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 3/8/2012 4:12 PM
 Modified By host  on 3/7/2012 10:13:24 PM
What a shame I have to put this young mans name in here.

Jarrod Stephen Robinson.

I did my best to raise this lad to know the difference between right and wrong. I did my best to teach him that he must stand up for truth and justice where he saw a crime take place.

From the time he took some coins of mine as a two year old when he could have no idea what property or stealing was to the time I called him from the Arc de Triumph and spoke to him to inspire him to fight the cancer that looked like taking his life? I did my very, very best for this lad as far as I was allowed by his mother and her terrible mothering skills.

When he went to do the landmark forum and came home and gave me a hug and told me "Peter, you got your job done" I cried quite a bit knowing he had grown into his own man ready to make his own decisions and make his own way in the world.

I invited Jarrod to come to the court meeting to see for himself what his mother was doing. I actually thought he would come. He would have made me so proud if he was to stand up and say "This woman is lying. As much as I love her and she is my mother, she is lying. I was LIVING in the house when she alleges Peter was being a bad husband. Peter was being the best possible husband and father DESPITE my mother being a lazy sloth who would not even cook and clean or make effort for my little brother and sister. Far from being a bad father and husband Peter was doing a fantastic job despite being, as my mother put in her letter to him, undermined at every turn. How DARE these lies be entertained against this man!"

Now. If Jarrod had done that he might have earned my respect. Sadly he did not. He chose instead to allow his mother to commit more crimes. He chose to do nothing about the clear crime of stealing my house. Jarrod saw with his own eyes me work nights and weekends on our house in Seven Hills so as to be able to buy a better house in a better area next to a better school for HIM.

He saw me sit night after night, week after week, month after month in my tiny office in our house in Pennant Hills which was a converted shower stall and about the same size too. Jarrod saw, with his own eyes, the effort I put in over a 20 year period.

To be betrayed by Jarrod was a bitter, bitter disappointment on a number of levels.

The failure of me to get the message into him strongly enough between right and wrong, the value of denouncing criminals no matter who they are. And then his willingness to betray me and his willingness to accomplice himself to criminal acts. Very disappointing indeed.

Well. He must now make remedy. 

His crime is many-fold. He aided and abetted his mother by allowing her to use his bank account after he had left the country. It is presumed but not proven that the money being sent in was from Kristen.

He also supported his mother during the entire period she was committing crimes.

He also stayed silent in the face of knowing full well Jennifer was given 95% of proceeds. And Jarrod knew full well this was a crime.

We shall see what remedy he offers. Should he not offer one I will take every cent he has and I will also leave him with a large bill that he will have to labour for many years to pay. Just as I laboured for many years to give him the best chances that he, to a large extent, threw away.
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 7/1/2012 10:16 AM
This is his facebook.

I have linked his friends page to make sure he knows that I have those links.
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 7/1/2012 1:14 PM

So Jarrod Stephen Robinson

I do not know if you have bothered to read any messages from me so I will send this to on facebook and I will also post it to you CAF entry. Here is your CAF entry. This is where I will add public comments to you if you block my facebook messages.

Jarrod. You can not hide. People are reading your entry. I have everything I need to send your entry to all your facebook friends.

Now. I have also written a book for young men just like you. It is called “The Truth Be Told”. You can get a copy of it here. I recommend you read it. It will stand you in good stead for your future life if you do.

The fact is that your guvment is a criminal cartel that enslaves men via the agency of women. You, being male, have less legal protection that a stray DOG and the women in your society know this and LIKE IT. I wonder if you have figured that out yet. Your mother wants to you be enslaved for all your life. She wants you to pay for her in her old age and she will emotionally manipulate you and guilt you into it.

The women of your society are liars and hypocrites in the 99.9% majority. They want you to enslave yourself willingly to a woman for your whole life as well.

It is actually for lads just like you that I have laboured so hard and so long to create the opportunity to remove the criminals in the guvment. You are being poisoned as are so many of your generation. You have been indoctrinated and you are being enslaved. Just as I was indoctrinated and enslaved. I did not wake up until I was 44. You have the chance to wake up to the control grid when you are just 31. 13 years ahead of me. This is a gift to you.  One you do not deserve but are given anyway.

You face great perils. Your guvment is building a police state and those of you they do not kill will live in abject slavery if men like me are not successful. The plan is to chip you and control you through a cashless society. They are already 90% of the way to building this police state only people are too asleep to notice.

If you do not know all these things already then I recommend you educate yourself on the Illuminati, the New World Order, the poisoning of the air, water and food chain, the money system. As you well know, I am 48. I have had one of the best lives a man could wish for with the conspicuous exception that my former alleged children betrayed me and condoned criminal acts against me.

You are just 31. It is YOUR future that has been sold out by the likes of YOUR mother and YOUR relatives. It is YOUR relatives that have stayed silent and refused to take on those who are planning to cull you like a cow or a sheep or enslave you.

If you choose to do nothing then you will accept your own murder or you will accept your own slavery. Nothing I can do to you is going to be worse than what your own guvment is going to do to you if men like me fail.

Of all your relatives? I alone have risked my life for your future and the future of your generation. I, alone, had the courage of my convictions and the commitment to truth and justice to labour for your future and the future of your generation.

Indeed. Many of YOUR relatives such as Bill, Irene, Michael and Jennifer have actively attempted to cause me injury, harm and loss so that I would not be able to complete my work in exposing the guvments for the criminals they are and re-introducing the rule of law in Ireland and Australia.

Now. To the future.

As you may not know, it was my destiny to be betrayed by Jennifer and my former children. I was prepared for the battle of these last 4 years through a lifetime of preparation. Quite amazing when you think about it.

We are now preparing the way to put all ministers in both houses of parliament in Australia and Ireland on trial so as to be able to remove them from their mechanisms of genocide and control over the people of Ireland and Australia. This is all linked in the book on the CAF sites.

As part of this process of dealing with criminals no matter who or where they are you are going to offer remedy for your crime of aiding and abetting a known criminal, Jennifer, or you are going to stand trial.

The choice is up to you. You can:

  1. Denounce Jennifer as the criminal she is, admit your crime of aiding and abetting a known criminal this last year, and offer me a substantial remedy payment which will become a liability against your future income.  That money will be used to help lads whose fathers killed themselves in divorce.

    You, as someone who betrayed your step father, owe a debt to those lads whose fathers were similarly betrayed and who killed themselves. Every time you pay that remedy out of your salary you will be reminded that many men died because of women like your mother and that it was your obligation to denounce her as a criminal. There were NO EXCUSES for you that you did not do that. You were passed her perjurous court documents as soon as she issued them. As a MAN you had an OBLIGATION to denounce Jennifer as a CRIMINAL.

    Should you volunteer to make remedy I will check up on you from time to time via associates and I may, at my sole discretion, allow you to keep your income should my associates be able to convince me that you have grown into the sort of man that knows what the words honour and integrity mean.

  2. You may refuse to offer remedy and stand trial.

    If you choose to stand trial the remedy I will ask for is that you be allowed a living wage from your salary and all other income is passed to the charity I will be founding for boys whose fathers killed themselves in divorce.

    You will be allowed the inflation adjusted equivalent of EUR12,000 in savings for your 44th birthday. That is exactly what you have supported was done to me…so I will make sure it is done to you. No lesser remedy from the jury will be acceptable to me.

    You have not learned the lesson of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.  If you demonstrate that you have not learned this lesson by voluntarily making remedy then I will teach you that lesson whether you like it or not. Period.

So. Jarrod. I recommend you think VERY hard about what it is you do. You are an adult and responsible for your decisions.

My advice is for you to:

  1. Stand up for truth and justice.
  2. Denounce your mother for criminal she is and the crimes she committed.
  3. Bear witness to the facts of the crimes your mother committed in an open and honest way in a court of law on an affidavit. I mean bear witness with no fear and no favour. Be a MAN.
  4. Confess your criminal act of aiding and abetting a known criminal.
  5. Beg me for forgiveness for your crime.
  6. Beg forgiveness of your betrayal of me.
  7. Willingly donate a portion of your future income to help those lads whose fathers actually DID kill themselves in divorce, as is your obligation for your failure to speak out and speak the truth.


I think you will find that if you do as I advise you will be far more at peace with yourself in future years. Many young lads just like Joshua John have to live without their fathers because their fathers are dead, as I very nearly was. You could be helping those lads by denouncing criminal women like your mother.

It is a shame that out of the years I spent raising you that you have not chosen to be the sort of step son I could be proud of.

You might want to know. When I talked to Hartmut, whom you met in Cologne, he could not believe you betrayed me. He said to me words to the effect…

“But Peter, you came to work every day to get the money needed to pay the bills to save Jarrods life. You did everything in your power to save his life. How can this man betray you? I can not believe this. I truly can not believe this. I am so sorry for you.”

German men are good men. So much better than Australian men like you.

The last time I was in Australia and my father invited you to dinner and I refused to attend? After I returned my father asked me “Why did you refuse to eat dinner with Jarrod”

I told him.

“The lad does not deserve the benefit of my presence.”

My father started to protest. I cut him off with.

“I think you should know that I am none too impressed that you, my father, fed someone at your table that committed crimes against me.”

This silenced any protest he was about to put forward.

Now…make your choices wisely. You are an adult. You will be held accountable for your decisions by me.

I recommend you do not test me on these issues.

Aka Joschua-Brandon: Boehm(c).
New Post
 10/23/2012 3:09 AM
Here is the email between Jennifer and Kristen sharing Jarrods bank account details.

This was Jennifer conning Kristen to loan her money despite having access to an estimated equity in the house of AUD500,000 at the time...Jennifer prosecuted her war against me with other people money hoping to be able to outspend me on lawyers with other peoples money. She had no idea that I would have access to more money than she did to prosecute that war.

Also, since she committed perjury at the start? All my costs are to be presented as liabilities to HER as I would not have had to spend them apart from her CRIME of perjury.

Subject: RE: new email
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008 10:17:02 +0000

Hi Kristen,

The bank is the AIB, Dun Laoghaire branch. The account name is Mr Jarrod Robinson. The sort code is 93-34-06. The account number is 17508-096.

Let me know if you need more information than this,

Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008 09:18:00 +0800
Subject: Re: new email

Hi Mum, 

Do you have Jarrod's bank account details? 

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