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 11/15/2011 11:44 PM
 Modified By host  on 11/15/2011 5:59:27 AM

I have included an 'intro post' into the 'general posts area' so that you can get a single entry click kind of feel for the place. Most people who land on this link will be 'new around here'.

So. Firstly, this was my intro thread from 'The Spearhead'. It had more than 4,000 views so it is worth putting in here. It gives a little background to my case and it links a very large number of links on the Illuminati if you want to go through some of them. 

The most important link on this site is my video channel that contains the FIRST CASE IN THE WORLD of a man going into the 'family court' and coming out with video evidence of the crimes being committed therein. I worked long and hard for this video footage to work like this. I had to study my arse off to learn the criminal ways of the courts so that I stood a chance of standing up to the criminal magistrate on the day. I not only stood up to him. I have got him ON VIDEO claiming that 'talk of inalienable rights is a nonsense'. I also have him on video refusing to answer the question as to whether he is serving under oath today.

Here is the transcript that you should read while you watch if you want to know exactly what is being said.

(Edit: 2010-12-11. It seems the Australian guvment does not want you to see this video. The link to a low quality video of my court meeting is here. And you might want to write to Julia Gillard and ask her why she is committing the crime of perversion of the course of justice by allowing this video to be suppressed.  )

what you just saw above is a sitting magistrate in the Australian Federal Magistrates Court claim that a man does not have any inalienable rights. This video was sent to Kevin Rudd and Robert McClelland and they did not obey their instruction to bring David Dunkley to Justice and return my property to me.

Therefore, I have provided irrefutable evidence that Kevin Rudd (Now Julia Gillard) and Robert McClelland are fully aware of crimes being committed in the Family Court and are fully supportive and compliant of these crimes. John Wilson has done this in other areas. And I believe I am the first in the Family Law Area to achieve this.

If you are a man and reading this? You have a choice right now. Do you agree with David Dunkley or not? Do you agree with Julia Gillard that you are her personal slave with no right to life, liberty, or enjoyment of your property or not? And since you have now seen this on video? You can no longer deny that you are a slave and that is how they see you.

If you do not want to be a slave? What are YOU going to do about it?

Here is my link on what you can do about it. 

Most importantly.

If you want to do something about this in Australia or Ireland?

If you are willing to TAKE ACTION and not JUST TALK? Join up today.

If you are willing to sit on a jury to fairly and justly try people accused of a crime?

 Register at my site and send me an email telling me you are a sovereign and want the sovereign group assigment to your username. Please send me your username as well.

If you just want to talk? Please go elsewhere. I’ve had enough of brain dead moronic whimps who ‘just want to talk’. I’ve put more than 4,000 posts into ‘The Spearhead’ and ‘The Irish Free Man Site’. Guess what? Most men, 95%+ of not 99%+ just want to jerk themselves off and ‘talk about the problems’. What whimps. I’m so sick of them. Not worthy of the title ‘men’.

I am only interested in having men here. The kind of men that when I ask them to send an important letter a good percentage of them will. Like practically ALL of them.

The next thing you should take a look at on my site is the draft (and it will become final around Christmas time) of the book I have written. It contains everything a man needs to KNOW and DO in order to live free in this fem-nazi world in which we find ourselves. 

I won’t brook ANY man whining about feminism any more. I’ll give him a copy of this and tell him to ‘free himself or shut up’.

Now, there are MANY more things on this site of value. But in all likelihood you have just arrived. So here are some pointers for these other things. You can go here to download my docs on sovereignty.

You can go here to check out my scanned docs on my divorce and the associated cases. Note that the box at the bottom is a set of links that can be emailed around with ease. These documents are also available from inside the forums. I have now allowed anonymous download from the forums. This used to be switched off.

And, of course, the forums provide entry points into all these documents as well as a myriad of links to many, many things. 


The Illuminati have announced their proposal to reduce the worlds population to 500M people. They want a microchipped, dumbed down, slavery society that is totally cashless. Lot’s of people know about this. Do you? If no? Why not? And if you do? What are YOU personally going to do about it?

I would echo the words of David Icke and many others. If you do nothing? What will you tell your grand children when they ask you “Grandad, what were you doing when this way of life could have been stopped?”

I will never have any grand children. But those young children who ask me? I will be able to tell them with a very clear conscience:

“Son? I did all I could. It’s the OTHER men who let you down.”


Edit: 2011-02-15.

I have created a global Crimes Against Fathers Site that will have child portals for each country and perhaps state where men are actively creating juries to create a path to justice for fathers who have had crimes committed against them. You can find it here.

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