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 11/16/2011 1:39 AM


So, I had already been an idiot and had a child out of marriage.   It was a horrible horrible experience, that I actually managed to make worse by listening to a cute young thing that told me she wanted to help me get custody of my daughter.

We had been dating for two years, when she told me this we moved in together.  Her parents immediately threw a shit fit and demanded we get married.  They disowned her(but not sure if they really did) and I was guilt tripped into getting married.

Remember, the entire premise for her moving in with me was so that we could save up for a lengthy court battle.

So, I get roped into getting married but she's oh so sweet, she'd never do me wrong.  Six months into this she went to a casino, ONCE, and liked it so much she thought she'd forge some cold checks from my bank account and go back the casino in style.

Now, since she's my wife, she has all my information and isn't afraid to sign my name to something.  So, to cover up all the money that she is leeching out of my assets she signs me up for credit cards.  Also, while we're at it, lets just drain his entire 401k.

Now while I'm not a complete retard, this does take me a while to catch onto.  But thankfully she has that all covered, her friends warned her that eventually I'd catch on so she should stop taking her birth control.

BAM, man locked in.

So, now I am working 70 hours a week and desparately trying to figure out why I am not getting anywhere.  I take a week off and don't tell the wife, then stake the place out and follow her using a work-buddy's truck.  She gets up at noon, 3 hours past when her shift starts and 6 hours after I have dropped our newborn daughter off at daycare(because she can't get her ready fast enough before she goes to work or she'll be late  She drives to the bank, odd since she doesn't have a debit card and she isn't on the account, but rolls right up to the atm and gets cash out. 

Her "job" "pays" her with a paper paycheck that she "cashes" at a gas station, and she can't get an account at my bank without a $500 I know she must have a credit card. 

She heads back home, then around my quitting time she leaves again.  I switch vehicles, pick up our daughter at daycare, go home and wait.  She rolls in later, complaining about needing a "girl's night".  I keep my calm and and bide my time.  I keep tabs on her through the week, in which she drove three hours to the city where she was gambling, twice.  I had lost her in the city, so I wasn't quite sure where she had gone.

I confront her about it, she denies it all.  I show her pictures I had taken with my cellphone.  She admits to having a credit card, that she is "only working part-time now" and was just soooo tired of midnight feedings and needed to relax so she went to the casino twice.

This scenario plays out one more time, and I leave her.  She ends up crawling back and begging for one more chance.  I am a tard and agree.

Soon thereafter, I catch her up in one of those "so, where were you on X day?" lies and she goes ballistic.  She flushes my cellphone, I tell her to leave.  She screams and yells and does that whole tantrum thing they do, then says she's packing her shit.  I sit down in my chair, and the little bitch ninja smashes me in the back of the head with a lamp.  I grab her by the back of the shirt, and start pushing her ass to the front door, warning her that if she touches me again I'll give her something to cry about.  Well, when we got there she whirled around with her fists up, and I simply pushed her into the wall and pinned her there.

Oh yeah, wailing ensues.  I help her slump to the floor, you know, so she doesn't shatter or anything.  Right now I'm thinking, if she calls the cops she's fucked because I've got glass and shit imbedded in the back of my head along with a pretty nice lump.

She runs to the neighbor bitch's apartment.  I sit on the front steps, thinking this is going to be epic.  The cops are going to show up with me bleeding out the back of my head, her unmarked, the neighbors having heard all her agry screaming........hahaha

But, I was unprepared for the way things played out.  First the cops, then the k-9 unit, then an ambulance.  Apparently I was hopped up on drugs, and had assaulted her, threatening to kill her.

They didn't write down anything when I gave them my version, but I got to see the abridged version when they gave me that pre trial thing.  They told me that they actually already had a warrant for my arrest.

WHAT THE FUCK!?!?! I've never even had a god damned parking ticket, what the hell could I possibly be wanted for?  OH, apparently I am a deadbeat dad that [i]hasn't been paying his child support.[/i]  That's right, part of the money she was skimming off of me was the child support payments I mailed out every month.  She knew the days they'd try to cash the checks, but she'd take everything out so that they couldn't.  She'd eventually redeposit the money minus the child support amount, and since I worked 7 days a week to keep the place afloat I never saw the mail she didn't want me to see.  She moves in with a guy she went to highschool with that she had been seeing since right after she gave birth.

Begin long nasty divorce, where obviously forged checks/documents didn't matter one bit because of the scum that doesn't pay his child support and beats his wife.  The only good thing about the child support for my oldest daughter was that the district attorney in that area was actually a decent guy and fought on my side against the dyke family court judge and got it amended to a misdemeanor.  That judge was fucking evil, she didn't care one bit that I had proof that my still-current wife had been blowing money at a casino at times I could PROVE I was at work, with samples of our signatures(our middle names are the same, and our first names start with the same letter so it was obvious when you compared both of our signatures, then the signatures of the cold checks spread around the state)An elderly baliff in that court that heard and watched everything going on, that had been working in that courtroom since he was 19 years old was ordered to handcuff me and take me downstairs until she could get to the end of the docket and take another look at the case.  He put his arm around my shoulders and said "This man is no more a criminal than I am." and took me downstairs with no handcuffs.

But, the court that the divorce and the "assault" was handled in was way worse.  Her statement of the night the "assault" happened had two instances of how my head injury occurred.  First she said that she did it herself in self defence, and later when the officer asked her again about it, why he had an injury on the [i]back[/i] of his head she said he must have done it to himself when she got away.  It was also pointed out that the only witness they had questioned besides us, was her bestest friend in the whole world.  We lived in a duplex, but for some reason they didn't question the people living in the other half of the duplex, who I had to fucking ask to take off work to come say what they heard.  They dismissed the assault charge, but told me it would be up to me to get a lawyer to have it expunged and off my record.

The divorce itself, was the biggest sham.  David Higdon, a man I will despise forever, the divorce laywer I got...  First he asked for $800.  Later on he said that since it was going to require a lot of man hours, he needed $800 more....which I gave him.  Two days later I get a letter in the mail saying that he was going to ask the judge to drop me as a client because of "a difference of somethingorother".  Of course, this is after he signed over everything to her.  I got all the debt that she had accumulated in both our names and an extra bonus of $4000 of debt in child support to be paid to her RIGHT THEN in addition to the child support I had already been paying for a year and a half to her since two weeks into the divorce, she got the child, both vehicles and all the furnature/belongings.

Lawyer had skipped town, literally when the letter was still in the mail.  The day after I got the letter I used my lunchbreak to confront him at his office, it was completely empty.  Smart man.

Enter tax season.  Divorce decree says that we alternate claiming Autumn as a dependant, and that the first year is mine.  I file, then get a letter saying my daughter had already been claimed by someone else and that I was shit out of luck.  So, instead of getting a return, I get a bill to the IRS for a few thousand.  I call the ex and tell her she won't be getting that $4000 I got stuck with paying her until later in the year, she goes ballistic and tells me that if she doesn't get the money in the next month or so that she is going to call social services and tell them that I am molesting my two year old daughter.  I ask her if she's trying to put me in the ground, because that's certainly looking like the direction things are headed.  She recorded the conversation, and took [i]only[/i] the bit where I hinted about how she must be trying to get me to kill myself.....and approaches the Ohio Department of somethngorother that takes threats of suicide very seriously when it comes to fathers that have visitation rights.  Now, they didn't take away my visitation, but they did put a restraining order in place where I can't come within so and so feet/miles of my ex wife.

So, paying $230 a week in child support to two mothers.  Know how much I grossed last year?  The nature of my work, I have to log literally every single minute I work.  I had 14 days off last year and I made a whopping $29,000.  The ex wifey thought that moving simply one state over wasn't enough, so she moved another 700 miles away.

I record every phone conversation now and I made sure to get a cellphone that can also capture video.

Guys, don't get married and don't have kids.   As bad as my story is, there have been men that got way worse.


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