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 11/16/2011 4:51 AM
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copied from here:


I just received this from Illuminati Ingrid:


Okay, we saw that your snivelling little sycophant noticed our "indiscretion" and we shut down the site immediately - for a while - before you could get a screen shot. We will deal with Phil later.
Be aware that everything you write and say is being recorded.
You have no idea who we have put on your puny bullying arse!
Would you like one blanket, or two, in your cell?
Have fun!
Don't bother replying - it will bounce - like all the others!


Illuminati Ingrid bragged on my channel 'one down four to go' when my first vid went down. Strong evidence she had something to do with it. She was then DUMB enough to post to the hate site the email
she got back from You-Tube which contained........wait for it.....wait for




Can you F***ing believe how stupid this woman is?


Her email address was with a federal guvment agency.....yes...the one that starts with M-eye-5. LOL!!!


So now she has provided us evidence of TREASON. How about that?


This woman is DUMBER THAN A ROCK!!


I love the bit 'be aware that everything you write is being recorded' LOL!! That's such old news!!


Gentlemen. This gives me GREAT HOPE. If the agents are so dumb they put their email addresses onto sites for us to see?? I think we have a REAL CHANCE!!!


Let us all be encouraged at the incompetence of Ingrid and David!!


I am so happy!!!!


I am going out with an old mate tonight and even though I shouldn't I'm going to real drunk to celebrate this!!!

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 11/16/2011 4:51 AM
Ayn Rand said:
I have NO IDEA what any of this is about.

It's very important that you give the community a comprehensive report on who these people are, how their relationship with you began, and how it's going now and any suspicions you might have as the biggest problem us Guardians of Truth and Light have is the fact that nobody knows the war that unfolds beneath the benign surface of Tir na Saor and every-day existence.
When I was being slandered, character assassinated, and threatened during the IRB fiasco NO ONE HAD A FUCKING CLUE and still to this day no one has a clue. Should our battles with the Darkness remain in the Darkness?

I would also appreciate any visual evidence of these incidents, some data.
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 11/16/2011 4:52 AM

"It's very important that you give the community a comprehensive report on who these people are, how their relationship with you began, and how it's going now and any suspicions you might have as the biggest problem us Guardians of Truth and Light have is the fact that nobody knows the war that unfolds beneath the benign surface of Tir na Saor and every-day existence."

Ok. Since you specifically asked.

"IlluminatiIngrid" came here claiming to be from the 'International Womens Club of Ireland'. This is the single most exclusive club in Ireland for foreign born women. There are 250 members. My wife was a member at the time of divorce and had been for many years prior.

During divorce my wife tried to extort money from me using emotional abuse by refusing my elderly and ill mother a phone number to call her beloved grand daughter. I had to sit and watch my mother cry begging me to help her talk to her grand daughter. To explain further, she knew she was in her last days of lucidity. She knew she was slipping into dimentia. And she desperately wanted to talk to her daughter.

I emailed Bill Toal and gave my word that if he would call my Dad and give him a number I would not ask for it and my father had given his word he would not give it to me. We wanted my mother to speak to her beloved rgand daughter as much as she wanted in her ill health.

This very reasonable request was denied by BILL TOAL who had that number. Presumably because of Jennifer. I ALSO asked all the women who claimed to be my friend to speak to Jennifer on this matter as the emotional abuse of my mother was NOT ACCEPTABLE as an extortion tactic for 'interim support' when we had PLENTY of money in the asset of the house to be using for supporting ourselves.

Mu position was that while my rights were being violated I would not bill ONE CENT and would not perform ANY WORK that would provide for her or the children because that would make me a slave. I insisted that no-one had any right to FORCE me to work against my will and my will was I would NOT work while my rights were being violated. Period. If ALL fathers did this we would be done in a week. But they are not smart enough to do this, alas.

Anyway. The womens club were cheap so they asked me to webmaster a small site for them just for information purposes among the ladies and I had webmastered that site for some years.

Having failed to have anyone persuade my ex that abuse of my mother was unacceptable I send a letter to ALL the registered emails of those women, about 60 of the 250 had emails there, and I was absolutely scathing as to my opinion of how woman could possibly allow a woman to abuse an old, ill woman who was a grand mother, especially since MANY of THEM were grand mothers. I told them I was totally disgusted in them that they condone this type of behaviour and that I would be more than happy to make the disgusting and disgraceful behaviour of that group public. And now it is.

If women want to try and tell me just how 'wonderful' they are while they condone one of their number abusing and elderly and ill grandmother in an effor to extort money from a husband? They I am perfectly willing to make that public. Ladies? You should have NEVER allowed that situation to occur.

My father was eventually given a number which in NO WAY obviated to abuse dished out to my mother by Jennifer. THAT was the 'straw that broke the camels' back. She abused me? Fine. I am a man. I can take it. But to target an elderly and ill woman for abuse to try and get money out of me? THAT was not acceptable. Nor should it be acceptable by any person who wishes to call themselves 'civilised'.

That was in April 08.

So. Our so called 'lady' friends at the International Womens Club Dublin are in for a bit of 'treatment' from me.

One thing I insist on is this. The employer of my ex has every right to know that she committed the crime of criminal theft from our company. My ex withdrew EUR18,000 from our company that she was not authorised to do. I make the claim that her current employer has a right to know this for HIS/HER protection.

Another thing I insist on this this. My ex made a whole series of perjurous statements in the courts. Statements bother her father and her 26 year old son were also disgusted with. They are published and marked on my web site. These included being a 'bad father' and 'abandoning the children'. This was particularly galling to our eldest son whos position was that I had been the best possible step father I could be and was the best possible father I could be for his little brother and sister. He was furious over these statments being put towards a court.

Whoever is the 'next man'? He has EVERY RIGHT to know he is involved with a woman who has ruthlessly and unconscionably attacked her ex husband even though he had done nothing wrong. If she did it once, she will do it again. So I have asked those around Jennifer to provide me the name of her employer and 'new man'. This information has not been forthcoming. So I recently sent a letter to the womens club announcing that I was bringing an end to the 'marriage scam' that they have all benefited so highly from as well as a few other details.

Here are the two letters sent.

"Illuminati Ingrid", who turns out to have an email address at ASIO in Australia, then turned up to TNS claiming to be one of these women. She made false claims right at the start about how it had gone to hundreds of people, blah, blah, blah.

I thought this this was Michael Toal again because 'she' was writing in similar fashion to Michael. Michael came here as 'alpha-male' and used my photograph as his on that occasion.

Illuminati Ingrid then also set up a hate site and posted it here. She claimed that she offered free speech on her 'hate site' I pinged it and she soon made it 'invitation only'. So much for 'free speech'.

Ingrid also emailed business contacts of mine and has tried entering the facebook of business contacts of mine to spread her slander. All on the tax payer dollars of Australians no less.

She also bragged how my you tube video went down which implicated her in taking it down. However, the stupid bitch also posted the email from youtube about her complaint which contained her email address and she was stupid enough to use her ASIO email address! LOL!!

This was spotted by 'Phil'. And I will not say anything about 'Phil'. But Phil is a friend. ;-) Thank you Phil!

So. Since the return email had the internal tick number used for the request to take down the video? We have PROOF POSITIVE that ASIO was the organisation to do the take down.

Next? You-tube has a policy of contacting the person who puts the you-tube up prior to a take down. I was not contacted and am prepared to say so under oath. So I wrote to Julia Gillard and Eric Schmidt to point out what exactly was going on.

Letters here:

The ASIO agents have committed treason and that can be proven. Eric is being given the opportunity of 'plausible deniability'. However, since the take down of the video did not follow policy and since the person who did the take down had clear indication that the request was from a guvment agency and NOT a private individual it is pretty obvious that whoever did the take down knew they were committing a crime. I've offered Eric to deal with this situation as he sees fit and to tell me what he did so I can concur or not. I'm not really interested in trying to prosecute some guy in you-tube. Why bother. But if Eric does NOT do this I AM interested in prosecuting HIM. THAT would be 'news'.

So. David Eastman also turned up here and in Australia and tried to bad mouth me with lies and a few people accepted him as 'someone else'. I thought this might be Michael too.

However, David mentioned the name 'Phil' in his post. Another amazing piece of stupidity since the only place 'Phil's name occured was in my email. So it seems there is actually a delay in my email reaching ASIO. I have been aware my email was bugged since July 2008. I deliberately left it bugged so that I could feed these arseholes dis-info.

(Hey, Ingrid/Dave??? Bet you can't figure out the dis-info vs the real info!! LOL!! I've been playing you guys for two years now!!! You've got a mail log that I knew was bugged so you don't know what is real and what is not! LOL!! You really are stupid people!)

And as you can see Ingrid also mentions 'Phil'. So I rather suspect these are either two ASIO agents or the one agent with two profiles.

'Phil' has provided me with a wealth of information that I presume flows back into ASIO in about 48 hours. So we have been one step ahead of these guys for ages! LOL! It's been quite hysterical really.

I can now say this......once I realised that the whole control grid was a scam? There needed to be some way to expose it. That's why I went to the SMH. The idea was to prove that guvment was totally bogus and was totally controlling what was said in the newspapers and what was done in the courts.

So I got myself banned off the MENS section of the SMH blogs!! LOL!! Hundreds of witnesses to that. And I got myself heaviy censored on the 'relationships section'

(My thanks to Sam deBritto and Sam Brett for being so stupid and so wonderfully co-operating with me on creating the evidence the SMH is TOTALLY controlled by the guvment! LOL! )

As the court case in Australia went forward I wanted to find a way to develop the evidence that they too were a bunch of satanic criminal scumbags. So I studied my arse off on the strawman recapture...did it a while before I went into my court case...and I stood my ground and video recorded the entire thing. I wasn't killed that day so I figured they were just going to try and ignore me. It was clear from the video that crimes were committed by David so I then sent all that material to Kevin Rudd and Robert McClelland (Attorney General) with a demand that justice be done. Of course, I knew they would do nothing. What I was REALLY hoping for was that David Dunkley would be stupid enough to issue some form of 'order' that would send all the money to my ex. A clear crime.

They tried to send me a fax asking for my signature on an amount of A$20K. I told them to fuck off because I already had a claim of right that had not been rebutted so they needed to return ALL the proceeds of MY house to ME. Registrar Johnston signed that form and they sent me A$20K. The 'order' was for me to get $A100K in a 30/70 split. The transcript and the order are here:

If you read these in detail you will see what a criminal scumbag David Dunkley is.

Anyway. When I went 'public' with all this information two weekends ago 'Ingrid/David' stepped up there effort to discredit me.

I was hoping to provoke them into doing something that would give away who they were. They were dumb enough to do that.

So. Now? In Australia? I have Louise Henderson, Registrar Johnston, David Dunkley, 'Ingrid/David' on TOAST. LOL!!

Julia Gillard is now in the position that not only does she have two magistrates going to take a fall, she has two ASIO agents who have been caught spending tax payer dollars suppressing the crimes of the two magistrates and committed slander along the way. I think they have actually committed treason. And I'm going to get some opinions on that.

So today I propose to write Julia Gillard a lawful notice pointing all this out and lawfully notice her that should she choose not to disclose to me the names of Ingrid/David I will be accusing her of Treason. I'll give her a couple of weeks to decide.

'David', in another bout of fucked up stupidity actually referred to the letter by saying I had 'threatened' Julia Gillard. Since 'David' is an ASIO agent and works for Gillard in that statement he just provided proof that he read the letter and would be duty bound to tell her about it. So he just took away Julia Gillards 'plausible deniability' that she got my fax thursday night my time.

I mean. Really. If there are the people we are 'up against'? I am greatly enthused at our chances of beating them.

As far as I know? I'm the first guy here who is on the edge of getting a sitting prime ministed onto the hook for a treason accusation. There is a guy in Australia who has a mis-prison for treason against Gillard.

So...Ayn, I know that is long...but this is how this came about.

We have just proven that the Australian Federal Guvment is spending tax payer dollars committing crimes against me as well as one or two agents committing treason by suppressing the news of crimes being committed by a foreign power on the land known as australia. I'm pretty sure that's treason but I'm going to look into it more. We really have them pissed off now.

And they can't kill me because I've taken out a 'life insurance policy' that those who would be in on the decision to kill me would really be very concerned about. ;-)

Oh yes...I really do know what I am doing.

And yes, for all those people throwing abuse and hatred at me?

Let's see you do better eh? ;-)
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