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 11/16/2011 12:19 AM

Thomas Matlack – Write for “Good Men Project”


Yeah. Right. A man-hating, white-knighting, mangina apologist telling men how to be ‘good men’ rather than holding women accountable for their own actions.


Not much more to say than to point to two of his articles.


When labeled as the mangina he is and asked the question as to whether he was going to write about the endless crimes against men in the west today. Mangina Thomas responds with a fluff piece about “Oh my, how can I be called a mangina, I don’t even know what it is”.


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 12/25/2011 2:54 AM
So. Thomas Matlack has allegedly made this comment over here.


I realize that post-modern (for lack of a better term) feminists and the MRA hate each other with tons of venom. The stuff said on both side quite frankly is not civil. It’s personal and ugly. I feel like I have dipped my toe into the wrong pond only to find it charged with electricity.

The MRA guys I frankly write off for the most part because at their most extreme they are just insane. I didn’t even know what the MRA was until I pissed them off and the SpearHead took aim at me.


This is what a LIAR AND HYPOCRITE Thomas Matlack is. He tries to make out he has never heard of MRAs until they "took aim" at him. So he is claiming victimhood is he because someone had the temerity to call him out on his MAN-HATRED.

I wrote to Thomas Matlack and asked him why, if the GMP was about men, was there NO MENTION of the MASSIVE SUICIDE LEVELS of men in divorce. Suicide levels that run about 2x the normal male background and about 8x the suicide levels of women who have ACTUALLY BEEN RAPED. Thomas promised to mention this and asked for referenced. But I didn't see any such article.

I also pointed Thomas to the EVIDENCE of the CRIMINALITY of the family courts. I haven't seen any of THAT published either.

Thomas Matlack is a treacherous TRAITOR and I have written to him and told him that I feel very sorry for his son to have a father such as Thomas. How does that lad have ANY chance to grow up into a man who is an honest man of honour and integrity when his FATHER is a sell out to a satanic criminal conspiracy called "feminism". The kid does not have much chance. 

Maybe one day the lad will meet me and will be able to have the truth of his fathers treachery explained to him. Then the lad can choose for himself what he will do. But I can not imagine how devastating it is going to be for the lad to know this father willingly and openly was a treacherous betrayer of other men. Something the lad will grow up to me. It's pretty tough to realise that your father hates you so much he will support a criminal woman over his own honest son of honour and integrity. It was a lesson I myself had to learn the hard way. But better learned than hidden.
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 1/15/2012 5:56 AM
Thomas has broken the unwritten rule.....he has actually asked what is so wrong with being a dude!!!!

And oh didn't the wimminz get upset!!!

Girl Writes What gives a great open letter about this.

This is the Matlack article...

Hugo Swartz showed his colours....he left good men project merely because Tom penned the article whats wrong with being a DARE he ask that question!

And just listen to Hugo...

"Last week, founder Tom Matlack wrote several pieces which were highly critical of feminism."

Tom Matlack is a totally pussywhipped mangina who wrote pieces that simply raised the QUESTION what's so bad about being a dude and perhaps women could accept men as they are.

That is HIGHLY CRITICAL....and Hugo, who is even MORE slavishly a pussified mangina took his bat and ball and left the project. LOL!!

I can't make this shit up.
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