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 3/8/2011 7:53 PM
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So...our friend 'Illuminati Ingrid' has turned up again, this time on our CAF - Australia site.

The most likely suspect for being Illuminati Ingrid is Michael Toal. He happens to be my ex-brother in law.

Michael was silent the entire time his sister committed crimes and child abuse. Now that I am exposing his sister for the perjuror, kidnapper, extortionist, thief and child abuser she IS? He's 'upset' and defending her non-existent 'honour'.

To this end Michael Toal has, allegedly and has not plausibly denied, committed a number of crimes. This include slander, false reporting to peace officers, threats of violence, threats of injuring a mans livelyhood and his ability to earn his income.

Yep. Michael Toal has been a right prick of late. Anyone who wants to call him and tell him so? His details are below.

Michael is ALSO none best pleased I have now released to the broader public from an easy to access location the tracking of MY car and the listing of calls from MY cell phone.

This tracking provides STRONG EVIDENCE of Jennifer committing the illegal act in Ireland of prostitution. This is NOT much of a stretch since, given the crimes Jennifer has committed, she is well below a prostitute on my scale of how to judge people. Prostitutes are nowhere near as low as child abusers, especially when those children are your OWN children.

Now. Let's be clear. I am not ACCUSING Jennifer of prostitution. I am merely presenting the evidence of her POSSIBLE prostitution. Those who know her are welcome to ask directly if she has been prostituting herself at a time when she had more than $A200,000 in assets available to her.

Here is that evidence.

Now. If anyone would like to ASK MICHAEL TOAL of he has challenged his SISTER on this subject to determine the facts of the matter?

These are his details:
"My mobile number is 0412 327 054 and my home number is 02 9499 5645."

Should any men here wish to contact Jennifers FATHER, Bill Toal, and ask him why HE has allowed his daughter to commit said crimes? His email is and his home number is 02 69 25 40 41.

I have placed an open letter to the men of Wagga Wagga onto my personal web site. However, it does seem appropriate to attach it to this post now. 

In this letter I have included a number of the emails from Michael pointing out his mental instablities.

Please note that Michael has been calling people that I know and has been threatening them with violence. Since he is a large man and trained at a young age in martial arts and is also an excellent rifle shot? Threats of violence are credible and he will be dealt with most severely if they continue.

Michaels name, address, email, phone numbers have been given to men who would be quite happy to go and explain to him that threatening innocent bystanders, indeed people who are working hard for the re-introduction of the rule of law, with violence and injuring their income earning capabilities is NOT OK.

If the NSW Police were DOING THEIR JOB (which they are not) I would ask them to assist me. But the NSW Police are mostly criminals and cowards with barely an honest man left among them.

And yes. We WILL find out where Michael has contracts or work and we WILL inform his employers of his willingness to threaten violence and we WILL provide his email trail to his employer.

Since Michael has seen fit to do this to innocent bystanders then he will have no complaints when his actions are reflected back on him for HIS criminal activities.

I have linked below the open letter I wrote to the men of Wagga regarding the crimes of the Toal family. This is the sort of shit Bill Toal tolerates from his son.

And it should NOT be lost on men here that Bill Toal has FOUR daughters and the men tied up with this OTHER daughters have every right to know that they have a psycho brother and a father who agrees that 5% vs 95% for a great husband is just FINE.

I'm really interested to talk to the OTHER men who are involved with Bills OTHER daughters.

Just in case anyone wants to know what a man who raped his sister looks like? Here are some photos of Michael Toal. A man whose own sister says she raped her. 

 L2010112301 Men of Wagga Wagga Re Toal Family V0.1.pdf
New Post
 3/26/2011 6:12 AM
Just so you can see the state of mind that Michael Toal is in? And if you have any doubts he is well and truly unhinged. Here are a set of emails he sent today to myself and John Wilson. You can note the multiple threats he has made to John despite the fact that John has nothing to do with the Lawful Notice I sent out.

I will post each email separately.
New Post
 3/26/2011 6:12 AM

Sorry, meeting over!

From: Mick Toal [mtb] []
Sent: Friday, 25 March 2011 3:18 PM
To: ''
Subject: I don't recognise the validity of your fucked out courts!

Hello you Low Life Mother Fucker,

I understand from the attached documents that I have been declared a criminal, along with my righteous parents, and a niece and nephew and we are to face trial at some loopy court at Parramatta Leagues Club on April 15.

Well, you can all get seriously fucked, and how dare you intrude in to my family’s private business!

I can tell you right now that “meeting” or whatever your retards want to call it won’t be happening at the Parramatta Leagues Club, because I just made one call, and it has been cancelled.

If you or any or your brain dead mates want to discuss this with me, well, I’d like to make it personal.

You can find me very easily, because your retarded “mate” has put my name and address all across the internet, along with my phone numbers. I do note that Peter chooses not to publish any direct contact details, as do you – fucking cowards!

How dare you fuckers take up the cause of an obviously mentally unhinged individual who is risking the welfare of myself and my loved ones because he didn’t get his own way!

When you get notice that your fucked out “meeting” is cancelled, well, you tell Peter it was me who arranged it. And you tell him to come and face me man to man!

And any of you cowardly scum who like to stalk and persecute righteous pensioners have an issue with me, well, make it personal with a warrior, you low life cunts!

You have taken up the sword of my sworn enemy, and I take this very personally!

Let’s sort this out face to face you fucking delusional coward!

My parents get any form of contact again from your sycophants and I will hunt you down!

Hold your fucking court under a bridge, where you all fucking belong!

Fuck off!

Mick Toal.

20 Bruce Ave Killara NSW 2071

Phone 0412 327 054

Contact at your peril you fucking scum!

New Post
 3/26/2011 6:13 AM

From: John Wilson []
Sent: Friday, 25 March 2011 5:03 PM
Subject: Fw: I don't recognise the validity of your fucked out courts!

Dear Mick Toal,


What's going on?


The Parramatta Leagues Club Meeting on 15 April is to set up Common Law Courts because what ought to be ordinary Courts in Australia have been taken over by very powerful forces to deny Justice.


Please find attached the leaflet explaining the concept.


You tell me that you have spoken to the Leagues Club and that the Meeting has been cancelled.


I have been fighting corruption for many years and know that these bad characters will stop at nothing to smash any efforts to put an end to their wickedness.


So, I'm not surprised that the Meeting at the Parramatta Leagues Club would be a target for them to sabotage.


There will be no Court or Trial or anything even resembling such nonsense on 15th of April .... it is exactly what I have said it would be... a Meeting to confirm and proclaim the authenticity of Common Law Courts in Australia.... please find a copy of one of the 1,00 leaflets I and my son handed out in Canberra on Wednesday.


I have offered to meet and talk with you and you agreed ...up to the point when I suggested we meet in the foyer of the NSW Supreme Court in Macquarie Street, Sydney, which I thought was a safe place ...but you kept up with the foul language and hung up.


Why don't you talk to Peter Nolan? ..... it's his pdf that has you riled up.



Yours sincerely,

John Wilson.

New Post
 3/26/2011 6:15 AM

-----Original Message-----
From: Mick Toal [mtb] []
Sent: 25 March 2011 12:19
Subject: RE: I don't recognise the validity of your fucked out courts!

John Wilson is some plonker who was sponsoring your lunacy!

He is now a sworn enemy of mine!

Meeting no longer going ahead!

So hold a bullshit court – not going to happen!

Fuck off!

From: []
Sent: Friday, 25 March 2011 8:36 PM
To: Mick Toal [mtb];; John Wilson; Jennifer Toal; 
Subject: Re: I don't recognise the validity of your fucked out courts!

Some more of you sons handy work. If you can't see he is mentally unstable from emails like this? If you can't settle him down? I will have to do it for you.

Best regards


New Post
 3/26/2011 6:17 AM

-----Original Message-----
From: Mick Toal [mtb] []
Sent: 25 March 2011 12:31
Subject: RE: SPAM-MED: Fw: I don't recognise the validity of your fucked out courts!

Oh, so you cc’d Nolan?

John, you so much a lift a phone to talk to my family on behalf of this coward and we have further problems … and ay “trials” that Peter sets up will have as much credibility as your silly little Parramatta Leagues Club meeting, which I shut down with a mere phone call!

Peter I, or any of my family, won’t and never will stand crimes in any of “your” courts!  It is just an attempt at bullying – plain and simple!

Get used to it you ineffectual perpetual loser!

One more e-mail and I go after the Parramatta Leagues Club for considering hosting this event!

From: []
Sent: Friday, 25 March 2011 8:17 PM
To: John Wilson;;; Jennifer Toal
Subject: Re: SPAM-MED: Fw: I don't recognise the validity of your fucked out courts!

Hi John,
Michael Toal is my ex brother in law.

He has committed many crimes against me and will stand trial for these crimes.

He is also quite mentally unstable.. He has been calling people involved with restoring the rule of law and threatening them with violence. Some of the people you know.

Bill Toal (copied) is his father and I have told bill that should he not get his son under control that michael may have to be quite severely dealt with.

You can call Bill on 02 69 254041 if you wish to discuss Michaels crimes with bill. He lives in wagga. Bill was made many offers to settle the dispute brought by his daughter peacefully and in private. He has spurned all such offers.

Further, you may wish to ask bill, man to man, why it was he provided his daughter with money to pay the criminals in the courts to rob me. I could not have been so robbed if bill did not loan jennifer 35000 to pay her liar lawyer in australia. Bill is every bit as guilty of common law theft as david dunkley. Bill will have all his property taken from him for making himself an accessory to that crime. I shall be making examples of bill and michael so that other men do not support criminal daughters and sisters.

If Bill was a decent father he would not have supported his daughter in committing crimes. We only have the crimes in the family courts we have because FATHERS and BROTHERS do not stand up to their criminal daughters and sisters.

You can not reason or even communicate with michael. So don't bother.

Just delete and email you get from him and hang up on any call you get from him.

I am sorry he has bothered you but there is not much else to be done other than to assault and injure him. This is something I am trying to avoid doing by repeatedly emailing his father. You might like to tell bill on the phone that michaels health and well being is in serious danger since he is making threats of violence and is a credible threat.

Like I said. You might want to call Bill yourself. He has refused to respond to my emails to him for three years now.

Bill has provem himself to be a man of poor moral character. It was disappointing to me he actively worked against me. And bill has failed to get michael under control in 8 months now. He is, quite simply, a terrible father. He allows his wife to trample all over him and he has no backbone to stand up to his wife and children.

The obvious result is that his wife and some children have then become criminals because bill has not been willing to stop them from committing crimes. All very sad.

But since you and he are very much the same vintage you might have more luck than me.

Best regards

New Post
 3/26/2011 6:18 AM

-----Original Message-----
From: Mick Toal [mtb] []
Sent: 25 March 2011 12:36
Subject: RE: I don't recognise the validity of your fucked out courts!

Oh so you wanted to declare several of my family as criminals and “try” us?

Well, I stopped it with a phone call!

Get fucked!

John wants to argue with me, I will shut him down further!

And where is you “less than savoury gentleman from Russia”? You fucking empty standover man?

So there you go, the first step of you bringing the rule of law to Australia shut down by some individual with a phone and some initiative … what else you got?

New Post
 3/26/2011 6:18 AM

-----Original Message-----
From: Mick Toal [mtb] []
Sent: 25 March 2011 12:40
Subject: RE: Sorry - you sponsored this event and he has named my family as criminals under trial - you do not dictate where and when we meet! It is personal between you and me!

John, you so much as lift a finger to phone my father and I escalate my campaign against you – I have a zero tolerance when it comes to the harassment of my family!

From: []
Sent: Friday, 25 March 2011 8:24 PM
To: Mick Toal [mtb]; 'John Wilson';; Jennifer Toal
Subject: Re: Sorry - you sponsored this event and he has named my family as criminals under trial - you do not dictate where and when we meet! It is personal between you and me!

Hi John,

As mentioned. Bill Toals number is 02 69 25 4041.

Feel free to call him and tell him what his son is doing.

Best regards

New Post
 3/26/2011 6:19 AM

-----Original Message-----
From: Mick Toal [mtb] []
Sent: 25 March 2011 12:42
Subject: RE: I don't recognise the validity of your fucked out courts!

I AM NOT A DOG AND YOU WILL NOT MUZZLE ME! Fine, I’m going after Wilson staring tonight!

From: []
Sent: Friday, 25 March 2011 10:46 PM
To: Mick Toal [mtb]; John Wilson;; Jennifer Toal
Subject: Re: I don't recognise the validity of your fucked out courts!

Michael seems to not understand he is being ignored because he is mentally unstable and stupid to boot.

I keep telling you that he is running around threatening people and I keep asking you to deal with your criminal children.

What are you going to say if I am put in a position where I actually have to order the use of force against michael?

Are you going to claim you had no obligation to stop the criminal acts of your child?

Are you going to try and pin blame on me when I have forwarned you many times?

Get control of michael bill. Put him on a leash and muzzle him.

If you don't. I most certainly will.


Gesendet mit BlackBerry von Vodafone

From: "Mick Toal [mtb]" <>

Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2011 22:19:23 +1100

To: <>

Subject: RE: I don't recognise the validity of your fucked out courts!

John Wilson is some plonker who was sponsoring your lunacy!

He is now a sworn enemy of mine!

Meeting no longer going ahead!

So hold a bullshit court – not going to happen!

Fuck off!

New Post
 3/26/2011 6:20 AM

-----Original Message-----
From: Mick Toal [mtb] []
Sent: 25 March 2011 12:47
Subject: RE: SPAM-MED: Fw: I don't recognise the validity of your fucked out courts!

It is not mentally unstable to seek to protect your loved ones from a nutter!

And anyone who supports him!

This rubbish starts to stop here, and anyone who supports you will be shut down!

Peter, you are full of shit … none of your dickhead mates have ever turned up to my house to date and they never will … send around the “men who will deal with me” anytime, you fucking stalker!

From: []
Sent: Friday, 25 March 2011 8:22 PM
To: John Wilson;; Jennifer Toal;
Subject: Re: SPAM-MED: Fw: I don't recognise the validity of your fucked out courts!

Hi John,

As I said in the other email.

Michael is quite mentally unstable.

Just ignore him.

His name and address and photo are with men who can and will deal with him if needs be.

Best regards


New Post
 3/26/2011 6:21 AM

-----Original Message-----
From: Mick Toal [mtb] []
Sent: 25 March 2011 12:50
Subject: RE: I don't recognise the validity of your fucked out courts!

You can’t do shit, get used to it, you impotent fuck!

Send your lackeys around any fucking time!

What else have you got!

New Post
 3/26/2011 6:22 AM

-----Original Message-----
From: Mick Toal [mtb] []
Sent: 25 March 2011 13:05
Subject: RE: SPAM-MED: Fw: I don't recognise the validity of your fucked out courts!

Do your worst, you impotent mother fucker!

From: []
Sent: Friday, 25 March 2011 11:12 PM
To: Mick Toal [mtb];;; Jennifer Toal
Subject: Re: SPAM-MED: Fw: I don't recognise the validity of your fucked out courts!

More rubbish from your mentally unstable son.

All this is being copied to men quite prepared to deal with him.

I will also be posing it to my CAF site so that those who consider employing him can see what a nutcase he is.


New Post
 3/26/2011 6:23 AM

-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: 25 March 2011 14:12
Subject: Re: SPAM-MED: Fw: I don't recognise the validity of your fucked out courts!

Oh gee, you know how to forward e-mails ... what else have you got, you

impotent, limp dicked loser!


New Post
 3/26/2011 6:38 AM

That is an interesting little tirade from Michael today. It seems that he does not really understand yet the serious trouble he, his father, his mother and his sister are in.

Seems that his idea of getting his family members 'out of trouble' is to create more trouble for them. Like I said. Mentally unstable.

Bill Toal (ph:02 69 25 40 41) was made many offers over a period of more than two years to first settle privately and then remedy privately the crimes committed. He chose not to. Bill, Irene, Jennifer, Michael, Jarrod and Kristen all made their beds.

Now they are going to sleep in them.

Now. This is Michaels web site.
If any man reading this takes exception to his actions? You are more than welcome to call your local newspapers and ask around if the are employing this nutcase.

He makes claims he can get stories done by the SMH? Well? If any man feels like calling the SMH and pointing out that Michael is a nutcase who goes around threatening people? You are more than welcome.

If any man reading this wishes to call Bill Toal and ask him why he has chosen to associate himself with the crimes of his daughter and why he has chosen to allow his son to go around threatening people when he has been well informed that this is the case? 

If any man here wishes to call his local cops and tell them what a nutcase he is? Feel free to do so. I would much prefer his father or the local cops put a leash and muzzle on him than for me to have to do that. But given the terrible performance of the police force these last 20 years I can't say I'll be holding my breath for some of them to start to act like decent men. Maybe they will. Maybe they won't. But I will certainly not rely on them.

So. You want to call the cops and explain to them what Michael Toal is up to? Please feel free to do so.

I gave my word to Bill that his family name will be thrown in the gutter and dragged through the mud for his families criminal actions against me.

And so it will be.
New Post
 4/7/2011 12:13 AM
So Gents,
Michael Toals is 'defending his righteous parents' and 'defending the honour of his sister'.

Ok. What is Michael Toal 'defending' rather than 'doing the right thing'?

1. Bill Toal talked to my father and discussed that the broader families stay out of the vicious dispute that Jennifer brought against me for no better reason than being a greedy selfish bitch. My father agreed to do this and the only thing my father did was loan me money when my bank accounts were frozen so I could actually feed myself and pay my lawyer bills. The VAST majority of the money I borrows did NOT come from my family members. It came from friends so as to keep my family out of this vicious dispute brought by a selfish and greedy woman. 

Yet? What do we find on Jennifers Affidavits? We find that Bill (and hence Irene) Toal funded Jennifer to the tune of $A35,000 in lawyers fees for Sarah Bevan. That is on Jennifers Affdavits so I am entitled to take it as correct.

So. Bill Toal is a liar who funded criminal activities of a criminal woman in full knowlwdge of those criminal activities making himself and his wife criminals in full awareness this is what he was doing.

Any comment from the 'righteous Michael Toal' about this? Nope.

2. Bill Toal was issued offer after offer for a period of TWO YEARS to settle his criminal, vicious, callous, cruel, lying bitch of a daughter down. And when 95% of the proceeds of my 25 years of labour were transferred to Jennifer? Bill Toal was made the offer to send that money back to me and that I would do what was right, fair and just by all concerned. Bill Toal refused to answer this offer and thereby colluded in the retention of stolen property. 

Bill and Irene Toal are nothing but common criminals.

They can be found at 23 Fernleigh Road, Turvey Park, Wagga Wagga, NSW 2650 if you want to send them a letter or if you are local to drop by.

You can call Bill on 02-69 25 40 41 if you want ask him the questions: 

"What the fuck do you think you are doing funding such an obvious bitch to the tune of $A35,000? 

And what the fuck do you think you are doing allowing your bitch of a daughter to kidnap children, commit perjury, extortion and theft, and then retain 95% of a mans lifes work when YOU KNOW FULL WELL you daughter was such a lazy bitch she refused to go to work and refused to help her husband make ends meet despite the fact he put her through university and helped her in her career?

And don't you know that it is only because of SPINELESS CRIMINAL FATHERS like YOU that bitches like your daughter are about to cause the deaths of 4,000 men a year and YOUR SON IN LAW was nearly one of them because you are a spineless gutless criminal?

And how about the disgraceful behaviour of YOUR SON? Going around threatening people because YOU are too fucking gutless to BE A MAN and shut your son up and have him be honest? YOUR son has also made himself a criminal JUST LIKE YOU because of your poor example.

Are you happy with how much damage your family is doing in YOUR community?"

Any comment from the 'righteous Michael Toal' about this? Nope.

3. Jennifer Toal has confessed:
3.1. She got herself deliberately pregnant at the age of 16 and lied to everyone that it was an accident and played the victim for 30+ years.
3.2. She lied to me on the status of her divorce even as a family friend when we started dating. She also lied to her father and mother on this point.
3.3. She committed 14 counts of perjury that I could identify and two that I bothered to prove on an affidavit.
3.4. She showed her son sexually explict materials that I had forbid my then son to watch. He was 12.
3.5. She stole EUR18,000 from our company as a director.
3.6. She kidnapped my former children and relocated them to places unknown.
3.7. She abused my elderly and ill mother.
3.8. She used criminal accomplices in the legal fraternity to commit extortion.

Any comment from the 'righteous Michael Toal' about this? Nope.

Michael Toal is a complete fucking arsehole. You want to drop by and tell him so or you want to call him? Men like HIM are part of the whole problem we have. Too stupid to know right from wrong and defending criminal woman just because of that stupidity. If Michael Toal were anything of a man he would have stood up to his criminal sisters and criminal parents and taken a public stance against their crimes. But he's not. He's a loser, gutless, fuckwit. I am perfectly prepared to say so publicly. 

I will see him in court and say so again in front of a jury of 12 men who will issue the Remedy Instruction for all the crimes he has committed. If he had any balls he'd confess all his crimes on an affidavit and offer remedy to save me the trouble and HIM the expense of the court proceeding.

Mick Toal.
20 Bruce Ave Killara NSW 2071
Phone 0412 327 054
New Post
 4/7/2011 12:41 AM

(For other readers. This was sent to my private mailing list. I do not wish to publish those names.)


M has a good point.  What most people DO NOT REALISE is that the problem is NOT ‘The Illuminati’ per se. The REAL PROBLEM is in the willingness of individuals to criminally abuse other individuals for their own benefit. Taking what is NOT THEIRS simply because the are offered the opportunity.


I am going to make a very good example of the Toal family of Wagga Wagga on this point.


So please pass this FAR and WIDE.


When the Toal family came to Wagga in 1976 there was, as usual, not that many kids who would be friendly with a new family that just moved into town. Small country towns like Wagga Wagga are like that. New families often find it hard to become part of the community. Because their son Michael was in some of the same classes as me and was finding it a little tough making new friends in a very cliquey school I went out of my way, as I was taught, to make friends and introduce him around my circle of friends as much as was possible. I was 12 at the time.


I was in and out of Bill and Irenes house since I was a 12 year old. Obviously I knew Jennifer. She was also the best friend of my ‘first love’ and they were so alike that they often passed themselves off as sisters.


Jennifer had an ‘accidental’ pregnancy at 16 which was actually deliberate and she lied to everyone about that.


She was only in that marriage a short time and was soon a solo mother with two small children. As a ‘family friend’ I often talked to her about what a bad situation she was in. Leaving school at year 10, two small children, in a housing commission house, with no prospects. Not good.


It was some time later that she showed an interest in me. Some may say I chose poorly and they would be correct with the benefit of hindsight. However, in the years we courted Jennifer chose to go on to study. Her family were ‘salt of the earth people’ and very supportive and encouraging of us as a young couple. They knew my family. They knew me. They were well aware that there were no many men willing, or able, to take on two small kids and assist Jennifer in her career.


Jennifer went from a position of no prospects at all to a great job as a programmer for IBM, courtesy of me. Her children were paid for and taken care of, courtesy of me. Her ex did put in some money, no question, but in those days it was not a lot.


Jennifer enjoyed a lifestyle that was totally out of the question purely based on my willing ness to provide it.


Yet. In divorce. Was it really the ‘Illuminati’ who were my enemy?


No. It was the TOAL FAMILY who were WILLING ACCOMPLICES of the criminals in the legal fraternity, politicians, police who were willing to ATTACK ONE OF THEIR OWN purely to steal from him.


OTHER PEOPLE are our enemies. OTHER PEOPLE are the ones we must stop from committing crimes. These OTHER PEOPLE are incited to commit these crimes BY the Illuminati.


The Illuminati then simply sit back and plunder BOTH PARTIES because of the greed and selfishness of ONE PARTY.


There should not be a man on this list who does NOT realize that when Jennifer attacked me using the courts that it was HER FATHERS RESPONSIBILITY TO STOP HER.


NOT ONE of you can avoid knowing this because I am putting it into your face that this is the case.


The FAILURE in our society is NOT that the Illuminati are screwing us over. It is that FATHERS are failing to exert their moral authority over their children who are committing crimes.


Kevin Rudd has a father.


Julia Gillard has a father.


I hold THESE MEN MOST RESPONSIBLE for allowing their children to commit crimes and NOT doing THEIR JOB as a father to stop them from doing so.


So have a browse of this.


And if you agree with me? If you think FATHERS are not only the problem, but we are also the REMEDY to the problem by holding people accountable for their crimes?


Give Bill Toal a call on 02 69 25 40 41 and ask him those questions. Give Michal Toal a call on 0412 327 054 and tell him he’s a fuckwit and that if he was a REAL MAN like any man on  this list he’s be doing what I am doing. Denouncing his family as criminals and demanding they make remedy for their crimes.


And gentlemen? If no-one bothers to call? If you all think ‘this is nothing to do with me, this is not my problem’? Then when the NEXT man kills himself from the abuse he gets from the family court? Just remember THAT is not your problem either, right? And when the NEXT boy is left fatherless? That is not your problem either, right?


When FATHERS start to realize they will be publicly vilified and condemned if they allow their daughters to behave like Jennifer? Then we will see a few more fathers stop these criminal woman doing what they are doing. They will never walk into the family courts because their FATHERS will settle their disputes for the benefit of ALL.


If we co-operate. If we collaborate. The Illuminati lose all influence. They ONLY have influence based on ‘divide and conquer’.


Well? They divided the TOAL family of Wagga Wagga from right thinking people everywhere and used their willingness to steal from me in order to destroy one more family.


And how many times has THAT pattern been repeated across Australia these last 30 years?




Gentlemen. More than anyone else? It is FATHERS who are failing. And it is FATHERS who are the remedy.


Give Bill a call. Tell him how badly he has failed. Not just me. But his whole community.


And if you know other ‘Bill Toals’? Men who supported or allowed their vicious, cruel, callous, bitches of daughters do these things? Give THEM a call too. Give THEM an earful about how THEY failed their son in laws, their grand children, their community.


Thanks for listening.


Best Regards





There is merrit in what this fellow is saying, however, we would be so much stronger as a peoples if we ditched the 'religious' content of our faith & united as a peoples


the whole idea of the elitists in CREATING different re-legions was to cause such friction between them that in a war they would EXHAUST ONE ANOTHER & then whoever remains after a war of atrition will be EASILY CONQUERED by the elitists armies.  Such clever tactics!  So folks  lets stop waring, dicth our diffs & be best of friends. After all aren't we all part of man'kind - funny - 'man' & 'kind'      is there a message there?




New Post
 11/26/2011 10:28 PM

-----Original Message-----
From: Peter Nolan [] 
Sent: 26 November 2011 13:24
To: Bill Toal  
Cc: ''; 
Subject: Bill...Michael is still making a nuisance of himself

Hi Bill,
Here is your criminal son going around making threats of violence against more people. I will publish this email here. Joshua is now an adult and has every right to see what is being written about the criminals in his family. I often wonder to myself if Joshua, as a young man, will choose to be a criminal or choose to be an honest man of honour and integrity like his former father. Time will tell as to what the lad makes of himself.

When I get the time, most likely after Michael stands trial, I will make sure that he is pushed out of his professional area.
Now Bill.
You might like to explain to Michael these FACTS.
1.       Jennifer committed the crime of stealing in August 2007 when she stole EUR18,000 in an act of criminal embezzlement from my company. In stealing that money she became a criminal. This crime was reported to the relevant authorities but apparently women can commit criminal embezzlement and that is just fine. Women commit crime with impunity now.

2.       In August 2007 Jennifer broke her agreement with me of July 2002. That agreement was that she would actually assist me in our business or pay for herself out of what was allocated to be 50% of the asset of the house. In breaking this agreement Jennifer lied to me for the SECOND time in our marriage and that was, effectively, the end of the marriage. Jennifer had the status of LIAR AND THIEF AND CRIMINAL as of August 2007. If Michael wishes any confirmation of this he can ask Jarrod who was there.

3.       I monitored Jennifers hotmail email from August 2007 to January 2008 without her knowledge. I could see ALL the traffic between her and her disgusting low life lawyer. On phone calls with Jennifer she would LIE TO MY FACE that she was NOT talking to a divorce lawyer in Ireland while I had the emails in front of me. So this sister Michael is trying to “defend the honour of” was a blatant LIAR AND THIEF AND CRIMINAL and this was known to Jarrod at the time as he was an adult. We kept this information from Joshua and Josephine at the time as they were children.

4.       In November 2007 Jennifer committed the crime of PERJURY in her affidavits. Therefore ANYONE who assists her after that point in time who is aware of this perjury is guilty of aiding and abetting a KNOWN CRIMINAL. This is one reason I told you to STAY OUT OF IT. Because if you did not YOU would be committing a crime for which I would be perfectly prepared to prosecute you. You gave Jennifer money to support her in committing her crimes. So YOU AND IRENE committed the crime of aiding and abetting a KNOWN CRIMINAL.

I have the emails where I sent you, Jarrod and Kristen the perjurous documents. I have the threat from the courts in Ireland to incarcerate me for passing you these documents. So there is no doubt that you were in possession of these documents and that you were fully aware of Jennifers perjury. 

5.       In February 2008 Jennifer added to the crime of Perjury by committing the crime of Kidnapping.

6.       In the November 2007 to November 2009 period Jennifer committed the crime of EXTORTION by having the criminals in the legal fraternity threaten to jail me for non payment of UNLAWFUL AMOUNTS of “money”. 

I told my lawyer, Piarais Neary, that I would not be extorted or threatened. I told him I would not pay ONE CENT of ANY MONEY while ANY violation of my rights had not been remedied. I told Piarais to tell the judge that if he issued an order to kidnap me and unlawfully incarcerate me then he had better keep me in jail for a long, long time because my first order of business would be to KILL THE JUDGE on release. The judge thought better of extorting me when he knew it would cost him his life.

To this day I have not paid ONE CENT of the court order by the criminal Judge Griffin in Ireland and I do not intend to. Indeed he owes me big time and I WILL collect.

7.       All through the period November 2007 to 2009 Jennifer acted in the most disgusting and disgraceful of ways. Her constant lying and criminal actions set a terrible example to her children. The fact that she was able to persuade Kristen Robinson and Jarrod Robinson to ALSO commit the crime of aiding and abetting a known criminal is all the evidence you need of her disgusting and disgraceful behaviour. 

By LYING to her OWN CHILDREN and PLAYING THE VICTIM where she had PLENTY of money at her disposal she guilted them into committing CRIMES for which they would later be prosecuted. 

8.       Presumably Jennifer also guilted and manipulated you and Irene into committing criminal acts as well. I have the email where she says she wants to be left to make her own mistakes, but you supported her in her crimes. Not wise.

9.       In about mid 2010, when I realized that 95% of funds had been transferred to Jennifer you were offered the chance again to send that money back to me and to remedy the crimes of your daughter without the need to go public. You spurned this offer. YOUR CHOICE.
So you tell Michael that he is about as stupid as they come to try and “defend the honour” of a woman who is a LIAR, who has committed the crimes of perjury, extortion, kidnapping and stealing. 
He is even MORE STUPID to be committing crimes in doing so. He will be impoverished and he will have any professional reputation that he may still cling to destroyed.
As I said Bill. I have no idea why you decided to start a feud with me because it was a feud you could not win at any point in time. 
Once I survived my period of being suicidal you and your family were going to make remedy for the crimes you chose to commit.
Now. I suggest, AGAIN, you put a muzzle on Michael before he makes the very large mistake of actually injuring anyone.
-----Original Message-----
From: [] 
Sent: 26 November 2011 00:24
Subject: Fuck off you clowns!
Okay, here's a few facts of life for those of you who take Nolan's 
words as gospel.
If you check the isp of this e-mail, you will see I am currently in 
Any fuckwit on this list turns up at my house in Sydney, you will find 
it inhabited by mates of mine who I met in East Timor, Iraq and 
Afghanistan - rock up whenever you want and they will take the greatest 
pleasure in beating the shit out of you on behalf of Peter Fuckwit 
Nolan! Not that he would care!
That cunt xxxxxxxxs. you are forever on my shit list - I will flog 
you within a inch of your life when we meet - you fucking cunt.
ANYBODY contacts my family, the phones have long been traced.
As Peter said, my contact details were somehow public domain because 
they were on my website, so it is I found yours with a google search.
Here is my e-mail - I dare any one of you to make any contact with me.
And Peter? You set up a silly meaningless court, I will take great 
delight in getting a few mates together and trashing it! Not that it's 
going to happen! Didn't you vow to have a "less than savoury Russian 
Gentleman" kill me and for your cousins to "break my fingers so I can no 
longer practice my skills as a marksman". Well I've since had a few 
beers with your cousins, and every one of them told me you are full if 
shit and an embarrassment to your family.
Regards the Australian Freeman site, they published your crap, I had it 
shut down, if you want I can make a specific complaint to the Federal 
Police, but the parties involved have since said they never wanted 
anything to do with you, so I am happy to leave that where it rests 
unless you want to push it further.
Peter, you are a meaningless, ineffectual cunt!
Now fuck off!
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 1/10/2012 8:21 PM
Oh...this just gets better. Michael Toal has DIRECT links to ASIO.

Paul OSullivan was the former Director General of ASIO.

Scroll down, you will see Michael Toals photo and resume. More to follow.

"Furthermore, ASIO has undergone a period of rapid growth with some 70% of the Organisation's officers having joined since 2002, leading to what Paul O'Sullivan, Director-General of Security from 2005 to 2009, called 'an experience gap"





Brig P.S. O’Sullivan AM MBE


Paul was commissioned as an Infantry Second Lieutenant in December 1964 and posted to 2RAR. An original member of 6RAR when it was raised in June 1965, he served with the Battalion on its first tour of Vietnam in 1966 – ‘67. Paul moved to Townsville with 6RAR when the Battalion relocated in late 1967 and was posted out in June 1968. He returned to 2RAR in Townsville in December 1972 and became an original member of 2/4RAR in August 1973 when 2RAR and 4RAR linked.

In 1974, Paul commanded C Coy 2/4RAR in Butterworth and left the Battalion in September 1975. He served on the staff of the Directorate of Infantry 1982 – ‘84 before returning to Townsville as Commanding Officer 2/4RAR in 1985 – ‘86. In 1989, Paul became the last Director of Infantry to hold that appointment in Canberra. As Director of Infantry, he also held the appointments of Head of Corps and Regimental Colonel of the Royal Australian Regiment. Currently, Paul runs a NSW statutory authority concerned with transport safety. He has been on the RAR Association committee for five years and President for four. In addition to the RAR Association, he works with Legacy and Red Cross in a voluntary capacity.



Vice President


To be updated







Mr Rick " Barney" Bigwood


Rick "Barney" Bigwood 218527 went to South Vietnam in November 1968 after a stint in 1 ARU was posted to 12 plt D Coy 1 RAR, then Tracker Plt 4 RAR/NZ, D&E and finally 10 Plt D coy 9 RAR. He rejoined 1 RAR in Singapore in 1970 until Discharge in 1971.

After service Rick worked in Logistics the last 17 years as an executive with Woolworths Ltd.

He is a life member of the 9 RAR Assoc NSW as a committee member and also the editor of the 9 RAR newsletter "ROLL CALL". After representing the 9 RAR Association on the committee of the RAR Assoc NSW he succeeded Tony Blake as secretary in 2010.






Mr Brian Stannard


Brian was conscripted in April 1966. He undertook recruit training at Kapooka and Corps training at Singleton. He arrived SVN on 18 November 1966 with ARU and was then assigned to D & E Platoon, HQ 1ATF as a rifleman on 25 December 1966 where he performed various duties until his return to Australia on 21 November 1967.

Brian spent the bulk of his working years in banking in rural NSW finishing with management positions in Werris Creek, Gilgandra, Finley and West Wyalong. Now retired, Brain is trying to play golf between tours to visit family and friends.

He has been involved with RAR Association NSW as committee member and Treasurer since mid 2002.



Editor "Duty First"


Mr Mick Toal


Duty First editor Mick Toal had an unremarkable career as an Army Reserve infantry soldier serving with the 3rd Battalion, Royal NSW Regiment (RNSWR).

In 1992 he re-joined the Army Reserve for one year of full time service and was allocated to the Royal Australian Infantry Corps while being quartered at the 8th/9th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (8/9RAR) at Gallipoli Barracks Enoggera while undergoing assessment to be a photographer in Army PR.

Having not met the high standard required for Army PR photographers, Mick left the army and was appointed as the first photojournalist on the 1st Division bi-weekly newspaper Frontline. A stint as a reporter with Brisbane's Quest suburban newspaper group followed before he tossed in the job just before the Christmas break after being accredited to Operation Solace - the Australian contribution to the US-led Unified Task Force (UNITAF) - in Somalia in December 1992 by the national news magazine The Bulletin with Newsweek.

Mick's pictures of the Diggers of the 1RAR Battalion Group in Somalia were the first colour coverage of the operation to be published and when he arrived back in Australia there was a job waiting for him as the first photojournalist at Brisbane's Sunday Mail newspaper, for which he photographed everything from crime stories to fashion and wrote about everything from Defence issues to outback yarns for the next several years.

In August 1994, Mick was again accredited by the Bulletin with Newsweek to Australian forces serving in Rwanda with Operation Tamar. After this gruelling assignment which took him through Rwanda to the festering refugee camps in Zaire, and Burundi, Mick managed to scam his way on to a UN flight in to Mogadishu where he documented the final days of the Australian commitment to the doomed UNOSOM II.

Over the years, Mick also spent a lot of time in Sudan, which he was badly injured after a close encounter with a truck in 1999, after which he took up a senior staff reporter position at The Border Mail at Albury-Wodonga. He moved to Sydney in 2003 to work as a sub-editor with News Ltd and during this time he also completed his final assignments for the Bulletin in Iraq and Afghanistan before the iconic magazine was shut down in 2008 after 128 years of continuous publication.

Mick now works freelance in Sydney as a journalist, editor and photographer. In 2008 he project managed the NSW Branch of the RAR Association's 60th Anniversary book and was appointed editor of Duty First shortly after publication. Mick has handed the archive of time as a foreign correspondent - journals, thousands of pictures, helmets, flak jacket and even his world weary Minolta film cameras - to the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.




Assistant Editor" Duty First "


Chris Allen


Chris Allen joined the Australian Army as an Infantry soldier in 1983 and graduated from the Officer Cadet School of New Zealand in 1986. He served with 2/4RAR, 3RAR and HQ 6 Bde. In 1994-95 he was the Australian exchange officer with 3PARA in Aldershot. He was medically discharged from the Army in December 1996.

In October 1999 he deployed to East Timor as Security Manager for CARE International. He joined the Australian Protective Service (APS), in 2001 and led the upgrade of Counter Terrorist First Response (CTFR) measures at Sydney Airport. In August 2003 Chris was appointed Head of Security at the Sydney Opera House (SOH).

He was appointed Sheriff of New South Wales on the 3rd of March 2008. His duties include responsibilities as Deputy Sheriff of the Federal Court of Australia, and Deputy Sheriff of the Federal Magistrates Court of Australia.

He is a White Ribbon Day Ambassador.

Chris and his wife Sarah have a son named Morgan. Chris's interests include music and writing. He is the author of the recently released action thriller 'Defender of the Faith'.



Past Secretary

Ross was called up for National Service on 20 April 1966. He undertook three months basic training and three months of corps training (infantry). During his 18 months with 2RAR, Ross spent one year on active service in Vietnam. He rose to the rank of Corporal and was a Section Commander.

Now retired, Ross worked 25 years in the automotive industry. He first joined the RAR Association in 1975 and has been secretary since 1990. In 2008 due to leaving the State Ross stepped down as Secretary.


New Post
 1/11/2012 3:39 AM

-----Original Message-----
From: Peter Nolan []
Sent: 10 January 2012 18:37
To: ''
Cc: ''; 'Bill Toal'; ''; ''; ''; ''
Subject: A correction RE: Michael Toal has direct links with ASIO and is believed to have been serving in Afghanistan


Never let it be said I do not admit my mistakes. 

Michael Toal pointed this out to me. 

Interestingly he did NOT deny having been in Afghanistan of late. Those close to him will know if he has been there or not. 

It turns out that the head of the “Royal Australian Regiment Association” is one Paul S. O’Sullivan. 

The former Director General of Security for ASIO is one Paul THOMAS O’Sullivan. Here is a photo of Paul THOMAS O’Sullivan.'S... 

The wikipedia article on ASIO did not show up the middle initial of the former Director General of Security for ASIO and it is my mistake not to realize there were TWO Paul O’Sullivans that are tied to ASIO in various ways of similar age who have both attained high office. What are the chances of that! 

So, as I would always do when making a mistake like that, I will tell the same people I told the mistake to and I will make an apology for the mistake. I will leave the mistake in the public as it is an honest mistake and by leaving it in the public the next man might not make the same mistake. 

Paul S. O’Sullivan is described as a brigadier in the newspaper article and so I believe he is a knights templar. The knights templar are tied into the banking scam from the very beginning. 

I do have other information that appears to tie this group Michael Toal is associated with to ASIO and to the criminal elements in the guvment. 

Chris Allen will surely be aware of my lawful notice to all policy enforcement officers. And if not, he soon will be. The armed forces are also aware of the criminality of the federal guvment but have so far failed to act. If the Brigadier was doing his job he would be informing the armed forces that ALL MEMBERS of the federal parliament are criminals and he would be getting Chris Allan and colleagues to round them up for violating the restrictions placed on the guvment by the Magna Carta. 

Certainly Chris Allen should be shutting down the NSW State Parliament and assisting us put all members of trial since the ALLEGED “mandatory arrest” legislation violates the magna carta. 

I am yet to see a copy of this legislation that is used to make an estimated 22,000 arrests per year in NSW alone. It is a good question to put to Chris Allen in his role as Sheriff as to why this legislation was not on the NSW Parliament web site and why it would be that Justin Dowd preferred to give me back my $A500 that he charged me to “research” this legislation rather than give me a copy of this legislation. It might be a good question to put to Chris Allen that he produce a copy of this legislation and a written statement under oath as to how this legislation can possible not conflict with the Magna Carta. 

I allege the link to ASIO is still there. ASIO often uses army property for training as was shown in a recent video on the Hilton Hotel bombing. Senior army officers are going to be in touch with senior ASIO officers. For example Chris Allens resume claims he organized APEC security at the opera house in 2007.  This would have involved close consultation with ASIO. 

I also allege that evidence is to hand that Michael Toal has recently been in Afghanistan and has been working there on far more than just taking photographs or writing stories. 

I gathering this sort of information mistakes are going to happen. I apologise for any mistakes I make. 

The truth will come out in the wash. 

Best Regards 

Your brother peter. 

New Post
 1/13/2012 1:35 PM

-----Original Message-----
From: Peter Nolan []
Sent: 13 January 2012 02:49
To: ''
Cc: ''; 'Bill Toal'; ''; ''; ''; ''
Subject: An email directly from Michael Toal claiming to be in Afghanistan


On 26th November 2010 Michael Toal sent an email to my private email list posted to the web by Luke McKee.


I have reproduced a fragment of that email below.


This is a claim directly from Michael Toal that he was in Afghanistan on November 26th 2010.


I wrote this off as more “delusions” at the time. What would a washed up photographer be doing in Afghanistan?


Now I have evidence from another source saying that he HAS been in Afghanistan recently and that he was deployed with a psyops organization in Afghanistan.


This evidence is, of course, not guaranteed to be 100% correct. I do not have access to military deployment records directly. However, I believe the evidence I have received to be credible. If it turns out to be false I will, of course, apologise for my honest mistake.


When taking into account that Chris Allen, a close association of Michael Toal, has somehow managed to be appointed NSW Sheriff and is directly implicated in the criminal abuse of John Wilson? And that I have now emailed Chris Allen and asked him how he would like to received his Lawful Notices about the criminals Louise Henderson and David Dunkley who are committed the crime of impersonating Australian Federal Court Magistrates and he seems not to want to answer?


It seems there is now a growing body of evidence that Michael Toal is directly linked to ASIO. That he has been in Afghanistan. And that, in all likelihood he has been assisting the US troops ensure the Afghan supply of heroin goes on uninterrupted.


When we get to the Australian military and we get the detailed records of deployment and we get testimony from those who knew directly Michael Toals activities in the Afghanistan, we will be able to create a case to bring to the new courts.


But I would emphasis. Drugs, especially heroin, are EVER FATHERS PROBLEM.


Too many sons and daughters have their lives destroyed by drugs.


I can not be 110% sure this is what Michael was up to, but the evidence I have in my possession indicates that he was deployed into Afghanistan in some Psyops capacity. And the only think that can be to do with is drugs.


MANY of the people on this list have children. Some of you even have grand children. Some of you, like Bill Toal, have even, allegedly, had a child who was taking heroin.


To turn a blind eye to the criminal activities of Michael Toal and the Toal family around my family court case is one thing.


To turn a blind eye to efforts to ensure the afghan heroin flows into the veins of millions upon millions of sons and daughters around the world is quite another.


Those who have so “gallantly” defended Jennifer and claimed that even a phone call to Bill Toal is “harassment” might want to wonder about that in the face of a growing body of evidence that one of his OTHER children is right in the middle of the criminal cartel.


Kind of makes wanting to protect Bill Toal look pretty foolish, doesn’t it. While you are protecting Bill Toal from “harassment” his son is making sure there is plenty of heroin available to feed to your kids and the kids of your friends. Charming. Those of you reading this email who helped Jennifer commit crimes against me?


You might start to wonder if it was such a good idea to help a criminal when the brother of that criminal appears to be helping to put heroin on the streets for your kids and the kids of your family and friends.


One of the reasons I have chosen to work to re-introduce the rule of law in both Ireland and Australia is because crimes are very rarely isolated incidents. Where you find one criminal prepared to openly commit crimes in a family and the father of the family will not stop it? You can be sure some of the other kids are criminals as well.


FATHERS, more than anyone else, are responsible for making sure their children do not turn to crime. Because the statistics show us that MOTHER are utterly hopeless in this area. In the US 70% of all men incarcerated come from homes where the father was removed. A VAST over-representation.


My two former sons, Joshua Nolan and Jarrod Robinson, who are copied on this email, are getting an object lesson from me as to how a GOOD FATHER will not tolerate crimes by his family members. They are getting an object lesson as to how a GOOD FATHER will do all he can do to stop family members committing crimes even when the criminal legal fraternity will not do the jobs they are paid for.


Joshua and Jarrod are getting an “up close and personal” view of how Bill Toal, Jennifer Toal and Michael Toal are criminals and how they have gone about their crimes versus myself who is working to bring not only these criminals to justice but ALL criminals in Ireland and Australia to justice.


As they grow older? They will decide for themselves the sort of man THEY want to be. Will they condone and support criminals? Or will they be honest men of honour and integrity like myself. And they will live with the choice they make.


Now. I will do my best to find out more.


But those of you who receive this email who are family members or close to Michael Toal might want to ask Michael Toal directly what it is he has REALLY been up to. You are welcome to send this information to me. And remember, I consider any information sent to me by name as being under oath. Anyone sending me mis-information or dis-information will later be prosecuted. So only the truth please.


As I said.


The truth will come out in the wash.


Your brother peter




-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: 26 November 2011 00:24
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Fuck off you clowns!


Okay, here's a few facts of life for those of you who take Nolan's

words as gospel.


If you check the isp of this e-mail, you will see I am currently in



New Post
 2/2/2012 7:16 AM
Just to prove how well CAF is working. I did a search for Mick Toal. his entry in CAF comes up 6th on Google. Anyone who types his name into Google is going to find this entry just 6 down on the list. And with luck it will get further up that list to. 

Here is the screen shot.

New Post
 2/3/2014 1:47 AM
 Modified By host  on 2/2/2014 3:11:24 PM
And it seems that someone has created a Mick Toal profile on disquss.

This is the thread.

Mick Toal  PeterAndrewNolan 

Peter Andrew Nolan, you lying lowlife cunt of a coward ... stop telling fucking lies and COWARDLY publishing my father's contact details and COWARDLY inviting strangers on the internet to harrass him on the basis of your LIES! If you ever again get within a kilometre of me - which you won't, because you are a COWARD - you won't even hear the shot that kills you ... got that, YOU LYING COWARD? Anyone wants to get personal with me, and no-one has so far, the COWARD Peter Andrew Nolan has published my contact details ... Peter Andrew Nolan is a COWARDLY LYING CUNT with zero integrity ...

New Post
 2/3/2014 1:48 AM
And my reply was...

PeterAndrewNolan  Mick Toal 

LOL! Well if this really is Michael Toal? Did you really molest your sister as our witness claims Suzanne told her?

Has Suzanne confessed to you that she told a number of people that both your father Bill Toal and yourself molested her when she was a teen girl.

I'm not too sure people are going to believe you when your own sister has claimed to third parties that you molested her as a girl.

As for credibility? You are known to work for ASIO and you are accused of war crimes in Afghanistan. Further, you have openly slandered me and openly championed the crimes of your adulteress, prostitute, criminal child abusing sister.

Your best move when Michele McDougal told you who I was and told you about the crimes Jennifer committed was to ACT LIKE A MAN and demand that your sister admit her crimes and make remedy. Your father caved to Jennifer and I think I got it right that Jennifer threatened him with going public about Suzannes accusation that he sexually molested her. Is your father, Bill Toal, a paedophile Michael? Hhhmmm?

So I will continue to denounce you and your criminal family until such time as you all make remedy for your crimes. If you do not like that? You should have dealt with Jennifer in November 2007 when she committed the crime of perjury in order to start this little war. I told your father that if he allowed Jennifer to commit crimes against me that I would finish the war.

Now both you and your father have been dragged into it to the extent that you have both been publicly accused of molesting Suzanne when she was under 18 years of age. And I think the reason you keep supporting Jennifer knowing the crimes she has committed is because you and Bill DID molest Suzanne and Jennifer is blackmailing you with that fact.

Why else would you continue to defend someone you KNOW FOR A FACT committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse, ah?

For those new to the discussion? This is Michael Toals sister. This is what men should to do families like the Toal family who allow their women to commit crimes. Expose the whole family for the criminals they are.

This is what an adulteress, prostitute, criminal, child abusing woman who committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse in divorce looks like. And I am going to keep posting her name, Jennifer Toal, her fathers phone and email, Bill Toal +61 2 69 25 40 41,, his address is in CAF.....until such time as Jennifer and the criminals in the Toal family are brought to justice.

New Post
 2/3/2014 9:08 AM
wah, wah, wah.

Mick Toal  PeterAndrewNolan 

Yep, more LIES from a COWARD! Come and face me you COWARD WITH NO BALLS and we,actually me, will have resolution in a few seconds YOU COWARDLY CUNT! But you won't, will you? Continue telling your LIES, on the internet
YOU COWARDLY FAT CUNT! It's all you've got. and it's your measure as a man. Again, come and face me in person COWARD!

New Post
 2/3/2014 9:09 AM
PeterAndrewNolan  Mick Toal 

LOL!! The little boy that I showed around his new school and helped make friends with the other boys has grown up into a name caller! LOL!!

Very funny Michael. If you were a MAN you would deal with the crimes of your sister, mother and father. But you are not a man. You never were.

And your problem is you know it.

Now you have brought yourself into conflict with me. A conflict that you can not win. I recommend you and your criminal family just give up for the very reason you can not win.

This is what an adulteress, prostitute, criminal, child abusing woman who committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse in divorce looks like. And I am going to keep posting her name, Jennifer Toal, her fathers phone and email, Bill Toal +61 2 69 25 40 41,, his address is in CAF.....until such time as Jennifer and the criminals in the Toal family are brought to justice.


New Post
 2/3/2014 9:09 AM
New Post
 2/3/2014 9:10 AM
PeterAndrewNolan  Mick Toal 

you are the coward because you can not face your father, your mother and your sister who are criminals.

Instead of standing up to the criminals in your family you chose to commit further crimes. That was very unwise of you because you will be prosecuted for your crimes or killed for your intransigence. It does not bother me which way that goes, ok?

There is nothing so disgusting in this world as a man who is such a coward he allows his sister, mother and father to commit criminal acts and destroy his own family name in the process. As a "Toal" your name is mud. And you will have to live with that for the rest of your life however long or short that is.

At least I have got the guts to call my father, John Thomas Nolan, the gutless mongrel he chose to be for allowing your father and mother, people who abused his elderly and ill wife by refusing to give her a phone number on which to call her grand daughter when his wife was going into dementia, to dishonour her memory by inviting them to her funeral.

@ALL. heard that right. When my mother, Valerie Nolan, was sliding into dementia, Bill Toal and Irene Toal refused to give my father a phone number so that my mother could speak to her own grand children.

This is what disgusting vermin Bill and Irene Toal are. They would abuse an elderly and ill woman, a peer, in an effort to support a criminal daughter gain money through perjury and child abuse and using the children as weapons against an elderly and ill woman.

That is the character of the Toal family.

And my gutless mongrel coward of a former father, John Thomas Nolan, invited these scum to her funeral. I have disowned him for this action. I am changing my name away from Nolan because I do not wish to be associated with a man who is such a gutless mongrel as that.

And this disgusting vermin, Michael Toal, supports and condones his vermin mother and father who did this.

If anyone here wants to go teach this man a lesson? You can get his address details here.

New Post
 2/3/2014 9:11 PM

Mick Toal  PeterAndrewNolan 

You didn't have the BALLS to face your father, who will always be a far better man than you ever were. Who do you think hunted down the cunt you, the COWARD, sent his way seeking to do him harm? You are a COWARDLY CUNT who will throw your own father to the wolves. COWARD! If you don't face me, stop writing COWARDLY lies about my family, you COWARD!

Mick Toal  PeterAndrewNolan 

Yep, more meaningless online bullying, and you COWARDLY asking strangers to do me me harm. I ask again - face me in person COWARD! If you have the balls, you will have three seconds of life left COWARD!

Mick Toal  Mick Toal 

"If anyone here wants to go teach this man a lesson? You can get his address details here.



Asking strangers to do me harm because you have NO BALLS! COWARD!

I now live at 14 The Boulvevarde Kooringal, NSW, Australia COWARD! Come around any time you want COWARD! Plenty of space to bury your fat body COWARD!

Mick Toal  Mick Toal 

C'mon Peter - show your integrity beyond telling LIES online and taking the way of the COWARD, Face me, YOU LYING CUNT! But you don't have THE BALLS, do you? NO BALLS, NO INTEGRITY, NO WARRIOR SPIRIT!

Mick Toal  Mick Toal 

Here's an open challenge to all of the MEN on this forum to Peter Andrew Nolan THE COWARD! Stop being a coward and come and face me, and your credibility will be intact in the brief few seconds before you die ... but you don't have the balls, do you?

New Post
 2/3/2014 9:21 PM
PeterAndrewNolan  Mick Toal 


"Yep, more meaningless online bullying,"

This from a man who has for three years slandered me online and who has used tax payer money and other criminal associates to slander me! LOL!!

You are mentally deranged and I have told your father Bill Toal to see to it you get the mental health attention you so obviously need.

While you remain outside a mental health institute any man who kills you will not be committing a crime and we will protect any such man with force up to and including deadly force.

Now. Your whore sister and your criminal father and mother started this war. I intend to finish it. It will end when Jennifer makes a video in which she confesses all her crimes in public to exonerate my good name AND she has paid me the remedy set by the jury of 12 men that she is going to face.

Until then? Get used to seeing your whore sisters face all over the web. Get used to being accused of molesting Suzanne when you were young. Get used to Bill being called a paedophile based on the accusation of his own daughter.

You and your cronies like to falsely call me a paedophile all over the place? Well? You didn't know that Suzanne made that allegation. You didn't know that Jennifer is blackmailing your father to support her. And you waded in like the mentally ill moron you are and foolishly tried to "defend the honour" of a whore.

And sites like RoK are going to carry this sort of story because they are warning young men about women who have psycho bothers and fathers like you and your father. Psycho fathers and brothers who openly support their criminal whore sisters and daughters. And these young men are learning all about whores like your sisters and how dangerous they are.

What do Suzanne, Chrissy and Kerry think about all this eh? Are you telling them that you are bringing them in to disrepute as well? Are you telling them that I am putting out there that any man involved with them has got a psycho in the family like you? That those girls father openly supports women committing crimes against men?

Go Suzanned, Chrissy and Kerry what you are doing to their names as well...dragging their names into the mud and associating them with criminals. They are welcome to email me.

Now...We all know the tag line "this is what a feminist looks like".

This is what an adulteress, prostitute, criminal, child abusing woman who committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse in divorce looks like. And I am going to keep posting her name, Jennifer Toal, her fathers phone and email, Bill Toal +61 2 69 25 40 41,, his address is in CAF.....until such time as Jennifer and the criminals in the Toal family are brought to justice.


New Post
 2/3/2014 9:51 PM
And over on this thread there is more.

PeterAndrewNolan  General Stalin 

Hi Stalin,
"These women were liars, fakes, and harlots like so many others before and after them."

Most of them are...notice how many women have got an "i waz raped" story now.

Notice how Jennifer Toal, my ex, has got her father and her brother to commit crimes on her behalf despite the fact that both of them know she is a criminal.

It turns out that Jennifer is blackmailing them both with threats of accusing them with sexually molesting her little sister, Suzanne, when she was a teen. So Jennifer has been willing to use Suzannes request for help back in 1989 as a weapon against her own father to get him to support her attacking me. Nice....

And it seems that Michael Toal might also have participated in this sexual abuse somehow because the Deputy Director of the NSW Police, Catherine Burn, a radical feminist, canned any investigation of the child sexual abuse of Suzanne Toal.

The only way a rad-fem is going to can a child sexual abuse case by a father against a daughter is because she was told to....

You and others can read about this on these links. I knew about the accusation by Suzanne against Bill in 1989 because Jennifer asked my advice. Bill had no idea I knew he had been accused of sexually molesting his daughter Suzanne...that was the "nuke" I had up my sleep when I advised him to make sure Jennifer did not make our divorce messy. Well? He loaned her money for lawyers to attack when it was appropriate I reported Suzannes accusation of sexual molestation to the police...who refused to do anything about it because Michael Toal works for ASIO, the Australian CIA.

So the whole Toal Family saga is turning into a real soap opera now....the picture postcard for broken women and weak men self destructing with in fighting because one of the women is greedy and selfish and attacked a man of high moral character an inner strength...that being me.



PS. Just by the way? I know ASIO reads all my disquss posts.....and I can assure you Michael Toal is pissed off that I am posting things like this where they will be seen so widely.

That dumb smuck is "defending the honour" of his sister who is an adulteress, prostitute, criminal child abuser.....that's pretty dumb for a man who just turned 50, right?

New Post
 2/3/2014 9:51 PM
Mick Toal  PeterAndrewNolan 

Peter Andrew Nolan is a false accuser lying COWARD and a blackmailer - he demanded my family pay him $300,000 or he would make this FALSE accusation! Wake up call COWARD! The reason the police are investigating your LIES is because EVERYONE you have LIED about has made statements to the Police to say IT DID NOT HAPPEN! You FAT LYING COWARD! Show some BALLS and face me in person YOU LYING COWARD rather than make grubby accusations about my family to strangers on the Internet. COWARD!

New Post
 2/3/2014 9:51 PM
And this is my public reply.

PeterAndrewNolan  Mick Toal 

"Peter Andrew Nolan is a false accuser lying COWARD and a blackmailer - he demanded my family pay him $300,000 or he would make this FALSE accusation!"

So if you accuse me of demanding money or I would make this allegation then provide your evidence into the public domain.

What I DID do was make your father the offer that he require Jennifer to remedy her CRIMES openly and publicly.

I made him the offer that if the crimes of Jennifer, yourself, himself and Irene were remedied then I MIGHT consider not making the allegation of Suzanne public.

And AUD300,000 does not even start to cover the remedy that I will be asking the jury for. That is just the value of the property stolen by Jennifer via criminal acts.

There is also the question of being paid compensation for the kidnapping and alienation of my former children.

There is the question of compensation for the destruction of my business.

There is the question of compensation for the time and effort I had to put in to remedy these crimes when Bill could have remedied the crime of perjury in 2007 and we could have settled the matter privately and without the criminals in the family law courts stealing on Jennifers behalf.

The compensation I am owed by the Toal Family alone runs into many millions of dollars. And it is most likely going to have to be paid in great part by the taxpayers of Australia who are ALSO liable since they did not require their servants, the police, to deal with the criminal Toal family.

So....Bill Toal was offered MANY opportunities to settle this matter in private. He was then offered MANY opportunities to settle this matter in public. He was then told that he was accused of being a paedophile by his own daughter and offered the POSSIBILITY of settling the matter without this information becoming public.

He turned down all these opportunities over a 5 year period. So now he has to deal with the fact that his own daughter accused him of being a paedophile. He also has to deal with the fact that someone in a position of great influence told the Deputy Commissioner of NSW Police, Catherine Burn, to refuse to interview Suzanne to get her side of the story.

The very fact that someone told a rabid feminist who is deputy commission of NSW Police to not investigate a credible allegation of female child sexual abuse is very, very strong evidence the claim is true. If the claim is NOT true then Suzanne would have been interviewed, she would have made a statement that she never had that conversation with Jennifer and Jennifer would have also stated she never had that conversation.

But neither Suzanne nor Jennifer have made a statement that the conversation Jennifer told me they had did not happen. And funnily enough? Now that the allegation is so public another witness has come forward to me on condition of anonymity and told me that Suzanne Toal also told her that her father molested her AND she claims that Suzanne told her that YOU molested her as well.

So. It seems like Suzanne did not only blab to Jennifer. It seems Suzanne repeated this story to at least one other woman....but very likely more. We all know women can not keep secrets.

And my guess, which you have not denied, is that the reason you and Bill are continuing to support Jennifer despite knowing for a FACT that she is a criminal is because she is blackmailing you with the threat of jail time for sexually abusing Suzanne when she was little.

Looking back on it? It is no wonder Suzannes life was such a car crash when she was in her late teens and 20s. No wonder she was a drug addict. No wonder she slept with every tom, dick and harry in the town. She must have been really messed up by being raped by your father and yourself....or whatever "sexually molested" might mean.....Jennifer never did describe to me what Suzanne said.....just that she had been molested with might be any range of things.

But given Susanne extremely erratic behaviour? I would not be at all surprised if she claim both you and Bill raped her when she was a teen.

So....a nasty can of worms Bill opened up for himself, right? All he had to do in November 2007 was to tell Jennifer:

"Peter has been a great husband and father. He has done our family a great deal of good and no harm for a period of 32 years. I will not allow you to lie about this man. You will cease and desist all legal activity and you will accept his offer and be grateful for it.

If you do not do this? You are out of my family. I will not have criminals in my family. You admit your perjury. You publicly apologise. And you shut your mouth and you accept his more than generous offer. Period."

If Bill Toal did that in November 2007? The allegation that he might have raped Suzanne would never have been credible. But that he was willing to see his grand children abused for years and see his daughter commit crimes for years makes the sexual molestation credible. Bill Toal was a willing accomplice to child abuse. It is a very small step from being openly a willing accomplice to child abuse to actually abusing a child. That is what made the sexual abuse allegation credible. Bills own actions.

Now..I am posting all this to CAF. We are going to settle this matter in the full view of the public so everyone who is interested can see what the criminal Toal family is really like.

As I said years be screwed over in the family courts will be known as "being Toaled". That is what your family has done to your name. Well done.

New Post
 2/4/2014 10:17 PM
Mick Toal  PeterAndrewNolan 

Peter STOP TELLING LIES YOU COWARD! About the only police action which will result from your lies will be YOU charged with making false reports and demanding money with menaces ... you had better hope the cops get a hold of you before I do when you get deported back to Australia. Oh, and remember, you were the one denied Irish Citizenship because you are dodgy and of poor character ...

New Post
 2/4/2014 10:17 PM
PeterAndrewNolan  Mick Toal 


This from a man who has condoned his sister committing perjury for SIX YEARS? Hhhmmm?

You might want to go deal with Jennifer Michael. And you might want to go deal with Chris Roubis and Chris Merrett as well. They are your colleagues in slandering me and they too will be prosecuted.

As for telling lies about you?

I have a witness. Someone you know very well. Someone who knows all the members of your family very well. And she says Suzanne told her that you sexually assaulted her when she was a teen girl.

That is a very serious accusation Michael. And the very fact that the accusation made by Suzanne and repeated by me to Catherine Burn against your father was quashed and no questions were asked while at the same time Rolph Harris is pilloried in the press is very, very strong evidence that your ASIO buddies spoke to Catherine Burn and told her not to ask any questions.

Now. Jennifer has dug a GREAT BIG HOLE for your family whereas she could have just smiled and said "irreconcilable differences".

I was prepared to remain silent on her disgraceful behaviour in our marriage. I talked to your father directly in November 2007 and went over the deal that was arranged by Jacqueline Vincent. Notice she is female.

Here is Jacquelines link on the web site.

Jacqueline was asked to put together a deal that was more than fair and given 10% negotiating room. What Jennifer was offered in November 2007 was 70/30 in her favour which included the highest rate of child support award able in Australia through to the 18th birthdays of both children.

Jacqueline herself called what I asked her to do "overly generous" and "more than any court in Australia would award her". If you do not believe me? Call her up. She still works there. She will remember me since I am going to prosecute her.

Once we had the deal worked out I emailed your father and told him the details and suggested to him that it was in the best interests of all that Jennifer renounce her perjury, apologise and accept the deal. Bill said that the deal was "more than generous, indeed Jennifer would have more money than me."

So the head of your family, your father, was made the offer directly as to how to resolve the dispute Jennifer brought out of greed, vindictiveness and malice.

I never understood why Bill was so foolish as to not ensure a peaceful settlement since there were so little assets to fight over due to Jennifers reckless spending. Really? 8 overseas holidays a year? What was that even all about, eh?

It only made sense when Catherine Burn removed the post of my statement to the Wagga Police from her facebook citing "possible bias of any future proceeding". Since men are regularly pilloried in the media as "alleged sexual molesters" like Rolph Harris is now there could be only ONE REASON why Catherine deleted the post with such a lame excuse. She was told to. And that means the accusation is very, very likely true.

And THEN it made sense. Jennifer threatened your father with exposing the claim Suzanne made so as to force him to help her attack me all these years. It makes complete sense. And it was only AFTER I made it public that this other witness came forward and told me that Suzanne had also accused you of doing the same.

Now, given that Suzannes claim against your father has associated with it the complicity of the Deputy Director of NSW Police? That makes Suzannes accusation against you FAR MORE CREDIBLE.

So...we are going to sort this mess out that Jennifer created. With respect to these allegations by Suzanne? Jennifer has three choices.

1. Remain silent.
2. Commit perjury and sign an affidavit that says the conversation we had never took place. In which case she can no longer blackmail your father.
3. Tell the truth and sign an affidavit that says the conversation we had DID take place.

After all? All I have attested to is that Jennifer repeated to me an accusation by Suzanne that your father molested Suzanne. That is what I said in my statement. That is what I will say under oath if asked.

So you see. You should go and talk to Jennifer. You should ask her to take one of these three actions. Because if she takes action 2 then she can no longer blackmail your father and your father will be free to settle this matter in his family. He will be able to require Jennifer to make remedy for all her crimes and he will be able to make remedy for the crimes he committed as well….and he will also be able to require you to make remedy for your crimes.

Of course, Jennifer has proven she is quite willing to commit the crime of perjury which is why your father fears her so much. Accusations of child sexual abuse makes a man pretty unpopular in a place like Wagga, right? He might just get himself bashed by someone who believes these accusations of Suzanne, right? Happens all the time, right?

So I recommend you go and ask Jennifer if she is going to take one of these three options. For my part? I don’t really care what option she takes. If she takes option 2 and lies and says the conversation never took place whereas I know it did? Then Bill will be free to punish her and remedy her crimes. That would be good for me. If she chooses options 1 or 3? Well? That’s bad for your father. Option 1 leaves the question open. Option 3 puts your father under the microscope because then you have both Jennifer and I saying that the conversation between Jennifer and I happened and that we were both aware of Suzannes allegation of child sexual abuse.

So. What are you going to do, eh? Are you going to keep falsely calling me a liar or are you going to go to Jennifer and put her on the spot? After all? If she chooses option 3? The fact another witness came forward and implicated you as sexually abusing Suzanne will carry a great deal of weight. If she chooses option 2 then the weight of the witness coming forward does not carry as much weight.

So what is Jennifer going to do? And what is Suzanne going to do? And what is going to happen to you and Bill? Your fate and Bills fate is now almost entirely in the hands of Suzanne and Jennifer. If Suzanne now claims you and Bill BOTH sexually assaulted her and Jennifer backs up my testimony that we had this conversation in 1989? Your life and Bills life is over. You will be branded child rapists.

If Suzanne and Jennifer remain silent? The question will linger and poison your lives. The only thing that will clear your names on this point are an affidavit each by Suzanne and Jennifer clearly stating that Suzanne never made any such allegations and that Jennifer and this witness were making up stories about what Suzanne was saying…or Suzanne saying she did say these things but they were false.

Tell me. How does it feel to have your life in the hands of two women, eh? Especially where one of them, Jennifer, has already made it clear she is willing to commit perjury to viciously and maliciously injure her own husband? That must be keeping you awake at night, eh?

In short? The only thing that will clear your name and Bills name of these allegations is affidavits from Jennifer and Suzanne. And if those affidavits are sworn and posted to the public? Then Bill can meet his responsibilities of making sure his children who committed crimes make remedy for them with no fear of these allegations being raised in retaliation for requiring his criminal children remedy their crimes.

Tell me Michael? Did you really think Jennifer could ever win this war she started? Did you really think you could win this war she started? You know how much smarter than you, Jennifer and Bill I am.

The fact is that Jennifer never stood a chance of winning this war. Her only chance was that I commit suicide. And my friends, including my fav#1, saw to it that did not happen. From May 1st 2008 all was lost for Jennifer. She did not stand any chance of winning once I survived that suicidal period.

The only thing left for your family is unconditional surrender and making remedy for the crimes of the members of your family including yourself.

I will continue to prosecute this war until I have an email from Bill offering unconditional surrender.

New Post
 2/5/2014 10:28 AM
Mick Toal  PeterAndrewNolan 

Okay, you have my address, Peter Andrew Nolan, COWARD, come and sort me out. So far all you've done in this place has been to publish addresses and phone numbers and invited strangers to harrass people on your behalf! You're not much of a man, are you? "Okay internet strangers, go and sort this bloke out on my behalf, okay, he's a sniper who has been running around Afghanistan, and when you are killed, I will send a lawful notice from Germany, where I am hiding out as a bludging illegal non citizen" ... do you really think the people who read your crazy on the internet are as stone dumb as you? Meanwhile, remind me, what did you do as an alleged "man of honour and integrity" LIAR when your pensioner father was being threatened because of YOUR CUNTY ACTS?... you did fuck all, except to allegedly threaten the life of the woman you were persecuting via e-mail, so you say. I protected him, where were you? You're a bit of a COWARDLY CUNT, aren't you? C'mon, be honest, it is the first step to redemption! Meanwhile, if you want to show some INTEGRITY to the men in this forum LEAD THE WAY and face me, rather than asking strangers to do it on your behalf while you are a COWARD hiding in Germany and STEALING wages from legitimate EEC Citizens, COWARD! Keep this up COWARD and I will continue to expose you as a LYING COWARD who hides while you ask strangers to act on your behalf, BECAUSE YOU ARE A COWARD, and a soft cock paedophile in hiding as an illegal immigrant in Germany who HIDES WHILE HIS OWN ELDERLY FATHER IS BEING PERSECUTED FOR YOUR CUNTY ACTIONS! You are a cunt, that is all ... explain to the posters in here why you ask them to face me on your behalf when you don't have the BALLS to do so, and I will be bemused ... as I said, lead the way and set an example you COWARDLY FAT CUNT IN HIDING! And answer the fucking questions and don't respond with more lies to people who have you picked as a DISHONEST COWARD PSYCHOPATH! And I say again, before you COWARDLY go and try to direct people I have no argument my way SET THE EXAMPLE, AND FACE ME, YOU FAT WINE SOAKED LYING CUNT!

New Post
 2/5/2014 10:40 AM
Mick Toal  PeterAndrewNolan 

A serious accusation? Coming from YOU a fat retarded FALSE ACCUSER AND PATHOLOGICAL LIAR? By the way Loopy Pete, update your head shot, the one you're using was from 25kg ago - here's one you took of yourself in 2009, and you've only become FATTER and CUNTIER since then 

New Post
 2/5/2014 10:40 AM
PeterAndrewNolan  Mick Toal 

your mental instability is showing. The woman who claims Suzanne told her that you sexually molested her when she was young is someone who knows you well and you know well.

She asked me to make oath that I would never reveal her name. She is certain Suzanne told many other women the same allegation so she does not fear Suzanne being able to identify her.

But she knows that you are quite mentally unstable and that you are a violent dangerous man who is now accused of war crimes in Afghanistan. I agree with her that her identity will never be revealed because you are mentally deranged enough to do her harm.

The problem you have is what are Suzanne and Jennifer going to put on their affidavits.

And calling me fat? Pl-eese....Jennifer grew to land whale proportions as you can see in the video. She needs to dress in size 16 tents. You might do better to help encourage her to lose some weight. Being that fat is bad for her knees. You know as well as I do that she damaged her kneeds in the 90s doing too much backbacking over the weekends when it was very likely she was having an affair with Konrad Lippman.

You have made a right mess of this Michael. You are now a suspected sexual abuser of your sister Suzanne. And only Affidavits from Suzanne and Jennifer will clear you of suspicion. Are they going to prepare those affidavits for you and put them in to the public where I can see them? Hmmm?

New Post
 2/5/2014 10:42 AM
PeterAndrewNolan  Mick Toal 


You seem to have it mixed up.

I have PROVEN that it was Jennifer who was the pathological liar....and she sure is fat now, eh? Just like your mother is fat, eh?

New Post
 2/5/2014 11:31 PM
And some more garbage from Michael Toal. 

That a witness has come forward and claimed his sister told her that he sexually abused her really does seem to have sent him off the deep end.

Mick Toal  Mick Toal 

C'mon, be a MAN, explain to the men in here why you demand they harrass people on your behalf when you are hiding in Germany as a COWARD and stealing rightful income from rightful declared EEC Citizens who aren't paedophiles, terrorists and child pornographers, COWARD! Come and face me, COWARD! And after you have done so, and lived, which will never happen, ask strangers on the internet to do so FAT ALCOHOL SOAKED PAEDOPHLE HIDING OUT IN GERMANY AS AN ILLEGAL NON REVENUE STEALING CITIZEN!

You're not much of a man, are you?

Simple, have the BALLS to face me in person, or go down in history as a COWARD who tries to entice mental defectives on the Internet to do his bidding. Your choice, but face me in person and your integrity will be intact, but that won't ever happen COWARD!


C'mon Loopy Pete, set an example of how to kick my arse, COWARD! No, you won't, COWARD!

New Post
 2/6/2014 12:00 AM
PeterAndrewNolan  Mick Toal 

So I guess Suzanne and Jennifer are not willing to put on an affidavit that Suzanne did not say these things or if she said these things that they are not true.

You really seem to be losing it Michael. The fact we have a witness who knows you and Suzanne very well come forward and repeated Suzannes allegations that both you and your father sexually abused her seems to have really gotten under your skin. Why? If you were innocent it would not bother you, right?

It sounds to me like you really did sexually abuse Suzanne.

After all, you could never get a girlfriend at school. You have been socially awkward all your life. That is why I took pity on you when you were 12 and new to our school and our town. My father taught me to "take care of people less able to take care of themselves". So, seeing you were new to our school and new to our town and were socially awkward and could not make friends for yourself I took pity on you and helped you into the social circles of your new school and your new town.

And how did your family repay me for all the good I did your family. I raised your niece and nephew, Kristen and Jarrod, as my own. I paid for all their food and housing and clothing. You didn't. You didn't even send them so much as christmas presents or birthday presents. You did nothing for your Niece and Nephew.

And how did you help Jarrod when he had cancer? Did you even know? Did you even care? I, on the other hand, asked my brother to use his position to get Jarrod in to see the #1 cancer specialist in the country for his type of cancer. She assessed him as a 20% chance to live using the standard techniques he was so ill. Did you ever bother to find out about that? So, because I LOVED YOUR NEPHEW I got him in to the #1 cancer specialist who used an experimental technique that saved his life.

Did you know the next 2 patients she tried that on died? He was a 1 in 3 survivor. That is how serious his cancer was. And when he wanted to die? Did you bother to even call him and talk to him? When he was so depressed he gave up where were you? Oh, that would be right, serving your masters at ASIO, that is where you were when your Nephew was in the pit of depression and suicidal and wanting to die.

Where was I? I was on the phone to him speaking to him out of love and compassion to inspire him to save his own life....Even Jarrod himself has openly stated that my phone call to him was the inspiration he needed to fight for his life through chemo for the next six months. Jennifer was such a terrible mother and such a selfish woman that she could not even get over herself long enough to inspire her own son to fight for his own life.

That is the sort of selfishness and greed that pervades your family Michael. The members of your family have always been greedy and self interested. The only one not that way was Kerry.

So every who reads this comment can see the sort of man you are. You cared nothing for your own niece and nephew while I raised them and loved them as my own. When one of them, Jarrod, wanted to die you were nowhere to be seen while I was arranging for him to get the best possible medical treatment in the country and calling him to inspire him to fight for his life.

And you come in to a place like this and tell lies about me? You think ANYONE is going to EVER take ANYTHING you say seriously EVER again? Good luck trying to get any stories in to newspapers. Good luck trying to get photography jobs when you mental instability and hatred has been posted to CAF.

And how much of a loser are you with women, eh? You have never been able to manage a long term relationship in your life have you? I never heard from Jennifer that you ever actually managed to attract a women to settle with you.

Never married. No kids. You have never even raised one child Michael. Your whole life has been about yourself. You have made very little contribution to the world you live in. Go ahead, tell all the men here your great "achievements" now you are 50 years old. What did you do with your life, eh? Go around telling lies about the man who saved your nephews life? That's what you think is important in your life?

I guess being rejected by women all these years has really pissed you off, right? know what you have to do. You have to ask Suzanne and Jennifer to put on an affidavit under oath whatever it is that they will say and you can post it to the web. I will then post it to CAF.

If BOTH Suzanne and Jennifer (and perhaps Chrissy and Kerry as well just for good measure) say that there was no child sexual abuse in the household by either you or your father then great. I would be happy to post such affidavits to the public.

After all? It is just as possible that Suzanne is lying and was telling these lies to garner attention as a "victim". I have openly stated that I think 95+ of rape allegations by women are false. You can ask anyone around here if I have said that many times over in this place.

But if the 4 girls flatly refuse to say there was no sexual abuse in the household? Well? Why would they refuse to do that? It looks very suspicious that not even your own sisters will say you never raped them on an affidavit.

And if all 4 girls all say on affidavits there was no sexual abuse in the house? Then Jennifer will no longer be able to blackmail you and Bill with the threat of such an allegation and you and Bill can finally "do the right thing" and ensure that Jennifer returns ALL my property and that your family pays me compensation for your crimes FOUR OF YOU have been so willing to engage in.

At least Suzanne, Chrissy and Kerry had the good sense to keep their mouths shut.

And your pathetic and childish attempts to say "come and see me face to face". What are you going to do, eh? You are the coward here as you will not even face your sister.

And if you are thinking that you would like to use violence to settle a criminal matter? Then you must also agree that I am entitled to use violence against Jennifer and your mother to settle their crimes against me. After all, women are equal, right?

You are 50 now Michael. And you are a loser who has wasted his opportunities in life by going to work for ASIO, a part of a satanic criminal cult. I look back on my life and I am extremely proud and pleased with what I have done. The only peer of mine in Wagga who did better than me was Mark Taylor and good luck to him.

How about you? Now you are 50 and you look back on your life and what you have done? What do you think of your contribution to the world, eh? What have you done that you can be pleased with and proud of?

Going around telling lies about a man who took pity on your as a socially awkward 12 year old? Are you proud of this? Eh?

New Post
 12/20/2014 11:41 PM
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For those who do not know.

This is the facebook of Michael Toal.

Jeffrey Moore on facebook is Michael Toal. He is using the old "Illuminati Ingrid" name. 

  • Today
  • Jeffery Moore
    Jeffery Moore

    Do you realise I am on all of your mail lists?

  • Peter Andrew Nolan
    Peter Andrew Nolan

    Yes Michael, I am well aware that you are mentally ill enough to register to my sites so as to be on my mailing lists. So what?

    All you have done over the last 4 years is to prove how insane you are.

    If you were a SANE man you would have held your sister accountable for the crimes she committed and insisted that she remedy those crimes so as to end the war that she started.

    Instead of ending the war your sister stared you joined in. And the fact you did that directly led to your father being publicly denounced as a paedophile. It directly led to Jennifer being denounced as an adulterous, criminal, child abusing prostitute. It directly led to you being denounced as raping your little sister.

    Now...Joshua and Josephine will have to live their entire lives in the shadow of those denouncements. Their friends, over their whole lives, are going to know their mother is an adulteress, criminal, child abusing prostitute. Their friends would never have needed to know that if you had not taken Jennifers case public by naming me.

    If, when Michelle McDougal told you that I was global man you had gone to Jennifer and said "Peter was my friend and helped me in school, I will not allow you to lie about him and steal from him, you must return all that you have stolen and you must make remedy for all that you have done to my friend.....for if you do not? I will publicly denounce you myself."

    If you had done THAT? You might have saved your family the embarrassment of being so publicly denounced.

    But you are mentally unstable...and you did not defend a man who defended you. You returned my kindness in defending you as a 12 year old, when you were not able to defend yourself, with attacking my unlawfully and unjustly.

    You have demonstrated just what sort of a man you are Michael Taol...and plenty of your friends know it.

New Post
 12/21/2014 12:21 AM
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For those who wish to assist me. 

This is the facebook for my ex brother in law Michael Toal 

Michael Toal stands accused of raping his little sister Suzanne by Suzanne herself. Suzanne has chosen not to publicly retract her private statements that both Bill Toal and Michael Toal raped her when she was a teen girl. 

The obvious question being 

"Why will Suzanne Toal not publicly retract these statements she has made to people in private?" 

Why will Suzanne Toal not simply go down to the local police station sign an affidavit saying that in these private conversations she was lying? The police could then send me a copy of the notarised affidavit and I could publish it. Such an action would clear the name of both Bill Toal and Michael Toal

I think Bill Toal and Michael Toal raped Suzanne Toal as a teen girl. That is what I think. I do not have proof. I have two witnesses, Jennifer Toal and an anonymouse witness well known to me and the Toal family who say Suzanne Toal has said these things to them. To Jennifer Suzanne Toal said Bill Toal sexually assaulted her has a teen. Suzanne made this statement in 1989 and Jennifer repeated it to me as her then husband.

This would explain Suzanne becoming a complete car crash in her 20s. Drugs and bad things happened to her. Perhaps it was a cry for help? Who knows? Only Suzanne Toal knows why she was such a car crash in those days. 

Michael Toal has carried out a slander campaign against me and against my business partners. Most notably Michael Toal recently falsely called Sean Kelly, a long term friend and business partner of mine, a paedophile. Sean was dying of cancer. 

Yes..that is correct. Michael Toal is such a low life that he made the false allegations that a dying man was a paedophile. Further, Michael Toal attempted to find Seans wifes contact details and harass her while she was coming to terms with her husbands death. 

If you want to assisst me? This is what I ask. Go over to Michael Toals facebook and friend him. Get involved in a few discussions so make out that you are a "friend". After some time that you think is appropriate? Link to this facebook status of mine and ask Michael Toal why his sister does not deny that he raped her. 

Ask him why he has falsely called Sean Kelly a paedophile while he was dying from cancer. 

Ask him why he has run a four year slander campaign against me, a man who saw him being bullied as a skinny, sickly 12 year old in his new school and who went to his rescue and who befriended him to help him fit in to his new town and new school. 

Ask him why he is so ungrateful to a man who rescued him from bullies and made sure he was not further bothered and who helped him fit into his new town. 

Ask him how he feels about his sister, Jennifer Toal, being publicly denounced as an adulteress, criminal, child abusing prostitute. 

Ask him how he feels that Jennifers children Kristen, Jarrod, Josephine and Joshua must now live with their friends knowing their mother is an adulteress, criminal, child abusing prostitute because Michael Toal made her name public in this dispute. 

And then ask his friends what is their opinion that Michael Toal has done these things? 

I have put this post on this link in CAF. 

You can read about Michael Toal on this link if you are wondering what sort of crazy man you are dealing with.

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 12/23/2014 12:17 AM

LOL! It seems Michael Toal likes to go around slandering me online for FOUR YEARS and then has a problem when the fact his little sister is privately telling people he raped her comes out.

Michael Toal had NO PROBLEM that his sister is an adulteress, criminal, child abusing prostitute. But he DOES have a problem that I am making that public.

Michael Toal had NO PROBLEM that his sister was given 95% of the proceeds of the labour of a man who rescued him from bullies as a sickly and weak 12 year old but he DOES have a problem with this fact being known.

He had my post removed from facebook and replied to me. So thanks for those of you who went over and asked him those questions. You really pissed him off!

So lets do it all again eh? Anyone want to go and ask him why he is such a coward he blocked me from seeing his page now? LOL! If anyone wants to append their comments on Michaels page here please do so.

This man condones and supports perjury. This man falsely calls me a paedophile all over the web. This man falsely calls my business partners paedophiles.

If there is one thing more disgusting than a man who is a paedophile it is a man who knowingly, willingly, and with malicious intent falsely calls men paedophiles for the sole reason they are in business with a man whom his sister criminally victimised.

That is who Michael Toal is. He is a man who knowingly, willingly, and with malicious intent falsely called m business partners paedophiles for the sole reason that they HELPED MEN when his lying, adulteress, criminal, child abusing sister used the criminal family courts to steal from me.....a man who protected him when he was a sickly and weak 12 year old boy.

All Michael Toals friends should know the true character if this man....a false accuser of good men....a man accused by his own sister of raping accusation she will not retract. A man who stood by and allowed someone who showed him kindness in need to have his life destroyed by his sister.

I tell you Gentlemen here and now. I am going to as thoroughly destroy Michael Toals life and reputation as his sister, with HIS FULL SUPPORT, attempted to destroy my life and reputation.

The shit that is happening in the family courts only happens because MEN like Michael Toal allow their sisters to do this shit and MEN like BILL TOAL allow their daughters to do this shit. Such men are scum and should be publicly attacked and denounced at every turn.

Michael Toal has ALSO attacked a man with a partner and a little baby to support. Using his ASIO connections to find out who he was and to attack his employers to try and get the man fired. He has ALSO attacked and threatened John Wilson, as 72 year old aged pensioner living in Sydney for the "crime" of accepting money for me to rent a room at a football club to hold an important meeting.

Michael Toal is one of the most disgusting men in the world. And it is now time everyone knew that. He is going to be taught his lesson for supporting Jennifer commit so many crimes against me. OTHER MEN will judge him most harshly because all that I say about him is true while all that his sister said about me in the family courts were perjurous vicious lies.

I will put the original post below.

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 12/23/2014 12:18 AM
  • Peter Andrew Nolan Here is his message to me for you to read.

    Mick Toal

    Listen you fucking lying creep! I have no fucking clue I have not written a word about your business partners, who seem to be good blokes. Meanwhile, your sick fascination with incest and rape - everyone INCLUDING YOU knows there is no substance to YOUR LIES. We have all been to the police and you WILL be charged with making a false report and several other offences YOU CREEPY FUCK! My mail is the day is fast approaching when you will deported back to Australia and you'd be wise to make sure the cops get to you before I do! YOU FUCKING KEYBOARD COWARD! Your time is running out!
  • Peter Andrew Nolan Just remember...this "indignation" is from a man who openly supports perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse.

    This indignation is from a man who is a false accuser of good men calling them paedophiles because they helped me when HIS SIST
    ER destroyed my life as it was WITH HIS FULL BLESSING and with the FULL BLESSING OF HIS FATHER BILL TOAL.

    As always...anyone who wants to call Bill Toal and ask him if he is ever going to pull his children in to line?

    His number is in the phone book and is not private.

    Bill Toal
    23 Fernleigh Road
    Turvey Park
    Wagga Wagga NSW 2650

    +61 2 69 25 40 41

    Give Bill Toal a call and ask him why he has supported my criminal victimisation for SEVEN YEARS NOW. See what he has to say for himself...a man whose own daughter accuses him of raping her and who refuses to take back the allegation.

    Where there is smoke there is fire...and Suzanne Toals refusal to take back her private statements in public makes me think she is telling the truth in private.

    In any case. We know FOR A FACT that Michael Toal and Bill Toal both support perjury. We know FOR A FACT that both Michael Toal and Bill Toal support false allegations against innocent men they do not even know calling them paedophiles....and in the case of Sean Kelly doing it when he was a dying man.

    THAT is the sort of scum Michael Toal is...and everyone should know this to be true.
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 12/30/2014 12:37 PM
This was sent to Michael Toal on facebook.

The account he is using is the old Illuminati Ingrid facebook account.

Peter Andrew Nolan

Michael, perhaps you might be more concerned with the effect your foolishness has had on your family members.

Your father is now an accused paedophile. Widely accused. And Suzanne has never denied that your father raped her when she was a teen girl.

You have also been responsible for Jarrod, Kristen, Josephine and Joshua having to live life under the cloud that their mother is an adulteress, criminal, child abusing prostitute.

I wonder how THAT goes down with their peers?

I wonder how THAT will go down with anyone who wishes to be involved with them?

I mean imagine trying to generate and create a relationship with one of those 4 when their mother has been so thoroughly denounced and discredited? Hmm?

All your fault Michael. Jennifers name never had to be public. If you and Bill had made sure Jennifer made remedy for her crimes none of this would EVER have had to become public knowledge.

Now...not only is Jennifer world renowned as an adulteress, criminal, child abusing prostitute. Both you and Bill are accused of raping Suzanne and Suzanne is not denying that she has been saying these things...and she is not denying that she is speaking the truth.

Things have not worked out very well for you have they?

You are now widely denounced as a liar, a rapist of your own sister, a slanderer of a man dying of cancer. You are widely known as being so vile you falsely called a dying man a paedophile. Men do not like other men who falsely call men paedophiles...let alone a dying man....and trying to harass his grieving wife?

What sort of scumbag tries to harass a woman whose husband is dying, eh?

I guess the same sort of man who condones abusing an elderly and ill woman by denying her telephone access to her own grand children...which is something you, your mother, and your father also condone.

The Toal family are disgusting scum...and you have proven such for 7 years now.

I will never stop denouncing the disgusting scum you Toals chose to be....we will wait and see if you and your family will voluntarily make remedy for your crimes...or whether honest men of honour and integrity will do the right thing and dispense summary justice against your family and make the world a better place by doing so.

Are you having fun yet Michael?

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