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 4/30/2011 1:36 PM

All I can say to start with is that 12 months ago, if I was told what I would begin to see in the next year is all the systematic abuse in Australia, I wouldn't have believed it. Then my wife and I had a disagreement, and I was forcibly removed from my home, my family and had my rights as a Godly father taken away with one phone call by my wife to the courts. My family was removed from my support and given to Centrelink to take care of and I have been threatened by my wife that my wage will be forcibly deducted.

Funny thing is, on my way out the door I took a small video player and 2 movies..The Matrix and Kingdom of God... WOW... they actually are more truthful than fiction.

A friend put me in touch with a pastor in Melbourne for counselling, and he turns out to be Chris Field. You may have seen him on telly fighting the banks. While I was travelling around living in my car I learned there are 10,000 AUSTRALIAN MEN who are living in cars because of being removed from their family by the courts in AUSTRALIA. I believe God has a purpose for me in this situation, and I am now looking to meet flesh and blood brothers to join with and reclaim AUSTRALIA for God, the Queen and the AUSTRAIAN People.

Are there any organised events where I can register my interest in such a cause?
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 5/1/2011 11:26 PM
Hi Tim,
you have found the right place. Where you start is by reading the book written through me. It is the very first entry in the forums. You can also go through my intro post.

All your decisions are yours to take and to be responsible for.

The book shows you how to declare sovereignty and to perform your strawman recapture.

I highly recommend these two processes be performed so that you clearly and unequiviocally make the declaration that you are no longer a slave and that you have claimed the role of Primary Creditor and Secured Party to the UCC legal entity that is re-presented by your name.

I have emailed your name to a list of people. I would suggest that you email a link to this post to that list. That list is private. You will find Chris Field on it.

We have now proclaimed our new common law courts into existence on 15th April. The draft procedure manual is also published to this site.

Your current 'legal status' is that you are a slave. You have refused to rebut this presumption to date, via ignorance, so once you rebut the presumption of being a slave FROM YOUR BIRTH then you can go about creating your affidavits of accusation and demanding remedy with the lawful alternative of a jury trial for any crime committed against you.

So what there is to do is to educate your self. I have published everything you NEED to know. There is so much else you might WANT to know but believe me. It takes a LONG time to read the stuff that is interesting as opposed to necessary.

Given you have agreed to sit on our said juries for other mens cases we are happy to assist you complete your affidavits of accusation. I am just teaching Mark Flowers how to complete the strawman recapture documentation and it is my hope he or another man who's name is not published here will make a small business out of assisting men complete this paperwork. 

I can't afford to time to do it myself and my rates are too high for most men to be able to pay. I work in Europe and after 3,000+ hourse and $A500,000 spent on this I need to work on making my income for a bit. I will run my cases and then my invovlement will be as mentor rather than actively dealing with these criminals.

I would also ask that you pass around the lawful notices to all and sundry for them to read or watch the videos.

The police and guvement have been put on lawful notice that income taxes, alimony, child support are not lawful payments for any man who has rescinded his consent to pay such. You might want to tell all the men you know this fact.

I can only put into the public domain all my work and evidence of what I have done. It is up to men to educate themselves or to pay someone to do their job for them such as they do with mechanics, doctors, dentists etc.

Lastly. Welcome aboard. It's great to have you here. Invite all the other fathers you know.

I have invited THOUSANDS of men to register their willingness to sit on our new common law courts. As you can see most fathers are not willing to do so. They are betraying their sons to a life of slavery. I really am disgusted with how many fathers will NOT defend their sons.

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 5/1/2011 11:33 PM
PS. You might not want to 'reclaim Australia for the Queen'. She is one of the most evil people on the planet. She is well in control of Australia. It is HER system that you were abused by.

This list is THE most important list you need. You will get an email about the other men leading this effort. But the hard work has been done. What we ask of men is simple.

1. Educate YOURSELF before trying to educate anyone ELSE. There is too much disinformation and lies out there.
2. Declare your sovereignty if that is what you choose.
3. Recapture your strawman if that is what you choose.
4. Read the new draft procedure manual for the new courts and familiarise yourself with our new courts.
5. Be willing to sit on said juries under oath.
6. If you have evidence of crimes then I am willing to review that evidence and guide you as to how to use the courts in the early phases as long as you then help out the next man.

The most important thing to do is educate YOURSELF and that can be done simply by reading and watching the videos I have prepared. My personal site contains hundreds of links to other stuff. You can be inundated by going there.

We have our first man willing to lead the Jury process in Melbourne. His name is Ernst. If you wish to make contact with him he is the first man you should talk to. He is a true hero in my eyes. I will email you his direct email address.
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ForumForumQueenslandQueenslandQueensland Parent ForumQueensland Parent ForumGeneral Discuss...General Discuss...Hello men. Where do I start?Hello men. Where do I start?