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 4/9/2012 8:12 AM
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Pastor Paul P. Waldmiller Man hater, liar, hypocrite and vermin.

One of the groups of men I MOST DESPISE in this world are christian ministers of ALL faiths. These men are vermin. They KNOW that what is happening in the divorce courts is NOT in line with the bible but they do NOT speak out. Every time I see a man online who presents himself as a minister of any variety of the christian church I go after him with the truth and denounce him as part of the problem.

This scumbag Pastor Paul P. Waldmiller is no exception. 

Here is his facebook.

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 4/9/2012 8:12 AM
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 4/9/2012 8:14 AM
  • Peter Nolan Pastor Paul. As far as I am concerned minsters in the christian faith, all denominations, are the biggest hypocrites of all.

    Why is it that a christian man who is trying to raise his kids in the christian faith is hated on and abused by CHRISTIAN men and women in favour of a woman who RENOUNCED her christianity and was a criminal child abuser.

    My experience of chrisitans in divorce disgusted me so much that it led to a series of events that had me denounce christianity.

    I tell every young man who talks about religion how christians are the most HATE FILLED HYPOCRITICAL bunch of the LOT.


    It is high time you hate filled lying hypocritical christians addressed your lies, hypocrisy and OUTRIGHT HATRED of FATHERS of divorce.

    So f*** you paster Paul. You and your fellow christian manginas get NO RESPECT from me.

    Here is the fallen woman in question. What are YOU CHRISTAINS going to do about her, eh?

    Why is it YOU CHRISTIANS will not even follow the words of YOUR BIBLE about how to deal with criminals and those who renounce YOUR FAITH, eh? It was not ME who said men who are trying to raise their kids in the faith from evil women should be is IN YOUR BIBLE. 

    Hypocrites...ALL self described christians.
    about an hour ago ·  ·  1 · 
  • Pastor Paul P. Waldmiller Nice mouth, you kiss your mother with that mouth ? You are very disrespectful. You sound like a hacker or a troll. Whatever you are. Jesus of the Bible said to you; "repent or perish !" You choose.
  • Peter Nolan Pastor Paul P. Waldmiller "You are very disrespectful"

    You ministers condone and support perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse. 

    You minsters condone and support the criminal victimisation of THE BEST OF CHRISTIAN MEN and you do it UNIVERSALLY ACROSS THE GLOBE.

    You ministers marry men in churches but you stay SILENT when they are criminally abused and arse raped in family court.

    And you have the HIDE to be SUCH A LIAR as to call ME DISRESPECTFUL?

    What a f***ing joke.

    You misinsters are some of THE MOST EVIL PEOPLE ON THE PLANET and you will not be getting ANY RESPECT from me in this lifetime because RESPECT IS EARNED.

    So f*** you pastor Paul. You and your fellow pasters are the most disgusting of the most disgusting vermin on the face of this planet and I will say so with all my strength and I will PROVE IT to the lads.

    How. I will point to the lads the SILENCE of the christian ministers on the matter of EVIL non christian women criminally abusing the BEST of christian men. Then I will let the lads make up THEIR OWN MINDS.

    So yes. F*** you paster paul until YOU MINISTERS clean up YOUR MESS.
  • Pastor Paul P. Waldmiller Soon sir or mam, who ever you are, you will no longer be able to post you filthy mouth satanic lies and false accusations.
  • Peter Nolan pastor paul.

    "you filthy mouth satanic lies and false accusations."


    Go ahead. You just called me a liar who made false accusations.



    And if you CAN NOT PROVE IT then it is YOU who is the false accuser and liar.

    21 minutes ago · 
  • Peter Nolan And PS you hypocrite pastor Paul.



    I am YET TO SEE a christian minister say in public.

    "The state has NO RIGHT TO END A MARRIAGE. The marriage vow says "what God has joined together may no man split apart" therefore the state can have NO JURISDICTION OVER MARRIAGE and we DENOUNCE ALL POLITICIANS for making the claim it can "

    Nowhere in the world have I seen ONE CHRISTIAN MINISTER make that statement. 

    You christian ministers are vermin. And I will not rest until ALL OF YOU are exposed as the LIARS AND HYPOCRITES and the COLLABORATORS to the guvments THAT YOU ARE.

    GOT IT?
    17 minutes ago · 
  • Peter Nolan Pastor Paul P. Waldmiller "no longer be able to post"

    What are you going to do vermin? You going to get me banned for "upsetting" you with the TRUTH, eh? Just like a woman would?

    Haven't got the GUTS to face a man who is armed with the TRUTH, eh?
    5 minutes ago · 
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 4/10/2012 5:23 AM
So vermin pastor paul runs to the police like a woman!! LOL!!!

  • Pastor Paul P. Waldmiller Keep going mam/sir troll/hacker.... you're being monitored now by law enforcement.
    20 hours ago ·  ·  1
  • Peter Nolan So the man hating lying hypocrite runs to big daddy guvment when he is exposed, eh?

    Given that I have denounced the entire membership of the irish and australian parliaments and the Australian CIA has been slandering on line for 18 months you report to "big brother" scares me about as much as a vermin church mouse would....LOL!!!

    Some of us have honour and integrity. Nothing you christian ministers know about.

    And by the way. NO ONE in law enforcement wants to talk to me. I have ASKED the attorney general of australia to meet me on the steps of parliament house in our boxers to "settle this like men".

    I have ASKED the head of the feds to talk to me.

    I have posted onto the NSW Police face book.

    I have served notices on Angela Merkel, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Ban ki-Moon, Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard and more...

    NONE of them want to talk to me. How about that?

    And NO law enforcement criminals want to touch my case because they know they will be on trial as well.

    You just showed everyone here how you are an agent of the state...attempting to bring the criminals in the state to bear on another man just because he told the TRUTH about you.

    You are a disgrace and all this is going into CAF where you can not delete it you lying, hypocritical, state sponsored vermin.
    2 seconds ago · 
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 5/24/2012 10:56 AM
I am Paul's daughter. From his first wife, who he beat and almost killed. Same with me and my sister. I am 24 yrs old and my sister is 30. He has managed to hide mine and her exsistance out of his picture he paints, his so called life. He talks about having his 3 children from his second wife jenni and says they were taken from him, he also manages to not add he has me and my sister also.AND WE were taken from him too because he beat us and almost killed us. so its not surprise his other kids were taken away from him. He is a FAKE pastor and a FAKE person. He is no "christian minister". He is a ex-criminal and an abuser. He WILL be exposed for who he really is. Im not letting this go any further!
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 5/25/2012 10:49 PM
Hello Ady,
well, well, well. Thank you for the post.

Do you have evidence of what it is you say?

Are you prepared to make an accusation of the things you say under oath?

Although we are Crimes Against Fathers are initially working to stop the criminal abuse of fathers, we have no tolerance of fathers who criminally abuse someone else either. We will deal with our own most harshly if the evidence put before a jury convinces the jury beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty of a crime.

Thanks for coming over. I had my doubts about pastor Paul Waldmiller. Should you be able to present me with evidence or testimony under oath we will add it to our case load.
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 7/3/2012 1:52 AM

YES absolutely. If you want proof all you need to do is look at all the police reports from Cheektowaga police, attica, and batavia. He is a criminal record a mile long. But yet says he's a Pastor, or some sort of minister. He has threatened me even recently because I told him i was going to expose him and let all his "friends" or followers i should say, know about my sister and I. And also his criminal history and abusive ways. He needs serious help... Mentally. I hope he finally gets caught for all his FAKE statements and actions. He tries to tell the world that he is Godly but i find that very contradicting since he is as guilty as any other criminal. I want him exposed for who he really is.
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 7/3/2012 1:55 AM
if you email me the documents to I will post them here.
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 7/4/2012 7:37 AM
They are all in the Public resources. Paul is very well known in NY but not for anything good. All cops know him from arresting him in different towns and cities. I'm not exactly sure what he did to you but i don't even need to know because I can see that you see him for he REALLY is and you want him exposed as well. That is good enough for me to side with. I'm surprised he hasn't commented on my post and start threaning me like he always does. He will say that he will pray for me and that i need help because i was brained washed, etc. He threatens me telling me he is going to notify my employer that i am crazy and that im mentally ill from being so brainedwashed.... this makes me LOL. He is so sick and twisted. The TRUTH is out and I can not wait to see the result.
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 7/4/2012 10:50 PM
LOL! I was on some Men's rights Facebook group and talking about how bad western women is, and Pastor Paul sent me a private message saying that I was too extreme, am sick, needed help, need to accept Jesus, etc.

I immediately wrote back to him and said "If I ever meet you face to face, I will beat you within an inch of your life". THAT shut up him real fast! And then that pathetic pussy went crying and whining to a couple of MRAs and said that I had "abused" him by speaking that way. He's such a loser, that he actually tried to make politics against me because I wouldn't listen to his bullshit.

Anyway, THAT is how you deal with sociopaths and bullies. You stand up to them and tell them that you will beat them to death, and believe me, they will back off real fast when they realize they can't intimidate you.

By the way, I had 5 years of hand to hand combat training, so I am more than capable of living up to my threats.
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 7/5/2012 1:49 AM
I do not have time to go research the background on this man. I am currently in dispute and being persecuted by two guvments, Ireland and Australia. I am also in dispute with the German guvment. I have asked AT LEAST 10,000 women to help me and to date I have ONE.

If women want the help of men then they are going to have to help us men first. Women have hated on us men for long enough and we are sick of it. I posted this thread about Paster Paul because he is an ignorMANus. He ignores the rights violations of men.

If you want documentation released on our site you have to do the work to go get those documents yourself. 

We are busy re-inventing the future of men...and we are doing it DESPITE the fact many women are committing crimes against men like me. ok?
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