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 6/18/2012 9:16 PM
The ability of women to commit criminal acts against men is not the "guvments fault" unless you claim the "guvment" is responsible for people like a parent and that the parents have no responsibility as to how they raise their own children. A tough claim to make but one a lot of women like to make.

The person who failed the worst in my divorce and deserves to be taken to task for his failure is my ex father in law Bill Toal.

I spoke to Bill Toal many times on the phone and email as the divorce started and told him that I wanted it to be amicable and to not draw Bill and his family into conflict with me. Bill assured me that he would make sure this would happen. When I sent him the perjurous court documents from Jennifer he told me that he told her to withdraw those court documents.

Alas. Bill went on to fund Jennifer to the tune of $A35,000 to pay her lawyers to attack me. None of her sisters spoke out about this either so that brings Susan, Crissy, and Kerry AND their children into conflict with me.

All those people, Bill, Irene, Michael, Susan, Crissy, and Kerry AND THEIR CHILDREN are now targets of opportunity that I will prosecute this unwanted war against. Each of them has had FOUR YEARS to speak out.

I wonder how Susans son Jordan and Crissy sons Mark and Louise will like it when they find out that their mothers openly support the position that they have less legal protection than a DOG!

I wonder how Jordan, Mark and Louise will like the idea that if they work hard and try hard and become successful like their Uncle Peter that their OWN MOTHERS would condone the criminal kidnapping of their children, theft of their house, and destruction of their business.  Jarrod Robinson and Joshua John Nolan both know that THEIR mother and grand parents support such criminal abuse of a THEIR FATHER and therefore such criminal abuse will ALSO be supported against THEM.

If Jarrod, Joshua, Jordan, Mark and Louise think that their family will support them in the face of a CRIMINAL WOMAN I have news for them. And it is ALL BAD.

I think Jarrod, Joshua, Jordan, Mark and Louise are well advised to be looking at my case and seeing just exactly how the MOST SUCCESSFUL MAN and BEST HUSBAND AND FATHER in the Toal extended family was CRIMINALLY VICTIMISED BY THAT FAMILY.

And if Jarrod, Joshua, Jordan, Mark and Louise simply IGNORE THE FACT that their family criminally attacked and victimised ONE OF THEIR OWN and expect some different result for themselves then they will DESERVE what will be done to them later in life.

I am the warning beacon for male in the TOAL FAMILY that you are considers SCUM by your women. You are considered nothing but useful idiots to be sperm donors and walking wallets. 

Just take a look.

Jennifer is twice divorced and a proven adulteress, criminal, child abuser.

Susan Toal is a serial loser who was a drug addict whose perchant for drugs, alcohol and cigarettes during pregnancy was deliberate child abuse that may or may not have affected Jordan. Susan Toal threw out a really good man who had married her by the name of Jock Buckins. Jock was one of the nicest men I ever met. He was a loving husband and father and deserved much better threatment than he was metered out by Susan. I obviously knew Jock very well as my brother in law.

Crissy has also been married and divorced as was well known to be sleeping around with pretty much anyone who asked in her younger days. Do these women think that us older men do not notice what they are up to when they are being sluts? Crissy threw out a good husband by the calling of Murray Reid. Murray was also a great bloke who I had a lot of time for.

Kerry Toal is the only daughter who is not divorced. At least not the last I heard of.

As far as Michael Toal goes I am not aware that he ever married or ever had children. It seems he has been working for ASIO committing crimes on behalf of the guvment for many years.

This is the result of Bill Toal refusing to be the man that it takes to raise children that would be contributors to society. Talk about producing a bunch of "useless eaters".

So Bill Toal was asked to ensure that his daughter removed her criminal perjurous documents and to settle amicably. 

Bill Toal responded with joining in the criminal abuse. Criminal abuse that would have NOT BEEN POSSIBLE if Bill put his foot down.

So if you want to talk to the man MOST RESPONSIBLE for the criminal actions against me then that man is BILL TOAL.

His number is +61 2 69 25 40 41

His email address is

Give him a call and ask him why he condoned criminal acts. And ask him how his grand sons Jarrod, Joshua, Jordan, Mark and Louise might feel having SEEN HIM UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL support the criminal abuse of THEIR FATHER AND UNCLE.
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ForumForumDiscussionsDiscussionsGeneric Parent ForumGeneric Parent ForumHelp Peter has ...Help Peter has ...Ask Bill Toal why he chose to be a criminalAsk Bill Toal why he chose to be a criminal