McClelland - who owes EMILY’s List for Labor as Government.  Now comes YOUR test as an honest broker if you support our constitution and democracy and families or sole gender ‘feminism’ and ‘single mothers’ as our way of ‘governance’ and society.  Oh yes ‘feminism’ and ‘gays’ are ‘politically’ aligned on parliamentary ‘family’ matters for each of their on hypocritical ‘self serving’ interests that undermines ‘heterosexual’ family cohesion.

One has to keep abreast or best ahead of such a deceitful insurgent.  All of your best efforts please from all of you in this matter to disallow ‘governance by gender’  Including EMILY’s List members to step down and not vote because of your ‘conflict of interest’ and to be honest in representing your male constituents. Who are as many the victims of female spousal violence as visa versa and are constitutionally equally entitled to Government representation and protection.  That is not forthcoming from EMILY’s List members and supporters and sympathizers. This anti family legislation according to UK Prime Minister David Cameron would no longer be acceptable in UK.  Let this be the first of the same ‘family’ focus in Australia.

But why not instead legislate into the family law act what Australia has signed to the Hague Convention on Child Protection

Definition of a child’s home

Parental child abduction

Parental alienation

Being child abuse matters overwhelmingly committed by ‘runner’ mothers and therefore concealed and condoned by EMILY’s List and feminist as ‘empowering women’ but at the cost of committing child abuse.  Children are only Trojan Horse ‘political chattel’ to EMILY’s List in their gender war against men - fathers  included.  Put this child protection into the Family Law Act where it is not so easily ignored.



Robert E Kennedy          Coordinator        NT Office Status of Family, PO Box 988, Palmerston, NT 0831.     Phone 08 8932 3339

@ cc

Are you going to go on for ever accepting this secretive deceit and openly solely male blame out of GOVERNMENT and it service deliveries like family court or child support or family violence or child protection?  Register a demand to these politicians and ASIO (a) to outst this insurgent and (b) return to ‘constitutional’ democracy in Government ‘administration’ of heterosexual relationships and parenting.  Our children need this protection by your democratic actions now.

Regards Robert


 ASIO Complaint Re.EMILY's List (080811).doc
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