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 1/11/2012 12:10 AM
I am starting the entry on this man. We will get evidence of crimes as we go along. But this guys background and progress stinks. That he is NSW Sheriff and has NOT arrested David Dunkley and Louise Henderson is already dereliction of duty. But it is his links to Michael Toal and Paul O'Sullivan that brought him to my attention and makes it worth me starting this entry on him.

Hey Chris! I bet you are REAL pleased about Michael Toal making a nuisance of himself.

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 1/11/2012 1:15 AM

So I dug around a little deeper and guess what I find, eh? Lets look at Chris Allen who claims to be “Assistant Editor of Duty First”. What’s HIS day job today?

Chris Allen, Sheriff of NSW

Chris Allen was appointed as the Sheriff of New South Wales on 3 March 2008

Previous roles 

Mr Allen has more than 25 years experience with military, humanitarian and security roles in Australia and overseas, and most recently was responsible for managing the Sydney Opera House’s security preparations for APEC 2007. 

He holds qualifications in Risk, Emergency Management and Policing.

Australian Regular Army - Mr Allen joined the Australian Regular Army in 1983 serving as an Infantry soldier. In January 1986 he was one of the first two Australian soldiers to be offered an exchange appointment with the newly created Officer Cadet School of New Zealand. He was Commissioned in December of that year and graduated as a Lieutenant into the Royal Australian Regiment. 

During his time as an Army officer he held several operational, training and staff appointments. Following two years as a Platoon Commander with the 2nd/4th Battalion in Townsville, he served as a Recruit Instructor at the Recruit Training Battalion in Wagga Wagga. He was promoted to Captain in 1990 and went on to serve as the Adjutant of the 3rd Battalion (Parachute) of the Royal Australian Regiment in Sydney, Operations Officer of Headquarters 6th Brigade in Brisbane and was then appointed to a two year exchange appointment to British Airborne Forces, serving as a Company Commander with the 3rd Battalion, the Parachute Regiment in Aldershot. 

He returned to Australia at the end of 1995 on promotion to Major. During his military service Mr Allen qualified as a Paratrooper with the Australian, British and French armies and deployed to South East Asia, Africa and Central America. He left the Army due to injury in December 1996.

CARE International - Between 1997 and 1999 Mr Allen undertook full time tertiary studies in Business and Security at Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia. During this time he deferred study to deploy to East Timor as the Security Manager for CARE International, a leading humanitarian organisation fighting global poverty. He served with CARE during the emergency phase of the operation to deliver security and logistics expertise to CARE operations throughout East Timor

Australian Protective Service - He joined the Australian Protective Service (APS) immediately after 11 September, 2001, serving initially as the Security Risk Management Adviser. In this capacity he conducted security assessments and provided advice to Commonwealth government departments and branches (including diplomatic residences and offices) throughout Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne

Sydney Airport - In 2002, Mr Allen was tasked to lead the upgrade of Counter Terrorist First Response (CTFR) measures as the APS Officer-in-Charge of Sydney Airport - the largest airport and largest APS station in Australia

Australian Federal Police - At the completion of these responsibilities, he returned to Canberra to undertake national level projects and to lead the national audit and vetting capability for the APS, in line with the merger of the APS with the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

Sydney Opera House - In late 2003 Mr Allen was appointed to the newly created position of Head of Security at the Sydney Opera House (SOH). This was an appointment raised specifically in response to the post September 11, 2001, security environment. Mr Allen commenced the appointment in August 2003, with the responsibility to review, design and implement strategies to protect the iconic building. His $9m plan was funded in full by the NSW Government at the end of 2003, and in January 2004 during a press conference held at the SOH, then Premier, Bob Carr, personally announced the upgrade program that Mr Allen had designed

During the course of the two years between August 2003 and August 2005 Mr Allen led the upgrade program which included physical modification to the heritage-listed site. At the successful completion of the upgrade, he was asked to lead the Opera House through the security preparations for APEC 2007. 

Mr Allen is the recipient of the Australian Service Medal, the Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal, the National Medal and the Australian Defence Medal.

Wow. What a coincidence. Michael Toals DEPUTY EDITOR of a small army magazine is now NSW SHERIFF!!! What a promotion THAT is, eh? 

Sure…he EARNED it, right? It could not be that he is an ex-ASIO agent and placed into this position because he is TOTALLY COMPROMISED and will do WHATEVER HE IS TOLD, eh?

So lets look into this CHRIS ALLEN some more, eh? 

Here is CHRIS ALLEN being NAMED as one of the men PERSECUTING JOHN WILSON!! What a sordid little group we have here eh?

Here is Chris Allen pretending to be a legitimate business man.


Here is Chris Allen pretending to be an author of SPY NOVELS! Where DID he get his background material for that if he was just a regular soldier, eh? Reading Ian Fleming books I guess, eh?

Chris Allen is ALSO a “White Ribbon” Ambassador which we all know is the UNs way of HATING ON MEN which is also promoted by that most evil of gold digging women, Nicole Kidman.

So I have copied Chris Allen on this email. I wonder what he will think of being exposed as the criminal he is via this email. 

Hi Chris!! Aren’t you glad Michael Toal has made such a nuisance of himself now? You are going DIRECTLY into CAF you treacherous bastard!

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 1/11/2012 3:59 AM
 Modified By host  on 1/10/2012 10:07:39 AM

-----Original Message-----
From: Peter Nolan []
Sent: 10 January 2012 19:06
To: ''; ''
Subject: The role of the deputy sheriff for the Australian Federal Magistrates Court

Hi Chris,

You are listed on your profile for Royal Australian Regiment Association as follows. 

“He was appointed Sheriff of New South Wales on the 3rd of March 2008. His duties include responsibilities as Deputy Sheriff of the Federal Court of Australia, and Deputy Sheriff of the Federal Magistrates Court of Australia.” 

Are you still the Deputy Sheriff of the Federal Magistrates Court of Australia? Because if you are I have some questions for you. 

  1. What is your oath of office, exactly?
  2. Are you aware that both David Dunkley and Louise Henderson have been found guilty by default judgment of the crime of theft of my property which was claimed under common law right of claim? 

If you are not aware of this then I recommend you go to this link and read this information. This is two Federal Magistrates agreeing they are guilty of this crime. If you do not act? You will be next.

Should you still be the deputy sheriff for the Federal Magistrates Court of Australia I would like details of where and how you will accept Lawful Notices and Affidavits of Accusation addressed to your good self. 

Where shall I send them my SERVANT? 

If you wish to check up on my credentials you can contact Paul LeLarge. I believe he is still head of Registry. I am sure you know Paul. Paul met me and lied to my face about how concerned he was about the men being criminally abused in the Family Courts. Paul will tell you that he has looked me in the eye and knows I am a man who is not going to take a backward step about these crimes being committed against all these fathers. 

You might also want to watch my video here.  I am still the only man to video record a family court matter and put it onto youtube lawfully.

Of course you will have to view it via a proxy like because your friends in ASIO are blocking the video into Australia. You see, the video carries the video EVIDENCE that David Dunkley refused to answer the question that he was serving under oath on 26th November 2009. And the two feds Paul sent along failed in their duty to arrest David when they saw him commit that crime even though I told them he was going to commit it and that it was a crime. How about that? They just sat there shocked and did nothing. So much for the Feds being the upholders of the law, eh? 

You might like to read my lawful notice to ALL policy enforcement officers and Peace Officers in Australia. You would be a Peace Officer having taken an oath as a Sheriff. Here. I suggest you read this. It is complete in and of itself. It has had 2,700+ views now so it is hard to argue that the Policy Enforcement Officers do not know about it. This applies to you too if you are still a Sheriff.

And yes. This email will be posted to CAF here.

I await your reply. 

Your brother peter. 

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