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 8/1/2012 9:37 AM



-----Original Message-----
From: Peter Nolan []
Sent: 28 July 2012 00:52
Subject: Denouncing Grant See and Amrita Hobbs as Man hating bigots

I have made it clear that I will not tolerate man hatred in my in box or anywhere else I find it. When I find man hatred I am going to expose it.

Grant See and Amrita Hobbs put a bucket load of man hatred into my in box last year. I gave Grant the benefit of the doubt and allowed him time to clean up the crap he put into my mail box. He didn’t. Now I see he is making some very strange claims and publishing “new” information about NAMEs etc. All stuff that has been widely published before.

So I thought it was time to gather up the evidence of what Grant put into my mail box and denounce him as the man hating, sexist, discriminatory , bigot he is. Men like Grant See MAKE ME PUKE.

Here is the link.

Do not miss these pearls of MAN HATRED from “trooper” Grant See.

He says... "Mate I'm only interested in "experiencing life and sharing the moments that take our breath away" (both good and bad) with other like minded single souls and especially with a "fine woman" in my life to share it all with. " he is NOT interested in men who KILL THEMSELVES DUE TO CRIMINAL ABUSE OF WOMEN and he is NOT interested in women being equal before the law. Ok.....what is next.

"I NEVER make apologies for being a real man?"

So....apparently NOT being interested in the rule of law and NOT being interested in MEN KILLING THEMSELVES is somehow called "being a real man" and he makes NO APOLOGIES FOR NOT BEING INTERESTED IN MEN KILLING THEMSELVES. Hhhmmmmm.

"Harboring hatred, anger and un-forgiveness towards another person is like you swallowing the poison and expecting them to die. "

Apparently asking women if they will be treated as equal before the law is harbouring HATRED AND ANGER according the man hating Grant See.

"Mate as one man to another have you ever considered that its not the women who are YOUR enemy? Its YOU!! "

So. According to the MAN HATING GRANT SEE when a woman commits the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft, child abuse and demands a path to justice HE IS HIS OWN ENEMY.

Gee Grant. There are about 100 OTHER MEN on this list who might disagree with you on that as well and many HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF OTHER MEN IN AUSTRALIA.


"Its your own blatantly obvious fear and insecurity to face up to the truth and that truth is simple? "

And as if THAT was not enough I am apparently blatantly obviously fearful and insecure. How is THAT for MAN-HATRED.

"You have taken on this self appointed position to save all other men from experiencing life, love and loss." 

And here is MORE CRAP. No. I have taken on a self appointed position to RE-INTRODUCE THE RULE OF LAW to stop the guvment MURDERING MILLIONS OF AUSTRALIANS and I STARTED with the family courts because they are the worst of the lot.

And here Grant shows his manginaness.

"Pete, I would really appreciate it if you leave Amrita (my friend and a lovely caring soul) out of your obvious animosity and total disrespect towards ALL women."

Amrita called ALL MEN RAPISTS and apparently objecting to that is "obvious animosity and total disrespect towards ALL women".

How I DESPISE so called “REAL MEN” like Grant See. There is nothing MANLY about cutting your nuts off and serving them to women on a platter and trying to get other men to do the same.

All you men on this list who have been criminally victimized? Grant See is NOT your friend. He says YOU are YOUR enemy if you were criminally victimized

Feel free to tell him what you think of that idea..

Here is the link for Amrita Hobbs.

She is a lair, hypocrite, man hating, sexist, discriminatory , bigot. Women like this are revolting. They DISGUST me and I am amazed OTHER MEN are not disgusted as well.

How do other men PUT UP WITH THIS SHIT?

Why do other WOMEN put up with this shit?

Look at what SHE SAYS.

I recommend you pay close attention to these pieces.

She answers with the usual battery of bullshit. But this is the sentence that I objected to.

"There are many tragic stories that are a result of our lack of understanding about gender differences, and males and females function differently, how we continually abuse each other, hurt each other, rape and destroy each other."

How WE continually abuse each other, hurt each other, rape and destroy each other? Really? WE? 

Maybe SHE has done that to MEN but I have not done that and most men I know have not done that. This woman just called ALL MEN RAPISTS in that sentence and there is no equivocation about that as she did not qualify the sentence AT ALL.

And if you think she is NOT a liar then read THIS.

"For me, I would imagine if we could tally up who had hurt  who, and to  what degree, we would probably be equal in our suffering and pain as men and women."

I guess she comes from the Hillary Clinton "women are the biggest victims of war because they are left behind AFTER THE MEN ARE DEAD"....right?

Let me remind this HATE FILLED SHREW...

War dead                                              98% men
Workplace dead                                  93% men
Incarcerated                                         90% men
Homeless                                             90% men
Alimony payers                                    99% men
Child support payers                          99% men know.....women in the "comfortable concentration camps" living in the safest possible of environments, the family home, that have to be so safe a 2 year old can survive probably have the SAME AMOUNT OF SUFFERING AS MEN who are being KILLED IN WARS, KILLED AT WORK, SLAVING UNDER A HOT SUN, SLAVING IN COAL MINES, IN FACTORIES, GETTING FINGERS, TOES, ARMS, LEGS RIPPED OFF OR BLOWN OFF....

I have something to say to that.



And what credit do we get.....Oh, women suffer just as much as men....BULL-SHIT.


Now.  ALL OVER THE WEB I am banned as a “woman hater” for being “divisive”. But I never said WE ALL RAPE EACH OTHER. I never said “MEN HAVE IT BAD IN CHILD BIRTH” which is just as ludicrous and Amrita Hobbs statement that women suffer just as much as men.

But WOMEN AND MEN can spew out ENDLESS MAN HATRED and that is somehow NOT divisive, that is NOT “man hating”. Apparently it is FUNNY and a JOKE.

Who would have known HATRED WAS FUNNY? Eh?

Do African Americans think HATRED IS FUNNY?


So why is it funny when it is MEN IN GENERAL?

I sure wish a few more men like John Rambo would turn up and help me DENOUNCE THE HATERS and PUBLISH HATERS ONTO WEB SITES so people can see the HATERS.

Best Regards

Your bother peter


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