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 11/16/2011 12:45 AM

I have invented my new 'persona' as Global Man.

Why Global Man? Well, I used to be a 'Family Man'. Now I have discovered that such men are demonised and villified and that there is no point at all in being a family man I deconstructed that identity. I am a master of indentity deconstruction and construction. As I went about the process of inventing my new life and my new identity I chose to invent 'Global Man'. It took a little while to 'settle' but I rather like it.

What is a 'Global Man'? Well, I have worked for coming up 28 years in IT. I am one of the leaders in my field. I have at various times been 'slightly famous'. I have invented many things that are now used globally. I have done work that has had a global impact. Sometimes my work goes to waste and sometimes it saves thousand of lives. Sometimes it assisted my country, Australia, become more competitive on the world stage, sometimes it was just a pay packet.

I have worked in at least 200 companies in at least 20 countries on every continent except antarctica and south america. I am well known in my area of expertise. Alas, there are many women in the kind of clients with whom I work who would not like my opinions. And since they are children and not able to be 'tolerant' of conflicting opinions I must keep my opinions to myself in the work place. That's how pathetic women are. They claim to be equal but not so equal as to tolerate a man having his own well evidenced opinion.

In my newly invented future I will travel globally for my work as well as my own entertainment. I write and sell software to massive, and I do mean massive, companies. Most men here will know many of my clients. And a few of my past employers.

Why am I here and what am I doing? After my little run in with a new woman and the family court system in Australia and Ireland I realised something was 'very wrong around here'. That was March 2008. So I started reading. To cut a long story short I read at least 50 books, but more like 60-80 I would think. I read web sites. I watched vids. I read through name it...I took it in. What I found was that the Illuminati were well known and well documented and they were relying of disbelief to 'hide in plain sight'.

I then started researching the laws and legal system and found that our legal systems are part of the control grid but that there is a way out. Indeed, there are two ways out of the legal system in common law countries. I chose the 'strawman recapture' mechanism. So I am now no longer subject to any statutes or any legislation on any land mass I might care to visit. It is very freeing to know that you are not subject to all those ridiculous statutes.

In my study I found many men killed themselves as they were abuse by the Illuminati corrupted courts. I have dedicated myself to stopping this murder by stealth in Australia. I have found the remedy under common law thanks to the great work by Thomas Anderson, Robert Menard and many others. Basically, in the former British Colonies like USA, Canada, India and Australia the marriage license is a fraudulent contract and can therefore be rescinded from the beginning and any action taken since the marriage can be lawfully undone.

Now, of course, the Illuminati are not going to take kindly to this. To deal with them we are going to have to be prepared to put our lives on the line and to sit on de jour juries which will justly and fairly try judges and magistrates. Those found guilty of committing crimes will need to be incarcerated for the crimes they committed. Men who sit on these juries may be killed. Let's face it. Judges are criminals and criminals don't like to be exposed.

For those who wish to click through I have placed appends in the free man ireland group to keep tabs on my progress with my experience at strawman recapture as well as the court cases for my divorce and the action I am bringing against the criminals in the family law system for their crimes committed against me.

Update: 2010-02-15.

Globalmans documents to deny jurisdiction of the corrupt FC in Australia.

General thread for my progress with the courts.

 General thread with my experience on strawman recapture.

Now, I know most here do not believe what I am talking about. Here are some key links.

Robert Menards Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception


John Harris video "It's all an Illusion"


The Think Free Forums


The Think Free Site


Irish Constitution


Irish FreeMan Guide


Book on 'The Extortion System of the Ruling Elite'...that being the judiciary.


The Freedom Files Web Site.


There are, quite literally, thousands of links I could provide. But the summary is in these links. Basically the bad guys have built and entire control grid in which we are locked like the sheeple we are. Anyone gets 'out of line' the 'legal' system finds a statute that they can abuse you with and the blue gun thugs come around and arrest you. The purpose of introducing so many statutes is to make sure that all citizens are committing crimes every day to allow the excuse of arbitrary arrest of those sheeple who wake up.

Many men truely believe they are 'citizens'. I had a long and futile discussion on MND with respect to the 'I am A Citizen'. Article. Anyone stupid enough, or brainwashed enough to believe they are a 'citizen' of a 'country' has waived all their rights. Their guvment can take them out and shoot them legally. Not a problem. Most people believe they are a 'person'. This is also not true. A human being is not a 'person' as the legal definition of person works. A 'person' is also defined to be a corporation in legalese and all acts and legislation refers to the corporate person. And it is by a human being consdenting to be enjoined with their corporate legal persona that allows any guvment to operate on them.

It is all very interesting reading. But what has it got to do with MRAs and Mens Rights?

Well, all things 'feminism' are legislation. This means any man in a common law land can at any time, like I did, rescind his consent to be governed and rescind his consent to be subject to all legislation and statutes. So we can go out and start all male business enterprises. We can tell the cops to fuck off when they try and arrest us for DV allegations or false rape charges. We can arm ourselves and protect ourselves. Indeed, we can shoot to death any police officer wearing a gun who attempts to interfere with us lawfully. Not that I advocate that but police officers need to be put on notice that they are peace officers first and policy enforcement officers of a private company second. And if they approach someone like me as a policy enforcement officer they are nothing but a private person who has no special rights or priviledges and to commit assault against me is a crime against which I am entitled to defend myself.

So...the upshot of all this is that men have all the rights they want. They can rescind concent to be married, to be subject to statutes and legislation, and they are free to go about their lives. I've posted this stuff into comments but it is worth putting it here as well.

Me? Since fathers, husbands and male citizens are demonised and villified I decided I don't want to be one. Via strawman recapture I have rescinded my consent to pay income taxes. I also chose not to pay spousal support or child support as these are voluntary and I don't volunteer. Any man paying income taxes or child support in the former british empire is doing so by consent and he can rescind that consent should he choose to. Once you realise there is no 'money' it makes no sense to be 'paying' anything. You can read more about this here:

Marcy Crofs Book on how she managed to crack the guvment deceptions.

That is me for the time being....


Edit: 09/02/2010

A good overview of how the law works and how corrupt it is.


Linkfest for those who think I don't provide any 'evidence'. It's called reading. It's a skill my mum taught me before I went to school.


Winston Shrouts Solutions in Commerce site.



Mary Crofts Book again.


Mary Crofts web site


Hijacking Humanity web site. Excellent movie should watch it.


Freeman UK Site.


Freeman Ireland Site


EU Claim Your Rights Site.


World Free Man Society


The AntiTerrorist.


Robert Menards Channel


Thomas Andersons The Classified Files web site. Excellent books, especially for Austrailans


Arthur Cristians Love for Life Website. Arthur has been taking on the bad guys for years. If you are in OZ you need to read this site.


Earthica Stars channel. She is in the US for you US guys.


Think Free Forums


Think Free Site.


Thruth Movement Australia Website


John Wilsons site in Australia. John has been taking on the bad guys for 10 years. He needs your support. Please help him.


G. Edward Griffins web sites



Site for Aaron Russos Freedom to Fascism.


Michael Tsarions Atlantis Book. This is excellent.


Lloyd Pye, everything you know is wrong video.


Michael Tsarions main web site.


Michael Tsarion Origins of Evil  Part 1 of 6


Michael Tsarion Architects of Control

If you think you are free then you should watch this. You are a slave until you realise you ARE a slave and THEN free yourself. Only after you KNOW YOU HAVE BEEN A SLAVE can you be free.                             Part 01 of 16.   Part 02 of 16. Part 03 of 16.             Part 04 of 16.   Part 05 of 16.             Part 06 of 16.      Part 07 of 16.   Part 08 of 16.      Part 09 of 16.   Part 10 of 16.   Part 11 of 16.     Part 12 of 16.     Part 13 of 16.     Part 14 of 16.   Part 15 of 16.             Part 16 of 16.



They Live - By John Carpenter. Although this is science fiction, the question is why was it allowed to be made and published.       




Eustice Mullings.


Murder by Injection.


Eustice Mullins talks about the new world order.


[b]Edit: 2010-02-18:[/b]

The New Order of the Barbarians Transcript. Read about a presentation done in 1969 that has accurately predicted what has happened in the last 40 years.



[b]Edit: 2010-02-20:[/b]

Veronica Chapmans Book for Free Man on the Land. Well worth a read. This will give you a very good overview of what is going on.


Veronica Chapmans debt busting application.


Veronica Chapmans Free man on the land entry point.


Veronica Chapmans Interview on Irelands Freeman on the Land. I suggest you listen to this.


And for all those of you who still do not believe that a statute is not a law try this:


Link to Jury Post for Men:


Link to Jury post for women:


For successes in FC that ARE public you can go here.


The Redemption service website. This is a commercial service that takes people through the redemption process. I have not used their services so you want to check it out for yourself.




Announcing the first common law court in the land called England!!! Oh happy days!!!




Irish Free man discussion on the Restore America Plan



Irish Free Man LifeBoat Feminism Thread.

The ladies have really taken a beating on this one and have given up pretty much. Once the ills of feminism are presented over and over again it's a bit hard to keep supporting feminism.



Irish Free Man women are not the enemy thread.

Worth dropping into to see how to take care of men who seem to think women are on the side of men.



Irish Free Man - Women claim equality? How about in war? Thread

I put this onto the Irish Free Man site and asked the women if they wanted the equality of being blown up. The videos show men blown into pieces in war fare. It is quite gruesome but this is what it is to be a man. I asked the women if they wanted some equality that looked like this. Apparently not.



My progress with the criminal family court. May be a double.



My progress with my common law case against Judge Griffin.



Side comments on my documents to refuse juridiction of the australian federal magistrates court.



This is a good threat. Marty tried to discredit me by saying the site had been overtaken by hate.

In the end he was 'outed' as 'working in the area of child protection services'. He also then refused to deny that he was basically funded by the guvmet in some way or another. He also tried the dumb trick of taking comments out of context from the spear-head and pasting them into the Irish Free Man group....and even tried so much as out-right lying and slandering. Marty is a good example of how to defeat a mangina apologist in open debate on a free speech site.


My comments on getting to the current state of affairs and my answer to women on what they can do.


My challenge to the ladies to form a common law jury and court and try my ex for the crimes she committed. I gave the ladies 5.5 months to meet this challenge and they failed miserably. Three women were 'man enough' to volunteer and I acknowledge them for wishing to stand up for the rights of men under common law. But it was pretty clear that on a site with 900 members that only three women could be found to volunteer for jury duty to try a woman accused of crimes then women were abdicating that responsibility so that they could whine about 'oppression' at a later date. My assertion is that the men were VERY surprised to see this.

If women wish to be called 'equal' they are going to have to step up to the challenges of things like punishing women who commit crimes against men just like men punish men who commit crimes against women and have done so for at least 5,000 years.



Book on sovereignty out of the US.


I just found this book.



Michael Tsarion on Sky Channel - On The Edge with Theo Chalmers                                            Part 1 of 12                                        Part 2 of 12                                        Part 3 of 12                                           Part 4 of 12                                                  Part 5 of 12                                           Part 6 of 12                                            Part 7 of 12                                              Part 8 of 12                                            Part 9 of 12                                          Part 10 of 12                                                  Part 11 of 12                                              Part 12 of 12






Mark Cocking - On The Edge with Theo Chalmers          Part 1 of 11                 Part 2 of 11               Part 3 of 11                   Part 4 of 11               Part 5 of 11               Part 6 of 11                        Part 7 of 11                 Part 8 of 11                  Part 9 of 11                  Part 10 of 11               Part 11 of 11




Mark Cocking The Conspiracy & The Esoteric 


Mark Cocking giving a talk to north east truth members on the 28/3/10 on Illustrating the interaction of Passive, Active and Neutral energies, Pi and The Hermetic Code, The Pythagorean Comma and the historical biblical deception which empowers an evil church. Esoteric facts which have serious implications for the Truth Movement and NWO resistance.                  Part 1 of 17                        Part 2 of 17               Part 3 of 17                    Part 4 of 17                   Part 5 of 17             Part 6 of 17                   Part 7 of 17                        Part 8 of 17                        Part 9 of 17                  Part 10 of 17               Part 11 of 17             Part 12 of 17                   Part 13 of 17                 Part 14 of 17                 Part 15 of 17                 Part 16 of 17                        Part 17 of 17


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