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 4/27/2011 9:28 PM
 Modified By host  on 4/27/2011 2:29:57 AM
From here by 'Liz' whom I happen to personally know and who happens to have also been up before the criminal scumbag david dunkley.

In three years of asking women to comment? This is the strongest comment I have had so far.

Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c) has spent 3,000 hours and $A500,000 of his OWN MONEY and time to expose the lies and hypocrisy of women. He has done an outstanding job of this. So much so that he has been banned from some forums. Wherever he speaks the truth, he is banned.

How do I KNOW he is speaking the truth?

I am a grandmother and my daughter is ONE OF THESE WOMEN of whom Peter speaks. And they are VERY COMMON. And worse still! Even as a MOTHER I am treated similarly to Peter by the courts and OTHER WOMEN TOO.

My hat is off to Peter for being prepared to forego all he has worked for so as to expose these abusive women for WHAT THEY ARE!  LIARS and HYPOCRITES mainly in the west. And I say that AS A WOMAN! AS A GRANDMOTHER!

What are you going to do? BAN ME TOO! Or maybe LISTEN TO ME. I have the SAME MESSAGE AS PETER.

Women, including my own daughter use their children as weapons. It's disgusting! It disgusted Peter! It disgusts me too! And I too am disgusted at the silence of my FELLOW WOMEN in the face of the crimes women are committing against men AND EVEN GRANDMOTHERS.

So to all you "good men and women" you might want to start discussing and then fixing the mess these greedy and selfish women have created.

You might want to THANK men like Peter being willing to put up with HATRED for exposing the truth.  If there WERE more decent men like him we wouldn't have the problems he is pointing to. The FATHERS of these greedy and selfish criminal women, if THEY were decent men would not allow their daughters to commit these crimes with impunity.

Peter has a point. His FATHER in law and MOTHER in law, not to mention HIS OWN CHILDREN..THEY ALL BETRAYED HIM. Likewise, my EX-HUSBAND and OWN CHILD (DAUGHTER and the MOTHER of my grandchildren) BETRAYED ME, also a longstanding FEMALE FRIEND.
They ALL chose to side with a criminal woman rather than an honest father (and an honest grandmother). It's no wonder he tells every young man he meets, "never, ever marry, it is slavery for a man."

He is right.

I am too!

Many crimes are being committed by abusive mothers worldwide by using their own children as weapons to deny them their rights to know and have contact with their grandparents (and their fathers). What is happening to fathers is happening to grandparents. Perjury by mothers is being accepted in the courts by Magistrates and Judges which are then rewarded by giving the mothers the orders they want. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING! Mothers are learning they can FABRICATE ALL THE LIES they want in the courts and get rewarded for it! AND THE COURTS ALLOW AND REWARD THEM FOR THEIR PERJURY!  Magistrates and Judges are not applying the Family Law Act instead choosing to abuse it the "best interests of the child" principle, a phenomenon worldwide and perpetrating the abuse of the child.

We have another generation of 'FORGOTTEN CHILDREN'

I am a grandmother denied contact with my three grandchildren by the abuse of their own mother (my daughter). I have never seen them, not even a photo.  Denying children contact with significant others such as fathers and grandparents is "CHILD ABUSE"

We need to ACT NOW to stop this!

United we stand, divided we fall.

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