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 10/9/2011 10:23 PM

Now….I am not really “suspicious” so much of PJ Jackson. I think he is just a mangina pandering to women because he is living in the mistaken delusion that women have a role to play in the effort to free men from the slavery system of the Illuminati.

Those who read this post are welcome to ask PJ if he told the blatant lie on the APA facebook that I hate women. And you can ask for yourself if he, or another admins, removed me from the group when I called him a liar for telling that lie.

The trouble with men being willing to tell lies and then try to cover up for those lies by banning the person they lied about is that the man can then put that back into the public and the lie is not deniable as it happened in front of too many people.

So people who read this might like to ask PJ Jackson why he lied sop openly and blatantly.

Here is his facebook. You can ask him yourself.

Further. PJ Jackson seems to not wish those on his facebook to step up to declaring there sovereignty or individual freedom. Why is that? Why has he NOT reviewed the book I wrote and made a statement about it one way or the other?

Indeed. Why has he not read the book and noted that the processes in it work and that there is no need for another political party. Why is he even participating in the political process now he has been told that there is no point?

Men are well advised to question those who are so willing to tell lies.

Men are well advised to question those who are NOT willing to put into the public clear and unambiguous statements as to their position on such things as whether women are to be treated as “equal before the law” meaning same crime same remedy regardless of sex.

Demanding women live up to their claims of “equality” is not a HATE CRIME as so many women claim.


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 11/2/2011 10:19 AM
Here is a recording of a thread John Rambo ran on APA. 

PJ is talking about creating a political party but he has not yet got a policy on LAW.....hhhmmm. The APA has NO POLICY that says the jury trial will be used and NO POLICY that women will be held accountable for their actions on an equal before the law basis to men. Why not?

And when a man, John Rambo, goes there to ask some very simple questions, look at the HATRED that PJ allows on his site against me while having banned me. PJ is not acting with honour or integrity.

My comments are as follows:

“Hardly surprising to see the same lies being told about me and the same ignorance being shown by men in particular. Firstly, let me say I am not interested in what any of the women have to say. Any woman who is not registered to the Australians womens CAF site is not worth talking to as far as I am concerned. Here is the womens CAF site.

Now. As far as those men who are stupid enough to believe that the family courts are fair? I have a bridge to sell you. YOU men are a LARGE part of the problem. Because you are SO IGNORANT and you refuse to educate yourself and yet you talk like you know something. Here are the FACTS. Facts John Rambo bothered to read about and has come along to ask why didn’t his brothers here read too. 

FACT. In March 2008 I discovered that there was something very wrong with family law in Australia. 

FACT. In about June 2008 I discovered that Australian Family law was based on Bolshevik family law and the purpose of the rewrite of the family law act was to destroy the family and introduce the New World Order by breaking down family to such an extent that family members would not defend each other. And that happens in MOST cases for men.

FACT. The rewrite to the family law act in Australia in 1975 immediately followed the first World Population Council UN Meeting in Bucharest in which ALL member states were REQUIRED TO ENSURE equal outcomes for men and women in the public work place. Whitlam had the legislation re-written because he was TOLD TO by the UN.

FACT. From June 2008-September 2009 I did more than 1000 hours of research to figure out how to expose the courts and criminals and to also develop a remedy. I did it on my own dime.

FACT. On November 26th 2009 I walked into the Australian Federal Magistrates Court with all my paperwork in place and a video recorder in my hand. I PROVED that david Dunkley was committing the crime of impersonating a public officer, a magistrate.

FACT. This evidence was presented to Rudd/McClelland in December 2009.

FACT. Despite my ex asking for 83% of assets for all her good work the court order was set to 70 / 30. However, David Dunkley at no time presented a document to demonstrate jurisdiction. He even lies in the court order blatantly and says I did not dispute jurisdiction despite the fact that it is on video and in writing that I did.

FACT. The is a deception in the court order to achieve a 95% vs 5% split of assets.

FACT. David Dunkley is a criminal. Rudd and McClelland are criminals. Justin Dowd from Watts McCray is a criminal. ANYONE WHO DOES NOT PASS THE WORD AROUND IS AIDING AND ABETTING CRIMINALS”

The idea that a man can get “justice” from these bunch of criminals is laughable. Yet that is what many men here continue to bleat like the sheeple they are.

Despite VIDEO EVIDENCE and a TRANSCRIPT men in Australia STILL refuse to READ or VIEW THEM and realize the judiciary and politicians are ALL criminals. 

Fine. Go negotiate with criminals for your rights. Good luck with that. Me? I am creating our own independent courts because ALL the politicians and ALL the judiciary know full well they are criminals and they are trying to deny it. And those who are stupid and ignorant actually believe them even though they are presented with video and transcript evidence to the contrary. Talk about delusional. 

Gentlemen. John decided to spend some of his valuable time prodding you to think again. If you do not? If you choose to remain ignorant? Whose problem is that? 


 APA conversation.doc
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