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ForumForumNew South WalesNew South WalesNew South Wales Parent ForumNew South Wales Parent ForumName and Shame ...Name and Shame ...JUSTICE COLLIERS Order issued on 2010-11-18 against Richard PartingtonJUSTICE COLLIERS Order issued on 2010-11-18 against Richard Partington
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 12/17/2010 5:55 PM
 Modified By host  on 12/17/2010 6:09:18 AM
 RP Order 2010-11-18.3 of 3.pdf
 RP Order 2010-11-18.2 of 3.pdf
 RP Order 2010-11-18.1 of 3.pdf
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 12/18/2010 2:01 AM
 Modified By PeterAndrewNolan  on 12/17/2010 8:02:40 AM
Richard has had his 'orders' issues by a man calling himself 'Judge Collier'.

I would like every father in Australia to read this 'order'. I really would. I have annotated the 'order' with my own comments. However, it is clear from the order that 'Judge Collier' considers Richard Partington to be a slave. Someone over whom 'Judge Collier' holds complete dominion and control.

'Judge Collier' presumes to be able to claim that he can order Richards child to be kept from him with force of guns and incarceration. He also presumes to claim that Richard can not move about freely merely on the basis of where the 'forever sainted mother' happens to possibly maybe be.


Richard Partington is a fucking genuine hero. I am so proud to call him my friend. He is a better man than THOUSANDS of others I have known. He has got the balls to call the legal fraternity the 'satanic criminals' they are. In an effort to discourage him? These same satanic criminal scumbags presume they can take his son off him.

My position is this. ANY FATHER in Australia who does not sign up to and stand beside Richard and I while we work through this process of getting his son back? If you will NOT sit on a jury to dispense the justice this man demands? 

YOU are a traitor to this man and you are beneath contempt. THAT is my opinion and I am entitled to it.

This man has not seen his son for three years. He has been severely and quite endlessly abusd by the satanic criminals in the family court who are doing the WISHES OF HIS EX who is SUPPORTED BY ALL THE WOMEN AROUND HER.

Any AUSTRALIAN FATHER not willing to help this man? You disgust me. You really do.

I've given men enough time to pull their heads out of their arses and to DO SOMETHING about the crimes being committed by ex-wives and the family courts. You men have refused to do so. You have no excuses. None. I, for one, am perfectly happy to call you traitors to your fellow fathers. 

Dickless, spineless, yellow bellied cowards. THAT is what an Australian Father is if he is not prepared to sit on juries and fairly and justly bring justice to other fathers who have had crimes committed against them.

Those of you who will NOT sit on juries? 

Don't come crying to me when fathers realise that they are being shit on by so many other fathers and start to take the law into their own hands which they have EVERY RIGHT TO DO since you will not moderate the application of law via juries.

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 12/26/2010 6:08 PM
Dear Richard,

I truly don't understand these orders or why magistrates make such life destroying decisions. Nobody is perfect but having a bad attitude towards the (criminal) justice system doesn’t make somebody a bad parent. I also see that the judge assumes himself to be a medical practitioner as well as psychic too.

Since when does a magistrate have medical rulings, I noticed peter had the same ruling under disabled which I find absolutely disgusting and will have to look more into this because I do not see how it could possibly be legal.

I didn’t notice if you guys had the same magistrate, but I did have loughlan originally and in an exparte hearing they had without me, he took my child and gave her to my mother on her rubbish and without any evidence even after subpoenaing every government doc available – of which of course there is none.

I would also like to find out how many magistrates make these kind of rulings, or is it maybe just a select few, and what exact evidence they have to have to do this.

One thing I have noted in 2 cases now is that the child rep fails (deliberately I see now) to send both sides full affidavits.

I truly do not understand how the so-called expert witness can even supply any record of you when he did not meet you and find this completely unethical, it must have had you pulling your hair our.

And I also see that the magistrate proved that your complete lack of trust in the courts is a very valid argument and something to fear .

It makes me sick reading these orders, and I sometimes get quite teary eyed responding because what he has written is such a croc of shit. I cannot believe judges do write this stuff and I commend ur actions in standing up to this tyranny.

I know Christmas must be a sad time of year for yourself, but please surround yourself with people who are kind and caring, and let your hair down.

I am more than happy to help if I can, I do love the particularly fun job of exposing these tyrants personally, particularly those whom refer to themselves as experts.

Ps; the psychiatrist referred to as robinson, was that christine robinson in Annandale? Sydney. She is a very nasty piece of work and I would truly love to do a good expose on her.

Merry Christmas Richard, though I know theres probably not a great deal for you to be merry about. i know it hurts, and after 7 years it still hurts here, but it does get easier to manage.

All the best, and take care J marney
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 12/26/2010 6:15 PM
Marney let me just say this that although you are going through it yourself i honestly dont think that the mother in the case my X is even giving it a thought that my son is missing out on spending time with me and that is what the family Law Court is promoting in women in Australia and it has gone beyond a joke and all I can say is that I really feel sorry for young men who are coming through to there teenage years and not one of them know what there in for if there relationship breaks up or if there are children involved and that is why we must act now and the time for talk is over and these people we call judges barristers solicitors ICL's and registers must all be rounded up and all of them must be punished accordingly to there crimes. So next time Marney you speak to another female make sure you give them a good verbal yelling at and get them to try and do the right thing because if you females dont also contribute to this fight then it wont be a very fair world for our children to live in and more people just like my uncle will kill themselves unless we do something about it now.
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 12/27/2010 2:51 AM

which part of 'the legal system and guvment are satanic criminal cartels used by the ruling elite to extort and control the sheeple' do you not understand?

Try reading this book.

You may want to listen to my radio interview as well. It is 54MB and you can get it from here:

The PTB wish to cull back the population. There is more than enough evidence of this. ‘Family Law’ is intended to alienate men from being willing to defend the women and the children. It’s working.

The magistrates are merely satanic criminals. This is why they wear their black robes, insist that you stand and sit at their command, insist that you call them ‘your honour’ and insist that they can say that ‘talk of inalienable rights is a nonsense’

Which part of ‘magistrates and judges are satanic criminals’ do you not understand.

This is why, even though the ‘order’ written by david dunkley looks like it will send 30% to me the amount sent to me was 5%.

This is why the ‘order’ from Justice Collier claims Richard is ‘dis-abled’ and ‘orders’ that he may never see his child again. This is an order so ridiculous that even those stupid men in comas will have to take notice.  

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ForumForumNew South WalesNew South WalesNew South Wales Parent ForumNew South Wales Parent ForumName and Shame ...Name and Shame ...JUSTICE COLLIERS Order issued on 2010-11-18 against Richard PartingtonJUSTICE COLLIERS Order issued on 2010-11-18 against Richard Partington