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 12/23/2010 8:33 AM
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Dear Fathers,

This is the thread for the man calling himself David Dunkley. What a nice piece of work David is. I updated this post by Richard as the superuser.

David was warned repeatedly to NOT get himself involved in my dispute with Louise Henderson who was responsible for the theft of my property. He was told that if he chose to involve himself that he would be held accountable for his actions.

You will find at the link below the PDFs of the source for the letters sent to David Dunkley prior to my meeting with him to warn him to familiarise himself with my claimed rights. Please feel free to assure yourself David was WELL informed of my rights before I came to Australia to face him down on 26th November 2009.

I went over to the court house on 24th of November 2009 to deliver a second set of copies of documents directly to Louise and David to make sure there could be no excuses that they had not seen them. A man calling himself Damien who pretended to be a public servant and pretended to be responsible for the mail inside the building refused to accept my delivery on the agreement he sign for them and guarantee that this mail would be delivered. You want to think about that because if fed-ex delivered a package to him he would sign it without question. But when a sovereign delivers him important lawful notices Damien refused to accept them on the basis that he would sign for them guaranteeing their delivery. This is the sort of public servants your tax dollars are paying for.

Damien directed me to see Dihn Tran who pretended to be a ‘registrar’. Funnily enough, the pretend public servant calling herself Dihn Tran ALSO refused to accept my packages on the basis of signing for them and agreeing to deliver them. Are you wondering yet why it would be that people who pretend to be your servants are SO AFRAID to accept a package of documents and give them to another person? Most people would THINK NOTHING OF THIS. But not your pretend servants calling themselves magistrates. Nope. They make DAMN SURE no-one gives them documents that they don’t want to see. Are you wondering yet why that might be?

Are you wondering why your servants who call themselves magistrates are SO AFRAID that OUR SERVANTS pass them documents that those servants refuse to accept those documents? Are you wondering why your magistrates demand the need for ‘plausible deniability’ that documents were served on them? You should be wondering this stuff you know.

Since Dihn Tran would not accept my packages I asked her who her boss was and that turned out to be Paul LeLarge. So I went to Pauls office and asked for him to see me. After a short wait Paul came out to talk to me. His first words were encouraging. They were “I understand I am your servant and I am here to help. What seems to be the problem?”  Nice to see someone who accepts a SALARY as a PUBLIC SERVANT actually acknowledge he is a SERVANT of the PUBLIC. This was lost on Damien and Dihn.

I told Paul that all I wanted was for the two packages to be delivered to the two magistrates and someone to sign for the fact that they would be responsible for said delivery. I told him that I saw this as a very simple matter and I was very amused that there was such resistance to performing such a simple task. I asked him why that might be. He started talking about ‘rules’. I stopped him and told him that these rules he was speaking of did not apply to me or these packages or, indeed, to David and Louise. I told him they were lawful documents, not legal documents and that I was operating under common law, as are David and Louise. Paul took the ‘I do not understand about this legal stuff’ to which I replied “Ignorance of the law is no excuse Paul, surely you have heard that in your profession”.

I asked Paul LeLarge, who claimed to be the head of the registry, if he was willing to take responsibility for signing for my packages and delivering them. He said no. You should wonder why he said no.  I then asked him if he would agree to me to wander around the building looking for David and Louise to deliver them myself. Of course he noted that ‘we don’t let people just wander around the building’. Hhhmmm… You won’t deliver a package but you won’t let me do it either.  What’s your problem here Paul?

Anyway. Paul asked me if he may open  the packages to see what was inside. I agreed. They were only papers. But I suppose they get some very angry fathers. I don’t know if he was thinking letter bombs or anthrax! LOL! Anyway. As he read over the documents he noticed that I had issued a default judgement against Louise Henderson to the tune of $A10M for the theft of my property. He claimed I couldn’t do this. I assured him I could. He claimed the police would need to investigate. I assured him they did not. It was quite a funny conversation!

I repeatedly asked Paul if he, as a senior person, deliver these documents to these people. He consistently refused to agree. After about 15 minutes, when it was clear that Paul would NOT agree to deliver these packages, that he would merely ‘consider delivering them’, we agreed to part company. As I walked to the door with Paul I asked him what he would order his staff to do if I brought a gun with me two days later, as I had every right to do. He was a bit taken aback but argued strongly that bringing a gun would only make his day very difficult and on the basis of not making things any more difficult than they would already be he politely asked me not to do this. Since he was so nice about it, I agreed.

Here is the link to the letter that I sent to David Dunkley of this interaction.

Please feel free to assure yourself David knew full well of how difficult my servants had been in getting these documents to him.

On the morning of my court meeting Paul LeLarge came to me and told me that he did give my documents to both Louise and David. I presume he was telling me the truth. He also organised to have two Australian Federal Police Officers in attendance for the court meeting. Apparently the courts are so ‘fair’ that men get so angry that police officers have to be on hand to intimidate them and to ‘protect’ the woman and the magistrate.

Here’s a question. If the courts are so ‘fair’ why are the women and magistrates afraid of the fathers? Why would they be afraid if the process was fair? Answer: They are afraid because the process is NOT fair. It is hugely biased.

Anyway. I had claimed the right to video and audio record any dispute brought to me and David and Sarah Bevan had been lawfully noticed of this right I had claimed and they did not rebut it. Therefore by coming to the appointed meeting they all agreed to waive any right to privacy of the proceedings. They also agreed to waive any right of secrecy or control of anything said at the meeting.

This is the video recording of that meeting.

This is the annotated transcript of that meeting.

As you can see. The criminal calling himself david dunkley actually called my claimed inalienable rights a ‘nonsense’. In his subsequent order he calls them an ‘inanity’. The importance of these statements made by David can NOT be over-stated. This is a sitting magistrate claiming that I am a slave and he is my master. He is also claiming YOU are a slave and he and his like are YOUR masters. And they are if you do not rebut the claim.

As far as I am aware I am the first man in Australia to lawfully publish the proceedings of a family court matter. As far as I am aware this stood for more than a year un-equalled until my new good friend Ricky Partington also had the balls to do this. Well done Ricky. I would urge ALL fathers to publish video and transcripts of what goes on in the family law courts.  I would be PLEASED to publish such materials as long as it is done lawfully.

Anyway. After the meeting I sent my bills to David for my time.  Here they are.

On arriving back in England I created an affidavit of my recollection of the occurrences outside the court room and inside the court room. I also packaged up all associated documents again and sent them to David again so that there could be no excuses for David writing his so called 'order' and stealing my property. You will clearly see that I proposed that these criminals in the 'legal fraternity' get their noses out of MY business and proposed an amicable settlement involving Bill Toal, Jennifers father.

I awaited the outcome to determine if david would be fool enough to issue an ‘order’. He did. And here is the annotated order. I would urge you to read it carefully to understand exactly what kinds of crimes this man commits on a regular basis.

Since David issued an order I sent him a bill for it. It is in the bills post above but lets quote it again to make it easy.

Lastly, on 2010-03-10 I issued the Default Judgement against David Dunkley. Here it is. Interestingly enough? The thread id is 666 on this post!! LOL!!

And this is how it has remained. I have sent no more formal correspondence to David Dunkley after all this. I did send letters and notices to Robert McClelland and Kevin Rudd. Here they are. You can see in the lawful notice that I made it quite clear that I expected that they would bring David Dunkley to justice. Well. They didn’t. What does THAT mean? That means they AGREE with the crimes committed and have made themselves accessories after the fact. Not smart. They would have been better off to just fry david dunkley and call him ‘an exception’.

Please note the list of attachments I sent to Kevin and Robert including the video. I presumed that if they wanted the transcript they could get one for themselves. No point me paying for it at that point in time I figured.

I then proceeded to wait about 6 months before moving forward. I wanted to give a good passage of time to that when I went public there was NO DOUBT that the prime minister and attorney general were ALSO criminals.

Of course, as it happened, Gillard knifed Rudd in the back and took on the so called ‘Prime Minister’ role.

Well Gentlemen? There you have it. This took me a loooooooong time to develop the knowledge and ability to lawfully put david dunkley and louise Henderson onto the hook for their crimes against me.

I actually thought that once I brought out such damning evidence and presented it lawfully to the broader public that fathers would be OUTRAGED and that they would go down to Davids office, drag him into the street, tar and feather him, and throw him into the gutter. That’s what men USED to do to public officials who used the privilege of their office to commit crimes.

Now? I propose to put David on trial in my old school hall in Wagga Wagga and have the trial broadcast live as well as video recorded. That school hall can seat 1,000 people. The trial of David Dunkley will be the BIGGEST trial in Australian history unless someone else gets in before me with some other criminal magistrate.

By putting david on trial I will set the precedent for ALL OTHER FATHERS as to what happens to a father who has crimes committed against him. If I am denied my path to justice? I will tell men that they live in a lawless land in Australia and that they are compelled to take justice into their own two hands.

If the jury does NOT award me the money for the lawful bills issued against david? I will tell men that they live in a lawless land and that they are compelled to take justice into their own hands.

In any case? I am about to gain ALL the property of this criminal calling himself david dunkley or MEN are going to have ‘carte blanch’ to take the law into their own hands. It is up to the men of Wagga Wagga to decide if they wish to set this precedent or if they wish me to tell fathers to take the law into their own hands.

And I would remind those fathers of women that when men take the law into their own hands? Women die. I would remind fathers of women that the rule of law does not so much protect men as it protects women. If fathers of women do not wish to have the rule of law? That’s just fine by me. I am more than able to look after myself. But can their ‘equal daughters’ look after themselves so well as I can? I doubt it.


It’s time to decide if the criminal david dunkley should stand trial in my old school hall in Wagga Wagga.  He is the first man to make it this far in this process. I will not rest until the man has stood trial and has had all his property taken from him or has had the jury issue an outlawry writ against him.

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 12/24/2010 12:21 AM
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11 Feb, 2009 11:50 AM

Longtime Springwood resident David Dunkley has swapped life as a local solicitor for the demanding role of Federal Magistrate after being appointed to the bench late last year.

A partner at Springwood legal firm McPhee Kelshaw for 23 years, Mr Dunkley joined the ranks of only eight other new Federal Magistrates last October from a pool of 500 applicants. He will preside over mainly family law matters at Parramatta Federal Magistrates Court during 2009, although he may spend time at other courts.

“The work is challenging and interesting. It is more challenging than I originally anticipated because in most family law disputes, there is merit in what both parties to the dispute are arguing and it is difficult to balance the competing applications in relation to children and property,” he said.

“When I was sworn in, I took an oath to treat each person with fairness. That is a responsibility which I, and all members of the Court, take very seriously.”

One of the principals of McPhee Kelshaw, Paul McPhee, who worked with Mr Dunkley for some 28 years, said his appointment to the Federal Court was a “great honour”.

“It is a recognition of his expertise in the area of family law and his very practical approach to resolving what can often be extremely complex and emotionally charged issues,” he said.

“As far as I am aware, David is the first Springwood solicitor to be appointed to judicial office.”

Mr Dunkley has lived in Springwood since 1980.

He and his wife Linda have three children — Nathan, 21, who is undertaking an engineering degree at university; Alexandra, 19, is studying communications at Charles Sturt University; and Kathryn, 15, is in Year 10 at Blue Mountains Grammar School.

McPhee Kelshaw have replaced Mr Dunkley with Ms Ann Schrale, who commenced legal practice with them some 10 years ago.

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