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 12/7/2010 12:24 AM

I am informing all who reads this that the Family law Court is 100% rigged for the mother and that the Judges,Registers,Solicitor's and Barristers are all playing games with all of us and its time for all of them to go.

I would like to let you know that on the 15th of June I caught the child representative of my son at the Family Law Court signalling the Judicial Register Loughnan at my court hearing for share custody and for that I have contacted several media groups and newspapers in regards to the signalling going on at the Family Law Court.

For anyone that doesn’t understand any of this it simply means that when a father goes to court to get shared custody of there child and the solicitors don’t want the father to see the child even when there is overwhelming evidence that is in the fathers favour and the judge and the solicitor's still don’t want the father to see the child then the resort to signalling each other and the rumour that signalling has been going on in the family law court has been around for years but no one has ever caught the solicitors doing it up until now.

Suzanne in the next few months will be going down as the mother who screwed it all up for all other mothers because of her stubbornness as had she gave me at least some access to my son

then it would not have come  on the 15th I finally caught the solicitor Nicolla Callander and the judicial register Loughnan signalling each other and once this has been exposed in the media the government will have no choice to make a decision to have every fathers case that they lost reheard again as every father will cry out rigged for there own cases and for all good reasons as well.

On the 9th of July I had a hearing in regards to my application to have Brian Quinn and Nicolla Callander removed for signaling. Upon arriving for my hearing I noticed that Nicolla Callander was not present and another lady and I am still not sure as to who her name is was taking her place.

Now if there was a change of circumstances or if Nicolla Callander was sick or couldn't be there for unforeseen circumstances then why wasn't I informed of this in writing and also verbally informed on the day.

For some people this could be seen as acting in a deceptive way and after all these documents that I have provided also state that all parties must attend on July the 9th and guess what we have here NICOLLA CALLANDER doesn't show up.

Now I'm guessing that the new solicitor who was there on the day must have been given a grant of legal aid and that also Julie Kearney and also Jamie Crew must of approved of her being there that day and therefore she must have been given a grant of legal aid and all of this was going on and not once was i given anything in writing or verbally informed at anytime and for that I am reporting all of this to you and Robert Mclelland to investigate.

Also I am reporting the fact that they were trying to force me to go back into the hearing room and in your own words quote ( Mr Partington I would strongly advise you to go back in there and accept it and deal with the situation that is happening in there).

Now during my hearing I was informed for the first time that Mr Brian Quinn filed an application before the court and according to him sent me the copies in the mail to inform me of the hearing date but I verbally informed Justice Cleary that I have not received a copy of there application and I would need time to get some advice and also prepare a written response and Justice Cleary asked me to read over it now while I am here and then I can give a response and I informed her that i will not be reading it and then I asked her to stop reading the documents as well as we are here for my application today and not there sneak application that they have made and Justice Cleary ignored me so I walked out of the hearing as she was allowing herself to be influenced by there application.

I was at the Family Law Court that day because my application was basically accusing the judges and the register's and solicitors of rigging my case and here is Justice Cleary allowing herself to be influenced in reading an application that Brian Quinn had sneaked in without serving me and you stood there and were forcing me to go back into a situation where I was being completely set up to make me look bad.

Also I am informing you that Jamie Crew told me was an office clerk and now it turns out that he is the Manager of the Newcastle Family Law Court.

I also secretly filmed my court proceedings the other day with Justice Cleary and the other side tried to put in a sneak application in against me and Justice Cleary wanted to hear it as well and had not even been served so i told her to stop reading it and she ignored me so i stood up and walked out of the court. look mate it would be an honor to join your group or organisation but for me i think the time for playing legal games are over and what i reckon we all should do is unite and round all of the solicitors up and barristers and judges and registers and place them all under arrest and we should set up our own court and have them all charged for crimes against fathers and for running a scam criminal enterprise because at the end of the day everyone should be looking at this as a scam and to have these idiots enforce it should be classed as a crime.

I have been in contact with Barry Williams latley and he has told me some horrifying stories about what the judges and solicitors have been doing to fathers and for it to be actually happening australia is fucking disgusting as you would think that it would happen in other countries and not here and I am ashamed to call myself an australian and we are all sitting back and not doing anything about it because of how intimidating it all is to everyone to beat them.

I am trying to convince everyone that i am speaking to forget about playing the legal games with them anymore and for all of us to unite and lets round them all up and place them all under arrest and it would my pleasure for me to go and arrest that fat bastard McClelland first as that son of bitch wrote me a letter stating that he wasnt going to do anything about my complaint in regads to the solicitors signaling and this means he was quite happy to allow these pieces of shit a the Newcastle Family Law Court to keep signaling each other.

Right now also i have another big issue going on at the moment with Larry Pickering who scammed my girlfriend out of 20k and ive been fighting him for the last 2 years and along the way we have been finding out that Anna Bligh has some association with him and we even have proof of it and so i have been calling her office and abusing the hell out of her and to this day she hasnt try to charge me for anything because she knows ive got stuff on her so in regards to ASIO or any other government department all i can say is it would be my pleasure to call them or speak to them and abuse the living fuck out of them as i have done so many times in the past.

I am not sure if you know much about war but at the end of the day the general principle and pyschology of war is when one person is standing there saying that he is right and also the other person is standing there and saying no your wrong and i am right and at the end of the day it comes down to whoever is strong enough to enforce it and whoever is strong enough to enforce it is the one who can stand there and say that they were right and right now the government is stronger then us and has most fathers across the country scared shitless of them and what we should all do in order to beat the government is for all of us who are in the same boat to unite all across australia and become stronger then the government and we need to set up our own court and we need to draw up a blacklist of all of the judges and solicitors and politicians and barristers and registers and we need to round them all up and place them all under arrest for crimes against fathers and give them all heavy sentences and also seize all of there assets and property from them and compensate everyone for the crimes that they committed against fathers.

The minute we become strong enough to do this is the minute that all of these pieces of shit will turn into jelly and they will all run like cowards because at the end of the day whether there judges or not they are all still human beings who at the end of the day is just there job so for me this doesnt mean that they cant be beaten and the minute that they start seeing us become stronger is the minute that they will shit themselves and from then on we can pretty much get whatever we want from these idiots.

We need to come up with a better idea of how the family law court sytem should work and then enforce it and I have my own ideas as to how it should work if you wish to discuss it but at the end of the day we need to show them and expose the injustices that they are committing against us and for us to be seen as being in the right by the rest of the world we need to come up with a better and fairer Family Law Court sytem where it is fair on both sides of arguement that way we will have solid ground to stand on and no one can turn around and say it is a stupid idea.

At the end of the day I am not having white collar criminals running my life and telling me when i can and cant see my own child when technically these people should be in prison themselves but because a few fuckheads in our elected government say to us that they are legit and operating within there legislation that they wrote up without me having a say then we must comply to what they are saying and this is where it should be viewed as a crime and I can tell you right now I have sent several letters expressing my views and ideas on how to correct this massive problem of the family law court and to this day everyone of them have been ignored and as i am finding out pretty much everyone gets ignored by them and this i feel is a clear breach of my democratic right to have a say and so what they are doing is turning around and making there own ideas up and then enforcing them and this in my opinion should be viewed and treated as a crime on behalf of our elected officials and the reason why they ignore us is because we are not strong enough to take them on and so they laugh at us and keep making it more harsher for us and hence the reason why so many fathers are killing themselves.

The funny thing is that the governement will advertise these drive safe advertisements and dont speed and slow down in school zones as this will save lives but at the same time they are completly ignoring the fact that the Family Law Court is killing so many fathers and destroying so many lives and yet the government is quite happy to ignore it and this is enough proof for me to say that they couldnt care less about it and there only in it for the money and this can then be classed as a scam enterprise and im sorry but as far as i am concerned scam artists need to be rounded up and placed under arrest.

Another funny thing that Barry Williams had said to be once was that you try and hold them accountable to anything and they will turn around and say that they are not in a positiion to be held accountable for anything and so it feels they are quite happy to run it but are not in a position to be held responsible for anything and this is more then enough proof for me to say that they are quite happy to be paid and run it but not in a position to be held responsible for anything and this clearly is a scam criminal enterprise and when you look at the size of this scam and how many people you are up against it can be a little intimidating to take them on and this is why so many fathers have given up and killed themselves and we as the stronger ones must turn around and say to everyone that what there doing is a crime and the family law court has become a scam criminal enterprise for these leeches unfortunatly and unless we unite and become strong enough to take them on then we will never get anywhere or ever to be able to challenge them.

Money should never have come into the issue of Family Law and for the government to turn around and make laws which state you must pay a solicitor a fortune if you want to see your kids all because your wife/girlfriend has just tried to pull a powerplay move on you which is mostly (WELL IM THE MOTHER YOU MUST KISS MY FEET IF YOU WANT TO SEE YOUR CHILDREN) and for the government and these leeches that we call solicitors to turn around and say yep i agree with that and we think the mother is right should in my opinion viewed as a crime and money should never have come into the issue of Family Law in the first place.

I dont know if you have watched Gandhi but if you have you will cleary see that he beat the british empire by deliberatly breaking the law and he was breaking the law for the sake of breaking it as he was breaking the law to change the law and is main purpose for this was to humilate and emberass the british and which he clearly succeeded and this same principle can also be applied in regards to fighting the Family Law Court and if you watched the gandhi movie you would have noticed that gandhi was targetting the bankers and rich investers in india and one particular monopoly that british business man had a firm grip on was the salt trade and the british were making quite a bit of money from it so gandhi went and started selling his own salt and encouraged everyone else to do the same thing which was against the law and for that the british rounded everyone up and placed them al under arrest who was selling it because gandhi and his followers were being seen as a threat to there business and income and whoever was a threat to there income or business were going to be taken out and stopped and this is exactly what we are facing with the Family Law Court and this is something that i have been trying to explain to everyone that no matter how much everyone winges and cries saying its not fair it will not change a thing as the only way this will change is if we take over and make the changes ourselves because there is no way they are going to give up there easy life and easy money that they are making from the Family Law Court and as you are experiencing by the sounds of it the government is telling ASIO to give you a hard time and this is more proof that there using there gangster arm of ASIO to intimidate us all because we challenge them and stand up and say that something is wrong and we want better changes for the Family Law Court.

At the end of the day these leeches and criminals that call themselves judges and barristers and registers and politicians are not going to give up these easy money making cash cow without a fight and anyone who is seen as being a threat to that cash cow is putting there lives on the line and the government would not hesitate to kill anyone who is seen as a threat and they would be quite happy to get ASIO or any private hit man they have on there secret payroll to do this as there is no way they are going to give any of this up without a fight and right now they would be probably seeing me and you as small headaches but no real challange to them and that it why we must all unite all across the country and become stronger then all of them so that we can successfully challange them and anyone who is seen as being on the side of the Family Law Court must be added to the blacklist of people that need to be rounded up and arrested and we need to put the fear back into these leeches and they must see that we are being serious this time and we are prepared to round them all up and enforce it and this in my opinion is the only way we will ever get some serious changes happening for the better in the Family Law Court.

Lets just say for example that George Brandis and Robert McClelland wanted to make these changes for the better and wanted to give us the things that we are asking for and make it the law I am telling you right now the minute that the barristers and solicitors and judges see this happening within both labor and liberal parties and that they were both being serious about it I can tell you right now that the family law solicitors and barristers and judges would all be calling each other or emailing each other so that they could organise a hit to be done on the both of them and i can tell you right now they would be killed and so what they do is appear to everyone that they want changes for the better but in private they are both saying to themselves that we the government have created a frankenstien and that frankenstien is out of control and as much as we would like to make these changes for the better for fathers they know at the end of the day they cant because it would put them at a risk of losing there life or there income and there is no way in the world McClelland or Brandis would ever risk there lives or income for us fathers who are struggling against the Family Law Court so trying to get them to do anything is just a waste of time because at the end of the day to be in there positions of government that there in you cant be a gutless chicken shit coward who is worried about there life or income as you are in that position to kick peoples asses and make changes for the better and while ever they are gutless chicken shit cowards who wont pull this frankenstien that they have created into gear then im sorry to say that everyone is just wasting there time complaining to these chicken shit cowards Brandis and McClelland

At the end of the day and this is being totally realistic that we as fathers are not only in a fight with our X partners but also the government plus the solicitors and barristers and judges that are cashing in on this and as i said before both labor and liberal parties cant change anything because the minute they do is the minute that they will have the barristers and solicitors order a hit on them to be killed and this is where I am trying to tell everyone that we are officially at war and this war is an undeclared war by the barrsiters and solicitors and judges and these pieces of shit are even prepared to push it to the point where fathers are killing themselves by the thousands and all they do is work out a way on how to collect money from them and we all need to relize and understand that we are up agianst a deadly criminal organisation and you could possibly even call them gangsters but they are doing it in a silent and legal way and unless we become more deadlier and more smarter and stronger and show them that we are not afraid to challange them and eventually round them up and place them all under arrest and have them charged for crimes against fathers and give them all a criminal record and also a stiff jail sentence then we will never see any changes for the better in the Family Law Court.
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 12/7/2010 3:29 AM
Here you go Nicolla its a pretty good accurate picture of how you wankers in the Family Law Court really operate doesnt it.
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