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 6/24/2011 12:36 AM
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-----Original Message-----
From: Peter Nolan []
Sent: 23 June 2011 14:47
To: ''
Cc: ''
Subject: FW: Response from the Office of the Minister for Police and Emergency Services

To the man calling himself Michael Gallacher.


Dear Michael,

Thank you for your response to my Lawful Notice.


Interestingly, you are the first man to reply in any way to that Lawful Notice.


It seems to me that you politicians have an awful lot to say in your house and in the newspapers. But when you are faced with a man who knows the crimes you have been committing and has told you that he will put you on trial for committing those crimes? You are as silent as naughty five year olds who have been caught with your hand in the cookie jar. I should know. I raised four children. I recognize the ‘attempt at silence’ when children are caught doing the wrong thing and they know it.


I would recommend you and your colleagues begin a dialogue with me as to how you are going to not only cease your crimes but how you are also going to make remedy for these crimes.


You and every member of the two houses of Federal Parliament are criminals. Your crimes have been well articulated in the Lawful Notice. However, we are also now seeing individual cases come up against specific police officers. Such includes murder and the cover up of said murder by those men who report to the criminal calling himself Andrew Scipione. Very serious indeed.


You politicians were offered the opportunity to ‘police thy self’, to form your own subordinate courts under our supervision and to dispense justice to those among your membership who have committed crimes.  


You politicians were given EVERY OPPORTUNITY to ‘do the right thing’.


You politicians ALL failed to take that opportunity. That was YOUR choice to make.


As a result, you will all be put on trial in OUR courts, one at a time, for the crimes you have been committing.


These trials will be public, they will be video recorded, they will be placed on you-tube and into the public domain. There will be no question that each and every member of these two houses was given a fair and just trial. Your constituents will see you on trial for your crimes unless you confess first as was recommended in the Lawful Notice. You can choose the humiliation of confessing your crimes in writing or you can choose the humiliation of standing trial for your crimes. Again? I believe in freedom of choice. You can choose how you want to be dealt with.


We are going to hold every member of both houses of the NSW Parliament and the Federal Parliament to account under the following maxims of law:


1.       Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

2.       All men (and women who have claimed equality) are to be treated as equal before the law specifically meaning that the same crime will draw the same remedy instruction from our new courts.


Those men among you who abandon their criminal ways and choose to confess their crimes, beg forgiveness, stand trial, turn over to us evidence of other crimes of which they are aware, and work with us to re-introduce the rule of law are likely to receive lighter remedy instructions than those who continue to try and get away with their crimes.


Now. Given you are replying to me? I assume you received the Lawful Notice I sent to as many members as I could find email addresses for of the NSW Parliament.


I wish to make you aware of two more Lawful Notices sent out. You may send these links to as many men in politics as you like.


1.       To both houses of Federal Parliament.
This lawful notice was sent to as many members of both houses of Federal Parliament so as to ensure they were invited to ‘Police Thy Self’. They are in just as much trouble as you are.

2.       To all Police Officers.
I sent this Lawful Notice to Julia Gillard with the instruction that she pass it to ALL Police Officers who operate under the umbrella of the Commonwealth of Australia, of which she claims to be the Prime Minister.

Should she have failed to do that she will face further remedy instructions.

Since you are the Minister for Police I would also strongly recommend that you ensure ALL Police Officers in NSW are given this Lawful Notice and recommended to read it.

Each Police Officer in New South Wales is now deemed to have read this document by April 1st 2011 whether they have read it or not by way of the serving of this Lawful Notice on Julia Gillard. If any Police Officer was not given a copy he can take that up with Julia Gillard personally. If she failed her staff? That is NOT MY PROBLEM.

Those Police Officers will not thank you or Julia Gillard should they have not been presented with this Lawful Notice but are accused and found guilty of a crime based on the lies that you have perpetuated to them. That they were lied to by you as the “Minister of Police” and thereby committed crimes for which they will be provided to make remedy because “ignorance of the law is no excuse”?

I gather they will not be best pleased with you. They can deal with you how they like.





The crimes of you people in government are many and varied.


But the crimes you have been committing against men are particularly heinous. That you, as the Police Minister and those before you, tell your Police Officers to commit MANDATORY ARREST using OVERWHELMING FORCE and the ELEMENT OF SURPRISE as repeated to me by the Station Commander of Hornsby Police Station on the night of Easter Sunday 1996 and reiterated to me by the lawyer I hired to ask if that was true is an abhorrent crime. That you are willing to do so while granting women who make false accusations immunity from prosecution is heinous in the extreme. And you know full well this is the case.


That the criminal Justin Dowd of Watts McCray Family Law Lawyers charged me $A500 to ‘research the mandatory arrest legislation in NSW’, legislation that is used in the reported arrest of 22,000 men in NSW each year and is said to be available to ALL POLICE OFFICERS and then refused to hand it over because I was going to publish it?


THAT is how criminal you lawyers, politicians, and police are.


When challenged to show the paperwork that you claim allows you to act like NAZI STORM TROOPERS you are not willing to produce it.


Should you, as Minister for Police, be willing to send me a copy of said legislation that you claim allows you to send ARMED MEN into our homes like NAZI STORM TROOPERS to beat us and assault us and injure us and kidnap us and incarcerate us?


Please feel invited to do so. I will post it to the Crimes Against Fathers site.


Of course. Should you fail to accept my invitation to send me the legislation by which YOU PERSONALLY ORDER 22,000 UNLAWFUL ARRESTS  per year?


That evidence will be presented at your trial.


Lastly? I have made it ABUNDANTLY CLEAR in my Lawful Notice to all members of the Police Force that they may not arrest ANYONE who has rescinded their consent to be governed until they have an agreement to a witness to a crime to complete an Affidavit of Accusation.


Any officer who arrests any man who where he does not have a witness to a crime who is willing to complete such an Affidavit will be liable for accusation of aggravated kidnapping (should he be carrying a weapon) and he will receive no preferential treatment over any other man who commits aggravated kidnapping. Possibly more.


Any officer who interferes with any man who has rescinded his consent to be governed on the basis of any of your bogus legislation will be held accountable for his actions. As the Minister for Police I believe your officers would thank you to make this clear to them.


As the Minister for Police? I will be holding YOU PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE for the actions of the criminal Andrew Scipione. You might want to talk to Andrew and tell him it’s high time he stopped his Masonic criminal ways and took the path of being an honest man.




I have emailed this letter to a long list of people who will also email it to a long list of people. I will also post it to the Crimes Against Fathers site. (Link below)


Many thousands of people will see this letter.


There is nowhere to run. There is nowhere to hide.


So you might as well come out with your confession of your crimes and work with us. You will save yourself the humiliation of a highly public trial by jury.



Best Regards


Peter-Andrew: Nolan©





-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: 23 June 2011 07:58
Subject: Response from the Office of the Minister for Police and Emergency Services


Dear Mr Nolan


Please see attached letter, it is in reply to your recent correspondence to the

Minister for Police and Emergency Services.


In addition, please note that any reply to this letter should be sent directly to the Office of the Minister for Police and Emergency Services.

 Mr Peter Nolan - Response.jpg
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