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 11/29/2011 11:58 PM

Please Help My Children Stolen by DoCS NSW

Sun, 27/11/2011 - 04:17 — CPS DoCS DHS Reform Anon

Hello, my name is Gary Hutton. Department of Community Services New South Wales have stolen my children.

I am not after anything but to get my children back - I wasn't told what I did to have my children removed from my custody by DoCS as they had everything and more than so many in my situation and worse.

I am a loving parent and need my children back; they are my life!

Someone somewhere has been through what I'm going through, all I need is help and my life will be complete again.

Thank you for stopping by and reading!

In a bid to regain custody of his four children, 37 year old Lismore resident and single father Gary Hutton is fighting for his right to parenthood.

For legal reasons Gary is unable to name his children as the matter is before the children’s courts but for a person that looks like an extra out of a Mad Max movie, he’s positioned himself at the coal face of DoCS.

Hutton e-mailed over 400 media outlets, organizations and finally turned to Facebook for help trying to get what he calls his Gremlins, back in their beds where they belong.

DoCS have accused Hutton of being unfit father and unfortunately they don’t need any hard evidence, just an anonymous phone call and they can become your worst nightmare.

It is not often we see a true underdog but Hutton recently survived the floods in QLD and was robbed whilst waiting emergency accommodation at Ronal McDonald house shortly after the birth of his young twins, DoCS removed them from his custody and now faces the unknown of getting all four of his children back.

There is a peaceful protest rally on the 22nd of September 2011 between 12pm and 2pm at the children’s court in Sydney’s western suburb of Parramatta that Gary wanted to attend but finances didn’t allow, that was until the Facebook group he created all pitched in and funded a return trip with some offering a bed as well as creating a sign and providing some much needed support including home cooked meals, clothing and even some spending money.

A true to life ‘I Am Sam’ story where his now 8 year old daughter would come home from school and she would teach him how to read, write and spell when it was her homework. Hutton has spend most if not all of his life fending for himself living on the streets and only with the aid of his daughter, did he become literate.

The father of four now has a home at Lismore in country NSW where they have all the modern trimmings of a life he himself never had.

Of all days, the Hutton twins were removed from his custody on Valentine's Day, they were only just on a month old, his life was literally ripped out of his arms.

Gary is not asking for money or accommodation, he is very capable of looking after his Gremlins, he just wants them back in the home he has struggled to make for them.

If you or anyone anywhere can offer any support I can be contacted on my mobile: 0423 452-420 or


If there is anyway anyone can help me be the father I am and what DoCS don't think I am, then please help me!

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