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 12/24/2010 1:57 AM
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Don't forget to check out the evidence Jennifer was acting as a hooker. She has never denied this.

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Well Fathers? It was a sad end to Jennifer being the love of my life for 23 years. On October 15th 2007 she hurled such abuse over the telephone that I had not heard in wharfs or mines or when working in a steelworks. The attitude of this woman as to how she could speak to me was astounding. 

Having heard her speak to me in this manner she finally managed to kill the love I had for her and I could never love her again. She questioned me a week or so later as to whether I might be willing to have a change of heart and I simply told her that she had been so abusive for so long that I no longer loved her and there was no possibility at all that I could ever love someone who had chosen freely to be so abusive and cruel to me over such a long period.

I actually congratulated her on being the ONLY woman in my life whom I had loved to manage to destroy that love.  I am not sure she was enjoying her achievement.

In any case. Jennifer promised all and sundry that our divorce would be amicable and that she did not want any more than a reasonable share. In her mind that equates to 100% and I am given to understand that she’s disappointed she only got 95%.  Hhmmmm.

Indeed. On the weekend of November 11th 2007 I had dinner with my ‘family’ with the only missing member being Kristen. Jennifer promised the children that the divorce would be amicable and that she would not attack me in the Irish courts. She made that promise having signed documents on the prior Thursday and having them filed on the Friday. Yep. This woman lied to the faces of her children. She also lied to the faces of her father and mother. She is going to be one LONELY woman when I am done with exposing all her lies and crimes to as wide an audience as I can.

I have published the perjurous documents that Jennifer submitted to the courts as well as some of her email trails that shows she knew full well what she was doing. I had kept the name of her web site out of the public eye in the anticipation that her father, Bill Toal, would eventually talk some sense into her and she would make amends for her crimes rather than be exposed widely across two countries as a criminal.

Well? It seems she wants to be exposed as a criminal and it seems that I am required to convene a de jour court to have the jury decide what protection of law I am entitled to. Jennifers argument is that I am not entitled to the protection of the law. We shall see what a jury says about that. And whatever the jury says? I will insist that ‘men and women are held equal before the law’. After all, women have been claiming they want ‘equality’ for 40 years now. Let’s see if they meant it. Jennifer will be the first such woman put on trial as far as I am aware.

Here was my initial notice to Jennifer of the crimes she committed. No rebuttal has been forthcoming so she has agreed and admitted that she is guilty of these crimes.

Just to round out this post. Here is a link to the perjurous court documents submitted by Jennifer to the Irish Courts.

And to all those who would slander me and call be a ‘woman-hater’ or pretend that I harbour some hatred or resentment for Jennifer.

Thanks for your opinion, it happens to be wrong.

I had expected Jennifer to show me the respect I had earned from a life lived very well from which she and her children greatly benefited. It came as a great surprise to me she treated me so badly and an even GREATER surprise so many women joined in abusing me and refused to show me the benefit of the protection of the law.

It came as a GREAT surprise to me that women chose to be so sexist and discriminatory when I have heard them scream at men about how we are all ‘male chauvinist pigs’ at the slightest HINT of saying something that is perceived as ‘negative’ about a woman. I have noticed that, in just the last three years, that men in the MRA area are being FAR harsher in speaking to women than they ever were previously. All that hatred that women have been throwing at men for so long is bouncing back with something FAR worse. Indifference and the loss of ‘womens privileges’ accorded them by men. You can see this happening all over the world if you just look for it.

Anyway. Since women were quite happy for me to be the victim of crimes? It’s about time us men put her on trial under the lawful maxim ‘all men and women are equal before the law’ and see what the jury has to say.

I had also expected Jennifer’s parents, Bill and Irene to step in and stop Jennifer from committing crimes against me. For reasons unknown to me, Bill and Irene chose to support Jennifers crimes against me, and that has led me to releasing the following letter to the people of Wagga Wagga to warn them that the Toal family are willing criminals.

Should the honest men of honour and integrity of Wagga Wagga allow the Toal family to commit crimes without penalty then they can hardly complain when more MEN start committing crimes as well.

It is a sad end for the Toal family to have their name plastered onto a web site like this to be ‘Named and Shamed’ as criminals all to support one of their own committed crimes. It would have been MUCH easier for them to simply discipline their criminal daughter, make amends, and all live happily ever after. But this was not the choice they made.

And it is also interesting to me how many people tell me that I should just ‘forgive and forget’ the crimes committed against me. I really despise these people. Why? Because it is not for ME I have done this. It is for the estimated 4,000 men a year who kill themselves from the crimes being committed against them by women wielding the criminal family court.

In my book I have proposed that ‘women who claim equality be treated as equal before the law’. I even created a template bonded affidavit for them to do this. For this I am hated by women. Fine. I was also hated as a great father and husband too. I can handle hatred by women. What I will not tolerate is slander by women OR by men as well. 

It seems that there are very few non-sexist people around. Women love the sexist notion of ‘chivalry’ and chivalry IS sexism. And most men are also very sexist in that they will leap to the ‘defense’ of a ‘damsel in distress’ while allowing an estimated 4,000 men a year to commit suicide from crimes committed against them. That’s pretty sexist and discriminatory if you ask me.

If women wish to be ‘equal’ as we have had them screaming at us they wish to be these last 40 years? Then they are going to have to be ‘equal before the law’ and they are going to have to suffer the same remedy as a man for the same crime. Today? Sex is the #1 factor in determining the punishment for conviction of the same crime. And women also get FAR better treatment in terms of offers to plead guilty to a less severe crime than men do. Western women can kill a man and reasonably expect to suffer little or no punishment if she claims ‘abuse’ or ‘mental illness’. It happens all the time. Men in the MRA area are sick and tired of reading of men being KILLED and the woman suffering little to no punishment while MEN are being sent to jail for 20+ years for stealing food to eat because they are hungry.

The level of hypocrisy in the claim of ‘equality’ is so blatant that in the 2 years I have been levelling that accusation at women I am still awaiting the first woman to actually try and disprove the blatant levels of hypocrisy that exist and are considered ‘acceptable’ in western society today.

Particularly this one. “If a man hits a woman it is assault. If a woman hits a man it is humour.”

No. If woman hits a man it is assault. Pure and simple. And the day is coming when men hit back as a matter of course.

So. Fathers? The question for each of you is this. Should women who claim equality be held as ‘equal before the law to men’ as in ‘same crime same punishment’? You might ask the women around you if this is their position or not.

And if you have a wife who has been committing crimes against you? You now have the example affidavits in front of you such that you can prepare them and present them and get ready for your own common law court case against your criminal wife or ex.

I take the position that women who have been claiming ‘equality’ must be treated as ‘equal before the law’ to men. If you have a different opinion? Well? You are welcome to it. But I believe you are betraying your sons if you do not take the position they are just as entitled to the protection of the law as are women. And if you tell your sons that they are not entitled to the protection of law? Are you also going to tell them that they must obey the laws they do not get the protection of?

We shall see how we go with the criminal Jennifer Marguerite Toal. We will see how many women agree a woman should be ‘equal before the law’ and we will see how many women hate on me for putting her on trial. 

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 4/10/2011 3:26 AM
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So. Gentlemen. The arsehole, Michael Toal, has directly threatened to make false police reports to harass a client of mine for no better reason than the client is a client of mine.

I wrote to Bill Toal and Michael Toal that I will now release Jennifers Photo and last known address to the public.

That address would be:

Lawful Notice To Respondent:

Ms. Jennifer Marguerite Toal

12 Brighton Lodge


County Dublin


Now. If you men want to see what a psycho woman who is cruel, callous, vindictive as well as a criminal looks like with her husband? 

This is what one of those deceivers looks like.

This is what a woman looks like on her 40th birthday when she has a terrible husband who has abused her all her marriage. I am sure you can see the fear and hatred in her eyes from all the abuse she has allegedly suffered.


Next. This photo was not so long before she attacked me in the courts...

A number of women have told me that the fact she placed her bag between us for this photo taken in Germany indicated that she had already 'left' the marriage...most likely already sleeping with another man.

As you can see. She was obviously demonstrating to me how traumatised she was to be around her wife beating, child abandoning husband. This photo was taken in the same time period Jennifer alleges I had abandoned the children. You know. By going to work as the sole income provider for 16 years of an 18 year marriage. THAT kind of abandonment. A lot of us men 'abandon' our families every day when we go to work. 

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 6/12/2012 10:38 PM
Peter Nolan 
Dana Hart "I don't know who Peter's fav's are or anything but you could say most all women in the west are prostitutes anyway." 

Indeed. What was my ex wife Jennifer Toal other than a prostitute? 

As the marriage unwound it turned out that AS A CLOSE FAMILY FRIEND she LIED to me about the status of her divorce back in 1984. She ALSO lied to her mother and father about it. When she showed interest in me the FIRST question I asked was whether her divorce was FINAL. I knew her ex husband and he was well known to be a bit on the violent side. Liked a scrap like many men do. I had no intention of touching Jennifer unless that was OVER. We all know what trouble possessive ex husbands can be. Not their fault. Usually no one knows what really happens inside a marriage. Jennifers claims were that he was violent towards her. His children, Jarrod and Kristen, can ask their father himself if he was violent to Jennifer. Both those older children know that her claims of me being violent to her are false. So there is now very good reason for the two of them to challenge this statement of their mother and to ask their father for the truth.

Jennifer Toal has destroyed the families of FOUR children. The older two, Jarrod and Kristen, suffered significant problems from the destruction of their family and there is every reason to believe that Jennifer lied about what was going on inside the family.

Fast forward to 2007. When I called Bill Toal and told him that HIS DAUGHTER HAD LIED TO HIM AND HIS WIFE as to being divorced in 1984 when she initiated the relationship with me Bill was very disappointed about that. 

I told him that because I was a Christian lad that if I had known about that lie I would had dropped her on the spot and rejected all future advances. Bill commented that such action would be the correct thing to do. Even HER OWN FATHER claimed that dumping her at the beginning would have been the correct thing to do should the lie have been found out. But then he SUPPORTED her criminal actions against me brining his family into conflict with me. He did this over my many warnings NOT to do so. Bill Toal has known me since I was 12. He has never known me to lie to him because I never have. He has never known me to back down from any conflict because I never have. Bill Toal has known me to be an honest man of honour and integrity since the time I was 12 and HELPED his son Michael settle into his new town.

Bill Toal has known me to raise HIS GRAND CHILDREN as my own. Bill Toal has known me to work my arse off for 20 years to protect and provide for HIS DAUGHTER and HIS GRAND CHILDREN. Bill Toal saw me renovate two houses. Bill Toal saw me work 60 and 70 hour weeks. Bill Toal saw me rise to the top of my profession. Bill Toal saw me give his daughter and grand children better opportunities than ANY OTHER MAN MIGHT DO.

Bill Toal stated himself that no man could have been a better husband to his daughter and was very saddened that we were going to divorce.

THAT is what the father of this lying woman said while the divorce was supposed to be "amicable". Gee. HER OWN FATHER CONDEMNING HER BEHAVIOR. How about that?

So was Jennifer Toal anything other than a prostitute? 

Lying to me, a long time family friend, lying to he mother, lying to her father, lying to her children, lying to her best friends, all in order to try and FALESLY win the heart of a young man who might take her out of the desperately poor situation she was in? No. She is not. In fact if people look down on prostitutes they must look MUCH FURTHER down on Jennifer.

I am going to totally, utterly, and completely destroy the public character of Jennifer Toal by PUBLISHING THE TRUTH. More men should do the same about their criminal ex wives.

And the mentally unstable Michael Toal is attempting to “defend the honour” of his sister who is a self admitted adulterer, criminal, child abuser and I also have string evidence she engaged in prostitution after separation. 

Gee. Justin…thanks for giving me a reason to put this information here.
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 7/1/2012 9:40 AM
And here is Jennifers facebook for anyone who would like to friend her and ask her why she chose to be a criminal.
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 10/23/2012 3:11 AM
Notice the emotional manipulation of her parents.

Subject: RE: Follow on from discussion with Bill
Mon, 26 Nov 2007 12:16:24 +0000

Hi Dad and Mum,

Here is Peter's report of your conversation with him. Its entirely up to you if you would like to read it or not. As for me, I don't want you to be in a position of carrying Peter's messages to me. Whatever needs to be sorted out between Peter and I should be sorted out between us with no one else needing to be involved except possibly professional mediators who are trained to deal with this kind of thing. From now on I would rather you and I went back to the good conversations we have always had before. You are the best parents in the world and I love you with all my heart. I really appreciate that you want the best for me. This is my mess and it is up to me to clean it up and that is what I am trying my my hardest to do. Possibly I am making all kinds of mistakes, but at least they are my mistakes and I won't  have anyone else to blame for them. Whatever happens now Peter and I will be divorced, but you can't divorce me so it looks like you are stuck with me.

Love you lots,


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 10/23/2012 3:12 AM

Full text of Letter Jennifer sent to me on May 2007.

Dearest Peter,


As you know I came to the forum to have a breakthrough in my relationship

with you. As people have gotten up to speak I have seen aspects of my way of

being reflected in their stories. As I listened the possibility has dawned

on me that while I have complained of being bullied by you I have actually

been the bully. I have been so stubborn as to make our marriage unworkable.

I have resisted nearly everything you suggested, all to show you that you

are not the boss of me. I guess after all these years and divorce on the

table it should be pretty clear to both of us that that's the case.


The possibility I have invented for myself and my life is the possibility of

head over heels love, passionate, compassionate, generous and unstoppable. I

have also taken on the possibility of abundance. Years ago you asked me to

create a relationship and invite you to be enrolled in it. Last night I

finally did that. I don't blame you for being cynical about that invitation.

A less persistant man would have divorced me years ago.


You are the Samson that holds up the roof of the wortld over me and our

family. I have been Delialh pretending to love you while undermining your

strength. I am so sorry for that. I realise that for us to have the

relationship of my possibility I will have to give up making you wrong. I am

committed to having this possibility in my life. I will have head-over-heels

love with someone and you are my first choice.


I know you feel the relationship with our children is secondary and I have

always made you wrong for that. I want our relationship to be complete

freeing you to be a father to them. Will you be their father? No amount of

mother love can compensate them for the loss of you. I  am also standing in

the possibility of our children attending the teen forum. I see how I have

enrolled them in my stories about you to their detriment. I want them to

have the loving relationship with you I know is possible.


Now I have created a possibility for my life do you think it is one I might

enroll you in? I invite you to share a life with me more wonderful than we

could ever have apart.


My offer to you is nothing less than myself, utterly, totally and



With all my love Jenni

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 10/23/2012 3:12 AM

Email to Kristen to lay foundation to get money off her.

This is the email from Jennifer to Kristen to emotionally manipulate her to come to Dublin for Christmas so that she could then emotionally manipulate her to give her money despite the fact that she had plenty of money available from the equity in the house and refused to access it because she was greedy and selfish.

Just read this emotional manipulation of her daughter. This emotional manipulation to get Kristen to come to Dublin for Christmas to get money off her is dressed up as “love”.


Subject: RE: christmas?
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2007 20:20:14 +0000

Hi Kristen,

First of all thanks heaps for the lovely photo...its lovely to see you looking so well and happy.

Sadly things are not so well and happy here. Peter and I have formally separated and at the moment it looks like he is going to respond by cutting off funds. I am not too sure how things will work out in the long term, but I am pretty sure we will be in Ireland for Christmas. It looks like Jarrod will also be here as we are not sure if Peter is going to pay for his ticket home.

Anyway, I know it is a big ask and expensive for such a short time, but we would be very happy to see you at Christmas time and if that's not possible we will look forward to talking to you on the phone.

I love you lots,

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 10/23/2012 3:13 AM
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And here is the email where Kristen is fool enough to give her mother money despite Jennifer having plenty of money herself.

Notice the date is JUST AFTER Kristen left Dublin on January 5th. I believe it was Kristen that left Dublin on January 5th which is the date that Jennifer made a trip to Dublin Airport.

Jarrod asked me one time how I knew his account number had been used. Well Jarrod? This is how I found out. You also committed the crime of aiding and abetting a known criminal and I knew about this in March 2008 when you had dinner with me. I was waiting to see if you would confess to betraying me and working against my interests and the interests of your little brother and sister.

Sadly? You were not man enough to do that. Sad for you that is. Here, your little brother and little sister can see you helped their mother prosecute her war against their father.

Your little brother and sister can ALSO see that their sister also acted against their best interests and openly assisted their mother prosecute her self war for self gain against their father. If Josephine or Joshua had an ounce of sense or self-esteem they would have nothing to do with the two of you who actively betrayed their best interests.

Subject: RE: new email
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008 10:17:02 +0000

Hi Kristen,

The bank is the AIB, Dun Laoghaire branch. The account name is Mr Jarrod Robinson. The sort code is 93-34-06. The account number is 17508-096.

Let me know if you need more information than this,

Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008 09:18:00 +0800
Subject: Re: new email

Hi Mum,

Do you have Jarrod's bank account details? 

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 10/23/2012 3:21 AM
I just wanted to post some of the emails from Jennifer to her various lawyers that I pulled from her email tray in January 2008. This is how big a LIAR this woman is. She is lying through her teeth to her own lawyer.

"We did discuss it". Yes..the discussion is "I am staying in Wagga and you have to pay for it". When asked to return to the family home in Sydney she FLATLY REFUSED saying "you can't make me move back to sydney".

THAT is how it was "discussed". ALL family members know that I at NO TIME agreed to PAYING FOR TWO HOUSES ON ONE SALARY WITH FOUR CHILDREN TO SUPPORT!!!!

Subject: FW: not sure if you are seeing your emails....
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2007 15:18:00 +0000

I did move with the kids to Wagga for a few months in 1995. We did discuss it. I moved because my allergies were very bad in Sydney at that time. No doubt this will come up again.

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 10/23/2012 3:24 AM
Here is Jennifer talking about how she is going to file in Ireland. Notice at this time she was telling me to my face that she is not talking to lawyers in Ireland. 

Notice how she talks about in Australia "I don't want to be forced to separate there"? Oh...."forced" to separate in the country of your birth in which you lived the vast majority of your life? Can the "victim mentality" be made any more clear?

From: Jenni Nolan []
Sent: 14 September 2007 10:34
To: Fiona Brassil
Subject: RE: Private and Confidential 

Hi Fiona,

My son had his blood test yesterday and the news was good, so there is no reason for me to consider moving back to Australia on his account. I have been continuing my discussions with Peter. His attitude is that if I file for separation in Ireland his instructions to his lawyers will be to 'destroy everything' ie continue until there are no family assets left. Given that attitude I see issuing as a last resort to be taken when he refuses to support the children and I financially. For the time being he seems to be willing to talk which is an improvement. On the other hand I know he has engaged lawyers in Australia and I don't want to be forced to separate there. If complete the paperwork over the weekend and it is filed sometime next week will that preclude him taking action against me in Australia? Or will I have to issue as well?

Apologies if I am asking you to answer questions you have already answered previously, I just want to be very clear about my position,
Best Regards,

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 10/23/2012 3:29 AM
This is a good one. Jennifer STOLE EUR18,000 from the company bank account in August. As a director this was the act of criminal embezzlement. To take money from a company as a director that has not been agreed is embezzlement. No question.

So she was advised it might go better for her if she put the money back, which she did. As a result, I, as the only trust-WORTHY director was required to remove her signing rights for the bank account before putting any more money in it. The reason for this was that it was now a FORESEEABLE RISK that Jennifer might steal from the company. So for me to put money there with her still able to steal it would make me responsible for that crime. Her take on this? Notice the "victim mentality" again. Someone who is GUILTY OF CRIMINAL EMBEZZLEMENT considers it "coercion" to have her singing rights removed. 

I could not make this shit up.

Subject: FW: on signing rights to the company account
Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2007 08:45:01 +0000

As per our discussion this morning I am going to remove my signing rights to the company account today so Peter will hopefully move money into the company and then into the joint account. I am taking this action because there would otherwise be no money available for myself and the children. I feel I have been coerced into taking this step. Please add this email to the file.

New Post
 10/23/2012 3:36 AM
And this is one of the most DAMNING of all emails Jennifer sent. Just look at the cold heartless tone of it. I hope any man she is currently with reads this. It will send a shiver down his spine.

Notice this.

"I don't want to give up my right to a separation under Irish law until I am confident I can get a satisfactory settlement under Australian law."

So here are some questions the reader might like to ask. 

1. How did Jennifer from by "rights" in separation in Ireland? Oh...that's right. By me working mu ARSE OFF is places like Saudi Arabia, Moscow, Romania...that's how she came by these magical "rights".

2. Why would she indicate that she might not get a "satisfactory" settlement agreement in Australia? Is she implying that all those women in Australia are somehow hard done by? Or is this a blatant admission that her divorce is all about money and she is country shopping for divorce to get the best deal?

And something else the reader might like to know, as might my former children. 

At the family meeting on 10th November 2007 Jennifer SWORE BLIND that she would keep the divorce amicable and that she would not file in Ireland even though she already HAD filed on the 9th, the day before, even thought she had been told that filing in Ireland would be considered a hostile act and that on any said such filing I would take a hostile position until any such filing and anything that went with it was withdrawn.

And here we are FIVE YEARS later and this issue is not settled. The CRIMES committed have not been remedied.

Subject: FW: Issues Concerning Mediation Process.
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2007 08:56:08 +0000

Hi Brian,

I have told Peter I will get advice of my rights in Australia. One of the reasons I wanted to attend mediation in Ireland is I don't want to give up my right to a separation under Irish law until I am confident I can get a satisfactory settlement under Australian law.

One of the issues that I was hoping mediation would resolve is that a standard separation agreement in Australia would be very detrimental to me. Aside from issues of any future money Peter might earn in europe which the children would not benefit from, Peter intends that I should fund the children's and my return to Australia from my half of the settlement.

There is also the issue of timing. You mentioned you had some availablity in November. Is this still the case?

Please let me know your thougts on this,

New Post
 10/23/2012 3:41 AM
And here is Jennifer telling lies to the Royal Bank of Scotland that she is "out of pocket" over a banking error they made. The truth is that the money that was ACCIDENTALLY sent to my account in Ireland was applied to family expenses 100%.

Jennifer is a psychopathic LIAR and a CRIMINAL. Those who deal with her should deal with her on that basis.

Subject: RE: RBC Account Jennifer and Peter Nolan
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2007 15:13:40 +0000

Dear Mr Messenger,

Thank you for your timely response. Whilst I appreciate that steps have been taken to prevent a recurrence this still leaves me out of pocket as I am not able to recover my half of the funds from Mr Nolan. What steps is the bank willing to take to redress this situation?

Please also forward to me a copy of your formal complaints procedure.

Many Thanks,
Jenni Nolan

Subject: RE: RBC Account Jennifer and Peter Nolan
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2007 09:50:09 +0100

Dear Mrs Nolan, 

As promised in my message to you last Thursday, I have now conducted a review of the chain of events which led to the recent transfer of funds from your joint account held with us. Firstly, let me provide you with an overview of the situation.  

An instruction was received from your husband on 9th October requesting the balance, less €1,000, be transferred to your joint account with Allied Irish Bank in Dublin. As we had previously been made aware of the possible separation of you and your husband, in line with Bank policy your account had been marked to make sure all future transactions be completed only on receipt of joint instructions. On this occasion our process was not followed correctly which lead to the funds being transferred without your authority for which I sincerely apologise. 

Please be assured incidents of this nature are taken very seriously and I have spoken to the persons involved and made them aware of the implications of their actions and the issues this has caused you as a result. I have also reviewed and refined our process to ensure this is not repeated in future. 

I am very sorry for the inconvenience and distress we have caused you. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further assistance with this matter or wish to discuss this in greater detail. 

Yours sincerely 

Stephen I  Messenger, ASI
Manager, Global Private Banking
Royal Bank of Canada (Channel Islands) Ltd,
PO Box 194, 19 - 21 Broad Street,
Channel Islands.
Tel:  44 1534 283287
Fax:  44 1534 283801


From: Jenni Nolan []
Sent: 11 October 2007 15:34
To: Messenger, Steve I (RBC Global Private Banking)
Cc: Burt, Sam
Subject: RBC Account Jennifer and Peter Nolan

Dear Mr Messenger,

Please excuse me sending you and email about this matter, but it seemed the best option in the light of the current postal strike.

I am wriitng to make a formal complaint about the handling of our account with you. Although it is a joint account I believe Mr Nolan had notified you that we were in the process of separating and the account was subsequently frozen. As I understood that formal written permission would be required from both parties to reverse that action I therefore assumed no other written communication should be required from me to confirm this.

You can therefore imagine my anger and distress to discover that Mr Nolan was not only allowed by yourselves to remove almost the entire contents of the account on October 9th, but subsequently moved the funds to a private account of his own where I am unable to access them. Although our account with you was relatively small this is still a major inconvenience to myself and an added complicartion to be sorted out in our separation proceedings.

If the majority of our funds had been held with you this might have put myself and our children in a very precarious position. I would like your assurance that this matter is being taken seriously and steps put in place to ensure a similar incident does not occur in the future. In the meantime I will notify my lawyer that this has happened and take advice as to whether any recovery of the funds is possible.

Yours Sincerely,
Jennifer Nolan

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 10/23/2012 3:54 AM
Here is Jennifer bullshitting the woman who was her best friend as a child.

Sue was, in fact, my "fist love" as a 12 year old. Many boys "fall in love" when they are 12 or 13 and for me it was Sue. 

Sue and I stayed in touch all our adult lives. Indeed, when I dropped in to visit in 93 because I was doing a trade show in Perth she claimed that I was the ONLY friend who had stayed in touch. I told her that although she chose another man as her husband and I chose another woman for my wife no one could ever replace her as my "first love" and all men understand that such is something that is special to each man. For example, her husband Alan and I got along well and he knew full well that Sue and I were absolutely trustworthy.

Indeed. I even wonder if getting Jennifer into my life was a plan cooked up by the two of them since many of the times I went to parties or events where I was invited by Sue Jennifer was mysteriously also there. One example was a doctors party in Sydney that I went to at the invitation of Sue and Jennifer turned up. Another time Sue invited me to dinner in eastern sydney and Jennifer was mysteriously there...another time Sue invited me to dinner at Jennifers place and Jennifer claimed to know nothing about Sue inviting me.

So....I do wonder if those "chance meetings" were actually planned.

Notice "never explain" related to the fact that Jennifer was the one who had made the marriage intolerable for a long time.

"In the meantime I really appreciate your friendship, it has always meant a lot to me."

This is to someone that she did not keep in touch with and really could care less about. The brazen-ness is amazing.

Subject: RE: Happy Birthday
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2007 12:37:25 +0000

Dear Sue,

Guess I am tired too, because I didn't realise the discrepancy in the dates until you pointed it out.

I totally agree with your assessment of us. Of course, no one really knows what a relationship is like except for the people living in it. Even those people can really only have insight into their experience of it.

I did wonder if you had heard much from Peter.  Its too exhausting to become involved in as he said/she said conversation. At the moment I am adopting the attitude taken by the royal family, never complain, never explain. Only Diana broke ranks and look at how things finished up for her!!

Probably further down the track there will be a place for longer conversations about this. In the meantime I really appreciate your friendship, it has always meant a lot to me. I also totally expect you to remain the good friend you have always been to Peter.

I won't leave it until our birthday to write again.
Love Jenni

New Post
 10/23/2012 3:59 AM
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This one was really interesting...I have snipped parts of it....but at this time I was watching the traffic between Jennifer and her lawyers and she was denying she was in such discussions so I knew she was lying to me.

We discussed allowing a bank account to be accessible again because of her stealing money....notice her reply....this from someone who KNOWS she is lying to me.

-----Original Message-----
From: Jenni Nolan []
Sent: 03 September 2007 14:05
Subject: RE: the RBC Account

There is no short answer to this question. Its something we will have to have discussions about this weekend. Being able to trust one another is fundamental to us having a workable partnership.

Subject: the RBC Account
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2007 13:10:01 +0200

Dear Jenni, 

I have spoken to xxxxxx this morning. She can have the account unfrozen on the basis of a signed fax and a phone call to each of us.

 My question is….if we continue to put a significant amount of money into that account….how do I know you will not take that money at some point in the future??

Best Regards

Peter Nolan

New Post
 10/23/2012 4:05 AM
Here she is lying about the family law solicitor in Dublin. Remember. At this time I have seen a TON of traffic between Jennifer and Fiona Brassil.

-----Original Message-----
From: Jenni Nolan []
Sent: 12 September 2007 18:13
Subject: RE: Are you still engaging your family law solicitor?

The family law solicitor has been told that we are talking to one another and that I don't want to pursue a legal separation. Is that the same as engaging? I guess they will be engaged until the bill is paid.

Subject: Are you still engaging your family law solicitor?
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2007 17:57:31 +0200

Dear Jenni, 

You didn’t answer any of these questions. 

I gather you are still engaging your Family Law Solicitor. 


Best Regards 

Peter Nolan 

-----Original Message-----
From: Peter Nolan []
Sent: 11 September 2007 17:26
To: 'Jenni Nolan'
Subject: RE: we are out of money in the CA..??? 

Dear Jenni,

How much do you owe your Family Law Solicitor? 

Have you got someone who is willing to pay his fee? (I never agreed to pay his fee so I feel no obligation to.) 

Are you still engaging him?   

You said you wanted a truce and to talk things out last week.   

But you tied the company law issue to the family law issue which is not valid. They are two different issues. 

(I will assume a ‘no-response’ to be ‘yes’.) 

Best Regards 

Peter Nolan 

-----Original Message-----
From: Jenni Nolan []
Sent: 11 September 2007 17:06
Subject: RE: we are out of money in the CA..??? 

I haven't given any money to the solicitor. We owe 300 euro to the immigration solicitor which I would like to pay him this month if I could as it has been outstanding for a while now. It is only 300 euro as I am going to draft letters to the department of immigration on his advice rather than him writing letters which would be expensive.

New Post
 10/23/2012 4:09 AM
And here is Jennifer claiming that she thought she could LEGALLY take EUR18,000 from the company bank account! LOL!!

And then she argues that she knows how to run a company?! I could not make this shit up.

-----Original Message-----
From: Jenni Nolan []
Sent: 19 September 2007 15:45
Subject: RE: on the subject of sign rights to the company account

The issue isn't that I did the transaction but that I believed I was allowed to do so legally. If you can't remove my signing rights while I am a director I assume that means that even if I give up my signing rights I can ask for them back. How would that work in the context of you having to ensure I couldn't access accounts? I rang Bruce to ask about this and he said he thought I couldn't be prevented from having signing rights as a director but it was a legal matter and not a tax one. I think you should ask the company lawyer to clarify this.

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 10/23/2012 4:16 AM
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And this is an exchange where Jennifer said "How do I know I can trust you?" This from a woman who KNOWS she is a liar! LOL!!

Here is the exchange...worth reading.

-----Original Message-----
From: Peter Nolan []
Sent: 02 October 2007 14:31
To: 'Jenni Nolan'
Subject: RE: on t he topic of 'how do I know I can trust you'

And this is one more of your feelings which are irrational, unjustifiable and unworkable. And you somehow expect me to do something that would make it different. I can’t be “more honest”…and even if I could it would not make a difference…what would make a difference is to stop running your life based on ‘feelings’ over which you have no control and start running your life on ‘commitment’ over which you have total control….. 

-----Original Message-----
From: Jenni Nolan []
Sent: 02 October 2007 14:19
Subject: RE: on t he topic of 'how do I know I can trust you'

Not feeling able to believe what you say is very unworkable  especially because in the past I have tended to do the opposite.

Subject: on t he topic of 'how do I know I can trust you'
Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2007 14:10:47 +0200

Dear Jenni, 

You pose the question…. 'how do I know I can trust you'? 

The short answer is you don’t ‘know’ and you never will. 

You will either believe me that when I tell you something I believe it to be true and that if I find out at a later date that it is not true I will clean up the mess with you……you will either believe me or not when I tell you I will do something and if I cannot then  I will clean up the mess with you…. 

Alas, 23 years of ‘evidence’ seems not enough to persuade you that when I tell you something I actually believe it myself…and yes, sometimes I believe something that turns out to be false….go figure….bad information is everywhere. 

And the basis of this belief? “It works.”  

If you doubt me you will further destroy our relationship……. 

On the other hand, if this question is turned around. 

'How do I know I can trust you'? 

And the short answer is I already know that you cannot be trusted with your word because you are willing to ‘change your mind’ and ‘make me pay for the privilege’ and you have been prepared to do this over the last 23 years…… 

So I cannot ‘trust’ you in the conventional sense….and I have learned to live with that as a part of who you are…..and all I am trying to do is to stop you from destroying the family assets by being this way…..seems a small ask to me… 

Best Regards 

Peter Nolan

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 10/23/2012 4:35 AM
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And here is Jennifer being caught out on not being divorced and having lied to me about being divorced in June 1984.

I asked to see the divorce certificate. I knew she had it because I had seen that Fiona Brassil had asked for it and confirmed that she had received it. 

-----Original Message-----
From: Peter Nolan []
Sent: 11 October 2007 12:19
To: 'Jenni Nolan'
Subject: RE: on the topic of what do your propose to bring to any new relationship

Dear Jenni,

No actually….. 

And there was no suggestion you might have not been divorced….the suggestion was to sight the divorce certificate for myself to be sure that it was in place because IF the correct paperwork was not in place things would be different……as I said, a prudent piece of advice…..we both expect you to have that paperwork in place correctly…..and it is not something to merely ‘take on faith’…. 

And since it was suggested to me, I am interested myself to see the date the divorce became official… told me you were divorced when we started out in 1984….now I am interested to see if that is actually true… 

So, I would appreciate it if you would scan the divorce paperwork and send it to me…..will save me from having to subpoena it during any legal action that you might cause to go ahead by being so intransigent and stubborn….. 

What have you got to hide that you will not send it to me on first request? 

Best Regards 


-----Original Message-----
From: Jenni Nolan []
Sent: 11 October 2007 11:29
Subject: RE: on the topic of what do your propose to bring to any new relationship 

Is this the same friend who suggested I might not have been divorced?

-----Original Message-----
From: Peter Nolan []
Sent: 08 October 2007 15:31
To: 'Jenni Nolan'
Subject: Proof of Prior Divorce

Dear Jenni, 

By the way, I never sighted the proof of your prior divorce. 

Do you have that document with you here in Ireland? 

If so can you please scan it and mail it to me? 

If not, do you know where it is? 

If not, I will have to get Dad to check for the documentation in Wagga. 

I simply trusted that you had observed the proper formalities of being divorced…..but it has been suggested to me to make sure I also have a copy of it. And that sounds like a good idea to me… 

Best Regards 


New Post
 10/23/2012 4:47 AM
Some young lads might like to read this too...I had given the date of October 15th for Jennifer to make her decision as to what she would do.....out of 4 options....the comment of my friend are worth reading.

Of turned out that I was a meal ticket for Jennifer. As my friend said. A woman who truly loves a man will NEVER try and steal his money and alienate him. I have known this friend for 5 years now...I met her just before divorce. She walks the walk and talks the talk. I even loaned her USD6,000 for her business.

Her lesson is simple. ALL these women who divorce men whom they claimed to "used to love" never did any such thing and this woman would say so. She would say pretty much EVERY woman who tries to take a man to the cleaners in the courts merely wanted him as a meal ticket right from the beginning.

-----Original Message-----
From: Peter Nolan []
Sent: 10 October 2007 21:53
To: 'Jenni Nolan'
Subject: on the topic of what do your propose to bring to any new relationship

Dear Jenni, 

I also put to you the question of what exactly is it that you propose to bring to any new and reconciled relationship. 

I am actually keen and interested to know. Which is why I asked. 

I am tired of hearing what you want and what you are upset about and how you feel entitled…. 

What about what you are prepared to contribute? 

After all, you have told me many, many times how willing you are to work. 

And you are still not working. 

What are your prepared to bring? Who are you prepared to be? 

I think these things are important to discuss before October 15th

Indeed, I am most suspicious that you have already filed and are getting all your little ‘ducks in a row’ because in the face of an open and honest proposal to sit down and discuss how we can go forward you greet me with silence, nay, contempt. 

You had ‘one last chance’ to demonstrate who you were prepared to be that lasted 5 years. And what you have demonstrated these last 5 years has been distinctly ‘not nice’ to me….and you have topped it off by then forcing me to pay for your last 5 years against my will. 

I liked a friend’s comment on “divorce her amicably and if she loves you she will come back, and if not, you were always a meal ticket.” 

That friend’s comment was all about “When a woman really, really loves a man it is NEVER about the money……a woman would much prefer to be with the love of her life than to take his money off him against his will and alienate him….it is just that there are many women who prefer the money to the love of a man who loves her in return..…..they see the man as no more than a means to an end, a meal ticket….and your wife’s actions will show if you have been a meal ticket all this time or if she really loves you…...” 

She also said she would feel very sad for me if it was to be that I had been no more than a meal ticket to you all this time…..a hardworking, honest and faithful man deserves better than to be used as a meal ticket…..her basic message…..  

Best Regards 


New Post
 10/23/2012 5:14 AM
And here is a set of emails that lads are well advised to read. Spread this around.

Just after deciding that she wants a divorce and uses hugely abusive language on the phone she calls me up and says "I want to talk to you because I miss talking to you". I sent her this letter.

Subject: missing talking to me....
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2007 20:10:48 +0200

Dear Jennifer, 

I am pleased to hear you miss talking to me….and I miss talking to you too….but I wonder…what is the point any longer? 

I talked to you endlessly (so you tell me) these last 12 years proposing the possibility of a loving, intimate, passionate and inspiring relationship and you turned me down… 

I talked to you about the work I do, which takes up so much of my time, and I asked you to participate in it, and you turned me down. 

I talked to you about how I want my children raised and you wouldn’t agree with me and pretty much took away my rights for parenting my children. 

I took interest in what you were interested in…I went bush walking with you, I built dolls houses for you, I toured many historic buildings with you like churches….and so much so I developed a genuine interest in all things historical….. 

I took an interest in mountains and travel that was not work related…. 

In short, I have done all I can to have common subjects of conversation with you, to be interested in what you are interested in, to share your joys, to share what makes you happy….and none of it ‘worked’…. 

So, what’s the point? 

I now have to make up the $A250K at least I am missing because of you and I need to focus on what will produce that money….and talking to you is not something that is going to help me replace that money….unless you propose there is something I can say that would have you not take it…and you tell me there is nothing I can say or do to persuade you to do that……such is life….RADC to the end. 

Best Regards 

Peter Nolan

PS RADC = Resistance, Avoidance, Domination and Control....Jennifer way of being.

New Post
 10/23/2012 5:17 AM
And here is her email....little did I realise that in a week or so she was going to call me and ask me to take her back....YET AGAIN!!

These women are completely PSYCHO...they think they can HATE ON YOUR FOREVER and that you will always take them back.

Read this...and get an insight to the womans mind.

-----Original Message-----
From: Jenni Nolan []
Sent: 22 October 2007 10:52
Subject: RE: missing talking to me.... 

Dear Peter,

I guess there is no point at all except despite everything that's happened I still like the sound of your voice. Lots of our early conversations were quite pointless, you chatted on about all manner of things. You were happy to talk and I was happy to listen. The thought occurred to me that it must be quite lonely for you at the moment with only CNN for company and you might like someone to talk to.

The cheques arrived this morning and I still had the same thrill I had at the sight of your hand writing as I did all those years ago, standing at the letter box looking at the first ever letter you wrote me. Maybe its just a case of old habits dying hard, but I just wanted to share with you that I still feel these things. I am happy to read that after 23 years at least my passion for all things historical has become something you can be interested in too.

Its seems to me from the last paragraph that you are far sadder about the loss of your money than the loss of your wife, children, family and the possibility of a future together. That's very sad.

Love Jenni

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 10/23/2012 5:25 AM
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And this was my reply.....some bits snipped or altered as marked.

-----Original Message-----
From: Peter Nolan []
Sent: 22 October 2007 15:07
To: 'Jenni Nolan'
Subject: RE: missing talking to me....

Dear Jennifer, 

“Its seems to me from the last paragraph that you are far sadder about the loss of your money than the loss of your wife, children, family and the possibility of a future together. That's very sad.” 

This may be how it seems to you……. 

It seems this way because you do not listen to me.  

You never did listen to me. 

That has only really become clear now…. 

I guess you took no notice of what I told you the last Friday you were here….and that is just normal with you…. 

I can tell you something, tell you how I feel, communicate clearly, and you just don’t “get it” … I have been what you would call “emotionally devastated” that I have not been able to be with my children and will likely not see much of them in the future, and you did not “get it”….that you do not “get it” in no way diminishes how upset and how frustrated I have been to be without my children. 

The situation in which I find myself is that my wife has alienated me from my children, taken a lot of money that she does not deserve, and made life at home pretty miserable…..these were all choices my wife made over my recommendations to do otherwise. 

So, over the last 5 years, during which you were given every opportunity and full responsibility to choose who you were prepared to choose to be and be committed to I was in many ways denied the opportunity of being with the children….and going forward….it is much more likely that they will go with you than with me….. 

So…the fact that I am now facing the reality that you have destroyed vast amounts of money by refusing to work and I know that I have to knuckle down and replace that money taken from me without my agreement in no way comments on my concerns as to being with my children… is just how it is going to be…and could you imagine that it was ever going to be any other way?? 

You have been the driving force behind the destruction of our family and you are, with statements like this, trying to push responsibility ‘somewhere else’. 

You are never going to grow up and be a responsible adult, and that is one of the main reasons we are now going to get divorced. Because you refused to be a responsible adult. And that’s a real shame. 

“I guess there is no point at all except despite everything that's happened I still like the sound of your voice” 

These last 12 years, and these last few months I have made every effort to engage you in the possibility of ‘loving, intimate, passionate and inspiring relationship”. 

You said ‘No’.  

These last few months you have, on many occasions, refused to talk to me when I asked you to.  After all I have done for you, you refused to show me the tiniest, tiniest amount of respect that I have earned in spades these last 23 years by even taking my calls….and now you say “Gee, I’d like to hear your voice because it makes me feel good…” … well, the offer was on the table and you turned it down… 

Your disrespect of me these last 2 months was nothing short of amazing. That you stole money from our company, that you threatened to have me arrested, that you threatened to have the entire house transferred into you name, that you sought the advice of divorce lawyers in Ireland with an eye to getting even more money than you are legally entitled to under Australian Law. 

These are the actions of a disgustingly greedy and selfish person who has no respect and no regard for the man she is dealing with. 

And on the topic of respect…. Just because I imagine this is the case…… (PN. remember..I know that Kristen has called me a "bastard" to Jennifer and that she agreed with this by not objecting.)

I would be willing to bet that in her letters/emails/phone calls to you Kristen is highly critical of me….and I would bet that you never once point out to her “Gee, when you father and I refused to provide the money for you, Peter fed you, he clothed you, he gave you shelter, he gave you the opportunity of the education you have, and he was not obliged to do so in any way, shape or form…….so I would ask that you show him the respect that he earned.”  

I bet THAT is not how you respond to any negative comment she makes of me, now is it… ??

So, how does Kristen describe me in her emails to you? And what is your response about that? 

My bet is that if you look at how you deal with her comments about me you will see your own lack of respect for me showing through…both in her comments in that you allow her to make them an in your comments back…….. 

That Kristen refused to help the family when we were in our hour of greatest need is a very clear indicator of the lack of respect you have shown me, and the lack of respect that you have passed along to Josephine as well…..the ‘disgusting’ behaviour that she exhibited to me was exactly yours…. 

She refused to take a call from me when I had deemed that the call was important enough to need to break from work to do it. 

I have been rejected by my own wife, alienated from my family at my wife’s great effort, worked my arse of and had that money taken from me by my wife. 

Not a good result. 

I had faith, hope and love for you, as you asked to be inscribed on our wedding rings….only you didn’t have the same for me….it was all one way traffic… 

So, if you want to talk to me…write me an email with the topics you want to discuss, some alternative times, and we can discuss… 

With my opinion of women having taken a huge plunge these last few months given your attitude and the attitude of women around you who are supporting you, every one of them as culpable in your lies and deceit as you are, I do not think I would be interested in getting into any such relationship again. 

You want to hear my voice? You want to get something from me? Then try giving something in the first place rather than being ‘take’, ‘take’, ‘take’, ‘take’ as you have been these last 15 years. 

You ran the demo model for 3 years and then sponged for 20 and will take half of all I have worked for… 

You didn’t renovate those houses. 

You didn’t work for the last 25 years. 

You didn’t travel endlessly. 

You didn’t work through the night many, many times in your working life. 

You didn’t go and spend 15 months in Saudi Arabia. 

You didn’t get driven out of your home by you spouse trying to monopolise the household. 

<items snipped>

Those are the things YOU did to ME…… 

So, you said on the phone to me “you are not my friend”…after all I have done for you, you finish with “You are not my friend.” 

Well, little miss “Not my friend”… . 

To put it as bluntly as possible…. 

Why the f*** should I talk to you? 

Give me some reasons that are not “because it makes ME feel good” because the last 23 years has been all about ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’,  ‘me’…. 

And the only thing that is ever on your mind is what can you get…and in all your sentences you are asking “What is in this for me?”. Your sentences are all about “I want”, “I would like”, “What I would like to see”….and in 12 years you could not once ask the question “What is it I can do for you that would have you be happy, that would have you feel loved and cared for, that would lighten your load?” 

You know, I do not recall once in the last 12 years you asking the question “Peter, how can I help you?” 

So, why should I talk to you? 

You don’t listen to me anyway, and haven’t done these last 20 years…. 

If you listened to me and acted on my recommendations our family would be together and all would be good with the world…. 

But no…you couldn’t do that…you had to be miss RADC….you had to prove ‘You are not the boss of me’…and now you have the ultimate ‘you are not the boss of me’ by getting divorced…. 

You should be really happy!!! 

You are in complete control of your life now….no pesky husband to ‘berate’ you into the possibility of relationship…I am sure you are ssssoooooo happy you are in control….. 

You have about $A250K + furniture to go forward with….none of it do you deserve, you got it by lying to me, and now you can decide to do whatever it is you decide to do… 


Let’s see how you like it. 

Best Regards 

Peter Nolan

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 10/23/2012 5:35 AM
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here is a good one.

From: Peter Nolan []
Sent: 24 October 2007 10:45
To: 'Jenni Nolan'
Subject: dealing with issues and emails etc

Dear Jennifer,

Well, I guess you are going to continue to be RADC in your dealings with me in that you are not even willing to respond to specific emails with specific questions. This is not much of a surprise. After all, you are also withholding my new pin and the letter from UOW regarding my degree taught in English, and you have refused to forward my mail even though agreeing. 

Your actions now are exactly the type of actions you have performed year in and year out and the drivers of the destruction of your relationship with me….saying you will do something and then not doing it. It is standard for you. 

It will be a great relief when there is absolutely nothing I need you to do for me because you are so RADC, you are so unreliable, you are so not your word. It is a shame you have taught your children so. 

What I want to discuss is how to sever all financial ties to you as quickly and effectively as possible. And that requires your agreement with the terms of the property settlement. And if you disagree and take it to court in Australia it is likely we will have to attend hearings in Australia…….and that means a lot of time off work for me…..and that means no money…… 

As usual, how we go forward will be entirely dominated and controlled by you. 

You are going to have a lot of spare time on your hands when you are not being RADC. I wonder if you will get a job with all that spare time or just run the demo model and just entrap another man to give you ‘free money’. 

Best Regards 

Peter Nolan

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 12/25/2013 8:29 AM
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I put this on ROK. But since it has a lot of links it is on moderate. So I also put it here and put a link to this on ROK.

women are total hypocrites about "rape". Womens definition of rape includes, but is not limited to,

1. One party being sober and the other party being intoxicated to the extent that no meaningful consent could be given.

2. Coercion.

3. Starting sex when one party is unconscious, eg asleep.

By these definitions I was raped MANY times in my marriage. And what is the likelihood I could have Jennifer tried and jailed for 10 years for these crimes? ZERO. How many feminsts or even "non-feminist" women claim that Jennifer should be prosecuted for raping me? ZERO.


Indeed, Jennifer Toal is not being put on trial by the man hating feminist Deputy Commission of New South Waled Police Catherine Burn for her crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse. Nor is she being put on trial for these crimes by the man hater Alan Shatter, who is the Minister for Justice in Ireland. Nor is Mary McAleese, President of Ireland, interested in holding Jennifer accountable for her crimes. To say that these people are total hypocrites and most certainly are no "public servants" of men is to understate the issue severely.

This is how it is done. The links below are the very public cases of the crimes my ex committed. I have been publishing these for three years. All members of parliament of both Ireland and Australia know about these crimes. Many tens of thouands of women know about these crimes.

An adutleress, prostitute, criminal, child abusing woman will be protected and even rewarded with 95% of assets over an honest man of honour and integrity in the west today. This is a fact. And there are NO WOMEN prepared to denounce such a disguting and disgraceful woman in public but there are MILLIONS of women condemning men for the slightest of perceived slights. MILLIONS OF THEM. Also a fact.

Indeed, even so called "Mens Rights" sites like The Spearhead do not like carrying denouncements of such criminals. Now that CAF is ranked so high posting criminal women in to it works really well.

And Gentlemen? Just listen to the thunderous and deafining silence from all those women who knew Jennifer and openly allowed her to commit these crimes. Links below. Their linkedin details are on the links so any men who want to write to those women and ask them why they condoned Jennifers crimes are most welcome to.

Men who are criminally victimised SHOULD denounce those who criminally victimised them and demand justice be done no matter how long it takes. It is great sites like ROK will carry such comments whereas sites like The Spearhead will not.

Lastly. There are LOTS of men reading these comments now. Jennifers last known address is below: I have reason to believe she has now left Ireland and returned to Wagga in Australia but I do not know that for sure. Her fathers address is also below. Her photo is in the link. So if you live near Foxrock in Dublin or live in Wagga and want to keep an eye out for Jennifer to see if we can find her address to serve documents on her as well as to publish? I would certainly appreciate confirmation of Jennifers current address. Someone reading this comment will live nearby or know people living nearby.

Ms. Jennifer Marguerite Toal
12 Brighton Lodge
County Dublin

Bill Toal
23 Fernleigh Rd
Turvey Park
Wagga Wagga

Women who openly supported Jennifers crimes.

If anyone wants to talk to my former children and ask them why they openly condoned and supported their criminal mother over their honest father? They are adults now.

Links for Joshua John Nolan. My former son. His facebook link is in here. Same for Josephine Marguerite Nolan. My former daughter. Her facebook is in there too.

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