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 11/16/2011 1:41 AM
My father is a good man.  He provided for My brother, my two sisters, and my Mother.  I could always talk to Dad, he always knew when I was lying, and he always knew when I wasn't.  He was just when he was present to arbitrate.  I love my Dad and will provide for him in his old age.  My Dad was a mangina.

My father was a mangina.  I did not discover this until I was 12, but I knew it subconsciously when I was 9.  The first time I ever lost faith in him was when he believed a lie my mother told him.  I called mom a liar, and I was punished severely for it. (not abused by him, but he gave mom the whip so it was much worse.)  The next five years of my life revolved around making sure I did not doing anything that mother could construe as making her look bad.  I was pretty much a slave in my house for most of those years.  I did all the housework, fathered my infant sisters, and my own brother was turned against me by my mother.  I later showed my brother that in a very harsh manner, and that is the same moment my father took the red pill as men are calling it these days.

Three years of a Mangina Father and a Mother turning him against me, then my father regains respect in my eyes.

This is what went down.  I was beating my brother in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fighters.(SNES fighting video game)  He said, "If you don't let me win I will tell mom you hit me and you will be grounded for another week." (I just got ungrounded)  I called his bluff.  He started crying and ran upstairs and told mom his story.  I told mom the truth.  She believed him.  I looked to dad for support.  He sided with mom.  Then I walked up to my brother and knocked his little ass out and said, "If I'm grounded for it I might as well do it."  This is when my father woke up.

He took my side told my mom to fuck off woke my brother up and grounded his ass.

Now, the divorce preliminary begins. 

Sorry for the teaser, I've been working my ass off the last three days.  I'll continue the story later.  What I'm telling you is all true according to my memory.
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 11/16/2011 1:42 AM
It continues.

Approximately three weeks after the above mentioned incident.  It was time for Dad to take all of us kiddies to a wrestling match in Fallon.  (A city about 200 miles from the home town) 

The trip is as you would expect.  We get there, spend the night wrestle in the morning and start to head home.  Well, my brother and I lost early, so we started home early.  When we arrived home there was a Ford Taurus, that belonged to the family lawyer in the garage.  We walked in the house and mom was in a teddy.  There was a bowl of ice with a bottle of dom on the table.  And weasledick lawyer locked himself in my fathers bedroom.

Well, dad about goes ballistic, but thinks better of it.  HE looks me right in the eye and says, "I'll see you tomorrow.  Remember everything, and write it down."

I did.

Now the real fun begins.

Mother's explanation:

Mother told my father that the reason the lawyer was in the house was because she did cheat on him six months ago while she was away in Tennessee.   She needed a lawyer because and I quote, "Hal called me yesterday and told me that he tested postitive for HIV and I had unprotected sex with him."

Now let that sink in.  Wife of 15 years, four children (three) one cuckold. Yeahhhh how must that feel.  Not only have you been betrayed, and are facing the divorce courts, but you might also have aids from the adulterous whore.

Well, three weeks of hell and panic ensue.  We children were left out of this little tidbit during that time.  One day both parents leave on a trip to Salt Lake City Utah.  They went to get the Aids Test.  They told us it was for counseling as we all saw mom and her lover basically naked in the house, probably a lie by omission.  Well the year is 1994 It'll be another six months before any confirmation of Aides happens.  In the next six months the premilinary assault begins. 

Mother cajoles Dad into seeing a psychiatrist whom she is also fucking.  He knows enough to know that a divorce will fuck him royally.  He just saw it happen to his older brother.  He wants to believe, he gets diagnosed as manic depressive bi-polar.  He is put on Lithium.  He becomes a zombie, it use to be we were safe when dad was home, not anymore.  Dad continues taking the drug until he finds out mom is also fucking the psychiatrist.  Then he sues the psychiatrist. (that is a whole different story.)  Still somewhat believing the psyche he quits his medication and goes to see another one. 

Mom finds out who he is going to see. She sees him first. She forcasted the future for him. (understand my Dad was still under spell, he still wanted his marriage)  This doctor gives the same diagnosis (due to mothers manipulation) Dad goes back on Lithium.  Safety for a week, now back to the bitch. 

I finally lost it.  The school year had begun.  I started smoking, then I started sneaking my mothers booze after she had passed out in alcoholic slumber.  I was 13.  I went to my school counselor after getting into a few fights.  I told her the story.  She called in my dad and confirmed he was a zombie.  She convinced him to stop taking the drug.  He said he can't she'll know if I am lying and have me committed.  Then this school counsellor helped my father.  She taught him to lie by ommission.  She said you tell her you took the pill.  Just don't tell her you took it and threw it out the window. 

Dad regains his mind, and it is much sharper than before.

I start telling him all the times mom has lied to him, and he now believes me.  We forged an alliance.

More to come   
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 11/16/2011 1:42 AM
Where was I?  Ah yes, Father and I had forged an alliance.  (Hunton Vs Hunton, Hunton Vs Wilson, Hunton Vs Wilson and Barrows Ltd. and Hunton Vs The City of Elko.)  For those interested.  You'll need a freedom of information request to get at some of the files.  They are at the Elko County Court House in Elko NV, USA.

Back to the story.  Dad and I forged an alliance.  This happened approximately six months after we came home early that day.  My father had tickets to a basketball game in Salt Lake City. (hmm where the aides test was done)  He took me with him.  Salt Lake City is about a four hour drive from Elko.  We didn't talk much on the way there.  It was at the game I started to ask him questions. 

I asked him what happened in the last six months.  He lied to me at first.  I was given the standard this is between your mother and I.  I called him a liar, and told him I knew quite a bit myself.  I was an excellent little ninja evesdropper back then. I knew enough and I was 13. Throughout the rest of the game, and for the entire drive home he told me everything I went over in the previous two posts.  I was floored. Then he told me the aides and Hal story.  After that he dropped the nuke.

Mom was having an affair with the family lawyer and the two of them had concocted the AIDS story to cover for the most prominent attorney, about to be mayor/judge/councilman in the City. (The family lawyer) That they had reached an out of court settlement that forbade the lawyer from coming within x feet of mom or our family ever again, and paid dad 10,000 in exchange for silence.  He showed me the agreement.  I told him mom was still seeing the family lawyer weekly and that the guy was at the house for a few hours at a time, while dad was on the road coaching.  Basically mom was still fucking the guy after six months, while dad thought it was over.  Well, dad went to enforce the agreement.  The Law was not on his side.......

I'll be back with more.  This happened over17 years ago, the chronology is somewhat off.  Hale Bopp was in the sky on our way home from Salt Lake. 

The Above Court Cases are my Father's, one of them is Federal I do not remember which one.  I believe it is Hunton V The City of Elko.  My father charged them under RICO, and also Charged the Current Elko Police Chief with Kidnapping, Assault with a deadly weapon, and Abuse under Color of Law.  A Federal Judge ordered settlement or he was going to send in the Department of Justice. 

I'm going to try and organize these memories and record the story here if you don't mind Globalman.

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