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 11/15/2011 11:45 PM
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I spent some time on the web in various groups using a 'persona' that did not link directly to me publicly though many men knew who I was privately.

I have now come out 'in public' which has been the equivalent of sticking a big 'rebel here' sign over the top of my head. That's ok. I can deal with those who might do me harm.

Over the last period I have been banned from MANY places. Our women do not like the truth being told and they will move heaven and earth to ban a man from a public forum that is telling the truth about them. They will also attempt to damage a mans business by writing to his business associates with slanderous comments, will set up hate web sites, will run to 'daddy moderator' for banning. You name it women will do it in an attempt to SHUT HIM UP if HE happens to be telling people what is really going on.

The ONE THING that women will NOT do is actually rebut any arguments or present any evidence. Nope. THOSE things are totally out of the question. Any any man who is not willing to point out the lies and hypocrisy of the vast majority of western women is not welcome here. I am not interested in man-hating, white knighting, mangina apologist men turning up on my site.

The only men I am interested in having on my site, with respect to sovereignty, are men who are willing to sit on juries and try fairly and justly ANY human being accused of a crime by way of Affidavit sworn under penalty of perjury and full commercial liability without regard to the sex of the defendent.

That is. The only men I am interested in talking to as sovereigns are those who are actually prepared to perform their duty of 'upholding the rule of law'. Manginas can go over to the echo chamber of

What I am doing is living up to my vow of 'Fair Laws In Australia'. I see any person opposing me as opposing that goal because that is the goal I am working towards. I will tolerate any true criticism in getting there. I will also bring de jour court cases for ANY person who makes deliberately false statements with intention of harming my business and my ability to earn my income. Those who wish to make such false statements from the 'cover of anonymity' are welcome to do so as they are simply revealing the cowards that they are. No intelligent man will pay them any heed.

Any human being who wishes to make a claim against me for saying something false is welcome to do so on an Affidavit under penalty of perjury and full commercial liability. If I've said something false? I'd really like to know about it. I will, without question, apologise for any mistakes I have made.

Now. If you are a real man and you really want to make a difference in your world? If you really want to be free? Here is what I suggest you do. Remember, what you do is up to you at all times, and you are responsible for the outcomes you create. MEN take care of themselves and those they choose to take care of. No-one is going to hold your hand for you in a place like this.

In former common law lands I now highly recommend performing the strawman recapture process. I have created/updated all the documents required to do so on the land known as Australia. You are welcome to these. In other countries, such as the USA, there are services to assist you do this. I have not used these services so use of them is up to you.

I recommend men rescind their consent to be governed. Your guvments are NOT serving you or your best interests. They do NOT deserve your support. Your guvment is NOT your country. ALL western guvments are criminally corrupt to the core. Their claims that not supporting the 'guvment' is in any way 'bad' are laughable and you SHOULD laugh in the face of 'guvment' as they try to force you into slavery. Your 'guvment' is NOT your friend. You are well advised to have nothing to do with it.

Stop paying your la-la-land income taxes, alimony and child support as the case may be. Your guvment has no claim over YOUR property once you rescind your consent to be guverned. Your guvment is stealing from you in a form called 'taxes' and giving it to their willing accomplices who, in the vast majority, are called 'western women'. Your guvment can be assured of the 'vote' of 'western women' to raise taxes to steal from the men and give to the women. Just take a look and you will see that women get the VAST majority of 'guvement benefits' and men get vastly less. Well? STOP BEING STOLEN FROM! THAT is how you are going to get your gvuments attention.

I was reading an article on The Spearhead that pointed out that no politcians are talking about 'mens issues' in the run up to the elections in November 2010. Why? Because men can be relied upon to be obedient slaves so they don't NEED anyone talking about their issues in guvment. One poster asked 'how do we get their attention'? Well? STOP PAYING TAXES. You will get their attention REAL QUICK!

Go down to your local police station and talk to the 'commanding officer' and explain to him that you are now a Sovereign and a Free Man and that you no longer consent to be subject to any la-la-land legislation. Explain to him that should he order any of his blue gun thugs to come and interfere with you in any way, shape or form that you will hold HIM PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE for any such crimes or interference. Give him a copy of your fee schedule and tell him that you will hold HIM PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE for the payment of this fee schedule for ANY infringements on HIS orders.

You need to make sure that your local 'commanding officer' of the policy enforcement force knows full well that he has no jurisdiction over you. It might be a good idea to lawfully notice him of this as well.

One other good idea is that it would be good for you to go with a BUNCH OF YOUR MATES from the neighbourhood so that the commanding officer knows FULL WELL that if they throw you in a cage your mates are going to come along and deal with him in short time.

Go into every fathers rights site, family law site, newspaper blog, mens group, truth movement group and point out LOUD AND LONG how women know full well that they have MASSIVE LEGAL PRIVILEGE. Point out that I, Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c) have been speaking out fearlessly about this for a long, long time and pretty much ALL western women (bar very few) have been MORE THAN HAPPY to slander me rather than to addres the question as to whether women wish to be 'equal before the law'.

Tell those men there that women have refused to provide me a path to justice for the crimes committed against me just like they have refused to provide a path to justice for so many OTHER MEN. It is about time a few more men spoke the truth.

I can tell you this. I have NO RESPECT for ANY MAN who will not spend a goodly amount of time EVERY DAY posting to various forums exactly how western women are liars and hypocrites in the vast majority and that it is high time they were exposed for their lies and hypocrisy. I make no demands on western women to stop being liars and hypocrites. They can be so if they like. But I do make demands on ALL HONEST MEN OF HONOUR AND INTEGRITY to be pointing out the lies and hypocrisy of the vast majority of western women as their obligation in warning other men of this fact.

You can start with their claims they should have impunity for perjury. That women support impunity for perjury across the legal spectrum is not refutable. ALL MEN are, in my opinion, obliged to be pointing this out to ALL OTHER MEN to make sure ALL MEN are well aware that women claim impunity for perjury.

ALL MEN have an obligation to point out that 'impunity for perjury' constitutes ample basis of evidence that most western women are liars and hypocrites. Because women will ALSO CLAIM that if a man commits perjury he should be punished.

Thirty years of women committing perjury in the courts is MORE THAN ENOUGH EVIDENCE that women condone lying when it is against a man for the benefit of the woman.

I am not willing to give ANY RESPECT to ANY MAN who is not willing to make these statements in public loud and long.

Be willing to sit on de jour juries in de jour courts and fairly and justly try any human being brought before you and issue a Remedy Statement that you believe is fair and just remedy for the victim of the crime and do so on the basis of 'all women who claim equality also claim equality before the law, meaning, same crime same punishment'.

Again? I am not willing to give ANY MAN ANY RESPECT who is not willing to do this.

Be willing to identify and denounce ANY MAN who is sexist and discriminatory against MEN. Men allow other men to be sexist and discrimatory against MEN ALL THE TIME.

I will not show ANY MAN ANY RESPECT who is not willing to call out blatant discrimination against men based merely on their sex. ALL MEN who read this are WELL ADVISED to call ANY MAN who is sexist and discriminatory against men the man-hating, white knighting, mangina apologist he is. That starts with Barrack Obama.

Should ANY man refuse to stop his sexist and discriminatory ways then tell him that you will have nothing to do with him and that you will tell AS MANY MEN AS POSSIBLE to refuse to do business with you. I am calling on ALL MEN to refuse to do business with MEN who are sexist and disciminatory.

We will eventually create a register for such men and we will be able to publish their names worldwide.

Be willing to stand up for your rights and to defend your rights up to and including with force if necessary.

A lot of people say 'no violence ever'. Bull-shit. If someone smacks you in the mouth you have a choice to 'turn the other cheek'. It is NOT obligatory. Me? I don't 'turn the other cheek'. If someone fucks around with me and mine then they had better be willing to take what is going to come their way one day. You may need to be patient before you return the 'favour' but I, for one, will ALWAYS 'return the favour'. Those who have committed crimes against me might want to take note that I have not forgotten any of you or any of the crimes you committed against me.

I have NO RESPECT for men who allow themselves to simply be stolen from and then roll over like dead dogs. What kind of SELF-RESPECT do these men have? None at all. I see these men who went into 'Family Court' and got fucked over royally and they 'complain' about it but say 'there is nothing I can do'. Bull-shit.

If all those men who have been fucked over in Family Court had a pair of balls on them like I do they would have PUBLISHED the evidence of the crimes committed against them just like I did. They would have been SURE to alert the rest of us men to just how bad it was. They would have SCREAMED FROM THE RAFTERS about the crimes being committed. But no. They pulled stupid stunts like dressed up like batman and robin and invited ridicule rather than present evidence. What whimps. I was told that if I passed along 'court documents' I would be jailed. I told my solicitor to pass along to the judge he could 'go fuck himself' and I would publish whatever I chose to publish. THAT is what a man with a pair of balls does. He does what is right and to hell with the 'threats'.

If a magistrate committed a crime against you? You put him on trial. If your wife committed a crime against you? You put HER on trial. THAT is what you do. If you do not have the satisfaction of a fair trial? You 'settle this dispute like men'. After all, your wife claimed 'equality'? You have every right to 'settle differences like men'.

And if YOU don't do that? Stop fucking whining!! Go live your life like the spineless, yellow-bellied, coward of a slave you are. ANY MAN not prepared to defend his rights does not have any. It is THAT simple.

Be willing to help out your fellow men who are being so abused by the 'legal system'. I have NO RESPECT FOR ANY MAN who is not doing his best to help out his fellow men who have been so abused by the 'Family Law' system. NONE AT ALL.

I had NO IDEA how bad it was when I went into the 'Family Law' system. Well? I brought out the evidence of the crimes and corruption that is occurring in there. I have now posted it to my web site. I have posted the criminal scumbag David Dunkley saying, on video and in his 'order' that talk of inalienable rights is a nonsense, an inanity. Well? He means YOUR right to live, liberty and property. If you do not rebut his presumption you are a slave to your overlords called 'judges and magistrates'. And you deserve to be a slave.

There is now NO EXCUSE for ANY MAN to be ignorant of the crimes being committed in the Family Court. Further, Stephen Baskervilles great book 'Taken Into Custody' is 'required reading' for ALL MEN. Buy copies and give it to the men you know and demand they read it and buy more copies and hand it around.

I call on ALL MEN to support their brothers who have been so abused by the Family Law courts. I denounce ANY MAN who will not do so with all his energy and strength. What sort of man are you if you will not defend the rights of the man next to you? You are not a man at all. You are a self-interested child.

If you are a man who runs a small business? Translate your business into an association and rebut the guvments claim it can tell you what to do. Then STOP EMPLOYING WOMEN. Let the women show you how 'equal they are' by starting their OWN companies. You are well advised to tell your guvment to get out of your business. You are an honest man of honour and integrity? What do YOU need the guvments 'good help' for? Deal with your customers equitably and honestly under common law and leave the guvment out of your business.

The guvment, banks, liars/lawyers, legal fraternity are ALL criminally corrupt and working in concert to enslave you. They are ALL complicit in this most enormous of crimes.

One of the BEST ways of dealing with them is to take your 'money' out of THEIR jurisdiction so they can not steal it from you so easily. You can create a bank account in a third party jurisdiction or you can turn your money into silver. (Gold is over-priced and has been cornered by the Illuminati long ago. In my opinion it's a bad long term buy.) It is a very good idea to SELL YOUR HOUSE and put the 'money' somewhere else. If you think you own your house you are sadly mistaken. You don't. This is how they are stealing mens houses left right and center in the 'Family Courts'. This is how they claim they could steal my house.

My saying now is "Get your money out of your country before your country gets your money out of you".

Gents...there are more points coming and they will be a part of my book. I recommend you pass this post around to as many men as you know and suggest to them they might want to start to undertake this set of actions.

Best Regards

Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c)
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