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 4/25/2012 11:26 AM
 Modified By Host2  on 4/25/2012 9:45:23 AM
On Facebook, one self-righteous older man named Tony Bochene has attacked me because I am speaking the TRUTH to try to save younger men from slavery to their guvments. I suggest you write to him and ask him why he hates younger men so much that he wants to keep them ignorant and sell them into slavery.

Here is his Facebook page:

This is what a dirty old self righteous man looks like:

And that is his whore Columbian girlfriend, soon to be wife, in the picture. I am going to laugh my ass off when she takes him to the cleaners in divorce and rapes him financially!

Here is his comment:
Once again Richard not to pick on you but I just went to the "Boycott Amerian women" site that you are so actively promoting and what's the point my friend of the angry negative tyrade against American women? Who gives a rats ass? That's a total no brainer. Virtually ALL the men who come to this site already know all that stuff about American women. 
You think that's something new? I knew all that crap about selfish complicated skitzy American babes when I was in highschool, over 40 years ago, well before you were born. That's why when I was ready to get married I went to the Philippines to look for a decent mate. And I found one. 
I think your time would be much better spent talking about the positve aspects of foreign women, than blathering on and on about the negative aspects of America...See More

Actually I totally enjoyed being married. I was married to two foreign women, one lovely Filipina for 10 years, and a Russian gal for 7 years. We were not in love when we tied the knot, we just got married as a formality to get them out of their country because I did NOT want to live in the Philippines, or in Russia.
Both relationships were an experiment, it surprised me that they lasted as long as they did, and when they finally ran their course we did our own divorce and remained friends.
I do NOT believe in the "Till death do us part" thing. A relationship is fun or it's not. When it's not fun anymore, it's over.
Both gals were wonderful ladies and they changed me for the better. Made me a better man.
Honestly I'm looking forward to being married again and I'm reasonably sure it will be a wonderful Colombian lady I've been dating for 3 years.
The key to happiness in a marriage is NOT to marry an American woman.
That is guaranteed misery!
So Richard, it sounds like you've been beat up pretty bad by women? Sorry about that, maybe you just made some bad decisions, but that doesn't automatically mean that ALL women are evil.
With the right gal marriage can be a wonderful life altering event.
Maybe you should take a closer look at yourself?

So if a man is trying to warn other young men about the dangers of slavery to the guvment in the form of the "marriage contract", he is hated on by older men like Tony. Older men tell LIES about him, saying he is angry, bitter, etc, the exact same way that western women do. So it is clear that older men DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU YOUNGER MEN. Otherwise, why do they HATE on younger men like me who are trying to speak the truth and help wake up and save young men?

Here is the reply I wrote back to Tony:

Hey you dirty old man

How DARE you take a self righteous position against me, a younger men.

It was YOUR generation that sold out us younger men to feminism.

While the guvments were instituting anti-male divorce laws, did YOU older men do anything to stop them? NO!

Nevermind that it is estimated that in AUstralia alone, 4000 men kill themselves a year due to the abuse they have suffered in divorce.

THAT is the level of hatred towards men in society- even when men kill themselves, WOMEN and older men DO NOT CARE.

So HOW DARE YOU take such a stance towards us younger men.

You older men are our ENEMY and you have BETRAYED us by not protesting or stopping the guvment from selling us into slavery. And then you want to present yourself as if you are our "moral superiors".

Go to hell, you disgusting hypocritical old man. You can't even make your marriages last, and then you want to give advice to others? Maybe if you weren't such an arrogant disgusting old bastard, your whore wives wouldn't be leaving your worthless ass?

Men like you make me absolutely sick. May you hurry the fuck up and drop dead, and rot in hell.

Signed, a younger man who has been sold into slavery,
John Rambo
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 4/26/2012 3:47 AM
 Modified By Host2  on 4/25/2012 9:49:12 AM

I just saw the following post from Tony. It turns out that he is engaged in the "mail order bridge" business, or in other words, he is making money from human traffficking and selling men into the slavery known as marriage. So THAT is why he is against me trying to wake men up and and STOP them from buying into the slavery known as marriage. Because if young men STOP marrying, low class criminals like Tony will be OUT OF BUSINESS.

Here's the post:

Tony Bochene

As mentioned I have worked in the international romance industry for over 15 years. Leading these "gang" tours all over the world. It is not fair, nor is it accurate, to put all women of a certain nationality in a good or bad category. Yes there are certain traits and differences between the cultures, but they are not a reliable way to judge these women.
You have to move slow, and take each and every one of these women on their indidivdual merits. Once you find a girl you like, who likes you, then you need to spend a LOT of time with her in her own country. You see red flags? Pay attention to those because they usually get worse when you bring her back.

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Michael Coyler Wow, so you are so low class, you are basically a pimp.

THAT is why you are against guys like me trying to help FREE younger men. Because if they wake up and STOP MARRYING, low class criminals like you will be OUT OF BUSINESS.

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Michael Coyler You make me sick, you fucking scum. You are making money off of selling men into slavery. You should be fucking shot.

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Michael Coyler I am updating this on your CAF page, so that people can be fully aware of the CRIMINAL that you are. And anyone who googles your name will also see your criminal actions.

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Allan Rosen Why do we need to bring these bitches back or be married? To support your stupid business? Only an idiot would bring one of these bitches back to the USA as you put it. You aren't helping men! You are creating more problems for them you human trafficing piece of trash!

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 5/27/2012 1:15 AM
So Tony Bochene likes to tell lies about people.

On the Happier Abroad facebook he put the following post. Only trouble is, those were not my words.

Peter Nolan, or whoever you are, where do you come up with this stuff?
"Men don't want decent women, they want want women who are dirty aids filled whores"
Your words.
Did you really say that???
Amazingly antisocial.
AND, simply, NOT TRUE.
According to you there are no decent women.
So what's the solution Peter?
You tell me?
We all turn gay?
We all join the priesthood?
It sounds to me like you are a very unhappy person
and you want the rest of us to join you.
Sorry, no thanks.

So I rebutted the lie that these were my words and demanded an apology that was not forthcoming inside two days. So Tony is a liar and when he tells lies he is not apologetic for them. Men are well advised to keep clear of such men. Liars are always willing to lie to you. If a man lies to one man he is just as likely to lie to the next man.

Peter Nolan ‎Tony Bochene

""Men don't want decent women, they want want women who are dirty aids filled whores""

Actually no, they are not my words. Your comprehension skills seem to be lacking.

Here is the link.

Those words were put onto the relationships blog in the leading newspaper in Australia BY A WOMAN. This blog is MODERATED and so the MODERATOR allowed those words to be published in DIRECT VIOLATION OF THE NEWSPAPERS OWN POLICY. Here are the quotes in full. These are posts BY WOMEN Tony. And here you are FOUR YEARS LATER attributing them to me and calling ME antisocial. Why dont you call WOMEN who write shit like this antisocial...Oh, thats right, because you are a MAN-HATER and you only call MEN antisocial even when you are quoting words of WOMEN.

Yes..I do expect a public apology Tony. Right here.

Notice the second woman calls for the EXTERMINATION of men. If this was posted in GERMANY the police would move heaven and earth to bring this woman before a court. But since it was posted in Australia a woman calling for the extermination of men is quite fine.

How DUMB are you Tony?

“Posted by: Belinda on July 17, 2008 8:29 PM”

The type of women that men won't commit to are:
Honest, attractive, STD disease free, hard working, law abiding, decent, humanitarian, sexy, kind, generous women.

The type of women that men of today's pig culture commit to are: sl*ts, hookers, porno woemn, drug users, and any other trait that is evil.

Men do not want decent women, they want women who are dirty aids filled whores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never take my word for it, take a look around western society!

Men do not want decent women anymore, only the dirty whore types.

“Posted by: Megan Jones Smith on July 17, 2008 8:46 PM”

Men only want hookers, and stippers and sluts! Might as well charge a man for it since you never going to get any thing but a root out of a man today. MEN ARE NOT INTO COMMITMENT! ONLY ROOTING AROUND.

Men are the sh*t of the earth.
I hope that all men die! The earth would be a much better place without them.

No matter how decent you are, even if you have no make up and are wearing old clothes, men STILL come up to me as if I am hooker of the year! I hate men! hope they all get aids and die slow agonizing deaths!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Men are the sh*t of the earth.
Men are preditory sh*t that need to be exterminated!

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 5/30/2012 4:04 AM
And rather than admit he told a lie about me making these comments what does Tony do? He then follows up with more lies like these.

Cary, you can't take Peter Nolan seriously.
He's damaged beyond repair.

Hello Cary Ryan. Yeah Nolan is completely off his rocker. Not a normal human being.
Completely consumed with hate and anger, and he won't talk about why he hates everyone and everything.
Sorry that he's ruined this site for everyone else, but misery needs company.
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ForumForumDiscussionsDiscussionsIgnorMANus Parent ForumIgnorMANus Parent ForumName and Shame ...Name and Shame ...Tony Bochene, low class pimp, human trafficker of mail order brides, and hater of young menTony Bochene, low class pimp, human trafficker of mail order brides, and hater of young men